BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

happy Monday’s

I lack any decent reports from Sunday evening so can only speculate that it may have been fairly quiet .. or a steady tick over which means a few plaice bream over the high on rockier bays (see wall guides) and a scattering of mackerel/horse mac & a bass or two.

what i can confirm is that 1st light today saw loads of mackerel for a short while on the east and likely as not similar on the west.

At this point i have to remind everyone (most regulars get it but gonna say again) that bringing trolleys from stores or the marina is not allowed.. you are allowed to buy your own trolley or wheels to carry your stuff but u will be asked to remove the trollies that are not yours or ..leave.

As we rapidly get into the madness that is mackerel season I would try and ask people to only take what they need or take what is a sensible amount but am sadly already seeing huge buckets being used to stack mackerel 15-20 deep crushing un-gutted fish at the bottom, no doubt a few hours in the days heat followed by a 2-3 hour drive in a hot car boot will likely as not render fish inedible or possibly poisonous ! such a shame to see as wardens do their best to educate and show how to preserve and store fish at its best….. sigh
ho hum …signing off

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