BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters



Having spent time putting up the long post below things have now changed ALL NIGHT FISHING HAS BEEN STOPPED until further notice

It seems that some people still don’t understand that the top level of the east is NOT A TOILET or a walk way.
Contractors have again complained that night anglers are using the upper level as a toilet and they continue to find faces and urine all along the upper east left behind by lazy anglers.
Continued use of a closed (TOW PATH)footpath at night, noise abuse by anglers unable to consider others, and misuse of the east car park has lead to a chat with senior marina management, contractors and Dave from the shop.

As a result Dave has agreed that the east will now CLOSE AT NIGHT until finish of contracted work and would be closely monitored by wardens and marina security.
Gate climbers are reminded that they are trespassing when the walls are closed and anyone caught are TRESPASSING and may face PROSSECUTION as well as a permanent ban.

We would like to remind ALL anglers that the behaviour of anyone on the EAST is now subject to closer scrutiny and NIGHT FISHING has been removed permanently due to the health of contracted workers being put at risk from human faeces being left on the wall.

WE do recognise that with increase numbers due to being a popular venue comes with its own issues and that more people often brings further issues of noise, but that should not follow that people are unable to follow basic instructions about staying off the upper level for any reason yet alone for using it as a private toilet.

Should behaviour improve across all fronts, night fishing will be re looked at but as things stand the EAST wall will stay closed at night for the duration of contracted work.

Further trespassing on the upper level now risks the east being closed fully for the duration of repairs

The WEST will continue with night fishing for now on a continuance of WED to SUN nights unchanged but again, all anglers are reminded. There is an open toilet for anglers use, the upper wall is a walk way not a giant urine trough.
Please help us to get this under control before the venue is close to the general public.

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