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repairs not started

repairs not attempted as yet due to nature of  weather patterns and (as type) don't really expect any decent news re opening  either wall until  10th of march hence lack of any real updates .

weather update 24 jan

sunday looking fragile
open sat night but expecting  wall to close sometime during the afternoon on 26 jan

based on forecast will be closed from sun evening until thurs 

west wall closed until  end of feb (esitimate)
east currently open 1-27
repairs ongoing  above 27 & expected to last into august :(

repair update

repairs to be done upper and lower levels. Red posts to be replaced with the associated wires. wiring and harris fencing to prevent access to upper levels broken & need replacing. Other minor damage  relating to workmen issues alsoso the walls wont be opening for a few days at least ... likely update on repairs will be mid week and aiming realistically for next weekend to get open .
fresh ragworm & black in shop

new yr day update

morning world , east arm open day/night today(wed) , very likely to close overnight thurs into fri due to high winds/tide mix then east should open midday ish on friday no obvious issues this weekend so expect east open 24/7 , west currently closed but working on that too

latest closed …..

latest closed …..

Tues inspection to be made about 2pm , with winds expected wed this means the walls are unlikely to be open  again before xmas eve 
any changes will be updated

sun update and closeures

Sun 8th update

Walls closed today 
Mon east will open subject to checks about 8am and will close Monday evening
closed mon night
Tues walls closed
Wed walls closed
Thurs walls closed
Fri walls closed
sat tba

 sun closed
mon 9-1pm maybe 2pm fresh black expected about 10am
Tues to fri  as walls closed shop will also be closed
walls  sat tba but shop will be open

closed fri

both walls currently closed
east there will be a safety check on sat morning 8am ish
shop open fri 9-1pm
sat shop open 9-5pm
wall closed sat night and closed sunday, Monday & prob tues , watch for updates here or on facebook

wed update

west closed  but  being worked on

east wed closing @5pm & open 9am thurs , some patchy winds coming in so updates on conditions may happen  with little warning
  congers locally still a few plaice & tons of whiting .
no squid news on the wall the last few days but they are still being had on the inshore boats.

black in shop & possibly fresh outs tomorrow mid day ish

thurs east open

thurs  14th 
east open 1-27  wall open  24/7 subject to conditions
probable issues with weather  early next week @ tues

west wall currently closed for  maintenance (hole filling &  further jetwashing)
aiming to have west open sometime  about this weekend  if  rain holds off on cementing.

sun updates

weather blip coming that  may cause a close of the west wall on mon & tues , 1st updates posted as usual to facebook as can edit on the go ,  website requires me to be at home for changes 

SQUID comp cancelled

on the advice of the boss the squid comp has been cancelled . Southerly shifts & increasing wind forecasts leave little option other than to cancel . conditions with a flowing high tide + wind & rain reduce the chance of squid dramatically & tbh cold/wet & windy don't make for an enjoyable comp

squid is on walls r open

so... after a few days closed for repairs the east is now open 24/7 from bay 1-27
as of time typing  squid comp is on the east but that may change to the west wall for ease of access … facebook will have latest if not updated here.

west expected to open about 6pm tonight & will stay open .

which ever wall the comp is on that wall will be closed to non comp from 5pm until midnight

temp closed due to.....

after the last storm both walls are closed  while the extent of the damage is reviewed (see facebook group)

Most of the  harris fencing on the east needs replacing with the bulk of them destroyed … A new gate & frame will need to be installed at 27  as totally buckled & cant currently be secured. 
The east will remain closed until   work crews  assess what can & what will be done, the time line for this is unknown but hopefully should not take too long.

west wall is less damage & should be right able quite quickly but some jet washing will be needed and again there is no timeframe for this work being done.

so currently both walls closed until fixes can be implemented.

nov w/end closed

1st nov  walls both closed and will remain so through until sunday. 
Both most likely to remain closed sunday (at time of typing)
Re open expected sometime Monday on east once safety checks have been done
west expected closed monday

squid  still very evident  thurs night

xc weather  location used

west open while weather holds

west wall has opened & will stay open 24/7 until this Friday mid day ish

fri sat sun both walls expected to stay shut

west temp opening

west open 6pm tonight (tues) and open daytime  wed

wed night  no decision as yet (no rain dependant)

squid comp revision

date for the squid comp is  sat 9th not on the fri

wall will close to anglers between  6pm and midnight to all other than those involved in the comp

squid n congers

shop update
plenty of black in shop , ragworm in tues
yesterday a couple of mackerel had on the east , last night plenty of squid about , scattered bream and a good amount of congers ... squid & conger party maybe ? plenty of decent plaice out there also.

squid are here

Squid have arrived in numbers on the wall just off shore and from the  local beaches. Beach wise  black rock region has done very well for boat and shore angler. Still bream to be had at time of typing ,  likewise plenty of plump plaice to be had.
Bass & conger activity still there with some decent ones  caught this week on the east wall. Gar activity  was very good just prior to the mini blow.

Walls closed fri & sat as said blow pushes through and subject to there being no issues with wall damage the east will  be expected open sunday morning about 8am

squid comp postpone

squid comp on Friday 25th has been postponed until 9th nov due to adverse conditions . 
east wall expecte to be closed from 10am ish on Friday  and closed over night
east should re open  about 8am on the Saturday .

plaice gar, bass plenty of squid and even bream being caught on the east currently , best of the squid offshore or … on the wall as the light goes.







Friday 25th Oct 7pm-11.30pm 

This year LISA (Local Independent Sea Anglers) will again host the Annual squid competition


EAST OPEN wed @ 2pm and over night

windy sunday the 13th

sunday both walls closed & tbh very little to report on the blog, facebook group full of news about the super trawlers operating in the channel & various petitions to ban/stop them
for those wishing to sign or just see what its about follow the link below

 walls have been closed all week bar yesterday  on the east but the report just phoned in from dave was  very good with whiting , codling, loads of sole allegedly a very good bass lost on a Mackie pennel and witnessed& a decent one taken . Whiting with tails stripped when reeled in may indicate squid presence too

water very chocolate looking atm but week free …….

sadly looks like walls will again be closed all  the coming week


shop open tues- thurs 10-1pm
fri 10-5pm

plenty of plaice and sole about 
oct  bass law still 1 per day/session. 
nov dec , catch and release only.

updates usually 1st on facebook group

mon tues wall info

Mon 30th will be taken up sorting the east wall. The last lot of winds  caused the  work materials on the east wall  to be very "wind blown" resulting in the need of  a large clean up.
 It is unclear to what extent this has been repeated after a week long blow so mon will mostly be taken up with  damage checks &  clearing up.

