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tues:- shop hrs this week.open 7.30 am.close 4pm m-thurs
fri 7.30 - 5.30
sat 7.30 - 6pm
sun xmas eve limited opening tba
East open no issues
west closed
lack catch reports , only 2 fishing seemingly for whiting yesterday !


mon:-Good morning campers.7 sleeps left & it can all be over ... or can it ?

East back open , black in shop

sun :-Well , Mackerel on the wall in shoals last night as well as the beach overshadowed any other species being reported

winter Mackie fever eh !

Walls now closed until the morning

east will open 8am

shop open 7am

 sat 16th 

fresh black in shop , east wall open 

Fri update:-
east wires & potholes fixed today
East wall to open about 8am tomorrow , will be open sat night , possible close sunday night (weather watching it)
west to stay closed

Fri 15 dec

Lack of updates mainly because of close time on walls. squid now seem finished with the water properly coloured although  the intermittent mackerel have been had with the coloured water. Whiting now the main stay , one or two plaice reported but in general very quiet. East expected open sat am , prob 9ish 

tues 5th

Mackerel & plaice reported yesterday with the whiting invasion starting about 4.30, no squid info 

dec 3rd

Squid & mackerel were caught on the wall today, see I said they would be soon , you Henry , so did you

Yes there are herring out there , loads of the stuff , & sprats , most try sabiki's to get them , good luck they are proving elusive to hook
other fish out there ? well now , Gurnards are still there to be had, as are the bass about the marina , dont believe me ? ask the boss
While muttering the B word , rumour has it that bream & wrasse can still be caught close to the walls , although a kayak may have more results than a cast of the wall on the right bays

Still a couple of days of northerlies .... last gasp for the squid maybe ? XC showing a day or 2 of blows & another swing north that may bring white stuff if we are unlucky! will be an interesting couple of days near the w/end .

Final note , got any catch reports ? they seem a bit thin on the ground . Let us know , we cant inform ppl without them.



tues 28

wall back open this morning ,a week of northerlies should clear the water out even on the small tides. 


wall check fri am about 8 to 8.30  if no damage looking to get it open 




wed 15

still a few squid about , hardly anyone fishing yesterday though, plenty of whitingstill a few squid about , hardly anyone fishing yesterday though, plenty of whiting 

mon 13

wall back open, water v muddy , should clear on the northerlies 

fri 10th

west closed , east open daytime  & closed tonight , expected to re open sat sometime about lunch once wind settles. 

tues 7th

 still plenty squid, rumour of herring,still bass & plaice to be had

EASTwall closed today , re-open wed, west closed for repairs 

fri 3rd 

WEST with the weather having held most of the LOWER level has been jetwashed. The upper needs to be done & there are quite a lot of holes that need filling as well.If the wall stays dry the work will continue. Cant give a time scale but at least a week if good weather.

East wall open no issues

High pressure causing issues with the worm diggers so fresh bait a bit thin on the ground.
Highly advise ringing to order fresh bait where ever you get yours from.
Yesterday saw loads of squid on the wall, a few mackerel , bass & pollack also on the wall one pollack was 3.5lb , yes the boss saw it ! verified.

2nd nov

Plenty of squid still about as well , mackerel, bass, gar  wrasse, gurnard & a few bream also





still plenty of squid in the water , bass & plaice. eels & gurnards also  

29 sun

ver night some good bass, squid, mackerel whiting & horse mack ... plaice doing well , some flounders & gurnards to be had also

 fri 27

EAST WALL , open day & for night fishing , closed above 38 , hoping to jet was some more today ... damage at 55 and above which this week likely to be the closed point.
West wall closed & focus will be on the east wall.
Bait , black , won't know about fresh until after 11.30 (short tides making supply tricky)
Ragworm expected about 12.30 1pm
Loads of good plaice & gurnard on the wall yesterday during the light. Night big SQUID about & loads of decent sole ... yes the whiting are an issue


tues 25th

 west wall staying closed

EAST has been opened , bays 1-20 only ,  more bays will be  opened as they can be   safety jet washed. there is extensive damage higher up & heavy algae build up . Top level has been closed  temprarily 

21-24th walls closed 

SAT 21st Update:-
Walls will stay closed on sunday . It's expected there will be some level of damage & with the big tides/driving winds there will be a big swell impacting on the wall situation.

Updates will be on a day to day basis until the wall can be safely checked and any damage assessed.

Hopefully any damage will be minor & wall can be got back open ASAP

tues 17

East wall back open today  and wed , maybe thurs day. plenty of mackerel & squid about  & with a big blow coming & a week of poor weather following ... best stock up fast with baitfish

oct 16

loads of mackerel the last 2 days & some very nice bass to be had . wall closed monday as the  blows come in. 

oct 13

East open , west closed , plenty of mackerel & gar about,  beginning of week saw squid & some very decent bass catches. locally still bream, flounder & some good  plaice & sole. 


oct 10

Tues:- plenty of fish to be had yesterday, mackerel fished most of the day, plenty of sole & bass once the light went, bream still to be had gurnard plaice & flounders also.
Black in shop & ragworm in after lunch
East wall open . West closed.
Congrats also to Craig on another double bass last night, awesome stuff indeed.


lack of updates, apologies, a few close downs & issues again with thee west wall which is closed , East is open & for plaice when open has been doing well.  Bream & bass still to be had , eels flounder sole dogfish rays all in the mix also . curently east arm only.

oct 2nd

EAST wall check 8am tues morning & opening subject to inspection. West wall expected open after 10am



thurs 28

some very good plaice on the walls yesterday &  a few squid landed during the day  & also at night on the west

wed 27

a decent day on the walls plenty of species out , gar  numbers still high & plaice noticably fatter.

tues 26

plenty of mackerel over the weekend likewise gar & bream ,plaice thickening up  now as well , still gurnards & sole to be had &  flounder nubers on the up over the last few days. Bass rays  congers & dogfish  for the night people also

sat 23

 Loads of mackerel & gar reported yesterday , at time of typing west wall still closed , w/e off so may not be more updates.


west  fix taking a little longer than planned but shouldn't be too long now , southerly wind again hampered the fishing on the east but seems there are still decent bass out there if the   rumours along the coast are true.

thurs 21 

The day started bright & sunny without the expected morning mackerel & then  took a turn for the poorer. A  bit of a cross wind & unexpected rain cleared the east arm quite quickly , result , no  catch reports !

wed 20 

hoping to get west back open today/tomorrow,  morning mackerel lead to a slow day , plenty of gars on float , a few plaice & bream, sluggish despite plenty of baitfish in the water

tues 19

Mackerel & plaice numbers  increasing on the better tide , weeds fading out , still bream bass & gar about.

mon 18 

West still closed while some work is done . East no issues.

