BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

its Friday

Good morning all (afternoon no doubt by time you read this) but hey, lets get down to it with some news that quite a few wall regulars have been waiting for.
Horse mackerel, yes, in numbers for the last 2 nights, Ironic it was when there were not many fishing and this resulted in more caught than there were fishing over the last 2 nights.
Am still waiting on a decent update for last night but aware we had a shoal or two show up last night as well as WED night after dark.
Are there still mackerel ? yes there are, smallish shoals continue to appear over the high mostly and id say right now the best of things are early morning and last light.
Now with that info comes the down side for anglers on the EAST as by now most will realise that the fish are showing up often before opening or just as the warden is trying to shut the east down.
Please, please please, help the warden, I realise how annoying it can be to have the fish switch on just as you get asked to leave but bear in mind that the hours on the east are beyond our wish to change them. We open at 7am so as not to have anglers traveling through the marina as early as 5am to get there first. Likewise the closing hours have been agreed upon with the residents who have endured all that comes with living close to a very active and often noisy fishing wall.

Angler problems when opening and closing the east will fuel the calls to close them to any fishing so please when asked leave the wall as swiftly as you can. TY

Back on the fishy front besides the Mackies & horses we have been getting some very nice BASS catches often in the 4-6lb range and live baits are doing very well ATM.
I am please to say BREAM numbers are slowly increasing on both walls but are lower in numbers as yet to normal seasonal in past years. Likewise Wrasse have also been ticking over.
Reports of gar are sketchy but Im told there are some and often mixed in with the mackerel shoals.
SQUID oh where o where are they, reports say they are there but catches seem very quite , on the upside though there have been quite a lot of cuttle fish caught and best spots Id say to look for the ink left behind on the walls. WEST definite ink markers so I suspect similar on the EAST
Plaice … hmmmm there seem to be decent though not great numbers of spotties but the sizes leave much to be desired and many are under recommended size for keeping.

The fishing is picking up but has been (I suspect) greatly hindered by a constant north wind and a stubbornness of that May rot to fully disperse from around the marina.

I will finish with a reminder that at night the WEST wall is a blue light region and all powered lights on the wall should be blue, chemical tip lights can be any colour and the marina are pushing quite hard for this to be enforced.
As a temp , blue markers can be used to tint lenses and myself and another warden are sourcing affordable blue lens lights as well as a covering for people with white lights, meantime please help us here, even blue carrier bags can be used to cover lense glass as a temp fix, TY all
Until next time Adieu

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