BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


I Spent a day away from home(shocker) so the usual weekend post didnt happen. So straight onto a round up from Friday I guess .
The last few says have seen flurries of mackerel activity mostly just as the sun is starting to break the dark up , yes I know, its called sunrise ! so that bit done mackerel are also showing up as the day cools at the other end also , usually after about 8pm into sundown and dark properly.

Not loads but enough to keep most people satisfied.
Other catches I guess most would say the usual plaice and bass.
The crabs are there but now beginning to be less of a pest and more a case of the normal summer activity. This also follows at the hound activity is dropping away to a case of curious pups being caught rather than nearer adult sizes.

bream catches doing quite well although I dont hear as much about wrasse catches anymore but guess that they must be there but rare mentioned.
Little to no gar activity and an occasional catch of flounder mostly on the bend of the east and sometimes low on the west.

No great news tbh over the last weekend and the usuall case of struggle in the fierce sunlight.
As I type things are somewhat blowy out and likely causing some issues on the west although Ive not hear back from anyone on the ground.

I don’t see any early issues from wind over the next 7 days but will always post a heads up if a wind bump shows itself
Thats it for today … over n out

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