LISA and the GGGI -the Global Ghost Gear Initiative.

Line Recycling


Welcome to the Lisa & Global Ghost Gear Initiative Survey on Anglers Attitudes to Line Recycling.
The survey of 9 questions tick box style, takes less than 2 minutes to complete. You are not asked for any personal contact information. You will not receive any unsolicited contact as a result of taking part in the survey.

In just over a year Lisa has set up a viable line recycling initiative in the UK. We have 12 collection sites, a postal option for returning line and a clear recycling destination. With heavy mono filament taking up to 600 years to degrade in landfill, the sheer volume of line consumed by anglers, both Sea and Freshwater demonstrates that there is a need to address the issue and sufficient volume to generate commercial interest.

Lisa is a member of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and this survey is a joint venture with them. The data will be collected, analysed and shared with our Global Partners. It could lead to other similar initiatives around the world.



This survey will, with your help, demonstrate the will of anglers to recycle and an accurate picture of the volumes involved. These will be key factors in convincing the tackle trade at large and other anglers to support the project on a national scale.

The link below will take you to the survey which will take less than 2 minutes of your time. No personal contact information is requested.........among other ventures ,now globally



The survey is easy to do & requires no  personal information, please help us & complete, thank you all 

survey link 





 Apollo Angling Centre Godalming
Castaway Cardigan
Christchurch Angling Centre Bournemouth
East Cowes Tackle East Cowes
Odessa Angling Centre Newport
Gerrys Fishing Morecambe
Hookers Baits Blackpool
Purbeck Angling Wareham
Valley Feeds & Angling Ystrad Mynach
High Street Tackle Ilfracombe

Harefield Tackle Harefield

Channel Angling Dover


The Tacklebox Brighton Marina 

Prime Angling Worthing
Lagoon Hove
Scotties Southwick
Tools n Tackle Newhaven
Littlehampton Angling Littlehampton
Hook a Fish Littlehampton
Anglers Den Pevensey
Aldwick Angling Bognor
SAS Chichester
Hook Line & Sinker Bexhill
Weymouth Angling Centre Weymouth