BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Latest update Feb 25th

Ok folks time for an update /round up of the current state of the walls.
With the exception to the extension which does tend to be the last section jet washed the main part of the wall has finally been jet washed upper and lower level. Now some may say about time etc but have little to no clue of what has been involved to get this done.

Thus a quick explain, This past year/winter has likely been the worst most have seen regarding the condition of both walls. The damage has been extensive and continuous. Late November a load of damage was sorted with the removal of large sections of damage on the front end of the east wall. By the end of Dec there was further damage that left huge chunks of cement on the wall and needing removed to prevent further damage to the walls and things like the red posts and wires. The weather did no favours for either wall and with it less cold overall it created the perfect set up for algae growth.

This year is maybe only the 2nd year in over 25 that there is FLOWERING algae on the walls, thats how extensive it has been, not only the lower levels but also the upper levels on the west from bay 3 upper has needed jet washing and the entire length of the lower needed sorting also. The east is no better so will take time to get done and that will be working around heavily damaged wall sections.

So where do we stand as of today ?
The west has been jetwashed and as regulars know re getting back open some parts of th lower take damage almost yearly and again the steps at bay 17/18 are the worst hit and will need a rebuilt. There are a few potholes to fill as per a yearly thing and some wiring is set still to repair….BUT … isnt there always a but šŸ™‚

Providing that some essential work can be done and the steps sectioned off Dave (who is overseeing repairs while mark is on hol) is hoping that the weather plays nice and WE CAN GET some of the WEST open potentially as soon as next weekend. Now ive looked at the forecast folks so dont get too excited as the opening may not happen as soon as next weekend but it is very close to being opened.

At this point I will divert a little and post up thanks to Joe aka Tony the night guy and his son who have been wave dodging for a few weeks and actually getting both levels of the west jet washed which having done it myself know that its no easy task under poor conditions.

Most have never used a jet washer so little realise that other than lugging this machine up & down the wall simply holding one of these things batters your senses. after an hour you whole body vibrates you have slight breezes pushing algae spray in your face and down your neck. It gets everywhere on your body, its wet and cold you get soaked in spray and even end up breathing in green muck. After 5+ hours lugging this thing about and hanging onto a vibrating high pressure hose you get to put it all away while knackered out and your whole body feeling like its still rattling for hours while you finger tips get the feel of electric shocks every time you lightly touch anything ! so for anyone to spend a month with one gets my respect, thank you Joe and Sebastian !.

Right back to where are we at.
AS said the west could open as soon as next weekend weather and repairs allowing but what hours and days is still to be determined and DAVE will be doing a full walk through check over on the west on hopefully TUESDAY so we will have a clearer picture after thats done.

So to the east wall.
Simply describing it and be done as thus
Loads of damage, loads of wires to sort (or have been) and plenty of posts to replace or have been … other than that ? its very very green !…

Both upper and lower need extensive jet washing and we are somewhat hampered as there are one or two issues with water supply and access points to said water supply. Some taps have been closed off or access removed. part due to re-piping part to sorting which sections within the marina pay for said supply but that issue is hopefully to be sorted next week to allow getting the machine up the wall and also assessing where is the best start place. Bay 1 is not always the best place and can be conditional to repair needs.
Personally I have not been up on the east since December and after the 1st load of damaged wall sections were removed in November further storms hit the east so the picture atm is less clear and as a result no clear picture of when the east will be ready.

I have left the plaice comp in place but there is a good chance that the wall wont be ready for that event on the 17th of March so very likely it will be rescheduled if that is the case.

Further news on the east as and when I get it.
so for now thats all folks and I bid you ADIEU

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