BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

it’s good news week

Hmm i’m sure there is a song in that there title so where to start….

West wall

dave is nearly finished jet washing the main part of the west wall(ext to be done later)
East wall

We have contractors working on the upper walk ways for the next month but we do have access to try and start repairs on the east which are quite extensive and cant as yet give a time scale for how long this will take.

We have large 1/2 ton sizes of concrete that need breaking up and removing, at least 21 wires not only need repairing/replacing but new fixture points need doing on many as the red “T” bars have been smashed away, thus new securing points on uncracked wall are needed and there are as I understand it(may be wrong) no wires left in stock after the last round of repairs.(delivery time idea)

We also have various pot holes and cracks that need sorting or making safe as well as jet washing so quite extensive repairs unlike the west wall.


yes we have fresh ragworm and fresh black in shop , (get in there folks)

I did say good news week didnt i 🙂 weeeellllllllll
. .watch this space is the phrase of the day because
. . .Dave is hoping to announce some even better news V V soon possibly as early as tomorrow evening.

The one downer .. we dont have an eta or any further news as to re starting or even if we will be opening at night at the moment, but thats not to rule it out at a future day so…….

Hopefully this bit of an update should keep people going for a little longer as they await news about when we have all the fixes done
till next time
adieu, au revoir, bon chance and all that stuff
till next time , over n out


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