Until done the east will stay closed but will be opened ASAP.

west  checks will be slow as damage is expected and likely jet washing to some degree to get it back to a "safe to use" level.

updates will be posted to facebook  &  "current status" will be on this sites homepage

fri update on winds

wall been closed this week (updates a bit erratic , I apologise)
wall defo closed fri sat sun  review sun night as things stand maybe east open mon subject to damage checks & wind conditions

mon weather alert

expected to close  between 4 & 5pm and remain closed for the rest of the week until atleast Friday night
WEST CLOSED  as above

facebook marina fishing uk group gets the fastest updates on opening , this page & homepage will update as any changes are known

on current forecasts  walls expected to  stay closed until next monday

any changes will be updated on facebook & here when I can do them

weekend openings & mini round up

based on current wind patterns fri gonna be a bit uncomfy on east wall but should stay open daytime (night will have to update) west will be fine friday Sat see no real issue with either wall tho fresh on east sun possible issues west wall sun evening and high chance closed sun night on west & maybe closed east also

too early to call monday morning 

 Mackie shoals still about but  less mental. Plenty of gars about
Plaice nice n fat on the east & some even coming off the west extension :) 

squid showing up in dribs n drabs , LISA debating when squid comp will happen prob October and an evening into night match , more details asap (maybe 25th w/end)

bass & conger still playing , cod/codling catches all along the coast with an 8lb+ confirmed on the west wall

gurnard , red mullet & whiting in the reports as well as decent bream & wrasse numbers also


both walls closed today and tonight

fresh rag in shop & looking good for the weekend

opps sorry

lack of updates for a week as I sorted humungous pc problem after suffering a near total loss of files documents & installed  stuff, addid to a bit of a poor heath week  it wasa case of  cba if im honest.

back up n running so crossed fingers

the last week 
the place have fattened up 
plenty of decent bass about & codling numbers are on the increase from shore and inshore boats. mackerel still about as are some horse mac. 
bream wrasse numbers seem decent on the west,  gurnards a few gar & scattered cuttle … reports of a squid on sussex beaches but cant confirm the chatter , tbh I suspect another month

looks like a blow out for the west on wed

regards frank

slowed up a little

as the lead says , the chaos on the mackerel seems to have slowed a little allowing other species to get through.
conger & rays & sole at night 

plaice & bream during the day.
not seeing many wrasse or red mullet this year

horse mac about  & cuttle also

sunday armageddon

So after all the blows & Thursdays   smattering of mackerel on both walls things have ramped up each day & this morning and most of yesterday its a case of mackerel Armageddon as the annual summer carnage begins. Silly large shoals of the fish throwing themselves at hooks so much that unless you fish at night you will hardly be able to miss them !



 loads of weed on Wednesday but plenty of plaice  hound pups and a few mackies on the east wall with  schoolies whiting and tiddlers  thrown in. west saw bream and in the evening  plenty of mackerel.

reports thurs am from duty warden indicated a mackerel run on the west  early light.

looking like a good weekend with no planned closes  in the next 7day at least

sun pm

apologies for no updates , with odd closes on wall didn't get around to it.

bream doing well on the walls , west seeing the best , east again seeing a flurry of plaice & whiting showed up over the w/end . 

been blowy on n off for 2 weeks so haphazard reports

wed latest

west closed , re open thurs am , 
both expected shut fri/sat

wed weather updates 8am

 looking like a possible close on the west if the winds peak any more ,  updates prob via facebook.
Thurs no issues forseen
Fri & sat probable both closed based on current forecasts & re open somewhen sat morning

Plenty of bream on the walls over the w/end. Horse mac & a few mackerel also. Plaice , bass,eels & gurnards off the walls also. 
Prawn baits & squid doing well this w/e.

pride weekend alert

Severe travel disruptions expected in the center of brighton &   preston park areas as pride weekend gets into full swing.
Easiest routes into the marina would be by using the bypass & coming in via rottingdean areas
note there is a football match fri pm though

come in  from the  eastern ends of the marina or via Wilson avenue/racecourse routes

Decent night for the species counters with hounds, doggies,rays,plaice , guilt & black bream , eels congers with horse mac & mackies returning also

wed wind updates


WEATHER ALERT walls closed at current time

review about 5pm , hoping to open east by 5pm based on CURRENT  forecast , duty warden will make the call & will update as soon as info  available 

Facebook users  refer to marina group for fastest update 

west may open about 11/12 midnight 

weather alert mon morning

there is a blow coming in  over night (mon) which is expected to close both walls  Tuesday and most likely both Wednesday
.. Walls will re-open dependant on how fast the winds clear and may be as late as thurs morning.

On the fishing front the  main word was average or  .. weedy. Recent blows have stired the seabeds producing a fair amount of weed causing a nuisance  for many.
A few mackerel but nothing special. Plenty of eels coming out in a burst for the walls and the charters … seems  aquavitesse & brighton brigand did well on them over the weekend (thanks skippers for the pics on facebook group)
Charter boats very busy  atm so if you are looking for a boat trip  take a look on the page with the skippers numbers & be ready to do a little ringing around some of the boats such as Grey Viking are super busy & booked up well ahead although  ray (grey V) does advertise last min spots often via FBook.

Line recycling
Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme
there is a recycling for dead line , there is a collection bin in the shop , please support & use it
want to know more ?

wet saturday

Dave phoned me an update last night , so thought best post summat up .
highlight of the week was a  nice trigger fish on the west extension daytime , pic on facebook.
Plenty of decent bass about  with good bream sizes. wrasse finally becoming regular catches on both walls also.
Plaice & rays still options on both walls with night fishing doing quite well for , rays congers, sole and horse mackerel.
Reminder for those using lights down the side
please don't use red or green lamp colours, they are used as navigation aids. Also if you must use car batteries to power them , take them with you TY
mackerel are intermittent with the blustery weather of the last few days but  still there to be had.
 some gar & mullet also amongst the  gurnards & on the west... occasional red mullet (goatfish)
Crabs seem to be thinning out on the walls & hound numbers seem to have slowed ….  lastly reported this week 
cuttle fish  seem to have had a bit of clustering IN and around the marina.


monday morning 22nd

so weekend round up 

the world wants to fish the extension … or at least a few night ppl & the palace pier club are liking it while the  upper east is unavailable.

species counters doing superb up there  with bass, wrasse, bream, blennies, gobies, mullet, gurnard, plaice,flounder rays horse mackerel among some of the summer boom.

Mackerel on the extension in the last 10 days    2, I believe
I and other regular users of the ext wont have it that  its better for mackies on the main wall near the bend … the upper section (extension) is a tackle graveyard, lousy for mackies (tho it happens sometimes) & far better for bream, bass mullet or a species hunt

Lacking much info on the east as just back from spain but I gather flatties & gurnards are happening .
Horse mac returned after the winds almost straight away
For the regulars , please help us get the message out re
 tents down by 8am  and
no  BBQ's unless small gas burners
many thanks

admin on marina group on facebook  are trying to tidy the group & make it more user friendly part of that measure are now all new posts need admin approval to weed out the more tedious   video & non marina related posts with a firmer line taken on  abuse of posts.