Daytime yesterday a bit ofa struggle , plenty caught late afternoon though , with mackerel,whiting, scad,shad,bass, gar & plaice on the menu. Water clearing nicely

sun 17

West wall still closed while there are a few  safety issues sorted, east no issues,  closures due to weather  hampered reports , coloured water currently & catches of rays,bass,eels, & the return of whiting !

thurs 14

 mainly closures as autumn arrives , little to report on the days open bar loads of weed . East expected back open this morning , west to remain closed until Fri am

fri 8th

mon tues , sluggish fishing as the autumn winds build , still bream about , no mackerel this week , squid & cuttle takes this week when the water was clearer , 2 days of close now & a poor forecast for next week

mon 4th

sun proved to be quite a windy one on the southerly, not had any reports back other than mutterings during the day of how poor the conditions did although 1st light again showed up mackerel.

sun 3rd

Not the greatest couple of days , would have expected better but, plenty of bream , teaser gurnards & red mullet, a few decent plaice to be had & sporadic mackerel mostly first light , Gar fish on float probably the stand out numbers.



thurs 31

rain yesterday so only a few on the walls but plenty of gar , a few plaice, bream & wrasse also about , tues saw some nice bream on the east bend as also on higher marks on the west ,  scattered mackerel  but seems high pressure slowing the fishing

tues 29

No easy way to coat it , yesterday for many was brutal on the west wall. Didnt see any mackerel hear were a few on the east ,  a few bream to "those that knew how" some of which were sizeable , a hand full of plaice , the success story of the day was the top float bay was kept so & 6 anglers floating manages  a comfy 30 gar on the sait floats. Hear the east fared a little better with bream & wrasse on the bend & a few plaice but over all a struggle in the sun !

mon 28

sundays fishing has been the slowest of the week. While plenty of bream on the east the sizes have been smaller. blennies wrasse & loads of  fry down the side  to keep the kids busy but little at range. A few plaice & a dozen mackerel were  added to by maybe  a couple of dozen gar before  six pm.  not got any news from the night or the west wall at time of typing

sun 27,

slower going on the west today& hardly any mackerel. a few early bream & schoolies failed to get better , east saw bream from 8-40 & plaice  from 22-45 , top bays had mullet but were also a struggle. mid afternoon mackerel but not great numbers.

sat 26

lack much info for friday but gather a bit slower for mackerel both plenty of bream & plaice  had. Both walls open 24/7 no issues. A reminder please folks, the use of green & red lights are  not to be used on the walls as they are navigation hazzards , TY

fri 25.

So the bream are finally playing properly. Garfish had on the east, plaice & gurnard  showing up also. Bass & mullet to be had & some mackerel numbers increasing . Not a bad 2 days.

wed 23

 decent amounts of bream on both walls with the east seeing a wide bay number catch  range of them  between  bays 8 & 38 catching them. Some plaice gurnard & scattering of mackerel b4 6pm , not had any night feedback yet.

tues 22

Not a great deal to report over the last week. erratic winds  over the w/end causing closes on the west & poor fishing sunday. Likewise mon/tues not the greatest but bream on both walls , a few mackerel a drizzly day tues so ppl wise a quite day. Bass to be has & some decent rays at night. Tues also produced a topknot on the west.

fri 18

Both walls closed , east expected open sat morning between 7&8am, west most likely closed for the day but may open in evening if the winds drop.

thurs 17  BOTH WALLS CLOSED , west expected closed  friday & possibly double closed.

wed 16:-

plenty of  bream on the east bend yesterday afternoon , mackerel ealy morning & started again about  7.30 pm , not so good on the west as the wind pushed against it making it very lumpy with many anglers heading back to the east

tues 15 aug

summer ariving later & later it seems . Its taken a while for the gar to re-arive but they are finally back. A few mackerel but not up to the numbers of shoals yet. Plenty of horse mac about & bream back on both walls again. Visitor numbers over the w/end were high with the good weather so if traveling down , best advice, book your baits. Save on being limited to "whats left" Plenty of plaice  bass, mullet, gurnards Has summer arrived ?

 & the charter boats are smashing it on turbot.sun :- Not a spectacular few days , but a tick over , still bream & plaice to be had with evenings producing mackerel 7 horse mac into the night. Congers of medium mix sizes & a few bass about. More steady than spectacular.

wed 9th:-  yesterday produced mackerel, best of them after 4pm , east wall saw mostly small stuff including , mullet,plaice,bream,wrassee & plagues of blennies on the mid parts of the wall , gurnard & small pups seen also.

Tues 8:- Mackerel are in & out not massive numbers but encouraging while the weather tries to settle , a few plaice & bream still no sign of gar. Bass as ever sill throwing up some decent LB'age.

 Sun 6th:- Ragworm in shop but struggling sourcing fresh black so advise ringing. plenty of frozen black in shop.Fish reports seem lacking this w/end other than sole doing ok , & mackerel have been there but again not in numbers. Some decent bass pics but not all local.

HT 11.23 & 23.33 (6.0)
LT 05.17 & 17.37




3 days of closedown see's the east back open this morning


JULY 2017

sat 29

both walls closed  w/t/f , east open sat day , both then closed sun , west closed mon

tues25 jul

coloured water from the w/ends "breezes" producing plenty of sole in & around the marina , bass likewise & still good numbers of bream.

Local goup L.I.S.A. (http://www.lisa.fishing/)  have began rolling out a "size matters" campaign to  raise awareness  of anglers regarding sensible fishing sizes on the marina & localy with a supporting stencil at local marks & leaflets , check them out


sun 23 jul

After fri closedown not much feedback of sat catches other than a nice bass on the west. Water coloured & reports of a fair amount of weed about. 

Mon :-
a few plaice& scad on the west yesterday, decent amounts of mackerel kept the wall ticking & plenty of bream nearer the HW mark , very sluggish on the East from indications sent.
Lugworm & peelers in shop
HT 05.06 & 17.45 (5.7)
LT 11.41

sun am ,sat day was tough going with the wind making things almost nfishable on the west by lunchtime although there were some nice early bream on there. East fared little better as the wind increased over forcast. Am hearing  reports from the night of some nice fish though & awaiting confirms.


Sorry , lazy updates,  A tick over week with sluggish catches & some night wind colouring the water  until thurs evening when the shoals of mackerel/horse mac arived  about 7pm  over night some nice bass & a stonking bass this week of 12 lb  well done Chris Legras !

fish fish fish . A slow start to friday saw some bream plaice & wrasse & then by mid afternoon an explosion of mackerel. Night fishing also has done very well with horse mac conger plaice & early hours loads of bream on the west, is summer finally here ?

tues9 july

At least one decent bass over night & a lobster but reports thin no ground for yesterday in the westerly wind.
Ragworm expected around/after lunch today , limited black in shop.
HT13.30 (6.1)
LT 06.53 & 19.12
Mon 8th Jul

Shop move  now done although there will be a fair bit of bedding in. New stock to order, old fav's to re order and a few ideas in the planning so please bear with the disruption for a little longer.

On the fishing side this week its been a  week of 2 very distinct halves. M-F tons of mackerel horse mac & both walls in general fishing very well day & night , come the weekend & the crowds... well someone forgot to tell the fish. Many have described the w/end fishing as brutal. Not the best advert for the marina thats for sure ! That said the boats are doing well, tope, rays, congers, loads of plaice & mackerel in shore I guess the fish just decided not to make the jump to the shore this w/end.

