BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

March, latest

So here we go, Initial hopes for the WEST are/were a little premature so wont be opening this weekend.
What is required is that famous phrase of a proper walk through and H & Safety check , yea that old peanut…. anyhooooo

There is a plan afoot for a walk through at the beginning of next week. Now I am aware there is needed a rebuild s on the west at bays 17/18 that has taken quite a large level of damage, now it may be a case that said bay can and will be sectioned off as its unlikely to be fixed next week.

Needless to say if we can get the west open it makes sense to have it open but obviously public safety comes tops on any level of opening.
If and when we get the WEST open the extension will be closed as its expected to be the last thing jet washed and repaired.

Righty ho, so, there I go mentioning jet washing ! so, lets talk EAST wall.
Jet washing has not started yet for various reasons one of them it Dave having time and the jet washer that has been on the west, but the biggest reason that it is not underway as yet has been a problem with the water supply to the taps on the underside of the east wall that meant the supply has been turned off !

No as I understand from Dave and having spoken with Andrew Knight that the water supply is expected to be re- connected on Monday so, hopefully with the water back up & running so to speak that Dave will be able to start jet washing on Monday. Obviously jet washing is dependant on the weather playing nice and also Dave not being pre-occupied with something else but, all being good the jet washer will be up on the east from Tuesday.

SO anyone wishing to short cut the read >> START HERE<<<
Wall update H&S inspection on west Mon/Tues to determine when it opens
EAST WALL remains closed and jet washing starts Tues weather and water supply dependant.

Shop hrs currently remain shortened but hoping to change very soon.

Competitions are hoped to go ahead this year on both walls and I will be chatting with Mark about wall access, dates and details this weekend. Re plaice comp tagged for 17th March It is now looking at having to reschedule to a new date so as of today will remove the date on the event as I dont think the east will be ready in time.
Thats it for this weekend, hopefully I can add some more mid week next week.
thus its over n out from me and I bid you all ADIEU

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