Weights and traces, Rigs and Jigs,Feathers and Floats,
  and things for Boats




We stock a  huge range of end tackle to suit all needs, our hook range include Kamasan,Teklon and Mustad.Wide gauge,bait holder, short and long shank,  our range cater for all needs from the smallest carp hook to those conger wide gauged hooks.


Choose from Grauvell,Tronixpro,Ron Thompson or Koiki, we stock a huge range of  feathers for mackerel and herring fishing or try our pre made  traces from leading brand names. 2 or 3 hook flappers, pennel & bass rigs to long range  bomber & clip down rigs, there is something here to suit all tastes be it  shore fishing or deep sea conger hunting.




 For the Bass hunters & spinners we have a wide range of spinners, plugs,poppers, dexter wedges and jointed lures from 8 grammes  upto heavier boat lures over 200 grammes.


Boat Fishing?


 drop in , we can supply you with those heavier weights ,boom arms, cod & bass lures for wreck fishing and have a  large selection of sidewinder lures and jellies. Heavy duty rigs pre made for your needs.



   Line, Braid, & leader  


Line, Braid, & leader needed ? come and see our extensive range.We stock all the leading brands at the best prices around.




Clips,swivels,rod & chemical lights,air pumps, headlamps, beads and bells, we have  a massive range of  end tackle accessories for all needs. Day or night fishing we can cater to your needs from a simple  rod tip light through to quality storm lanterns.




 We stock a wide assortment of weights that are made locally. Or range includes grip weights , plain plumbs, clip down flattie's, pocket watch and smaller carp weights.We have specialised long range casters like the D-Vice and clip down grip weights.For the boat angler  we stock weights up to 2.5lb