Sat 8th Jul

Officially open in new home today, still some bedding in & bits to move display but all sales will be from new shop in the square

Fishing front , not so hot yesterday but plaice bream the mainstays , wind caused some choppy water on the wall slowing things somewhat. Mackerel there but not so many last 2 days, bass & smaller species also.

wed 5th Jul

So summer has exploded upon us, mackerel & horse mac hitting the walls in big numbers, more congers caught in a week than seen in 10 years one going 28lb !.Bream numbers ever on this increase, sole day & night catches, hounds rays  mutts the list goes on . Plaice not doing so well but getting better with lots of baitfish down the sides & we are even seeing lobsters being landed !

Sun 2 july

  So Looking like a productive /end. Mackerel & horse mac on both walls, bream also playing well, shame the numbers of plaice out are so skinny but we cant have it all. Even the Government want to play by announcing they want to ban non UK boats under 12 miles ! what ever next 28 lb congers on the west wall ? .
Oh yes well done on the catch & return Darren Chapple(sp) on last nights giant sea worm of 28lb
(pic on FB page)

JUNE 2017


mackerel on the east wall yesterday , unknown if any on the west, bream on both some schoolies & plaice also had, bits & bobs down the side.

Ragworm & black in shop , crabs seem very scarce at the moment.

Wed 28

Night fishing picking up , bass , plaice sole & hounds being reported.  after the day winds & the weed  , the water is now starting to clear properly !. Bream wrasse gurnard plaice all increasing . There are even mackerel &  gars  being caught  though not in huge numbers.  Shop move is on cuorse & coming along nicely

Fri 23

West wall closed due to high winds & expected to re open late sat evening

Shop expected date  sat 8 july

lacking reports as some closures weather related followed by loads of weed,may rot & poor fishing

WED:- bumped into the night guy today & got a bass pic from the w/end (see marina group) Seems to be a good amount of bream coming out on both walls, pollack small rays & some nice sole at night He also says the plaice sizes are also getting better.
On the weather front XC has confirmed it's too damned hot to do much of anything so please take care out there in the sun, it may sound silly constantly posting this to grown ups but its damned easy to forget & spend the next few days in pain !

HT 09.18 & 21.45 (6.3)
LT 15.31
Bait front , ragworm in shop re lugworm ordering.



wed proved a tough day on both walls with the weed  running through the dominant factor dragging small baits off the hooks. The east bend seemed to fare better with a few plaice (1 was 40cm) on bay 22, the west producing a couple of decent bram & gurnard while being mobbed by spider crabs ! Gorgeous weather to be out in though.


another gorgeous morning out there . Weed still a problem on the marina as the tide comes up & over.Water improving & the SE light breeze forecast should help as well.
Black & ragworm in shop.
HT 14.50 (5.8)
LT 08.56 & 21.13 

tues 13th:-

morning all, bright and sunny out there , next to no wind & from home I cant see the sea state. w/end reports after all the wind indicate a lean couple of days on the fish front withlots of weed along the coast. Sooooo
HT 14.19 (5.9)
LT 08.21 & 20.38
Lug in shop , ragworm in by mid day
update from Henry
The sea is Grey but calm and Black Rock beach is littered with weed, it honks! Hardly any weed in the water at moment. West wall gate is currently closed.(which will be open in an hour or so

Sat 10 June

walls fairly much closed all week so no "fish "update. East now back open (yesterday evening) but west remains closed this w/end  The high winds have produced loads of seasonal ribbon type week on beaches  as far along as Worthing through Btn & Rottingdean at least. Water currently very coloured & will be a while settling down.

sun weekly round up

so a funny old week , glorious weather at the start & windy as the w/end arrived. so, Plaice  doing well on both walls but the general sizes seem to be getting smaller.  The good weather seems to have re sprouted issues with mayrot mid week but with a wind front coming its hoped that will disperse mid week. Bream best on the west though the rockier marks on the west also seeing them , wrasse currently best on east Gar takes on both walls & mackerel seem sporadic. Last w/e saw lots of  horsemac at night  as will some very nice rays mostly on the east.  micro species like blennies on the increase & the west seems a little smothered in spider crabs coming in to do their business & moult. some pollack scattered on both walls eels , sole, and flounder among the catches. Not a great week  & seen better but not a total bust this week .... summer is ariving

sat june 3

Fri proved a tough going slog on both wall, things looking suspiciously like having small tides calm hot weather that the may rod took advantage & returned hampering things. Reports of a few mackerel undersized plaice & micro species were par for the day on the east. Over on the west they were faring little better , bream top end, wrasse dab small sole & again micro species this time hampered by masses of spider crabs up & down the wall, one mackerel & one pollack spotted in the afternoon.

june 2nd

  Friday "! its crackerjack day :) :) morning folks ,Shop is open, Keith is on the walls \\7 looking good out there, hot & overcast, T-shirts,water & fishing..... get some in Fresh black in shop , ragworm is on the delivery lorry & due about mid-day. "Hey ho lets go"/... Tides HT 05.44 & 18.27 (5.5) LT 12.22. plaice,dogs, a few mackerel, tons of spider crabs a few bream, wrasse pollack & mullet down the side ... what more do ya need eh :)

June 1st

plaice,a few mackerel, gar,dab,rays at night & dogs , seems the west is doing  very ok thankyou. Not top of the range this week but  the walls have seen  plenty of wrasse, an increase in bream takes &  micro species showing up in most places. May rot still visible but now patchy & generally avoidable, all in all a very decent 1/2 term week to be out there


MAY 2017

Sun 27

A sluggish w/end , still numbers of plaice on both walls. Intermittent mackerel shows & plenty of horse mac at night. Rays bass dogfish,eels sole gurnard gar also making up the numbers & a visit from some decent sized pipefish on the west wall.

fri 26


well seems the night fishing just got interesting with the return of pipefish to probably the west wall. Loads of horse mac, a few mackies as well, bass gar & pollack... almost tempted to spend a night under the stars.
Plenty of black in the shop . Ragworm in by mid day . Ring re crabs , they are a bit scares at the moment
HT12.16 (6.9)
LT 06.07 & 18.31


Night report ..... bream on the west , some mackerel on both walls small rays & dogfish on both aaaannnndddd a fair few horse mackerel.... let the chaos begin 


its " I have a new freezer day " (finally) sooo....

Garfish have arrived, may rot has all but gone. The west wall is throwing up more plaice than it has done in years. Some guide dude on his boat is pulling out pollack & BIFFin out wrasse close to the marina, plenty of bass to be had on lures & baits and the weather has been absolutely stonking . Best get out there & get some in .
Bait : lugworm & ragworm , ring for orders & crabs.
HT 11.2 & 23.01 (6.7)
LT 05.18 &17.42


tues 23 may:- been a sluggish week as may rot took full efect with catches mainly on the bottom of plice & sole. A few mullet, mackerel & gurnard with the biggest winner being the bass catches. as type things are on the improve & lures are doing quite well for the usual suspects and species with bream & wrasse also taking lures ... summer is almost here

thurs 18 may:-

so locally whats being caught ? well there is dogfish , & dogfish ... oh and it seems more dogfish , chuck a few plaice & mackerel in and that leaves you with .... yup there seem to be a lot of dogfish .....

