BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Dang its Tuesday so soon

Ok an honest update/ catch report before I even stab my finger to do a blood sugar check !.
So its not great news atm, after talking to 3 of the wardens I can honestly say that compared to previous years at this time its crap. Yes the species number is there not though the amounts of fish. Deeper water venues fared much better than the marina while the summer weather has been topsy turvey( ie crap)..”-3 days of wind colouring the water and disrupting inshore fish then a day or 2 of calm right through the summer has meant a lot of the fish have stayed off shore where the boats have been having a ball.
So whats going on ? 100 crap weather has meant the inshore stuff that is usually there has stayed in deeper water for its own safety BUT , yea always a BUT , … but its a good but (honest guv) we suddenly now have a clear run of decent weather.(i will get to the report for the weekend but im delaying it an making you all read a pile of waffle first ;).

IMO that clear run of weather will see this month start to pick up, the big shoals of mackerel have not arrived YET, likewise the hatching bream and wrasse are now moving away from protecting parents into shallow water so there may even be a burst of small bream sandeels and the likes of other smaller (large fry) species heading inshore. What does that mean for anglers ? Initially there should be a pick up/increase of small fish but also varied species . The weather looks like holding for at least 10 days of late summer. Get past the small species run and Im betting the larger parents of all types will be coming inshore to feed and fatten up b4 heading back out to deep water. I expect the fishing to get better over the next week as we get into September with a bonus big 7m tide coming at the end of the month that as well as the bream, mackerel and other fish inshore may even bring the start of the Autumn squid run. yes a big expectation but I have a feeling we are about to get some decent fishing on the wall.(which is overdue this summer)

Ok onto the catch report, overall loads of species although it comes with that BIG BUT ! the numbers caught is quite poor, eels small plaice, likewise, Bream, Wrasse, Mullet, red Mullet, Gurnards all the usual summer stuff are in small numbers this weekend with wardens saying glorious weather but hardly any fish. The best has been early morning and shortly after it gets dark and into the night. The bass horse mac and mackerel are there but its slow going and pinning a “BEST” time to fish over the last weekend has been a case of pot luck unfortunately. Mackerel have had little flurries prob beast early in the day but only a few here n there to keep ppl worn out feathering!. likewise horse mac have been there , nowhere like usual numbers but again can come in bursts with ppl doing well one day and struggle another. Bass anglers that know their stuff on the marina are doing ok but other than the 12.11 beastie on the west most takes are in the 3-4lb range at the moment. I realise its a bit of a crap picture atm but im confident that its about to pick up,BUT, yea the BUT again its hard to say how soon things will pick up. 3 weeks ago things suddenly turned on and the fishing looked properly underway and then that fekn weather did it again and blew like a hoolie disrupting it all again…. it will get better … honest.
I was on the wall last night and the day round up was poor although I did see a cracking bream caught on the extension around the high tide that was likely 2lb plus. As I left close to 9pm there were 5-6 on the wall with the day anglers having all gone home who were feathering in the hope of some late mackerel.
On that note of night anglers it seems the message about using only blue filters on lights is not fully getting there. Marina (harbour) policy is now that all powered lights on the wall or in the water should be blue or blue tinted. If you dont have these you will be asked by the warden to sort it out or not use them.
Underwater lights can easily be put into a blue plastic bag that can be got from many small corner shops.
Headlamps and powered tip lights should be blue or blue tinted , likewise torches. There is blue tint sheets of sticky back film in the store on the west so please get them from the night warden for a token cost, each sheet will cover & tint at least 10 lights and are easy to sort, ty

And on that final note I will sign off with the usual ADIEU

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