BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


I was going to post last night but in all the excitement over some fish I forgot .. ok i’m fibbing but….

Finally a few mackerel showing up for those that travel to purely fish for mackies (carry some bait and get more choices)
After mid week start the fish numbers have slowly been on the increase, granted mainly 1st light or silly o’clock in the morning. With Mondays high tide at just about 2am it was perfect for a run of fish about 3.30am for an hour or more . Mostly on the east side with a second run Monday evening on both walls as the sun was dropping in the sky.

Plenty of excited anglers this morning with the duty warden developing the bug also and saw the need to send me piccys at 6.30 am ! wtf ! yea thanks for that ! jeez.

Anyhoo it’s beginning to look like the Mackerel may be in or at least starting to arrive in some fair numbers. Granted still early morning first light and again in the evening, usually both walls but please don’t quote me on that as sometimes they only visit one side so It aint my fault if ya pick wrong ok šŸ™‚

bream, bass, plaice, horse mac also to be had in decent numbers and ive noticed a few gurnards now showing up also.

thats it for today folks …. please form an orderly line .. ty šŸ™‚

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