BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

little to add

As the title says,little to add and little change. Shop/Dave still waiting on the new (ordered) jet washer to be delivered. Both walls somewhat dangerous with algae build up ,that said some still try risking their necks by climbing closed gates to “have a go and then wonder why security escort them off while taking details of car reg and ID’s !.
Seems locally like a quiet start to the new year with little being reported catch wise. More colds and winter bugs than flounder and whiting.
Local angler group LISA (check the web page for links>> are planning some local meets for the year including hopefully the SQUID comp roughly end of April into May on the marina , details to be posted nearer the time. Also linked to LISA group is the line recycling project who are working now with many beach clean groups & getting Pipe bins for line collection located along many of the Sussex beaches(this has now spread to devon as well) and many inland venues are joining the scheme also. Please save any old line & discards, most tackle shops in Sussex have collection points and there are 3 on the marina as well.
Bass rules were confirmed in Dec for the UK to stay the same as in the EU so no change from last year and currently is catch and release.


As most are aware now the marina walls are closed until we can get them into a safe fishable condition. The algae has run riot with the mild weather and while dave was jet washing in Oct/Nov the old jetwasher simply died of shock I am told.
A new machine(yes daves forked out! ) has been ordered and delivery expected within the next 10 days .. ETA was this weekend but usual “delivery” delay noises form the suppliers!.

Once we get the jet washer work will begin on the west first for a change , Why you ask? well, dave has been working last over there so the build up on some of it should be lese sever than the likes of the extension. Hopefully the end of Jan will be kind enough to allow work to progress quickly and one free of algae they can then fill the holes that get formed during the storms.

time estimates? dunno tbh but west should open first then the lower half of the east will begin most likely with a rolling opening as is often the way.

SHOP & flakey opening hours
While the walls are shut the footfall at the shop is low so most of the opening atm is 9-1pm during the week but if any boats are going out early and need bait arrangements can be made if someone gets the skippers to contact dave or anyone else linked with the shop.
Bait orders as always via phoning the shop. There is no set up in shop to take online ordering and emails from website I monitor at my home not in shop.

I guess thats it for now, loads of waffle typed out with little to say šŸ™‚

’til next time


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