On the bright side , the morning has started dry ! for now.
HT 04.01 & 16.40 (5.2)
LT 10.44 & 23.14

sun 14 may

Busy roads expected  today (football parade  from pier to hove). Plenty of plaice both walls in spite of the may rot , gurnards eels & bass both walls , night fishing doing well. Mackerel & horse mac only intermittent ,  catches  for people more 3-4  rather than 3-4 at a time.

Sat13 may

:- stop the press, the boss phoned last night to tell me there were a few mackerel caught last night on the west ... cool sorted then :) , ps there were some mackerel on the east & west walls occasionally for most of the week :). Plaice still being clocked up both walls , & gurnard,bass,dogs, hound pups & even the occasional gar eh Ravin eh :)

Rag & black in shop , Im told there may even be some crabs.
Traffic will be v busy on the seafront Sunday , There is a football parade in the afternoon which will close the seafront from the pier to hove.
HT 13.42 (6.1)
LT 07.30 & 19.46
Boat event in the marina all weekend , enjoy


Fri May 12

a damp start & breezy on the southerly this morning , ragworm expected b4 lunch lugworm in shop, west doing ok for plaice,a few mackies & dogfish also , lacking news on the east today 

11 May 

 Apologies for lack of updates , been a bit pre occupied with life. so Round up, May bloom is here & the squid comp went well. Seems the squid have now finished.  Species tallies ? Rays , dogs, pups all showing on the east , Plaice on the bottom both walls ,  the east saw a few herring & now both walls seeing occasional mackerel though no  shoal type numbers. Gurnard micro species ,   smatterings of bream on both walls .

Summer it seems is getting here slowly





Fri 28:- Morning world, a bit dull,grey & chilly out there this morning.Welcome to the B/holiday weekend.
Fresh black in shop, King rag in by lunchtime today . Please ring shop to order bait.
Both walls open daytime & tonight .
Squid comp reminder
Sat ,Bays 1-40 will be closed to general anglers from 9am, Registration for squidders from 10am by east arm cafe....
£10 all in entry PP. Trophies,prizes for winners & a raffle
No need to reserve, just show up on the morning.

 sun 23rd

West opened for the first time yesterday & fished quite well . Plenty of plaice on the lower marks & bream recorded on the higher one, while no squid on the west there were some on the east.  a hand full of mackerel on the high & micro species  clocked up also 

22nd sat  please note west arm now open  selective hours 

13 apr

wed a day of 2 halves , fished well in the morning  wind made it very bumpy in the afternoon, lack reports for tues , but mostly plaice , a few herring , flounder & micro species


EAST wall open for night fishing thurs/fri/sat/sun... west wall may open sat daytime

10 apr :- plenty of squid & plaice coming out , black lug expected into the shop today but advise ring & order


saw plaice & slower on the squid , jet washing almost done on the east & attention will turn to getting the west repaired as hoping for w/end access to the west this year.

7th ,

squid being caught on the east mostly over the highs sluggish elsewhere other than small plaice 

3rd - 6th

A slow tick over on the wall , plaice herring dab , dogfish small gurnards with the 1st bream of the year logged on the east  also 

sun 2 apr

Wall update, sun 2nd april
EAST WALL:- issues with water supply & jet washer needing a service have delayed getting the higher bays back into service , curently 1-29 are open & jet washer is expected back tues/wed.

Night fishing still only fri/sat for the time being.(under review)
Wall opens usually by 8am , closes 6pm on non night fishing days


WEST WALL:- due to the new marina development on the west side there are cranes working over the entrance to the west wall . This means that the area is classed as a building site & closed to the public & anglers. There is extensive damage that needs sorting on the higher areas & it is not expected to be open at least for the first half of the year if at all. It has been hoped that access could be arranged at w/ends but this again is subjet to getting on the wall to implement repairs.

Shop:- The shop is currently situated under the west jetty ramp. accessed on foot down the side of that ramp. simple directions , come into the marina over the main roundabout & go to the 2nd roundabout by the vehicle ticket barrier , LOOK RIGHT to the boats & the ramp , the shop is down the side.

There are ongoing negotiations for a new location within the marina in the form of a proper shop, updates on this as & when but a move is hoped for mid year if possible.





MARCH 2017

30th Mar

water showing proper signs of clearing , tentative date for  squid comp hosted by L.I.S.A.  the last w/end of April but will be confirmed . All looking good for the Pollack comp that goes ahead on the 6th April , spaces sorted by the individual boats , please ring them  

28 march

weather up & down & a few  closures on the southerlies. Water source now sorted on the East wall & the jet washer is in for service , hoping to start  next week on the spraying. Fish wise , mainly plaice , some small gurnards,dogfish,whiting. Now also getting herring over the high tides.


23rd , wall remains closed for maintenance, hoping to be open sat

Wall will close by 6pm friday and be closed all w/end & through until at least  tues PM

thurs 16

things looking up , signs of spring , decent bass & squid offshore plenty of plaice in & around the marina dogfish & smooth-hound pups being caught a-plenty 

Thurs catch report , plenty of whiting on the drop to the low tide early morning, plaice went on the feed fast from the low but fizzled out by the H/Tide. the drop was v hard work , wall closed 6pm

wed 15mar 

water taking a little longer than expected to clear, Plaice rockling whiting a few flounder & small schoolie bass about yesterday

tues 14 mar

Plaice numbers a plenty, a fair few baby smooth-hounds being picked up also. Water clearing quickly as the week progresses. Flounder & whiting amongst the catches also.

sun 12 mar

Wall back open fri after a week plus closed. Whiting  & smothound pups the order of the day fri & sat, some reasonable plaice numbers on the flood, smoothound pups flounder &  whiting in fairly coloured water that is quickly clearing/

Sun Mar 5

wild & wooley start to the day with the walls both closed . Mon a day or 2 settled & hopefully can get a morning damage check done  & with luck have the wall open before 11am

Fri 3 Mar

wall remains closed as has been all week ,now not expected to re open this weekend.


