BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Bad lazy me

Well, here we go confession time, I have been intending to put a post up ever since Saturday evening and one thing after the other have caused distractions and drawn me away from the keyboard and my intended post(s) haven’t got past the good intent stage !

Thus I best be getting on with it.
Sat evening on the WEST I rapidly found out how poor the day had been following on from the 4am run of a small mackerel shoal of which most had a few and some managed a bucket of mackerel, the run had fizzled out by 8.30 am and like the EAST wall there were fish from opening at 7am but there also the fish dried up.
By 10am with the sun slowly cooking most people and the north wind playing havoc with any attempt to float fish AGAIN the fishing truly had came to a crashing halt almost until the early evening 7pm is when a trickle of fish began again. A similar story on the EAST with a very slight up side of a few mostly undersized plaice.

IMO there is still may rot clinging to the marina area hampering things and we do need a stir up type of storm and some warmer weather. The days are getting hotter but mostly due to the north wind thats lasted over 3 weeks is keeping the night air cold and the sea temps down on normal year measurements. The result still large areas of may rot (algae ) and again my view its kept the fishing a few weeks behind the normal.

The evening we had an issue with someone declining to leave the east wall at 9pm that resulted in marina security having to attend and the wall as such was over an hour late being secured for the night. Sadly all this will do is further cause issues between the marina and sensible anglers and long term could easily see the east full closed to anglers.

Back to the fishing and SAT night on the west was cold tolerating that damn wind, there was a fairly decent run of mackerel and bass that began about 8pm ish but overall the night was poor and the night warden didn’t have much to say on that side of things all weekend.

On to Sunday and to be honest things were very similar in fish patterns , early morning Mackerel, Im betting the beaches from 3am would be worth hitting on any of the small groynes but, please be aware of tide times, no one wants to be stood on an outcrop or groyne and have the tide come in and cause you safety problems. It is very easy to be swept of a small groyne by a rogue wave !
Like Saturday the Sunday evening things were very similar in some fish activity from 8ish towards midnight. I dont have any info on what happened after midnight though.

Monday & Tues in all honesty were tough going on the east a better morning early Monday but Tues again tough going. The sooner something happens to bust up the rot around the marina and close in on the beaches the better. Grante some areas have now kicked clear or are a bit better but I suspect the real trick is finding the clearer water from the beach or finding some structures that have less of an issue… unless of course you have access to a boat… out there the fishing is good. ! ahh the irony of calling it may rot now that we are in June! BAH humbug tata šŸ™‚

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