BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Crunchie day

Afternoon world(at time of typing) for those of you that have no idea what this old fart is meaning by the title its quite simple. There was an old ( 90’s) TV advert for the chocolate sweet called crunchie that used to have a count down of days until it got to Friday which it termed “chrunchie day” by saying ” Its Friday , its Crunchie day”. Anyways enough of that malarky what about a catch report ?

Well to be honest daytimes while the weather has been awesome the fishing has become a little pitiful! infact using my words crap!, there i said it. I even had a dabble on the extension yesterday & fished with squid, black & mackerel from 3pm til 6pm over the high and all I got was nibbles and cut off hooks , Yes for some strange reason there are spider crabs back, mostly hand suze and generally too small to keep but they seem to be again massing mostly on the east but some also on the west!.
News of a squid on Robins boat early dusk one day this week caused some chatter and one of the wardens mentioned one also caught on the east possibly on Thursday. but that is it so far this week on that front although as said to someone on Sunday I suspect they will be early and the fishing on the week around that last weekend of the month may prove to be very good fishing if the weather and calm hold.
Back on the fish front yesterday there were a few gar on both walls and likewise some mostly undersized plaice on both walls, an occasional gurnard & red mullet but for many the day is made up catching plaice of which again the sizes are somewhat small. The bream on the west yesterday were very small and returned likewise a bass was intercepted from going into a box as again undersized. On the whole for this time of the year the fishing is very slow almost to the the level that in past summers when things have been silly hot the fishing dies and everyone is left baking in the sun and staring at the water!
Its so like that I suspect the heat is putting the fish to sleep.

Thankfully while the weather looks to be holding for at least a week or so the daytime temps look to drop from 26-28s down to 22/23s and a little more bearable so in theory things should pick up.

On the mackerel front the wardens atm are seeing maybe a dozen all day and those on the walls feathering are mostly wearing themselves out in the sun, on the plus side they go home worn out and I suspect sleep well!.

Night fishing while better than the daytime return is not massively better, the occasional cuttlefish is coming out an no doubt now there will be a slow increase of squid at night as we lead towards the end of the month. There are horse mackerel there as there are bass but it does help to be in the right place at the right time especially if looking for a decent bass.
Thats it for this week so far , hopefully the weekend will show signs of improvement as Im still hoping to get out and catch a few bream this year before they clear off or I get my knee surgery.

Again a final note re torches/head lamps and powered lights on the marina, we are now operating a blue light policy , all white lights need filters which if you dont have you can buy from the duty wardens on the west wall. Please help us with this and if you are there get your lights filtered and please encourage others to do so. There are some that are getting agressive with the wardens and they are simply following instructions from the marina harbour office and security instructions. Blue lights on harbour sites are becoming more and more common and likely will become the norm
thats it from me today so as always now I will bid you all ADIEU

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