BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Easter sun

So a quick update for anyone still reading this blog 🙂 I’m told there are at least still two of you :).
Both walls opened yesterday, The WEST up to the gate of the toilet block and the EAST was or is OPEN to bay 36.
Unfortunately the coming week is looking crap but the walls are open today and Monday and the EAST is hoped to have open Tuesday weather gods allowing.
From Mon night close the west will then stay closed all week as a blow pushes through. This also means that from Tues shut time on the EAST both walls will be shut for the rest of the week.

So that’s the boring bit done , what’s going on on the fishy front?
The EAST for its 1st day open fished quite well by I guess current standards. The water is still coloured but the brown stain has now turned to a dark green stain, sadly it will be brown again come next weeks end!
Species caught on the EAST included Plaice (most undersize) whiting surprisingly few dogfish (yay)and even a schoolie bass or two had. The Congers wer in decent numbers no doubt due to the free run they have had on that side with no one fishing.

Over on the facebook group Lee Townsend posted a decent day report with his two young lads getting in on some conger with the best over 10lb.
I will repeat his words here>>

Fished the east arm with the boys today. Was great to be back out on there. Massive thank you to the guys for getting the wall sorted. We had a mixed day of whiting. Small plaice, dog fish and some congers. Lost a monster conger at the surface but that’s how it goes some times . But my middle son managed to catch and bring to the net completely solo his first double figure conger at 10lb 7. So we’ll chuffed for him and my youngest had one at just under 7 lb which again he bought to the net totally unaided. Very proud dad moments.
Would also like to say a huge thank you to the guy that helped me get and secure the 10lb eel in the net . Think we would have lost it without your help.

Over on the WEST the story was very similar but quite a few less fishing that side I guess most took advantage of the Easts 1st day open.

I will also add here a reminder about fish sizes as the subject was very quickly raised in the evening on one of the fishing groups (didnt take long eh) a concern about people keeping undersized fish , in this case conger straps that they felt were undersized.
Please 1st check the “size reg” page on this website for recommended sizes as posted by Sussex IFCA. Once you are sure of sizes and still concerned there are 2 options that are obvious.
You can either engage with the angler, a simple hello to your neighbour often works wonders as an ice breaker, have a chat with them, they may not even be aware there are controls in the UK as many other countries have no size limits.
Obviously a chat is the simplest route but not always a safe option so, if you are not comfy chatting with them please find a way to contact a warden.
A call to the shop can get them alerted, FB message myself (frank) or any of the marina group mods, Mark and Nick are on FB so there are ways to alert us to any issues.
I hate posts on FB complaining about something that happened once the person is home. By then it is too late and while letting the wardens know there may be a problem for them, 6+ hrs after it happened is too late to do anything about the problem. Please help us to help you, we cant sort an issue unless we know about it at the time.
Anyhooo thats it from me today, weather situations and changes will get posted as soon as I get the info so for now from me it is ADIEU

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