BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

It’s Friday

yep , It’s Friday , It’s five o’clock it’s crackerjack opps what was I thinking !
Fishy updates.
The last couple of days have seen mackerel on the walls in reasonable numbers but seemingly atm over the high tide and only in short bursts.
Thus it really is a case of be in the right place at the right time or you will miss them. There are a fair few posts on the FB page of mackies and they mostly are from the warden as he does his rounds sharing catches.
Likewise any nice pic moments he tries to grab and share with the group so always worth a check back here to see how often i’m posting blog posts, and maybe sometimes, read between the lines on what I’m posting. If you are after one species check multiple sources and don’t rely on a few pics on the marina group.

The last couple of evenings to tie in with the rise in mackie catches the walls have seen an increase of bass activity (or more anglers with know how) and while the mackies may have got them stirred up the catch rate using live prawns is very very good. (prawns can be found on the shoreline east of the marina)
Plaice has become “old faithful” and ticked over reasonably since early March and we are now seeing more Bream catches on the smaller side so that tells me the nesting is all but done and summer is almost here properly and bringing in catch reports of more bream and wrasse on both walls.
The spiders are still peeling (mostly lower east this year) resulting in decent bass and smooth hounds still on the low east baysmeaning if asked where to go i’d likely as not say well east… low 1-8 target hounds n bass, 6-12 target bream, wrasse daytime and add sole in the night or dirty water. 10-16 mixed bags of bass, bream, plaice sole, even dab & plaice. once past 16 the world is your oyster as you get out on the sand and will find , plaice , rays, bass, all sorts. its simply a case of figure out what they want to eat and when they are feeding :). Mackies when they show can be on almost any part of the wall but near always an easy catch on the bends of both walls which is why they both get busy in those spots.
Night time fishing though it may not seem it from this update is doing very well with some good sized bass, mackies, horse mac, sole plaice, bream and various rays being caught so well worth a visit this weekend.

And finally an update on the shop move that gets ever closer.
Dave tells me that the phoneline will move into the new location on Monday sometime so don’t be surprised if you try to ring and cant get through or get a dead tone. BT have the phone at its mercy and no clear time has been given for what time they will sort it.

The new location as previously posted will be in the glass box alongside the west quay , it was going to be a waiting room for the Busses but the changes to the route never happened so its sat idle for some time.

I think the new site will be better for all especially those out on boats as the shop can now go back to its old opening time of 7am and is much closer to the boats and easier access without any noise disruptions.

Thats it for now

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