Hope you all enjoyed the w/end as we roll into the new week

home to rain & wind ... almost

so , Spain was awesome … heres the weather

walls open though some of the weekend gusts may be a bit iffy & strong the plan is to stay open … unless the duty warden deems it unwise to stay open ……  (best I got)

rumour has it that fishing has been very good , shoals of mackies & horse mac. Plenty of very good bass with bream takes finally on a decent increase … assorted smaller catches & flatfish (plaice /sole) to be had , unsure how the  numbers of spider crabs are atm

happy happy joy joy (ren & stimpy)

sunday morning comin down

well it seems they were all coming down today …..

mackerel shoals on both walls  & both  busy over the 9ish high tide

sat almost july round up

sooo the bass are still being caught in decent numbers,  locally  robin smashing them out of the boat & craig slapping 8+ onto the beaches before returning in one session ! amazing stuff.!

Bass on the walls very mixed sizes so please remember , 
1 per session(24 hr periods) & min size of 42cm rules apply ,local prosecutions for breaches have happened.

So on the walls , bass   rays,  pollack smoothhound pups & larger . Many on the back of the  spider crab invasion that is still on going. Bream numbers on the increase though oddly not hearing of many wrasse so far this year.

Mackerel showed up in the  sun & wind this week in better but not huge shoal numbers & a couple of days behind them came the horse mackerel... , again ,not big numbers but increasing. 

Whitebait/fry starting to show up with them have come the  scorpion fish(bullheads to many) blennies & gobies, the east supply of flatfish ticks over but  seems many are not that plump so people may want to look larger than the  recommended 28cm sizes before keeping.

This may possibly be my last round up here for 3 weeks as(see home page note) I prepare for  my 1st holiday  abroad in 40 years ! 
Spain here we come v soon.

A word on the weather , 
its fekin hot & dry out there ,  hats , water & cream an essential on the walls. You are very exposed with little to no shade … take care & avoid sunburn/sunstroke

sat report...

>>sat<<I fished the west extension  and while doing so heard the east was packed, the west at the time  was reasonable with plenty of spaces. Now tbh that did surprise me as it was a glorious day to be out
FB media carried the usual gripes as to how decent anglers cant get on the walls at the weekends as it's soooo busy up there. Come on people ! its sunny its hot , the sea is calm, please expect the world out enjoying themselves. 
Yes the walls will be busy , get there early  or you will likely find the only spaces are when people get bored on low tides.
Yes the beaches are busy , so find the quiet spots, talk to the likes of Craig on FB for  tips on where to go if unsure of the quieter places but please

don't  wander onto FB  running down the walls because  its busy at the weekend … we know.

Onto the report

 went onto the west as said,  morning anglers reported over night  fair amounts of horse mackerel, hounds, bass & a few bream but not many. 
Wandered up the wall saying high to familiar faces & chatting which took near 20 mins before getting onto the extension setting up mid wall about mid-day..

1st cast  produced a bream , so rubbing hands I thought here we go & posted the proof.
3 early bream looked promising but wasn't to be in truth …. plagued by spider crabs & micro species that were stripping baits furiously ! 
final tally was 4 bream 3 pouting 3 blennies & 3gobies …… and 10 spiders !

saw a few more bream & a couple of small mullet & bass (12 or so bream) but the ext was hard work... no sign of mackerel on the west...

the east wall ticked over with plaice & micro species

its the weekend ... almost

shop update friday
both walls open (east 1-26)
black & ragworm in shop
advise ordering bait as the tides are making collection hard

plenty of bream bass & hounds being taken , rays showing up also & mackerel are about but quite erratic in numbers, not so many wrasse as yes & not hearing much about the blennies &  scorpion fish. 

very  occasional horse mackerel catches .. like 2-3 a week at night but tbh don't expect them in numbers until mid July

hounds hounds n hounds

well it seems that crabs are  well in over the last week with an explosion of catches locally and on the marina. Bass  as well are very active with both hound & bass takes rolling into double figures.
Mackerel are showing up, better atm on the boats but the shoals are getting larger offshore so looking up if the weather holds.

night fishing with big baits atm seems the way to go

sat staying open

sat night going to stay open though at times will be bumpy.

fri fished well with decent bass & hounds  high on the west

mackerel have made a showing though no great numbers as yet.
Plaice somewhat skinny at the moment & bream numbers slowly increasing.

Locally congers & rays are  showing up regularly

thursday close notifies

 both walls closed thurs, possible close fri am
open fri pm  both

sat high chance both walls closing about 10pm and closed sunday maybe mon morning


fresh crab in shop 80p upwards depending on sizes
fresh black
fresh ragworm 
 looking glorious out there

sunday update

EAST NOW OPEN BAYS 1-28  & 24/7

EAST wall has remained closed , this mornings wall check  discovered damaged fencing that needs to be replaced. These fences belong to the contractors. Dave is hoping to get them replaced today but it may not be possible until mon morning. Will update facebook page as I get the info & will update here as soon as able.

Updates on FB can bee done  very quickly via mobile but the website  I need to update when home & via pc.
Re an enquiry as to why the shop doesn't update the site it is because I  maintain the site as & when I have the info and time from home. Dave and other shop members are not tech savy or  don't have the inclination to be involved on the tech side.

Please note as the home page shows that  in July there wont be any updates on the website until the 18th of july as I will be in Spain.

high winds walls closed

due to high winds both walls closed thurs night and will

remain closed Friday and Saturday & expected to re open sunday morning

bass... schoolies

Extension held  a lure meet(adur) tues night, bass & mackerel mostly had, east saw a few mackerel & bream reported also .. things starting to pick up as the bloom  finally clears, plaice over the last couple of days on both walls though no big numbers. Gar arrival imminent &  plenty of spider crabs about.
East seeing a fair few hound pups & occasional rays.

tues pm




entry via side path that connects café to undercliff path. Entry behind buildings at east car park onto connecting path 14 meters NORTH of the cafe

unknown how long this access in place

wed post b/hol

frozen baits in shop
fresh ragworm expected in  morning

b/hol closes

shop update monday
weather watch on west will prob close the west by 2pm and stay closed tonighttoday but east will remain open & over night
Tues west may open , depends on those winds east open
WED/Thurs weather watch on both walls & possible closes

wed 22nd

fresh black just arriving in shop , also ragworm in shop with fresh of both in tomorrow also.
Sluggish on the walls atm based on feedback tho some nice bream plaice & bass have been had . Also a few mackerel tho no great numbers , squid seem to have almost finished. 
Congers & rays about at night also

mon update & maintenance

maintenance begins on east with restrictions.

