BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

its late

A bit remiss of me this week not putting up at least one post here this week but, I will use the excuse of being a bit distracted with hospital visits for pre op tests in London :).

Catch report simply put is, the plaice are in … or at least seem to be in. Crystal clear water as some anglers have put it has seen a rapid pick up of plaice catches al along Brighton seafront as well as on the marina when open.

The latest update re opening on the walls are that Dave is adding days in when the walls are dry & he thinks there will be a reasonable footfall on the walls to help reduce the algae. Last info I had was that dave was awaiting the jet washer being delivered. At time of typing im not sure if it has or has not yet arrived.
The main issue is as said the algae that is ok to walk on while the dry weather without frosts hold. One the jet washer is inplace its expected that the west will ket knocked into shape up to the tower block the over to the west to hopefully do a rolling opening of some sorts. Of course the plans depend on the weather playing ball and dave having time to sort the jet washing which he prefers to do himself. While we always have many that offer to do the jet washing the insurances and conditions with them prevent him using walk on help (previous incidents meant a tight insurance policy).

Back to the fish front , anglers are reminded that bass throughout Jan & Feb should return all bass caught and the minimum size when allowed to take them is again 42cm and a max of 2 per 24hr session.
Water tems seem a couple of degrees higher than the norm for Jan and likely due to the mild winter this and last year tho many will point also at global warming, what ever the reasons it seems to have benefited anglers in making Jan less dull than usual.

Plenty of whiting still out there and as usual around the marina there are bass & mullet lurking, locally rays , dab & flounder are about and anglers are still finding small pockets of herring hitting the walls and shoreline briefly around the high water marks. Inshore boats are also picking up an occasional mackerel on baits and herring set ups. It wouldn’t surprise me to see squid or cuttle catches in this clear water period also.
Things are looking up rather oddly for what is normally a dull month of grinding for fish :).

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