BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

late again

ok folks, another “I’m sorry” post, but to be fair ive been a bit distracted the last 10+ days or so. K….. the fishing is IMO at the moment a case of know ya stuff or , seems a little right plaice right time. Plaice numbers are slow & not too many real home takers. bream while sizeable are I think a case of right time right plaice making a sesh decent or a real struggle. The regular bream hunters know the where’s as many of the “usual” spots seem to be under performing. Hate to say it but High east seeing the best of the numbers & the west Ext tends to tick over the best on west.

Bass fishing is still good Night time producing the better stamp of fish. Glenn clocked a couple of skinny gars mid week & they are prob the 1st ive heard of since April so are the mackie shoals on the way ? I hope so as its been fairly grim on the walls so far other than the morning runs. Yes there are some during the day & over high tides but not what would be expected. Almost no reports of gurnard or red mullet this year & im not hearing about reasonable mullet this year other than from “dave the mullet” and his outings. Wrasse catches seem sketchy but when one is caught they seem to be single fish & a decent 2lb upwards.

Boat fishing is very good for bream and plaice so it seems its just the walls that are having a sudden lack of quality although I find myself repeating that Bass catches are good this year as are rays and various other shark species on and around the walls.

This week has also seen a seal lingering off the west wall no doubt having an impact during the day, dolphin sightings are now falling away and I will stick my neck out & type that the mackerel shoals are due or imminent in about 10 days on the bigger tides but please dont hang me out to dry if im wrong.

Other species I hear the voice in my head say … So what I replied :), na seriously , Horse mac doing ok & numbers are stable. Sole so-so but ok 2-5ish in the mornings on the east chuck a line out on the bend worth a punt, live prawns or live baits defo the way to go if you can. Small turbot & brill have been had on the east , seen far less box jellies this year but very lacking in squid, will the autumn run happen .. I hope so šŸ™‚

The first reported cod(on marina FB group) was posted up this week by Skipper Terry Lee who reports generally that the boat fishing ATM is very good and a general chat with some of the other skippers confirms that they are all very busy.

Over all ATM id say daytime catches are a bit slow and Nights are doing quite well on the walls, as to the beaches Im sorta not getting reports to give a fair assessment this month but Hove Lagoon to carry more info on shore goings on. So until next time , be good šŸ™‚ & if ya cant be good …. be safe….

A final word….. WASPS… numbers at the moment are pest proportion for a few days so anyone with sting allergies may want to delay a visit as they seem a little aggressive !

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