BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Been a few days since

Its been a few days since one of the so time I got it over with I guess.
Both walls have foir the best part of 10 days been swamped, remember last year when we were forced to close at night to slow the numbers ariving on the marina ? yep, just like that.

Up until Monday morning swarms of mackerel have been battering the wall, sometime 5-9 hours constantly other days with 4-5 hour gaps. The result is the usual carnage of people getting their fill & then “IN THE BUZZ continuing until when they do realise the sheer numbers of fish boxed, bagged & bucketed around them they start to pack up.

Then the real horror begins, wardens spend their days when like this meeting their own arses coming back & in all of this constantly advise “punters”
“clean your fish on the wall”
“dont pile them so deep”
“if you dont clean they will fester in your hot car”

“do you want to poison who you are giving or selling to ?”
all the warnings and advice are ignored , who buy you may ask,

Bet u say them Foreigners!

well thats only part right because it seems that near every single person with feathers get carried away in the carnage and forget what i try to drum into people “fishing”
Catch, KILL, bag, 5 min lull clean some fish. They weigh 1/2 as much, last longer, dont sour or form worms in the cooking guts then make people ill.
My guess today is there are people ill from sour mackerel in Coventy, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham and All over Suffolk, Hertfordshire across to Hereford


Now for the fishing report, maybe 10% of people are showing up with two rods, possibly less, the sane ones are trying to get as high as they can on the east or low marks on both walls that are known to catch fish with livebaits.

Still smoothound pups a plenty at night & although rays are about they now are the babies against the wall looking for snacks. I had still been seing gurnards on east and both still getting bream. Its also nice to see an increase of wrasse coming out of which some decent plus 2 pounders.
FLOAT FISHING is ok not great & gar are stubbornly reluctant to be found even within the shoals. Yes there are bass, quite a few decent table fish up to 4lb ish & if there are any big girls about people are staying tight lipped for good reason.

Plaice are now on the fatten up process & getting worth taking home if u can get your bait underneath the carnage.
Its not been unusual to have mixed shoals of mac & horse mac begin at 2 am but the smaller tide has slowed the frequency of shoals in general.
IE Sun night into mon the shoals barely hit the east & that was mostly high about 6am the rest of the day many gave up as the drizzle arrived allowing duty staff much needed time to remove tons of litter left that rain often causes.
In all fairness to the tons of visitors (many colours of beneton comes to mind) most were good with their litter & tbh no complaints on that score from me …

Yes you did read that right, most took their crap home. One or 2 bays someone would highlight with a pic saying how bad the bay was or how bad a left behind broken box in the car park was & what messy buggers u anglers all are etc etc , but I repeat, its actually not been that bad at night on the litter front this week.

General health of the walls is good, bait anglers are catching some decent stuff if they can stay part clear of them marauding fish shoals.

Next them all important questions:-
I have kids is it worth a visit of so busy
A/ Yes , come during the day, high tides are busiest so check tides and prepare, best bet high east wall, I dont advise small children at peak times(sat sun)


Is it worth coming at all, its over crowded with idiots and ppl that dont know how.

A/ Its worth it, most are greedy ppl only after mackerel, shoals are erratic this week & many go home bored, there are quiet areas that some chose to bait fish, Find ppl with 2 rods each, they mostly have the knowhow & usually helpful and have a care near kids fishing.

When is the best time to visit
A/Mid week daytimes, many nights have been silly busy & people take more risks as they think no one is watching…… they are.

Where can I park if I fish the east wall
A/ Same place as always have in the rules, the Multi storey carpark

Parking info extra plz
A/ east little carpark by the cafe you can pick up or drop off provided you are quiet & respectful of residents
There is no parking in the east small cafe carpark unless you have a legit parking permit, a pink ticket is not legit to park it just works the barriers.

There are still 2 blue badge bays east carpark that are legit to use with badge displayed

Im told you can fight the parking tickets down there so its ok.
Go for it, there is a new firm with a contract to enforce parking& they will hand out fines & if that process fails, remember , you are on private land and without a permit the marina have and will take the route of prosecuting for trespass.!

If you have got that far you are actually reading and not skimming it…
There is to be a major announcement re night fishing in the pipelne & I will update as soon as I have it

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