BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

mid week round up

Mixed bags this week on both walls , not the best of things but it is still only April. Plaice continue to tick over with the best on the east, it seems the bulk of the squidders are atm opting for the west wall and I suspect it is mostly to do with the walking distances for most so the best of the squid are being caught over on the west. That said the sizes of catches this year are good and it looks as though the small pebble squid that are favoured as cod baits have either come and gone very early this year …. or are still behind the game. Time will tell.

While on the subject of squid …
The SQUID COMP IS planned to go ahead on Sunday as things stand. Some have raised concerns about the weather or more to the point the wind forecasts atm. As things stand I and others have a close eye on it and any late call to abandon will be made Saturday and posted here and on the marina fb group. As it sits now it wont be pleasant and will favour weighted jigs and rigs over floats , should we be forced to abandon the comp will go ahead the following Sunday May 1st same times.

On the east wall the portaloo situation hasn’t been resolved, it has been raised again with concerns and Dave has replied to that via the facebook group saying it is being sorted and should be resolved fairly soon…. lets hope so eh šŸ™‚

On the catching front the boats are now into some decent bream not that far along the coast and in my opinion the 1st bream on the wall are late, Ive often seen guiltheads high on the east mid march so im expecting someone to start into them very soon.

Repair info
East is now very nearly finished jet washing, loads of marina meetings have delayed dave finishing the top end but he has now reached 59/60 where the marina repair folk have been waiting for a safer surface to get the wires fixed up there between 60 and that final bay Roger Stanton favours (74) so much.

There wont be any night sessions this week but dave is regularly fielding calls to “when” so expect a few more weekend dates to be posted very soon, as always I will post a pointer on the home page, sometimes here and on the Night fishing web page.
Health issues have distracted me somewhat from doing more regular updates so please bear with things being a bit erratic, sitting at a pc is a struggle so most updates are short and sweet usually on the home page. on the up side sunshine does help when I can get out in it so lets look to things being posted a bit more often when I can.

Very few reports of sole or bream from the beaches or walls but yes they should pick up now. Still loads of small dogfish about and ray catches are on the increase with quite a few varieties rather than all thornie or undulates so for the species hunter things are on the up & up, I even saw a report locally this week of a topknot taken on a lure. With the improved weather the boat reports are improving in number and quality so that will I hope add to catch news in the next few weeks :)/

I have also finally learn to pay attention to the activity of the lure boats , it seems they are a great indicator of what to expect on the walls …. who knew eh !

Im going to sign off now as i’m starting to waffle for want of something to type up so will close with the obvious news of some nice bass caught, the prawn activity on the undercliff is good and the occasional mackerel is now not unusual on the east wall.
For those attending the squid comp, I will post saturday a Y/N and hopefully I will see you there …. yes I will be helping for a change.
till then … adieu

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