BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

is it Fri yet ?

Morning world and happy Tuesday. Well the mackerel definitely arrived yesterday and how. Shoals were bursting the surface from earlier than 4am and continued on both walls through the high tide and then on through the next 2 tided with fish chasing millions of whitebait in the water all day. Again this morning a repeat of yesterday with the walls a bit busier this morning (only 1 on the east wall for 10 hours!)

Closing in on the low Fabian ran out with some live baiting and managed to land a gorgeous 7lb+ bass then followed that up with a plus 3lb’er as well. Some on the west during the day had tried running out some normal baits to see if there was bream playing in what can only be called mackerel carnage in the water (not the wall) including myself and a friend down from yourkshire who had done a charity yomp in full pack kit for 50 miles so was somewhat sore footed. All was achieved on the smaller baits was a couple of small bream and pout. I suspect all other species had run for the hills as all you could see was mackerel for miles. Needless to say the baited hooks mostly produced .. yes , mackerel !

A reminder of wall opening due to the construction crew on the east being hampered by anglers using the upper level as a toilet last week.

EAST wall will only be open daytimes from about 6.30am to about 7pm (warden can call it a bit later if the chose)
there will be no night fishing on the east for the duration of the continuing work on that wall

The west will open as before , wed night through to and including Sunday night.
Thats it for today .. over n out

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