BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

its Halloween

Sunday as I type the sun finally shows its face a little after yet another night of winds and heavy rain. Heaven for some & sheer bliss for them loonies chasing bass !
The walls are expected open after what seems for ever ! this Tuesday. The east will open first subject to damage checks and should be open by 9am ISH. Once thats done the warden has duties in the shop for an hour so the west wall not expected to be checked and opened much before mid day.

As per the opening bit, there are still plenty of bass about and reports of congers are high, Is it my imagination or does there seem to be a glut of stuff that many dont usually target ?. Rays, conger even bull huss have been reported this year in better numbers and thats not counting the high amount of sightings of Tuna, dolphins and porpoise! Noticeably lower this year seem to be those big box jellyfish ! a most unusual year with mackies running later and later every year soon it will be November shoals if things carry on like this…

So what else can be found out there still? Defo plaice thankfully, a decent eater too, sole can still be found but reports seem to be tailing off somewhat, Pollack and squid should be down the side of the walls with the usual influx now of channel (pin) and pout whiting. Reports from the boats of occasional mackerel and dogfish so there are still a few summer leftovers lingering on the walls.

As usual just as we get a week of calm and seemingly clear weather (even if its cold northerlies this week) I again get a pile of GP & hospital appointments !, yup sods law but unfortunately one this week isnt very welcome and have somewhat been dreading. It may well decide if i’m going under the knife or have to put up with summat inside me that is very unwanted for much longer than I wish, which needless to say is causing shit loads of stress. But hey, shit happens and sometimes we just gotta deal with or muddle on.

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