.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

catch up day

Wed thurs were tick over days with from what im told the better on the west for those targeting bream on Wednesday with some decent fish coming up rather than the week prior of bare minimum sized catches. An eel here & there sludged up a few fingers on the way with the east wall ticking off its usual flatfish catches of plaice mostly… One or two sole had on both sides and the very occasional mackerel was seen…
Early report on the west indicated the opening up was quiet with little to no queue & even the extension was not needed this morning… Some mackerel yes mackerel were caught and pictured on the west this morning (see facebook group).
Some iffy wind speeds headed toward the marina this week so please keep an eye out for updates as there is a decent chance the west wall may have to close for part or all of sat or sunday.

mondays going was tough

west wall condensed version
busy day .. queue until 3pm most got on fairly quickly , very little alcohol to be seen & that was in moderate amount .. one large group of regulars that all fished along the wall & then came together to eat (they fed me too) no beer to be seen & all enjoying themselves(regulars too)….
tough going on the fish front, a fair few bream all small mostly all returned.. 1 mackerel YES a mackerel!!!!
a few plaice & loads of suntans>

East wall mainly small plaice & one mackerel…. warden report was … nothing to say really

sun insight

Rain stopped play
So, got on west 6.30am and full, did the ticket checks and clean up then started sorting the new people onto bays.
Continuous morning but not as manic as sat.
Small queues to get on the wall but all well behaved and no more waiting after 12.30 when it slowed.
Rain slowed many up with some of the v early people heading off before their ticket time expired.
Mackerel sowed up lunchtime and most caught a few each some having up to a dozen or so but no silly amounts as they weren’t shoaling.
150 -200 mackerel caught. Some bream but none too big.
Bonus today, hardly anyone drinking, but i got given a couple of cans(thankyou) , lots of happy people and all good natured had a can on a beer break😉

Rain thinned the numbers again about 1.30 and by 4pm wall was 50% empty spaced so plenty of time to leisurely clean up.
Jnr helped all day and enjoyed helping out also

Finished up at 6pm with second can sat on bay 6 steps.
Home with sore feet

sat any fish ?

Sat was a tough day on the wall, I spent the day down there helping out and first light saw a few fish amongst the catches but to be honest .. it was a bit brutal. A couple of sole & plaice early doors, & by 10 am had heard of a couple of bream & mackerel plus an eel.
Queue system from 6.30 am to get on the wall lasted until 2am with the wind rising and a low tide waves were chopping up a fair bit making the west uncomfy to fish & fairly wet with lots of wave dodging.
Total catches by 6pm , 5 mackerel, 2 eels , 4 sole 6 plaice a mullet(returned) and a decent bass dropped at the wall. crabs … all small & maybe a couple of dozen … fishing was hard but some praise today…
5 hours + queueing and almost everyone was understanding and patient… very little booze on the wall and everyone well behaved , hard work & a long day but a pleasure to be on the wall saturday

sat round up & updates

So the night fishing news, Issues have been building for a week or two with the sheer volume of people wanting to use the walls day and night time. With Dover shut & a few other venues also restricted it seems everyone is opting to head to Brighton. Add into the mix more than 70% of the east wall has been lost to Building/repair work, furloughed people paid to have time off, fine weather and the arrival of mackerel shoals means that staff are already struggling to cope with the extra numbers in limited space and then the explosion of crazy that mackerel shoals on the walls bring.

This has resulted in aggressive behaviour to staff, miss use of the east wall thus hampering building work and creating health issues on the east on the upper levels and some cases on the west also, add to this various safety issues with the east upper due to works there.

Pressure from numbers and builders wanting to work means we have taken the decision to close BOTH walls at night. The entrances had to be manned from 11pm to 3 in the morning just to prevent the wall from being swamped with anglers unhappy about long waits to get on and fish with some electing to top up their beer levels while waiting and causing issues with the guys manning the walls all hours of the day.

Staff should not have to put up with any form of abuse from anglers disappointed in having to wait their turn to fish ! 3 this morning on the east were band for this reason so please , while we want to get you all fishing we simply cant do it while under space restrictions caused by the covid situation and repair situation on the east.

Once the building work is complete (sometime in sept) we will re visit the idea of night fishing but until we have the extra space & certain factors calm down it will be a case of daytime only.


im a bit late

Tuesday catch up morning !, bit late with the round up

Hows the fishing ? .. one word …… manic

The weekend and tail of last week has produced some nice rays on both walls. Am pleased to say that those I know of were all returned safely with at least 3 in double figures .
Mackerel are definitely “in” & creating the usual mayhem on the walls and on social media. Unfortunately everyone wants in on the action & creates a very busy marina and very busy walls … The sun is out , tons of people on furlough , Dover admiralty is shut so we are the next best thing.

The wardens do their very best & do try to teach anglers how to dispatch fish… with luck nearby anglers may step in and advise new comers the same process of kill & store fish so we can all fish in a clean environment… education here is key… convince one in ten its a good idea and others will follow.

Other catches over the weekend include bass, gurnards plaice sole pout & occasionally channel whiting & horse mackerel at night regards


sat night

Again plenty of mackerel & bass about, seem as usual angler fail to keep their fishing area tidy by bagging up & dispatching fish … something a few need to think about.

A nice ray on the east for Josh that went 9lb and landed with the help of an un named warden , well done , lovely fish

Mackerel in numbers , plenty of plaice , gurnard and bream amongst other catches today … both walls open tonight , with east daytime only tomorrow , west is now 24/7

11 july

So the mackerel have arrived in numbers on both walls , plenty of bait fish down the sides & micro species to keep the young ones occupied

A nice bass for John Sired yesterday on the east , I believe estimated around the 6lb mark caught on bait & another reported caught on feathers.

Plenty of plaice & bream about eels in the mix. Not heard of any horse mackerel yet but then they are a night fish so waiting on reports.

Black lug & ragworm in shop , west open 24/7 and east open tonight as a trial.

Friday 10th

New wall charges began today, Adult 1 rod £5 or 2 rods £6:- Juniors (u18) and seniors £3 per rod or £4 for 2 rods. This is only the 2nd price rise on the walls in 15 years so not bad for value .

Night fishing also returns from today on the west wall, the wall will be open 24/7 subject to conditions with for now a no tent rule. Shelters at night will be permitted for those fishing. The lower levels remain anglers only and 2 per bay with social distancing rules in place.

East wall will open on a trial basis on a Saturday night with a view to extending this subject to anglers behaviour & respect of building areas on the east wall.