MARCH 2017


tues 28 wall still closed  till at least thurs

Wed 22feb

fishing over the weekend into Tues slowed up a bit, as the tides got shorter the plaice got smaller & less in numbers. Still Plaice flounder & some bassletts being caught. Wed brings a close down for  a few days & the wall not expected to re open before tues next week


sun 19 daytime 

Marina east quite busy today , as with most situations where ppl cluster there have been a few crossed lines today .... whisper saying more crossed lines than fish today .... A mixed bag of plaice & a few flounder & a couple of eels on the low bays ..... over all not as productive as it was during the week ! 

sun 19

A busy day on the east re numbers fishing the 29 bays, slower on the flatties a bit than the previous 2 days . Plaice were mostly around the 30cm mark & one or 2 decent flounders  out on the bend.  Off shore reports of  a mackerel shoal & loads of herring .... worth getting out the sabiki's I recon in view of the recent bait ball sightings.

sat 18

Fri  saw less fishing than the previous day which was a surprise considering the repors of good fish . Less quality  than previous but  some decent amounts of plaice out to those fishing early even on the low tide. Plaice  scattered throughout the day & the sun came out to play late morning also to make things very "Spring" like. a few flounders, a couple of eels & schoolie bass also seen. Water clarity improving rapidly with  "bait balls" spotted a mile out at least 2 days running, probable suspect imo .... herring .... but ... who knows eh...

fri 17 feb  THE PLAICE have well & truly arrived on the wall & the beaches

Ragworm and black lug expected mid morning - lunchtime, plaice in numbers on the wall yesterday along with a few whiting & flounder . An early shad & small bass also seen(both returned) 

Tues 14th Round up

winter blues , or should that be winter whiting . Very slow going tbh, mostly whiting . Good times just beginning ? lets hope so. Its looking like most of the winter blows are now behind us & the sea is beginning to clear . Herring reports off shore & plaice on the beaches & higher "open bays" . Dab & flounder rounding off the flat fish also   so here is to the plaice run ... long may it be

Fri 4th round up

wintery weather forced a couple of close downs . EAST wall expected back open Sat  including for night fishing subject to a damage check. One or two plaice reported likewise flounder & dabs now also  showing up. Still bass reports ! have they truly gone & wintered ?Bass regulations confirmed by the UK government... Check ICFA pages or even the Angling Trust for details.





Jan 27 Fri

wall closed today, this week has been slow , mostly whiting , & occasional flounder , one or 2 small plaice.

GOSSIP ......


Fishing the west wall update......
As some may know work had stopped on the construction within the marina. That is about to change as work again starts on the tower block and the cranes go up to swing across the west wall.

Construction work will be Mon - Fri and it is hoped that we will get the green light to again have the west wall at weekends for fishing. This is not a firm confirm but a strong possibility.

Repairs have started on the upper end of the west wall with broken steps needing to be removed , posts & wires replaced etc.

There is no time scale as we don't have the green light to fish ....yet but its coming ......

second bit of gossip of the day... there has been chatter and rumour that the shop may move and the shed is a temporary home .......
welllllllllll ........
Dave is in talks with someone that knows someone that says someone they know,knows someone that may have a shop in the marina square that may even be suitable for the tackle box to move into....
In short , there is a good chance that the tacklebox may be finding a new proper home somewhere within the marina square this year if not sooner



A Sluggish w/end, cold & tough going, Sunday produced a plaice & flounder but over all  hard work.

jan 21 round up

Sorry for lack of updates ,  part little to post & part pre-occupied elsewhere.

The whiting "fest" seems to be showing signs of  halting although some sessions during the day now can  be very hard & frustrating work.  Am lacking any feedback as to what may be happening at night on the sessions the wall is open. Flat fish now starting to show though size & number is lacking.  Occasional teasers of bass and herring but they tend to be deeper to the boats.  Cod reports also hit and miss on the boat side of things though the charters are putting people onto  some nice varied fish.

Am hearing that a new contractor will be starting work on the west wall soon but have no details as to when & what may be worked around them . If  the shop gets any info it will get posted asap. Closed walls are of no use to anyone.

jan 2-5

Sluggish going , whiting the mainstay and fewer now fishing  dab & flounders just starting to appear.... occasional dogfish showing up also

jan 1

wall closed






 jan  feb   mar

28 dec

wall will be closed new year day (sun) so there will be no night opening on the sat(close  6pm) Mon open as normal,currently there are loads of whiting , some  flounder & a few plaice about, it seems the resident conger has moved to bay 21 ! 6/0's down the side I guess.  Have a happy new year folks.

dec 20th round up

Still plaice coming out amongst the  whiting, flounder numbers increasing and there are still some very good bass to be had, one of 16lb & local guide Robin Howard also clocked up an 8lb+. Cod reports locally very thin on the ground & no codling reported on the wall as yet

dec 7th

Still plaice to be had , flounder numbers on the increase. chan & pout whiting  in large numbers, a small conger reported yesterday.


Winter now kicking in , lots of whiting to be had,plaice and flounder about. Bass catches dwindling . cod reports are scarce.


24th Nov

not a massive amount to report , autumn weather now starting to, push closures , fishing erratic  with mostly whiting. some bass still lurking occasional micro species but the main story is wind shutting the walls down. Back to opening in the morning (thurs) about 8.30 after  the standard checks . night fishing fri & sat.




sat east wall to open about 4pm (weather allowing) and will remain open for 1 week including at night . This is to see if it is viable (numbers) to remain open for longer periods at night.

15-17th wall closed

14 nov

Occasional mackerel,whiting,plaice & flounder reported

13th nov

Plaice whiting  a couple of mackerel & small lobster

12/novwall closed

11 nov

daytime plenty of early whiting a few plaice & flounder , early evening Im told there were a few bass, a very nice pollack for the wall & squid about as well as the whiting . Too coloured for mackerel.


wall closed wed, thus mostly whiting and plaice , too coloured for mackerel

8th nov

plaice , mackerel, flounder & squid definately in


plenty of plaice & mackerel for those that want them

6th Nov

Great day fishing the marina today , plaice on the feed much of the day from just after the low(witnessed 100+keepers from 6 bays) plenty of 1st light mackerel & a few ticking over  through the  morning &  through to the high at 3pm . flounder bass & gar also present.

4th nov

 Catches & report info slowing up somewhat but still Bass,mackerel,herring,rays and scad being caught. Plaice catches now on the increase also. 29 bays now opened up & contractors have finished on the east . Expecting some news re the west wall hopefully within the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

24- 28th oct

Plenty of mackerel & gars about , a few shad as well that should be returned if possible as protected some nice rays during last week & finally reports of  a fair amount of squid being caught when the water has been clear.

22nd new shop hours in effect from mon 24th


Not a bad week on the wall, plenty of mackerel , herring whiting starting to arrive, a couple of decent undulates caught & released mid week., bass  & codling  on nearby beaches of decent sizes also.

15/16 oct

Walls closed

14 oct

loads of mackerel on the evening tides

12 oct

 Plenty of mackerel about in spite of easterlies,  wrasse down the side & some sizeable pout. Gars also

 9th oct

 Still bass about ,cod showing , late evening mackerel on the increase.

7th oct

 Proper signs of mackerel now locally with small shoals right up to the beaches. Plenty of bass & rays still about as well. bream still being caught as well.

4th oct

 Tough going as a pattern of easterlies form, low _ to up hard work ,  micro species followed by a few bream.  Plenty of joeys over the high  few mackerel of size. gar abouts as were bass.

