BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

late w/end round up

Having been preoccupied on Sunday with a football match at Wembley I guess its time I posted up a catch round up of sorts.
Over all things seem to be a little quiet over the weekend with I guess some hefty showers putting many off making the trip to the marina. Plaice seem to be the main stay the last few days , they are fattening up and the catch numbers seem on the increase but it is still a struggle to get decent plump fish over 30cm ! There doesnt seem to have been much of a follow up to the small mackerel catch last Friday and unless the wardens have simply forgotten to let me know i cant confirm any catches over the weekend … nor yesterday.

Bass now seem quite commonly caught at least by a select few who know their how to’s re bass with catches not on the walls and local reefs. One group from Kent managed to get a fair haul on their species tallies with Bass, Whiting, Goby, Bream, Plaice, Founder, Dab, Hounds and Dog Fish while visiting the east wall yesterday
The Mullet within the marina are now getting very active so am expecting some catch info very soon from some of the regulars that target mullet while boat reports are starting to come in showing things are very good out there for bream on the local inshore marks. If you fancy a run out wit a charter it would devo be worth looking about and picking a trip with someone posting their results up on facebook on many of the local fishing groups (not just the marina group.)

Thats about it for now other than a gratuitous plug for Robin Howard and his boat BIF1, if you like or even want to learn more re lure fishing id say pay the dosh for a trip with him. His boat is very busy, he has a very busy blog site and the results speak volumes on what can be caught on lures not just locally but also further afield. Some may say pricey but believe me when I say its money well worth spent and you will thank me for it. šŸ™‚
so, over n out for today

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