Opening times

We are open  during the summer from 7am every day. Monday to Friday we close at 5.30pm. Saturday we close at 6pm and Sundays at 4pm .

Winter Hours  Mon- Thurs 7am -1pm

Fri & Sat 7am - 6pm  Sun 7am - 4pm



Bait Prices

  • Fresh Black Lug Worm
  • Fresh King Rag
  • Fresh Peeler Crab
  • 1lb Box Frozen Squid
  • 5lb Box Frozen Squid
  • Frozen(s,m,l,) Sand Eel's
  • Frozen  Cuttlefish
  • Fresh and Frozen Mackerel
  • Blueys
  • Razor fish & Limpets

  • £3.50
  • £3.50
  • price according to size
  • £5.00/£6.00
  • £ ask
  • £4.00 - £5.50
  • £4.00 - £5.50
  • £3.00 
  • £3.00
  • £3.00

 After hours bait deliveries to the breakwaters can be arranged on request, these are delivered by the fishing wardens when possible for a nominal charge. Enquire in the Tackle box or call

01273 696477  

What we offer

We provide fresh local bait on a daily basis that can be pre ordered by phone( 01273 696477) during opening hours. After hours deliveries to the breakwaters can be arranged via our  wardens.

   We stock a vast range of fishing equipment from well known companies, if it can't be seen in our shop it can be ordered.

 For the beginner we can supply a complete bundle that will take you from the tackle box to the breakwater in one simple and affordable deal. We stock Junior specials for the younger customers right through to  pier, boat and beachcaster bundles that are ready to use.

 Need a Specialist rods or a  fine tuned  reel ? come in and talk to our friendly and helpful staff.

 Suits and boots ? We have a good range of specialised clothing, from  full flotation suits, waterproofs or specialised gloves through to waders for all occasions.  

 Rod bag too small ? need another tackle box ? Too much gear & too little storage space ? come and see us. From the smallest rig holder to the largest of  travelling  storage boxes we can supply your every need. We stock back packs, hard boxes, extendable rod & reel bags we can even supply you with trolleys & carts to  move bulk items.

 End tackle: We stock most  brands of mono & braid lines, shock leader and pre made traces. Weather chasing Mackerel or the largest conger we will have something to fit your needs. Our weights and sinkers are made locally so always have a ready supply on hand.

Whether your need is Float,beach,boat or pier we have the gear to  fit your needs.




If you can't see it ask.

If we don't have it  we will order it for you.