3rd oct

Mackerel showing on the high lots of Joeys, gar bream & bass.

2nd oct

In with a bang this weekend . Posts on FB of some fantastic bass locally up to 13.7lb. Cod inshore also ranging from chessil upto seaford. On the marina plaice bass mackerel & gar to be had.




30 sept

one or 2 close downs as autumn winds get going , still bream to be had  plenty of  bass ,  one or 2 gar still about , water quite coloured this week

24 sept 

wall closed sat night , catches still ticking over  even with limited bays ...  mackerel  about but no shoals, bream  the main stay this week , eels &  micro catches abundant

21st sept

plenty of schoolies  , gar , a few mackerel, bream thinning in numbers , pollack to be had. Beaches  starting to see cod with rays still abundant

17th sept  Sat update

not been the greatest of 10 days.  low wall bays  not a massive producer for specimin fish although the  species count is quite varied still. Reports locally of some cracking bass, last night Craig Gosling logging at least one double ... again ! mackerel very intermittent but tons of horse mac about , bream wrasse gar all  local as are  a few species of rays still. Plaice reports again on the increase.

Wall update:::  east work on course to finish end of October West not expected to re open this year.

sept 8th

No massive reports while wall repairs continue and only bays 1-12 are open. There is speculation of a rolling opening as the repairs are done , this is false as the crane being used is in a fixed position. It is ,we are told  on time & work will probably finish end of october. no news to add re west wall as yet, species wise, gar,mackerel,horse mac, bream,wrasse,bass,eels,& micro species. lots of baitfish in the water so the bass fishing is rapidly on the up. Cod have also started running close in

sept 2nd

walls closed today (fri for firework event , no night fishing either.

Sat wall should be ok to open about 7.30am but there will not be any night fishing due to weather front closing in

sept 1st

mackerel arriving, bream wrasse eels , some sole & rays still to be had , still some weed issues



28th please note that during repairs the with the wall restricted to 12 bays tents will not be permitted on the walls for any reason

Bream gar, mackerel, horse mac,  among the catches this w/end


sat 27th round up

a sluggish week of  high winds & hot dry days saw a return of a few mackerel & horse mackerel mid week & to the latter end bass & bream. work still ongoing on both walls  with work on the east  expected to continue until mid october. West there is a  wider isssue as  not only is work ongoing on the wall but also  work directly behind  on the spending beach .. this work will continue for the foreseeable future but  the shop is hoping for some news soon regarding  some limited access for fishing , this is not a guarantee though.

sun 21st

apologies for lack of updates , holidays &  other things seem to have swamped  time online. . East closed today due to fencing damage & hoped to open 1-12  east side monday morning.

work on the west still ongoing so closed still

Sat 6th

 picking up a little after the weed & winds, water colour  improving enough to bring a few mackerel, sole & schoolie bass into the mix,   Flounder showing over the mussel beds.

tues /wed/thurs  wall closed due to high winds and will re open  Fri 5th about 8am

Mon 1st , wall stayed open over night but  quiet

JULY 2016

 Sun 31

  coloured water has again slowed the mackerel up  , horse mack  bass (schoolies ) dab  & bits & bobs main stays.

Saturday  30
Apologies for lack of updates , been a little preoccupied & the updates got overlooked .
So... What has changed , tbh nothing as far as the walls are concerned.
EAST is open bays 1-12 daytime only with night fishing Fri & Sat nights unless posted otherwise.
West currently closed due to levels of work that side.

Shop opens 7am everyday (allow for eddies busses) Closes 5.30 weekdays & 6pm Fri/sat
WE HAVE SQUID, fresh black(Hastings finest :) and king rag in shop.
HT 08.48 (5.5) & 21.19

A little reminder . there are plenty of mackerel hitting the shores as the new shoals arrive , the minimum keeper size is 20cm on the South coast on shore (30cm on Boat & north sea)
Under 20cm please try to return them without handling them, use a damp cloth, gloves or even try to unhook by gripping the hook rather than the fish .
If you are catching loads .... think , what does the area you are fishing in look like ? do you have tons of dead fish at your feet or worse flapping about at your feet ?
Anglers can get a poor name doing this , please think about the image you are sending out to the public who like and enjoy watching people catching fish.... Tidy up as you go , tidy up when you leave.

Happy fishing folks , enjoy the w/end.


Tues 26 

went boat fishing., busy day  hard work on a windy afternoon. The mackerel arrived in numbers

Mon 25

There are bass about & a reminder of the current rules , 1 bass per day per person  minimum size 42cm,  East will remain restricted to 12 bays only with limited night opening  of Fri & Sat night, occasional extra night sessions will be posted  at short notice on the FB pages.

Thur 21

Work firmly underway on the east,  no chance of fishing past  bay 12 day or night without putting all fishing on the arm at risk.  meagre reports of  catches but locally   plenty of schoolies & plaice picking up . Mackerel and  & horse mac numbers like bream on the increase lots of Ray reports

Mon 18th

Mackerel put in a welcome show  as did horse mackerel.  a few plaice & sole  as well as bream ...    early morning &  through the night seemed more productive

Sun 17th 

Sat wall a lazy hazy type of day. Sluggish fishing from Fri night  and through into the day ,  An undulate   prob in the 5lb mark &  mullet & lobster or two had. The day saw  sporadicly caught mackerel & horsemac   single's   slipper sole  and a few plaice . over all hard going but nice to sit in the sun.

Fri 15th

Plenty of Rays about, plaice , lobsters, smooth hound pups & dogfish . Horse mac in good numbers , mackerel still only occasionaly.

wed 14th

Horse mac in numbers some good sole & plaice starting to fatten up again. Smooth hounds  a little more frequent though most  are pups. The dredger doing some good it seems  for the sole catches and he  rays again going decent sizes for the wall  with some into double figures occasionally.

East open as normal west closed.

tues 12th

Plenty of sole about(thank the dredgers mud east of the marina) even on lower marks bass & mullet venturing out as well , rays & horsemac in numbers at night it seems

mon 11jul

An open shut open shut sort of w/e with wind causing disruptions. Tail end of the week a few mackerel & plenty of horse mackerel , the w/end when open    mostly sole eels & a couple of decent  9lb+ rays , latest  construction update >>

construction update is not much , some minor work & preparation happening on certain bays on the east . The main heavy equipment has not arrived in the marina yet & this week is expected as open as normal on the east weather allowing. 

thurs 7 jul

mackerel & horse mackerel on both walls durring the day for a change . no great numbers to should at but signs are looking better.

wed 6 jul

Water slowly  clearing,  yellows on the low  lime green & clearing on the flood. Horse mackerel  being caught day time now, eels wrasse & occasional bream. boats picking    the occasional mackerel about 2 miles out .

Mon 4 Jul

 Things showing signs of picking up , with horse mac down the sides , water still too coloured for mackerel  but they wont be far away as it clear.   Strap congers have been had  recently and rays are popping up at night and  in coloured water during the day ..some chatter that they are liking sand eel but it may just be chatter , who knows.  Pollack, wrasse, small schoolies (though bass takes locally have been extremely good(8's 9's an 11 & 13) and while the water mucky the return of   whiting ! No new info on   Future repairs. West on going & equipment  en route for work on the east.

