BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Fri roundup

So, we have has a bit of an odd week, some mornings ok, some day not great and better nights in general than the days. So, lets break it down a bit, Last Sunday was a stare at the water day, while sunny it was quite blowy on the west making anything west side hard work for 2-3 day including the Sunday. catches Sunday were bits n bobs with little to should about on either wall but a few noted a flurry of garfish on the east that promised mackerel but disappointed with a no show.
Into Monday day and skipping a night report for now produced lighter wind but still a hampered west. the front of the east struggled but those on the nearer bays fared a little better with a few bream and wrasse to show for effort. Tues wed almost cloned the catch rates with more sunshine than fish but thurs even did hold some promise with a few mackerel and as the light went some horse mac were had as things got dark…

Now I mentioned the dark I can round up the night fishing that simply put is better than the day performances , possibly the benefit of the spider crabs doing their thing just away from the walls. As I mentioned in another blog the east wall has seemingly been blessed with them this year as the catch rate at night has improved with hounds bass and rays coming in close on the feed. And as with most things on the east side the shore prawns have also proven to be a useful tool for those collecting the live ones with results of bass hounds and im told a ray or 2 also! go figure.

Wed night woke up after dark with horse mac in & out through the night in small flurries with a nice run as the light came up of mackerel to both walls but the better numbers being caught on the east… not 1000’s of them but enough for most there to be kept happy until it faded about 7 to 7.30am which resulted in a few bosts going up on the marina FB group that triggered some needless mocking and bickering that had to be sorted.

thurs day once the sun came up fully settled into the same pattern of sluggish day slowly picking up as the evening began and cooler temps on the walls. Night reports again indicated bass hound and ray activity with again some horse mac mixed up with wayward mackerel that brings it all back today šŸ™‚

after a quick call from Dave I can confirm the shop will have fresh black and fresh ragworm for 7am pick up sat morning so at time of typing there is still time to ring the shop and get an order in .

dont forget , we have moved and now opposite McDonalds

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