BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

herring and mackies in dec :)

So we hit december & for the st time in years both walls are open (today excepted) yup you are seeing it right , dave has pulled a miracle & the west is open to the tower block & east definitely to the gate at 27 and sometimes to bay 39 when conditions are suitable.

Currently no night fishing (all night) so walls normally this winter will be 8am to 6pm ish but duty warden has leaway to leave open an hour or so longer.
We do arrange some late night sessions that run ATM until 2am the following morning then close so as not to make it seem we are encouraging people to stay out fully over night or sleep away from home(covid rule changes )

So the catch reports , 2 weeks now we have seen herring , small shoals or mixed in with gar and mackerel , yup fish shoals in winter. The herring often are fleeting and are in & out in 15-20 mins close to the high water marks. As said , decent numbers of gar & mackerel skipping about to keep the interest also
Bass are now catch and release so please inform anyone you meet of this, there are still bass to be had on the walls and inshore in generl , The lure boats in brighton have been having a superb couple of weeks on the bass & now also getting decent squid in the lures & jigs ,there have even been cod takes inshore on these boats so go look up
Iain Barron07739732332 (brighton lure boat) if u fancy a lure session that will keep you busy.
Plaice sprats pollack gobies whiting(pout & channel) and congers all still to be had on the walls when the weather is settled, worth a shout.

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