EAST WALL   side gate access only. Upper level closed due to  work in progress.
EAST is open bays 1-28 and we still currently have night fishing on the east

west wall open 24/7  no issues
 black & ragworm in shop


The warden reported a good day on the walls yesterday. Plenty of plaice on both walls for all with some decent sizes.  Bream Conger,squid in decent sizes and a hand full of mackerel also reported. Dogfish are about as are small smoothounds,Undulate rays & thornbacks have also been reported. Some nice bass also being reported on the walls with what was claimed by dreaddy as a  decent probable double dropped for lack of net 2 days ago.
Sales pitch for the shop... if you want to target bass or squid.... get a decent net with 18 foot of rope on it :) 

My suspicion is that the squid run is almost finished on the marina with a few big males still lurking for  lone females still to spawn, signs that the mackerel are going to pick up are there & with the larger bream being caught against the walls the squid numbers must have dropped.

tues walls to close


Both walls to close by 9pm tonight


Thurs mid morning wall inspect subject to conditions settling
Shop wed open 9-1pm
Thurs 8am open

mon wall maintenance update

Dave has had a chat with the contractors &  we have access for at least a couple of weeks so for now

BOTH WALLS OPEN 24/7 and hoping to roll out a full opening imminently  for a little while
As the  contractors gear up  things will be updated here & on the brighton marina fishing facebook group

maintenance & east wall openings

Sunday  , Both walls open day & night fishing

Mon onwards 
WEST WALL OPEN 24/7 no issues other than minor repairs

EAST WALL major maintenance work is expected to begin   from Monday onwards.
Restrictions are expected 

 once work begins there will be no UPPER ACCESS  to anglers or the public . Upper level is for  workmen only.
once work begins the   side gate will be open for anglers use. There will be limited bays to fish from 1 to  possibly bay 20
Higher bays will be out of bounds due to maintenance and caisson filling.

Night fishing on the east has to be  discussed with the work crews and will be subject to their approval.

closed sat

due to strong winds it has been decided to keep

Inspection on east first tomorrow expected about 9am with a view to opening \SUNDAY morning

squid comp posponed

Sunday 28th April UK Squid Championship postponed until Autumn squid run
As a result of strong westerly winds associated with Storm Hannah conditions will be as far from ideal for squidding as you can get. 
Wind will be driving a dropping tide causing issues to floats and casting jigs with clarity next to zero. It is generally thought that this would drive the squid into deeper water
With work scheduled on the East Arm ,the back up date of May 12th will not be viable.(see previous posts)
 Regretfully we(LISA) have taken the decision to cancel and will look to run the event during the autumn run subject to conditions. Please share this post and if you had a double buddy...please message them. The Organisers


 Apologies for the late updates, notifications went out on FB but not here due to late info regarding divers preparing wall on east side  & maintenance  issues with broken wire holdings.
EAST and west currently closed  today Thursday, and Friday into staturday daytime. The plan is to re-open both walls sometime Saturday once the winds have swung around

WALL CLOSING  partially on the east warning.

There are planned  works for the east wall imminent subject to weather requiring dive boat & concrete pipes for pumping & caisson filling which is expected to close the East wall  above bays 20, time expected unsure but a few months is expected.
Shop open  fri  9-5pm likewise Saturday

after easter weater warnings

weather closing in from Friday & a high chance of the walls closing due to poor conditions
Friday/Saturday and sunday may be effected.

This could also impact on the squid comp scheduled for Sunday. It is uncertain if a back up date will be used.

Catches prior easter  were slow but picked up as the weekend went on with Monday seeing squid on both walls , mackerel on the west and some nice plaice on both walls also. 

Updates re squid comp will be issued by "LISA" through the week on facebook & will be copied here as we get them . A final decision will prob be made on thurs evening.


 Shop open over easter no planned closing.
Loads of black in according to the boss , check re ragworm though as easter supply may be a bit  wobbly

night fishing on both …. YES

Extension ready for booking lock-in's … nearly minimum number 8
weather looking good , expect the walls to be busy

catches this week been patchy likewise reports similar , there are squid about  , likewise  so is may rot , still expecting a run of squid & the comp on 28th is on .  look to the hope page for links

marathon alert 14apr

heads up sunday is the btn marathon, if you plan to get a bus get ready to walk , busses from churchill square to the police station wont exist, 21 out of marina terminates at the peperpot nrear racecourse 7 runs from bingo hall to marina , no 1 same location into whitehawk
details in LINK below
if you are driving , come in via falmer bypass and cross your fingers you avoil the east west jams .
strongly advise travel early sunday or after 2pm

sun repairs & west open

As of today the west wall will open every day from aprox 8am depending on wardens duties and close about 7.30/8pm
West is open upto the tower & there are trip hazards that still need filling on the west ,hence closing at night
East weather dependant is open 24/7 from bay 1 upto bay 46

Squid catches have slowed up over the last week mostly due to the choppy conditions & wind speeds. Catches are expected to return and slowly increase as we approach easter and beyond.

This year LISA (Local Independent Sea Anglers) will again host the  Annual squid competition
The date has been set at sunday 28th April

Fishing on the east in the last week hasn't been the greatest but ok considering the close for the storm passing.

Plenty of black in shop , fresh ragworm also

thurs closed & fri ?

 walls closed thurs 4th , TBA re Friday opening

 possibility of west open sun  dependant on completion of repair work

shop open thurs 7.15 ish
plenty of black in shop
wed a sluggish day on the walls

west is up n running ... partly

squid catches now daily 4-6 a day it seems mostly on lower bays 
plaice still best high it seems
flounder  herring even the occasional gurnard being caught

Shop update sat
Sat and sun only daytime this weekend
Sat open 12-7pm
Sun open 9.30 -7pm
west closed weekdays for maintenance

East open 24/7 continuing into next week

Fresh outs
Fresh black
Some ragworm left

fun in the sun

Plaice flounder & squid continue to be caught on the wall, hot spots are quite erratic and atm the high bays are performing very well for flat fish while the bend seems more squid productive.
Fresh black & ragworm in the shop today (wed)

Night fishing has now properly started & will continue while the weather holds. Any open wall will stay open at night unless otherwise stated.

Currently, the EAST is open bays 1-45 and work has switched to preparing the west wall for opening

West update, jetwashing is going very well, Extension has some heavy repairs to organise & dave is now starting to focus on the minor repairs & potholes that occur yearly during the storm.

For those night fishing
While personal & 2 man tents are allowed on the wall at night they must be removed by 8am
Fires of any sort are prohibited on the walls but small single gas burners are permitted.

Anglers are reminded that there are restrictions for those that fish the east & west SHOREHAM breakwaters, while that restriction is not on the marina please use sensible lighting. Is there really a need for 1000 lumens beaming into the face of your neighbour or any other person walking bye?

Car batteries …. please keep them in your car … or garage, TY :)

monday updates

Dave has decided to keep the east open all this week at night as the weather is so nice.

some decent plaice up yesterday  best being to roy Arnold with a flattie that went 2lb 10+
Night fishing doing ok & plaice flounder herring bass & squid making a showing.
Fri saw the 1st 4 squid out , pics on FBook group. Yesterday saw the 1st 2 squid caught during the day.

