BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Posted @ 06:33:52 on 28 May 2020

tues round up

so 2 days of  very busy days , seems the world has again come to fish the walls ..
Monday by 9am people were being turned away to fish the beaches (if lucky enough to find a space) and was a case of 1 in 1 out …..
2 days of very good bass catches … lots of spider crabs about and bream numbers on the increase …
plaice on both walls tho not the usual high numbers in past years but that’s expected to improved.

Monday saw eels & baits of  choice were live prawns !

rock pool adventures call on low tides !

 not quite so manic tues but again good  bass had & bream in the expected places … flatties on both include dab flounder and plaice , locally tons of good rays … night fishing anyone ? go for it  them  rays are there and now hounds as well

am fishing  Wednesday with mr moto …….  will see how the day goes …

Posted @ 19:13:54 on 26 May 2020

b/hol sunday bassy day

So as the wind settled on the east it seems the fishing improved from eels & more eels to bass. One  estimated in the 8-10lb bracket. 

 eels on both walls today with coloured water  & no sign of crabs.

Both walls open Monday morning

east at 6, west about 7am , both walls closing over night while building work continues in the marina.

Posted @ 22:31:30 on 21 May 2020

tues worms for wed

As the title says

Shop now closed(tues)  Dave has 1400 worm for  8am start wed am

Bait sales  today very busy … short tides mean many suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand.

Suggest get there early

Ragworm expected in between 12 & 2 pm  wed also

On the walls things still sluggish

 a cuttle caught on the east , rumour of a squid on west unverified.

A few bass ,  plaice scattered on both wall  and an invasion of spider crabs on both walls is obvious now.

Blennies & wrasse down the side of the east now commonplace  both walls seeing a few bream

Facebook group  Brighton marina fishing UK for pictures and reports please

Posted @ 20:55:27 on 19 May 2020



Due to the marina square being a mix of commercial and residential there is a  change of hours to the shop opening.

From today as posted on the website the shop will open at 8am.

Customers  arriving before this time are requested NOT TO WAIT IN THE SQUARE

Preferable waiting area is near the  Bike shop  entrance to the square . This is so shop customers do not disturb  residents within the square 



Times will occasionally vary dependant on  duty warden and often  things they may be required to attend to in the mornings 

With ongoing building work on the East access is  being controlled and in  part also restricted.

With this in mind the normal opening times will be as follow (but subject to change)








Mon-Thurs 4.30 ish(trade dependant)

Fri Sat  5.30 ish

Sun 4.30pm

Anglers are reminded , access to the east wall is at the blessing of the workmen, any disruption to their work or anglers  climbing to the upper level that is closed to all  will risk  access to fishing  the east for the duration of the  contracted works.

Help us to keep the walls open.


Posted @ 14:27:18 on 18 May 2020




west will close at 11pm

Climbing onto the upper level of the east for any reason is putting the chances to fish the wall at risk.

Any further incidents and the east wall will be closed to anglers  for the duration of the repairs.

Posted @ 17:20:27 on 17 May 2020

may rot saturday

well,  both walls full very early …   mid afternoon was almost 1 in one out.

catch rates  hampered by the  may rot but  a fair amount of plaice to be had of mixed sizes,  a few bass also… a decent bream on bay 5 before the high tide & plaice as low as bay 6 all seen on the east.

Seen a pic/report of squid on the east with bream plaice & bass all recorded on that side.

small tides combining with may rot so ppl shouldn’t be expecting tons of fish. 

Nice to be out there in the sun  with rods  over the side though

Mark doing a sterling job on the wall  sorting the tickets

Posted @ 18:35:52 on 16 May 2020

sluggish going on the walls today … loads of rot & gloop on the lines today , seemed to condense as the tide rose.

Bass of 45cm on the east today , a scattering of plaice, wrasse & blennies , west similar sort of story , a few plaice (if u know the sand patches) and bream up the far end today.

Short tides mean bait is not so easy to get …

shop open 7.30 tomorrow … order early or lose out ….

walls are 1st come 1st serve …. we dont book spaces, never have & never will.

Posted @ 19:43:22 on 15 May 2020

So , both walls were opened up by mark today ,, wouldn’t say was fun in the sun as most found the day hard going. It was nice to be out & on the walls though.Murky water , lots of rot , not really smelling it yet so here for a while yet .saw one  floating for squid after the high  bay 6 east … couple knocks of cuttle but no takes while I was there.

Plaice on the east bend and a little above also .. no numbers , all  mid tide towards the high, decent sizes  3 kept.1 rogue mackerel bay 23ish and some wrasse on the lower baysTough going  for all.

bass & plaice also had on the west nr the tower. walls open about 8am daily (dependant on  duty warden  if earlier) , all anglers must be off the walls by midnight so they can be locked.

shop open every day at 9am Please folks , no tents or shelters on the walls for now ty 

nice to have the walls back open 


Posted @ 18:41:03 on 14 May 2020

Fishing is permitted, social distance guidelines in place and  people out are expected to return to their residences at night. No overnight stay permitted.

Tacklebox open today  and unless posted 9am daily(may change)

Fresh and frozen  worm  available

advise booking bait , with short tides  it will sell fast.

Walls open Thursday at 9am , they will close at midnight , anglers requested to pack up in plenty of time to allow gate locking at midnight.

Friday 8am opening, opening  times may vary as staff are assigned to open on a day to day basis. |Check in here or the facebook page (brighton marina fishing UK ) for latest updates.

Spaces will be  closely monitored ,  anglers  on a 1st come  1st serve basis , no booking of bays nor can anglers “save bays” for friends ….

Help us to stay open , please observe   guidelines,

East wall anglers only , no visitors as upper wall in use by contractors and no public access. 

West wall visitors must stay on upper levels , angling only lower levels.