BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

been a while

yes , sorry it has been a while since I posted an update or indeed much of anything here so lets start with a catch report.
Phil the day warden reporting plenty of schoolie bass still there for the lure angler to C&R while the season is closed on bass… irony eh…
Plenty of eels out there also to slime up those brand-new nets you all brought to catch the tons of bass you have to put back (sorry couldn’t resist posting the irony). There have as is often the case been some mackerel caught this week from the shore (ive seen the pics)

Plenty of rays are still being caught from many of the smaller boats out of the marina and am now also seeing the first reports of herring being caught for a while as the sea and air temps begin to Truley drop away. add to this little lot the walls have seen some wrasse still being caught and the occasional squid.

Im told the water quality is not bad for december and has at times a reasonable clarity so as long as you are well wrapped up there is stuff out there to be had other than the standard whiting that are out there in high numbers. (where do they go in the summer) answers on a post card I guess.

Finally, please keep an eye on the home page if you plan to visit as i Gather there are probable closed walls later in the week as temps drop to minuses and with algae on the walls acting like soaking up sponges’ frosts will create many very slippery patches on the upper and lower walls. It looks like jet washing may have to start early just to keep things partially open.

watch this space and as I said, the home page will carry the most recent openings as I get the info

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