LISA will again be hosting the all England squid comp & provisional date is 28th april (sun) with a back up date in may tbc
Comp expected to be on east as in previous years with a back up if work going on to be on the west arm, details as they come in

friday night lights … and squid

friday night lights … and squid

Shop update sat

East wall now lower bays open
1 to 45
Night fishing fri sat nights
This weeks bonus
With a busy night last night the wall will be open
sat and SUN night
Dave may also open some weekday nights

West update.... Dave will be busy all weekend pushing hard to get the west inshape asap

Squid last night very active, a lot caught and lots in the water
Whiting rockling flaties and schoolie bass caught and dave spoke to someone on 45 that claimed to have lost a double figure bass

Looks like spring has sprung

its friday ... poets day

SHOP open until 3pm today
Shop open sat & sun at 7am
loads of ragworm & black fresh
EAST OPEN bays 10-40(ISH)
east open for night fishing fri night and sat night

tents are permitted at night but must be taken down by 8am
NO fires or coal BBQ's (small gas burners ok)

catch reports sketchy but rumour has it that there are plaice about & with the big tides it may be worth a jiggle for squid as the water clears

worms west and nights


Fresh black in shop by 11am
ragworm in shop & more in on Friday
East open  bays 10-38


repairs & jet washing to be done

If no issues with the night fishing dave  will consider extending the   nights the wall is open

sunday eve update

minor bits & bobs to do on the wall after the storms... some jet washing on the EAST  to do but dave expecting to open the wall somewhen after mid day
shop will open 10- 2pm on monday

winds winds winds

as it says , weather forcing a close down until at least next weekend (sat 16th)

storm watsisface still here

walls still closed and will be closed  mon tues wed …
shop open 9am during these days

thurs closed

walls closed thurs & sat open fri 

 most likely closed sun mon tues … updates as & when


Shop update
Plenty of ragworm and black in the shop

Looking like the last of the decent days for a week... Winds on their way which may have some impact tomorrow & probable issues on sat

herring on the wall yesterday sat

Shop update
Plenty of ragworm and black in the shop
Looking like the last of the decent days for a week... Winds on their way which may have some impact tomorrow & probable issues sat

no red herrings here

but there were herrings caught on the east yesterday afternoon.
easterly breezes making things tough going but mannnn is it nice in the sun :)


Monday Monday

So , the EAST wall opened for the first time this year Sat morning.  Assumptions that the wall would be packed proved erroneous and as it turned out there was plenty of space. Sunday was a bit busier but no issues. 
Fishing in the sun in February … glorious, felt like April. There were some fish but no great numbers. While the boats are doing  ok for spotties closer in this w/end they seemed harder to find & the sizes bar one or two 2lb'ers were to be honest .. returners  with few keepers.
 No sign of whiting   in the sunshine, a few flounders  also out, roll on mid march as the plaice numbers increase.

Any sign of mackerel you ask? … yes a couple were caught on  the boats which Grey Viking & showboat can confirm .

East wall open daily from 8am (earlier at the  option of the  duty warden) shop open daily from 7-7.15 
East open daily 8am close 7pm
Sea clearing  ,little sign of weed.
Looked to me that there were early signs of may rot/bloom  on the mid wall bays yesterday & reports from Hastings way of similar signs
Enjoy the sunshine ppl,

open open open almost


EAST AND WEST WALL    21th feb 2019

East arm will open on sat 8am bays 10 to 45
Weather allowing it will open every day for the time being 8AM-7pm


No night fishing until all repairs done.
West will open in a week or 3 depending on how soon other work needed gets done.
Shop opening 7 to 7. 15 daily
Black and rage or MRA plenty

thurs .... soon

shop open til 1pm today , fri open 7.15 am
sat/ sun open 7am
loads of black in shop
ragworm available friday

work rapidly progressing on the EAST wall, jetwasher in full flow & wires being done.
Potholes should be completed this week.

wont be long folks

status update february

 shop update

repairs on going 

WEST  less damage than expected ,  usual potholes &  breaks at base of steps . White wire cage to replace on tower & a full jetwashing needed

EAST  repairs to bay 7 done. some wires still to be replaced & white gate at 46 still needs replacing/remounting. jetwashing & pot hole repairs still to be done .

Aiming for march or sooner re opening at least one wall 

status update

Apologies for lack of posts here but there simply has been too little to post

shop update

with the walls still closed & likely to be so in Feb Dave had for the time being decided to close the tacklebox  mon to thurs during the cold spell.

Any boats that wish  bait may contact Dave direct or via marina group on facebook should crews need bait during the closed period & special arrangements can be made for them.

Jet washing on the walls is planned to begin in feb subject to weather allowing.


30+ wires have been repaired but there is still some substantial structural damage that needs contracted work organising.

Shop will open 9am fri sat sun  during this period unless  prior arrangements for crews have been made.


Wall updates will be posted as & when  available 


status closed dec/jan

 sorry for lack of updates , with closed walls there has been little of worth to post 

shop update
Thurs 27thshop open 7.30-1pm , fresh black in shop ,
Some frozen sandeels in for the bass hunters also
will open similar fri morning as well.
Wall status east some large parches ripped up at bay 7 on the lower walkway which will need a large repair thus blocking the lower bays for now... 22-24 fence posts need sorting so getting some of the east open may be problematical especially as algae has taken hold.. West minor repairs & extensive algae to deal with & likely to stay closed for a few weeks

weather warnings

 today mon 26th 
west open day & tonight & will be open tues morning 

weather than  turns turtle & both walls expected out of use until at least next mon 3rd of dec

rays n squiddy

west wall back up & running  with a decent ray of  8-10lb (estimate) plenty of squid in the  still unusually warm water . 
East still closed  with  damp weather hampering repairs &   some items for the fix   awaiting delivery … hope to update thurs or fri on that  until posted the east will stay closed … for now

squid still about with codling & bass still being taken also 

fri status update

wall status update
EAST TO REMAIN CLOSED at least 5 days
WEST wall open sat about 10.30 and will be open over night , extension  closed

apologies for lack of blog updates , there has been little in way of anything to post

repair status

wall status update
nothing opening this week,
fri west will get inspected to see if or what can be opened ,
east unsure when as yet as repairs need appraising for what can be done internally, what needs ordering in to get fixes done & what if any needs contracting out to sort.... & thats without any algae issues

its alll gone pete tong

if u want to fish, do it today or over night.
The winds coming in are pants and
WILL CLOSE THE WALLS from tomorrow afternoon.
Looking at the forecasts the walls will be
fresh black in shop
no ragworm this week.

best get your fix while you can, there are still squid and mackerel in numbers but after this blow , .... who knows





Some very nice plaice this week on the east , both walls are getting squid at night & a few during the day . |Bream,bass,pollack still to be had , whiting in numbers

sat 6th round up

plenty of squid showing up on both walls especially to the night anglers. Plaice a bit slower this week but with gin clear water & good tides next week that's expected to improve. Bream & wrasse still doing well,  whiting numbers high , pollack & bass about still & codling on both walls during the week to about 6lb.
Bass rules confirmed changed and 1 per person per day can be kept if over 42cm until dec 31st and then it is back to catch & release only.

sun 30th round up

The last 2 weeks have done very well  , especially on the east that is still seeing lots of varied species & some rarer catches also .
Plaice atm are very good with plenty of bream & wrasse in the mix also. Gars in good numbers & on clear days plenty of mackerel still about. Small "pebble" squid have shown upon the bend of the east with  rarer catches of brill & turbot being clocked up also. Night fishing is steady with horse mackerel, congers,whiting (daytime also) rays , dog fish, plaice and some very good sole.

fri update

EAST wall open sat 7am
west will open subject to no damage about 9am
Sunday looking ok now as weather changes so both walls will be open overnight saturday

weather warning

Monday , BOTH walls expected to close tonight as high winds close in and expected to stay closed


sat a possible close also 


Eddies ash scattering. Tomorrow(sun)
For those wishing to meet , dave sugests 11.30 at the tacklebox
scattering will now be on the EAST arm about mid day, all welcome

Monday update

MONDAY , weather warning for both walls . West to close mid afternoon today and will stay closed tues re opening wed am

East wall will close this evening @ 8pm & will stay closed  Tuesday re opening wed morning


Reminder ,  Eddie Tannock

ash scattering subject to weather will be sunday 16th on west extension , all welcome

EDDIE/ash scattering arrangements

 At the request of Eddies brothers the following post has been agreed.