Sun 3 Jul

Wall closed  fri Night & Sat day , re opened Sun morning to    v brown water which was a tad choppy.  Sluggish tough going with  fish hard to find. Small the order of the day but seen were  mainly flats , sole plaice and small rays  eels and bassletts... this week looking a bit calmer & cleaner water hoped for.

Fri 1st July
wall closed today & tonight &-8am planned wall inspection as too close to call on forecast , 50/50 .. its hoped it will settle enough to open daytime & close over night , currently looks like east will open Sunday


JUNE 2016

28 june ,

sun mon not a great  much to report , one or 2 decent wrasse but in general hard going fish wise & quite blustery conditions for much of both days

TUES wast closed East expected to closed by 7pm or earlier as winds push in , wall will be closed WED   and  conditions watched for a maybe open on thurs, the following days look very variable so updates as & when we can

25 june

 No clonckers to report but locally the bass catches are rising fast, water coloured last few days with  blustery conditions , sole plaice,bass, seatrout,a few mackerel, horse mac, strap congers , bream mullet & wrasse  all on this weeks lists, while many no  sizes the catch rates are improving quickly

22 june

 confirmed report of a lost  large bass last night from a well known local angler, plenty of sole high on the east. Mackerel showing & horse mackerel now  established. Plaice & dab,mullet wrasse & bream picking up . Even better is the sea is clearing & the rot is dispersing ..... go get em time....

22 June

please note , east wall  closure imminent, the east is expected to be closed even at night for  3 months. As things stand this means that BOTH WALL will be closed,While many may  wonder at the timing of this closure these repairs are essential and need to be done while the weather is favourable.

The west side of the marina is under construction  which hampers safe access to the west wall although enquiries are being made about possible public access at the weekend this has yet to be granted. Any changes will be notified here ASAP.

21 June

delays in updating site this morning (host related) , sluggish fishing over the w/e , sunday saw mackerel making a return prior to the wind picking up & later closing the wall sun night & all of Monday . Back up & running now. Water coloured but  May Bloom broken up

18 june

Fishing has been a bit patchy & reports a little sparse. Things should improve now as the May bloom(rot) breaks up. Sole Rays ,bream & mullet all on the increase. Plenty of plaice dab & bass about & reports of quality Rays abound. 

Wall expected to be closed sun night & all of monday

14 jun

wall closed today , things looking up as the may rot breaks up

11 jun

May rot starting to break up a little,  sole schoolie bass on the increase , bream gar wrasse and mullet showing , mackerel still intemittent. On the boats things picking up fast with cod & bass n the wrecks & bream doing well inshore.


Sluggish fishing , still quite a lot of may bloom(rot) about,Locally Sussex IFCA have stepped up the monitoring of Bass, (still illegal to keep)Bream & Ray catches on the increase , mackerel  still erratic & plaice quite skinny inshore.


May rot very visible & fishing erratic. Plaice sole gurnard bream wrasse gar & mullet taken over the weekend  with occasional bass & mackerel catches. Hoping the water clears quickly as the temperatures rise.

1st june

things still sluggish on the water and little sizeable being reported, plaice sole dab gurnards, gars, pout & chan whiting at night dogfish & small rays. Shop continues its move to new home today so there may be some disruption with phone calls.

MAY 2016

 East open 24/7 west closed

31 may

   Shop in process of moving , from old shop go along boardwalk turn left after zizzi and down ramp , at bottom turn back on self to the right.

Some communication issues with shop today as phone line  moved.


30 may

The weather over the w/e a fair old mix, sun ,heavy showers, northerly winds & a steady in creep of may rot. Fishing slow as a result. species count on the rize & sizes seemingly a struggle.

27 may

not  a great deal to post this week . May rot creeping in & the fishing slowing  somewhat . Mackerel are sporadic & a few herring still mixed in. Plaice dab sole & flounder  though  sizes are a struggle . Plenty of dogfish & gar  ariving . Gurnards on the bottom & occasional squid still being caught

East open 24/7 & work progressing on the west to fill caissons so fully closed.

23 may

not tons of fish but decent numbers of plaice gar dab , a few rays coming out though none of great size. Dogfish showing at night , mackerel numbers on the  increase

20  may

up & down weather reflecting in more closed days than open this week. Plenty of flatfish about but stired up water meaning fewer mackerel & gars

16 may

Plaice  occasional mackerel some nice gar, gurnards & schoolie bass showing

15 may

 a decent start early morning but the afternoons forcasted wind  seemed to rush its way in early creating bumpy conditions   well b4 lunch. Plaice & dab the mainstay a few mackerel , micro species increasing.   lo late afternoon reports but mid afternoon conditions  very lumpy with plenty of water spouts on the wall.

14 may

rounding up to Saturday the weather finally started to play nice & the catches pich up, plaice numbers have got better day by day with great numbers had for those targeting them , a lovely turbot yesterday , small rays are showing up & bream boat catches are now quite close to the marina so expected on the wall very soon. Squid still about , gars on the increase as are the mackerel numbers , sole, dab, flounder,gurnard bass, dogfish all on the number increase. Night fishing now firmly in place as well.


showers this week have slowed the number of anglers and the numbers reporting catches. Mackerel have been sporadic & there are still herring & a few shad about.  Bass reports trickle & as is the news that bass catches are being released as is the current law. Plaice the current main stay with dab flounder & sole  picking up


a busy day on both walls with the west filling very fast. A glorious day in the sun, with reports of plenty of fish to be had. Plaice,dab,flounder,sole,dogfish,mackerel,gar all showing up.


sat both walls opened , plenty of mackerel on the west im told. 46 entered the squid comp 2 dz squid & maybe 7 cuttle landed , report link >>


A fair few plaice about today though no great sizes on the wall, dab flounder gars mackerel wrasse & dogfish, east will be open sun night.


still slow going, some recovery on plaice numbers , occasional dab & flounders , squid being taken fairly often now. Signs of may rot starting to be clearly seen East sat will open about 9am to public due to squid comp on bays 1-40 , general fishing above this point.  Both walls open over night sat & on sun the east will be open

4 May

not a great couple of days ,  a few plaice dab & flounder & some whiting , couple of early morning dogfish... all in all slow going in the sun

News update , This sat the east will be fully open and will also stay open over night for sat night and sunday night .. west wall will also be open this w/end


A tough old week has been rounded off by a tough old morning , An Early HT looked better than it became ,  scattered plaice mostly spent , dabs & flounders had but no great numbers & a few gar caught on bait was the  tally by 3pm, water starting to chop a little now in the  building breeze.

APRIL 2016

28 apr

not the best of weeks for prolific catches , sluggish over the begining of the week , plaice picking back up , squid  on the rise also , dab flounder & smaller bits & bobs had.

