BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


It would appear that the local waters have been invaded by a glut of Squid (finally) with many boats getting in on the fun. Charter and private boats alike are returning to port with wonderful clean up jobs on their hands(not great if its you cleaning) and lots of squid often in a short spell of time.
A quick google tells me the species for those curious are as follows
There are currently two species fished in the UK, the veined squid (Loligo forbesii) and the european squid (Loligo vulgari s).” no boat? no problem there are also plenty being caught from the local structures and the bulk of them are close to the bottom. Method is usually a slow jig up & down and most common methods are via
A jig set up under a float and set quite deep.
A weighted casting Jig(egi method) fairly close to the wall
A single or double in line jig(s) set with a weight to cast (similar to egi)
I have also seen them used on double & treble boom rigs with a weight under the set up.
Well worth a go for squid atm as other than decent eating (best flash fried while fresh) they also make great winter (or even summer) bait and are easily frozen.

So what else is about, locally there are still Guilt and black bream in the water, Bass are an all year feature these days, Im told there are mullet but those ive heard of caught are by dedicated mullet anglers but may I guess be one of those species that people get unexpectedly for most. Yes there are still mackerel & horse mac about and i have seen some piccys of undulates locally caught.
Plaice are best from the east wall and it seems like there are congers every 2-3 hook ups for many out there and are becoming a bit of a plague. The dreaded dogfish are making their annual show up and numbers building quite rapidly as the summer clarity starts turning to its winter brown. So far not so many whiting but as the nights get colder (yep temps dropping fast) one thing is certain from the marina , whiting & dogfish , ok 2 things.

James fished over the weekend and put a post up on the marina FB group of a decent SHAD, yes there are still some about and very sensibly posted that not only did he return it but also pointed out why being as the numbers of SHAD are at risk and are currently protected by the Fisheries rules. Thankyou James for the reminder to all on the group.

Having mentioned FB leads me onto the many posts that can be found there of a recent recording of some magnificent Tuna chasing and feeding on Garfish, its a wonder at the numbers of Tuna that any Gar are escaping them and reaching this far up the channel but they are and are currently in Sussex waters in good numbers with plenty of recorded catches over the weekend.
Still on FB posts , over the weekend Lee posted to the group of his latest trip with his 2 lads who had a great day fishing the east higher bays on Saturday and as well as landing (with help) a decent 18.6lb conger went on to catch plaice, flounder, guilthead bream and a nice looking topknot, well done all & if dad gives permission I will post a pic of the boys with said giant sea slug 🙂 well done all & ty Lee for sharing.

Over the weekend it was nice to see Ali, a well known face catch a decent bass and Niko shared his 1st fish (an eel) in over 8 years, welcome back to the world of sea fishing Nico. on the down side also returning was an overweight(looked it) seal lurking in the water off the east wall which may have accounted for some having a poor time of it at times of which that included myself. I actually got out twice(2-3 hrs each time) last week and blanked almost twice but for a v late on take of an Eel.

We do seem to still have quite a few summer species being caught, possibly due to warmer than seasonal water temps but as the nights get colder I expect that to change quickly so best get at it before them chilly northerlies take root. We are almost at the time when coats stay on while fishing & defo a case once the sun drops as was very clear Sunday evening.

That is just about it other than a quick note re the weather. We are defo now well into the Autumn with colder air temps and frequent rainy spells so while it may looks bright and sunny prior to travel I will remind you all to pack something warm and a winter coat as you will need them, cold hand season has arrived 🙂 and on that note I will sign off and bid you all ADIEU

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