Edgar (Eddie) Tannock
There will be  an informal ash scattering  on the west wall extension(subject to weather conditions) with an earlier  private family funeral.

Sunday 16th September mid-day
All are welcome to attend

Those wishing to bring personal tokens or wreath etc may do so , alternatively the Tacklebox will be  sorting its own  wreath & any friends wishing to  make a token  donation to this, a collection is being held in the shop.
 There will be a raffle type ticket  set up for someone to have the honour of  casting eddies ashes via float or similar into the sea. The tickets on the day are free should anyone wish to participate..

If the weather is not suitable for the extension on the day an alternative spot on the marina will be chosen.

Anyone reading this message  please please share,  Eddies brothers are still trying to contact his daughter Shona and if anyone has any contact info for her please asap contact the tacklebox on 01273 696477

posting to FB marina page 
my  FB profile so others can share  also to southern  wsf pages
Frank Parker

Bank hol we are....

so , some iffy winds coming in that will likely close the west  fri night & sunday daytime ,  may also impact on the east fri evening and  sunday afternoon on .

catch wise a funny week  of wind & rain , opens & shuts but persistent mackerel every day in short burst , you may have to be  right time right place to find them. Wrasse bream & bass in numbers ,  v few gar, pollack & plenty of baitfish.
 snakes rays & an infestation of dogfish mixed up with horse mackerel. 

SHAD , please be aware these are delicate fish , look a mix of herring/mullet/bass hybrid and should be gently returned .
Like mackerel they are a bit stupid & take almost anything. They are currently coming in to the coast  as they are breeding in the local rivers.

Reminder , Eddies family are very aware of the marina facebook group and have read all of the messages of condolence. His funeral will be a private family affair but am lead to believe an ash scattering will be  arranged on the west extension for friends & acquaintances to pay their last respects at a date to be announce.

sunday ... not many fishy posts ..

sunday ... not many fishy posts this last week as  sad news filters through so I guess a round up is due.  

Up & down weather with  it seeming more like  Autumn than summer at times this week but …
plenty of mackerel about  although time  predicting is an art in it self … I guess you must just get out there & have a go.
Plenty of bass about but please folks remember ,  the law is an ass but catch & release is the current leagal stand , put em back after a pic.

Rays  & smooth hounds are doing well at night , small congers &  mutts also to be had . Highlight of the night fishing atm is the amount of sole being caught. Some cracking  sizes this week on BOTH walls … go figure.

bream doing well  and wrasse are finally showing up on the walls as well. In general the state of affairs is healthy.

If you fancy a boat trip , now is the time to get on it  out of brighton & Newhaven as there are some  fantastic days to be had on the turbot , sheck the fishing groups/boats on facebook for  some great reports. Inshore 2 boats specialising in lure type of fishing also very very busy again , worth a go.

Adieu! a heart-warm fond adieu; Dear brothers of the mystic tie!

 It is with great sadness that this is posted.
On behalf of the Tannock family the tacklebox and Dave  have to announce the sad news of the death of Edward(eddie) Tannock.

He died on Wednesday shortly after being transferred from  the hospital to Middleton Grove care home.

The family have requested privacy in this  time to grieve and a private cremation ceremony for the family will be held at a later date.

Those wishing to pay their last respects to Edd may do so at an ash scattering that is to be held on the west extension on a date to be  confirmed where the plan is to cast his ashes. to sea.

Condolence messages can be left on the marina facebook pages and a print off can be made for family members wishing a copy .

Previous messages have been relayed privately to the family.

The Farewell To the Brethren of St. James' Lodge, Tarbolton


Adieu! a heart-warm fond adieu;
Dear brothers of the mystic tie!
Ye favoured, enlighten'd few,
Companions of my social joy;
Tho' I to foreign lands must hie,
Pursuing Fortune's slidd'ry ba';
With melting heart, and brimful eye,
I'll mind you still, tho' far awa.

Oft have I met your social band,
And spent the cheerful, festive night;
Oft, honour'd with supreme command,
Presided o'er the sons of light:
And by that hieroglyphic bright,
Which none but Craftsmen ever saw
Strong Mem'ry on my heart shall write
Those happy scenes, when far awa.

May Freedom, Harmony, and Love,
Unite you in the grand Design,
Beneath th' Omniscient Eye above,
The glorious Architect Divine,
That you may keep th' unerring line,
Still rising by the plummet's law,
Till Order bright completely shine,
Shall be my pray'r when far awa.

And you, farewell! whose merits claim
Justly that highest badge to wear:
Heav'n bless your honour'd noble name,
To Masonry and Scotia dear!
A last request permit me here, -
When yearly ye assemble a',
One round, I ask it with a tear,
To him, the Bard that's far awa.

Robert Burns

Monday Monday

breezy over the weekend, sat a poor day but saw a few mackerel on the east as the west struggled during the day …. Sat night a very different matter as the sole population exploded onto the lines on both walls  with some +40 cm sole being recorded.
Sunday inspite of the strong breezes produced some good amounts of mackerel & horse mackerel right up against the wall, bream picked back up & again a load of sole over night.


So west closed thurs pm due to high winds & east closed this morning ,
It is hoped that there may be a tiny chance of a review between 6 & 8pm IF the wind dies down ,  the update most likely will be on FB if things change 
Both walls expected open  Sat but there is another blip on the radar for sunday mid afternoon.

 FB messages   re Eddie were printed off & delivered  to the hospital by myself (F)
Eddie is very frail due to the nature of lung cancer having spread to his throat. 
He does  perk up during visits and any company no matter how brief is welcomed & encouraged during visiting hours. (3-8pm Should anyone wish to assist him with a drink eddie should sit as well as possible & take small sips from  cups provided  & not via straws.

With regret dave at the tacklebox has asked me to post the following poor news.

Scottish Eddie
This is being posted with the consent of Eddies brothers and family.

Eddie had been gravely ill for some time and has advanced lung cancer. Should anyone wish to pay their respects he is on overton ward at the royal sussex in brighton.

While he can speak very little his brothers feel a visit would be a comfort to him in his last days. Alternatively messages can be forwarded on from the shop.