23 April

A tough 2 days fri/sat. In spite of decent water & visibility slow going on the east both days with sat producing a few more plaice though few worth keeping. Little down the side sat although a few mackerel & dab also caught. The west sat was slow with only a few anglers, . pollack & plaice  the main shout.

21 april

Happy birthday  to HRH , plaice ticking over nicely , water a bit too clouded to produce squid but a few herring out there , dab flounder & gurnards also seen, one or 2 squid landed also

19 apr

Reasonable fishing mon morning but things started to chop up by luchtime slowing things down. Tues  a better day with plaice flounder & herring still showing . Reports of bream catches on the increase from the boats though non on the walls yet.

17 apr 

better conditions & clear water, plenty of plaice to be had, herrings also  & confirmed a couple of squid.

16 apr,

a tough day after the wind & rain with a morning swell on the water that didnt really flatten until   after the early afternoons rail & hail!

Pout & chan whiting the order of the day with a small thornback seen , a couple of small plaice in the afternoon & some pollack of no real size.

14 April

plaice flounder herring mackerel ,  up & downtides fishing well

13 Apr

MACKEREL on the wall , herrings in numbers , plenty of plaice a few dogfish dab & gurnards , some cracking fish out today on the wall & the boats.

11 apr

not many fishing so far as the east gets underway , a few flatties dogfish & whiting in quite coloured water . Things look to settle for a few days so expect the plaice fishing & squid to pick up quickly.

Sat 9th Apr

East open 9am Expected to close in the evening.

April 1st

Jet washing continuing on the east, both walls closed

 MARCH 1016

30 March

Work ongoing on the east with a view to part opening it during april. Contracted work increased on the wast meaning it will only be open  for the week ends daytime. We may be allowed to open occasionally during the week, if so this will be notified on the home page & the facebook pages. Next planned wall opening , Sat 2nd April.

25 Mar

Fri the west opened for the first time during the day, catches included  plaice, flounder, loads of rockling, pout & chan whiting & lots of crabs close to the wall. Both walls now closed for a few days & hoping to have the west open  later next week subject to contractor needs.

23 march WALL UPDATE

The tackle box  have been cleared to open the WEST wall on Fri25th March for fishing. Weather restrictions will apply and the WEST is expected to be closed Sat/Sun& maybe Mon as a Southerly system blows through. It will re open  as soon as that is clear.

  The EAST wall will open  hopefully sometime the following week on a rolling opening subject to algae clearing on the wall. Bays 27-29 will be closed off.

A full closure of the EAST is now scheduled for July Aug Sept as caissons & other structure damage is repaired.

The west wall is expected to have closures during the week at a later date once contracted work on the west side of the marina begins in earnest.

NIGHT FISHING  still to be decided, it is hoped  to be open  asap but again subject to contracted work requirements & safety issues that may arise.

21 Mar

not a great day on the local beaches but a tick over of mainly plaice dab & flounder, water clearing rapidly 

20 Mar

plenty of plaice coming up on the beaches, the charters getting some decent pollack off the wrecks. Recent reports of mackerel  in the solent from Portsmouth anglers & herring to be had locally as well.

17 March Wall statement

As many are aware there have been a few issues with both marina walls over the winter. We can now announce that the Walls will be opening despite rumour to the contrary.

The shop expects the WEST to be open for next weekend during the day subject to weather conditions and contracted work schedules.

The EAST has a little more work to be sorted but Dave is looking at getting a section of the EAST (lower bays) open prior to Easter.

Night fishing is yet to be confirmed for either wall.

The EAST wall will be closed from April to June as essential work is carried out with contractors working to a 24/7 schedule that will involve caissons being filled and other major structural fixes.

The west will also be affected this year as the development project commences fully on the west side of the marina and is likely to close the west wall during weekdays at a later date.

Further updates will be made as & when we can announce them.


17th March

East wall:-lots of repair work including at the wall breach on bay 28 , this still has to be blocked off before anyone else can do work on the wall (H&S + insurance limitations) A structure inspection was scheduled(wed 16th) yesterday but not aware of results. West wall last set of steps closed due to terrace collapse bay 23 area, top walkway @bay 12 has structure faults that need addressing. Repair work delaying the start of jet washing algae effected areas. The marina plan to fill caisons this year to improve the strength of both walls & there will also be access restrictions on the west as phase 2 of the FLATs development starts inside the west wall. Opening schedules still to be set so could be mid april but that isonly an estimate ... further updates soon on the shop blog

Mar 7th

east wall bay 28 missing & 4 red posts with wires all gone , west bay 23 back terrace steps collapsed both lower levels, east arm furred in algae from bay 1 up to 74, by bay 20 (lower) it is 2 inches thick upper level east v slippery from 20-65 . West upper slippery (algae) from bay 10, lower algae is heavy from bay 8 & 2 inch thick by bay 15. ongoing repairs west upper level mid wall as well , caison damage west bay 18 & 20. Insurances & building /repair firms need scheduling & 3-5 days of clear calm to do a diver survey at the feet of the wall needed .... it is not a case of pull finger out... blows have hampered risking a start to any work .... jet washing is pointless until dryer weather settles in 


Feb 28th

Sad news in of the death of one of the marina's Chinese regulars,that Dave used to refer to as  "James the Bass" A true gent & always a pleasure to chat to & is  fondly remembers by all of the tacklebox staff & fishing wardens . His fruit and company will definately be missed . Our condolences go out to all of his family. Good night & god bless.

Feb 1st

no change , both walls closed & expected to stay so throughout feb




Jan 6th wall inspection

Have spent  3 hours inspecting both walls today and the news is not great. Both walls have been  massively effected with algae growth . Mild conditions,lots of rain & high SW winds have combined & triggered rapid algae growth. With winter & colder weather expected after the next round of storms it is unlikely that any work on removing the algae will be able to begin until March at the earliest.

Damage wise the West so far has been relatively lucky but  work is expected on the next phase of development that is expected to cause access issues to the west wall for fishing. It is hoped that some weekend access can be sorted weather allowing providing that it  does not interfere with building work thats scheduled.

East wall: severe algae build up from bay 1 full length for the wall lower level and from bay 22 on the upper walkway. bay 22 has exposed steel work that will need cutting off . bay 56  has  heavy damage & 3rd terrace step has fully collapsed. Bay 27 the complete front seaward section has collapsed with a 2+ ton of concrete still on the lower walkway , some pics on facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153650960140100&set=pcb.1677889439155345&type=3&theater

This damage has only just been reported to the marina & repairs will need to be negotiated/insurance issues dealt with etc But if like 2+ years ago we expect the east access to be restricted both levels at bay 25 for a few months  as work gets underway in the spring.

Jan 1st/3rd

Both walls currently closed due to damage and algae growth on both walls. Unfortunately the weather gods have not played favourably over the last 6+ weeks. As current conditions stand we will need at least 3 clear days (on the forcasts) to get onto either wall & properly asses what  fixes & gear will be needed to get the work done.

Updates will come as & when we can post them while the walls remain closed. 

The shop will remain open through this time.