BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

its Monday and a

Round up from the weekend. I think i have already covered last week which was mostly sketchy reports, a few mackerel items & unconfirmed info about squid.
That rapidly brings me to the weekend round up. Sat saw the best of the sunshine but both days were great for evening sunsets, why do I mention them, well if you haven’t fished through this autumns sunsets you should, or at least get out there find a coastal point or a high point that you can watch some of the sunsets happening at the moment. There are some fantastic colours out there and well worth being out for.

The fishing for many on the walls has been ok, for some has been decent and a very few have had some very decent sessions for this time of year. Sat saw a lot of decent plaice high ends of the east, Sunday same area produced numbers but not so big sizes. Mid wall east (sat)saw a tick over of flatties, a splashing of mackerel and a mix of other species enough to occupy many with baits. West sat was a case of many feathering and very few trying for much else but I gather a couple of bream were had prior to the High water and a reasonable number of mackies for many though no full strings. Most had to work for the 10+ fish they had.
Sunday the better part of the marina saw the upper bays on the east perform including 3 decent sized guiltheads amongst the high number of flatties with catches all along the front end ticking over.

Species tally for the east was guilts & black bream, plaice, eels, dab(yup) some gar, mackerel, bass, small rays and a few assortments down the side including a decent wrasse.
OVer on the west late afternoon the tally of mackerel was higher and even a fair few coming out past 6pm on the low water, one bay did very well for plaice fishing well for sizes prior to the high but also continued fish as the tide droped away with a last gasp plaice im told prior to packing down at 6.40pm

I was promised pictures for the facebook page & may see them today sometime… or not …

I helped on the west sat & sun and must say I had a great time. I cant praise those on the wall enough, both walls were very clean and everyone taking all of their rubbish , like it should be you may say but not always the case. The atmosphere was good & I had time to chat with anglers & identify some that needed help or would benefit from an adjustment here or there in how they were fishing. Its great when you almost instantly see a difference or change in how someone adapts to a little change in how they cast or how they change a method even if its something simple like hook sizes for targeting a species. I even managed to teach 2 kids in one family to cast followed by adapting the dads cast with him suddenly getting double the distance he was managing, he seemed impressed and very happy. Now as a warden that is something I expect to do if needed but when things are silly busy you cant always take the time to give attention to detail and I think as a result newer anglers then miss out on a chance to learn earlier than they do.

There are so many reason I love helping on the walls including the social side of things though privately im not really one to sit in others company and prefer to fish on my own or with one otherbut, walking around on the wall give me the chance to chat with other anglers , see how & what they fish of & help with new comers . It may not be teaching but often I can help adapt how some fish to their benefit on the marina & showing the next generation a few things can be very rewarding. The irony is by teaching the kids the adults suddenly find a want to change from just mackerel targets to using bait and learning new way. For those of you that have not had the chance to teach a youngster on the wall a little something , you may be missing out on a whole new and rewarding world. But i ramble šŸ™‚ a last few words about the west wall which on the sunday over all produced more mackies than sat tho no shoals showed , also caught were some bream a bass & quite a few plaice scattered along the wall , more to be honest than Id have expected and as i say one bay performed very well with at least 3-4 decent keepers and a fair few returns.

A great social weekend, with some decent catches in murky water that is doing its best to clear and we have some northerly light winds forecast that should clear the water day by day this week that bodes well for the weekend and those elusive autumn squid.
Hope you enjoyed the read , I know i had a decent weekend pottering on the west .

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