I feel that i should be posting more but struggle to find more suitable words here

Those wishing to visit eddie are advised to do so soon as his brothers do not think he has very long left.


v v busy over the w/end

Both walls super busy over the weekend as reports of huge mackerel shoals filter through. Best of the shoals seem to have been early evening as the sun drop but also very busy on the early morning tides. West has been superb for bream in the usual bays & on the extension. East seems  the  mackerel numbers are part driving other species away from the wall and catches are at distance. Horse mac a plenty at night also,

saty happy macky day

quick wall round up , neither wall over busy in the sun , plenty of space , plenty of fish also for a nice change , east am told did very well for mackerel & decent for bream ....
spent the day on the west , morning mackerel/horse mac & bream a plenty ... day ticked through with a mac shoal playing hide n seek but most on the wall caught decent numbers . plenty of bream on the ext during day , not so good 15-22 daytime for bream though ... as i left at 8 pm the mackerel shoal decided to run the wall for all to play ..... still going an hr later by all accounts , nights during the week have seen decent bass bream horsemack a few shad , gurnards & even pollack ... very few gars

both open no issues

as the title says , both walls open , weather looking good for at least 7-10 days  mackerel increasing on both walls after 3 days closed  good numbers of bream & bass & bait fish running both walls … get out there folks & enjoy



sunday update ,

walls expected to stay closed Monday as the winds continue


27/ JULY

my bag forgot to update

So ,  hot hot hot , start by stating the obvious.
So water suncream & pay attention to your pink skin !
The west is finally starting to pick up , mostly bream but also plaice  red mullet occasional gar , rumour of herring but I suspect shad Mackerel & bass to name a few. Mini species down the side  & wrasse are still sluggish & intermittent as are the cuttlefish takes on the low bays.
Lobsters ? as anyone seen any this year or have the hoards of spider crabs driven them off ? Thankfully it seems the spider infestation is dropping away.
East wall reports are similar to the west with bream numbers rising  mackerel  inconsistent, 

night time ,daytime , nightime ,daytime (bbc nature prog refrence)
Night fishing  now seeing horse mac  in collectable numbers.

Protected or restricted fish
Bass , must be returned,  there is a no take law in place , not as some thing 1 over 42cm , put them back
likewise  silver eels & shad should be returned as protected and general ask on returning undulate rays.

A reminder on the wall , over night tents should be packed away by 8am & there is a no fire/bbq policy on the walls.

monday monday

so the mackerel arrived last week … mostly small evening shoals & a few in the morning … Hot summer days with high tides around noon  seemed to give everyone the impression that this was  bullshine !
they did arrive … honest … also horse mac in the night sessions.
Been seeing a few  Shad , for those unsure  best described as bass colour & schoolie sized , have a fat  lip a bit like  mullet & resemble  large herring ,  , please return them carefully , they are protected & coming in on breading runs headed for the rivers.

Bass rules , ... simple , you must put them back .
Back to the catches ….
this week has seen an increase in gurnards , red mullet & bream catches , sources  say the bream are late leaving the nesting areas this year due to water temp fluctuations, seems legit . Seems the wrasse numbers on the west wall are also late .

loads of rays are being caught locally on the shore & boats , likewise news with the charters are doing very well on the brill & turbot … worth ringing about for a trip !
For the jiggers , cuttle fish still being caught on the west , not so sure if also on the east wall .
Seems a recent issue with horse flies & other biting insects on the walls ,  long hot days with no rain has left the walls smelling of urine …..
Gents , please use the sea as a toilet rather than the upper walk ways , it stinks & attracts the  bugs.(so it seems does my suncream) doh

over n out until the next time :)

missed a few, must be summer

Ok  my bag , not updated, tbh its not been great but , we have had a few mackerel being caught as well as horse mac, no big shoals but the numbers are on the up. Fished the west  mid week hunting bream , found a few but not as many as hoped. Spider crabs still about  some as big as dinner plates & seem to be sitting in the bream spots  pffft.
Rays, some bass,  gurnards & the staple of plaice on the east .. micro species arriving so looking up , blennies & scorpion catches more common now. Wrasse still slow on the numbers but like bream expected to climb.
A reminder for night anglers
Tents are allowed after 8pm but please down by 8am. also LIGHTS on the marina , GREEN & RED lights are navigation lights , & must not be used .
Lastly at night there seems to be a few bringing generators onto the wall , please don't , anyone seeing thse please notify duty warden or shop if open TY

Weather looking good for at least a week and no closures expected .
Extension fishing at night can be arranged via facebook/dave/frank or  the shop . minimum 8 people for a "lock in"  unhindered session

brutal weekend or hope ?

so the west over the weekend punished nearly everyone  although there were bream sunday & a daylight shad , one regular has been enjoying cuttle quite regularly on the west low bays. Reports from the east were similar although a rare flurry of mackerel saw a few caught low & mid to high bays in a few minute burst. Night fishing again proving somewhat better with again flurries of first/last light mac & horse mac.  bream ,plaice  ticking over , one gar was spotted high on the east  but in general , not an easy w/end in the sun although the mackerel promise is there , it seems the boats are finding them just offshore ..... if only they would make the jump inshore !

Sunday Sunday

Armed forces day at the old st dunstans blind home on way to Rottingdean , worth a visit.
This week ?
walls  not over busy & not massive reports tbh.  Bream numbers increasing but seemingly hampered by spidercrabs , some of them big beasties . What are they good for ? welllll, it seems they make good hound bait in the evening , rays don't mind them either & they make decent eating.
If you are going to collect them , please there is a limit of 10 in the Local MCZ ,(marine controlled zone) that extends from beachy head to and including the marina & a minimum 10cm size on the main shell.
Rays & dogs at night ,  as said bream & wrasse , plaice at distance for the better quality ,  bass in the usual haunts for the evening anglers.
reminder  of night fishing on the extension.
This can be arranged on the facebook group (brighton marina fishing UK) or via the shop & dave
Minimum need for 8 people &  liaising with the  duty warden an enclosed session can be arranged at night (or day if required)
Signs of mackerel , the boats are getting better numbers just off the marina & a few fish are making the jump , should not be long b4 proper shoals on the walls. Curently best chance first & last lights , likewise horse mackerel.

signing of , enjoy the day

went fishing thurs ...hmmm

so , the rots all but gone (mostly) and thus decided , go fish with jnr & Henry on Thursday .....  how did it go ?
well lets say we all caught , just , weather gorgeous, water looked good on the low & there was a rumour of fish , allbe it hard work...   So tide rose, as it did so did the weed ,  more weed and more, so much it was clogging the small baits down the side & even lures were coming back caked , that's when the dredger decided it would dump the muckiest pile of what ever to the east of the wall ... yippee , brown water all along the front  of the east wall. (gave up)

general reports , a few mackerel hitting the bend of the east , as are bream wrasse & gurnards , plaice are trying to escape to france with the flounders.  (pack a big casting rod)
Rays are showing day & night 3 species confirmed this week alone. Dogs & smuts also being had, Spider crab activity this week seems less & the usual suspect catches on the west are starting to show up in sensible amounts.  One or 2 decent bass being caught on both walls  as well as a fair few schoolies seemingly  feeding harder than normal.
This weeks coming weather is looking like a back burner so pack the suncream & hats ,  enjoy

dull wednesday

as it says , its dull as I type & the reports this week TBH have been a bit dull.
A handful of mackerel popping out on the west,   a few unremarkable flatties ,  nights have thrown some strap snakes & a few rays but again ,more steady Eddie than fast Eddie.
On the bright side , seems the may/june rot has finally done one & the water should clear/clean as the winds settle.
Weather wise all looks good for the following week.
Fresh lug & rag in shop, a few hermits still in stock. 

