BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

bank hol update

So a few post updates missing , lack of time or lack of effort maybe , This weekend as some may figure has been super busy and with the decent weather the entire world seems to have travelled to Sussex to hit the beaches and piers, as a result, queue’s to get on the wall since Friday night.
Mostly the people that have been asked to wait have been fantastic, no one really likes to wait to get on a venue but due too sheer numbers people have had to wait quite a long time to get on the wall.

Unfortunately when we get one incident on the wall things get blown up and the world hears how bad the place it , I call bullshine on that idea especially when the walls are dealing with 1000 a day anglers and tons of walker. but hey we do get the aggressive type that would rather face down a warden and insist on climbing the fence at night creating knock on issues. That aside it has been a fantastic weekend for visitors but sadly the fishing has not played nice for many. so a quick summary..

Friday , quite a few shoals of mackerel mostly on the east arm with anglers bagging up , a few plaice and bream reported but the majority were chucking tinsel out. .On the west a similar story , mainly mackerel a few bream (better on the extension) a couple of decent bass.
Saturday was very busy with queues in the afternoon and walls continued to be busy into the evening. Very little was caught during the day as the bright sunshine put the mackerel off I guess and very few on the west had bait or even wanted to use bait so (many feathers and few fish got married)
The evening on sat did switch on with mackerel just as the light went creating an issue on the east with may not wanting to leave as most there bagged up last knockings but the warden did eventually get the anglers off. If you are fishing the east as it closes at night please help the warden to get people off as he will also be needed on the west wall (thanks).

Over on the west we had quite a large queue that were looking at quite along wait as the mackerel showed up and many bagged up about 10pm to midnight but the mackies vanished somewhat after midnight. fri evening 3 wardens worked up till 11.30 as one went home. those waiting understood there would be quiet a wait. Sadly it wasnt long before one idiot showed up with his mates and wanted to prove himself and test out his shouting skills on the warden needless to say things escalated with the fool trying to climb the side gate and threatening the warden , who then called marina security for assistance, they attended and advised those there that the police will be called if things didnt calm down. They left once things were calmer.

Fishing , oh yea, Sat night fizzled out into Sunday morning with no real reports of fish .
Sunday morning queue’s formed very quickly and both walls were at capacity by 8am, the usual crossed lines were happening mostly caused by the many novices having issues with the running tide causing many tangles but mostly sorted calmly all day with no issues.

Over on the east anglers STILL REMINDED TO STAY OFF THE UPPER LEVELS THAT ARE CLOSED TO ALL WITH A FEW BEING REMOVED FOR CLIMBING UP damn i done it all in caps and im too lazy to re type it .
The mackerel report for Sunday is grim, nothing in the morning on either wall and it wasnt until maybe 2pm on the west when a tiny shoal was seen just off bay 20 area, a few were caught and then they were gone. By 6pm very few had caught much of anything again on the east a few plaice & bream with those fishing down the wires picking up blennies and bobies. I suspect most of the kids fishing down those holes did better than the adults as the larger fish didnt want to play. Last knockings on the east a decent bass was caught that i may put up on the gallery later in the week but that really was it for Sunday on the east … over on the west it was tough going other than the small shoal that was in and gone very quickly The queue on the walls all day Sunday was continuous and expect Monday to be the same. at time of typing I have no night report .
During the week the fishing has been up and down , one or 2 days saw loads of mackerel others saw nothing and it has been very hit & miss. There are gars sometimes in the shoals and again very hit and miss with those also.

Unfortunately when the mackerel are running it can be near impossible to put baits out as they hit everything going into the water. As a result the bream fishing has only been OK, much better on non mackerel tides. Night fishing through the week has been quite poor based on the reports and feed back I have had but the quality of bass that has been caught has been good.

The boat reports however have been quite good with charters having good days when they can get out(wind levels up and down ) with plenty of bream out there . Conger fishing is good and the turbot trips are well worth going on.
I would name some boats at this point but try to keep reports impartial but defo hit up a boat looking for turbot , bream and conger at the moment.
In shore the lure boats are doing well when they can get out, again wind issues are the main hamper for the but the 2 hour trips are lively with Robin posting regular report links on facebook and 4 hour trips can be booked with Iain.
Not much feedback from the deeper wreck fishing charters so wont assume a report for that but a quick call to any will get you the needed info.

well I think that is that for this morning , if you are planning to fish today expect places to be very buy.

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