BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

hound heaven?

I should have posted this a couple of days ago but in all honesty the weekend got away from me. With the east upper level it seems that some people are being somewhat foolish or ignorant of where they are. With less of an area to walk while avoiding rods some foolish people seem to think it is ok to cycle on the lower WALKWAY , please dont. Its a risk to everyone with limited space to manoeuvre and I have been asked to pass on a no cycling message on the lower level that most would deem common sense but sadly it seems one or two are lacking of! . PLEASE < NO CYCLING on the lower level
Currently the hounds are in all over the inshore area as the spider crabs come in peeling with for the marina this time of year hitting double figures on smooth hounds and bass . For those after bigger than usual fish get yourself some crab, peeler or not, break the shell so the juices leak and away you go.
Unusual catch though over the weekend was a small stingray landed on the east wall. Add to this the usual undulates have been caught as well as a few thornbacks.

A little flurry of mackerel 1st light on Sunday promised so much only for the shoal to be smashed up by a pod of 20+ dolphins taking advantage of the feed frenzy that happened sporadically over the weekend. The crabs are drawing in species of all sorts like a free buffet on a council estate would !.

On a serious note, there seems to be a problem with dead gulls in and around the marina and Brighton seafront. Its possible linked to avia flu but could also be something more sinister. If you come across a dead gull please don’t handle it without protection to yourself or preferable leave where it is and report it. RSPCA , RSPB< marina security, any local vet , they will arrange collection of the dead bird(s). Many gulls are protected and investigations are being made with promised prosecutions if this is something more than a natural disease.

Plenty suddenly happening on the marina and with things open 5 nights a week now would be a good time to visit. thats it from me today

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