wed weather alert & close

both walls closing tonight until thurs afternoon

west shut 11--> 11.30 pm
East closed by midnight

did i forget to update

well did i ?
sort of , but...
tbh not been a great deal to post

The rot last week  refused to budge, even the  private boat mob were struggling.
Catch reports ..
well thank heavens for plaice & flounder during the day & the sole that started to show at night.
Mackerel & horse mackerel very occasional catches , rot & spider crabs  mobbing the wall.
On a bright note , the spiders are a good eat & cracking hound bait ... talking of hounds , there have been  a few caught on the wall , not biggies but  guess whats attracting them .... yup them spiders.

Bream, showing , seems like the congers are very active at night , as said sole just starting a few gurnards on the sand and ..... reports this morning of blue water on BOTH walls .... my money on increased bream & wrasse catches  FINALLY !

the rot is dying

saturday weed? maybe

so is the may rt here ? no its now june rot 
At least it is showing signs of relenting but its still an issue more on the east than west.
Night fishing has suddenly picked up is the good news.
Bass, Plaice, flounders,  sole have shown up finally among the flatties, conger seem active amongst the pout & there are even bream being caught  through the slime. with rays just starting to switch on also
Water quality on the west & further out is rapidly improving with whispers of mackerel  not only seen but caught.
On the boats the plaice quality is  ok to good, college rock performing for bream rays being caught & for the wreck bound boats there are  mid size Pollack & rumour of summer cod

repairs update

east wall will reopen by 3pm today (thurs) & will be back to normal with 24/7 opening unless stated & weather depending west wall open 24/7 as above

bonk holibob

So the weekend is here & the walls are open 24/7 issue free for the weekend.

Next week  there is planned maintenance on the EAST but the wall will stay OPEN
Access will be via the  mobility access gate while the upper level will be closed to all.

On the fishing front the mayrot has hung about & hampered the quality of fish being landed although there have been some  fairly decent wrasse, mullet & an occasional bass managing 7lb.
Plaice gurnard dogfish among catches that this week more produced a species count than quality...

Those that claim to be in the know all seem looking for a decent storm to break up the  localised  rot,  Mackerel are on the horizon & dover seems to be doing well for them, rays of decent sizes to the west ,  & brighton & its may rot seem "stuck in the middle with you"

tues /wed /thurs will now be closed for cement works due to the irresponsibility of a  select few that thought it would be ok to not only abuse the work crew  Friday & ignore instructions when passing the working area but also saw fit to use the upper level when ALL were specifically asked to stay
Fishing is prohibited  on the inside of the wall yet these people saw fit to do so .
As a result the contractors have now asked for the wall to be closed during the repair work.

the east wall will now be closed form 6am to 6pm Tues , wed, thurs but open for night fishing 
 west wall unaffected 

thursday brief

Tacklebox update Thursday
west closed tonight as there is still some bits to finish off & hoping to have the west back open normally sometime tomorrow , apologies for the delays one or two unexpected issues
EAST Friday
Upper level closed to all
Lower level access for anglers only (closed to gen public) via the mobility gate by cafe
Both walls will be open 24/7 over the weekend

Fishing wise , still dominated by the may rot & wed hampered by a seal that decided late lunch was off bay 25 on the east !
a few small plaice bass ,mullet &  an occasional bream , all much of  a hard work afternoon
Little to no sign of squid last couple of days either.

sunny sunday and minis

 so sunday has been glorious but  up til 2pm had not played very well on the fish front . Gar & bits n bobs on the west with a couple of ppl trying for late squid , seems the best this week have been on the dropping tides .
East arm ive had little new today other than a very early mackerel mini shoal that hit the bend & a few lucky people had a half dozen to a dozen each at silly o'clock.


sunday 20th advance warning the west wall will be closed  Mon ,Tues,Wed & maybe Thurs for concrete repairs during the day . It will close at 7am & re-open  about 5.30/6pm for night fishing

The east wall is open 24/7 as normal 

fri sunny D

not the greatest of weeks  with the may rot still reluctant to  go do one , west wall saw an increase of squid with even a couple of cuttle caught 
bream numbers v slowly increasing,  the low east  rocky ground is beginning to pick up also with bream , wrasse & Pollack this week as well as the mini species ...
Plaice ... same story as last week ,   not many of them & the best at distance,
gurnards, mullet, flounder, night, doggies rays & the occasional smoothound pups keep things ticking over.

water quality would be v good but for the bloom

snotty rotty

so , is the rot still there ? yes
do i think its having an impact on the fishing  ? Yes
 for the species counters it is doing well.

sat the week after

So , not an amazing week of reports , more a rather lack of ... Still seeing a few squid take reports  & evenings being dominated by reports of dogfish with a few rays & smoothies thrown in .  The usual whiting at night also.... daytimes .....

Mostly smallish plaice, a few bass, to the ones targeting bream a few guiltheads  to those knowing where . Mullet not truly switched on although  "tony" still winkles a few.  Gar  have gone quiet again &  mackerel are very very sporadic although  Dover has has a day or 2 of improved   sightings.
Bass are about (& should be returned).
May rot ,  a few hot days & it showed signs of busting up ,  we now have a few cooler days & damp weather , lets hope the temp change doesn't cause a respawn of the algae & it continues to die off.

2 days after the bonkin holibob

So  the bank hol has been & gone , a  v v busy  weekend on the walls in  v hot conditions , gladly very few issues  other than the tons of rubbish being removed .

A reminder folks , no bbq's on the walls please AND....... take your rubbish with you , please don't tie it to the wires on the walls for someone to collect , 1 carrier bag per bay tied up equals  nearly 5 black bags of rubbish for someone to drag off the wall . There are large skip  bins provided for litter  at the beginning of each wall ty.

Catches , well the squid takes are still doing quite well , although there are signs that the spring run is tailing off now. Plaice still the main stay with a few flounder &  dab also about . Dogs & smuts at night, v v occasional mackerel ,although on that front I don't really expect the shoals until late july ! (its a long story).
Bass takes now increasing , don't forget  they are protected and should be returned. 
Bream ... yes we have bream , mostly the early guiltheads but a few black bream now showing on the rockier bays on both walls.
 and there it is folks , the weekend round up as i'm told on the facebook group
brighton marina fishing UK

the group is open to all, please remember to answer the questions there or  request will be ignored.

Comps in the marina

Brighton Marina Boat Angling Competition

1st july details again on facebook
facebook link

sat , loony toony weekend

a mixed week water wise ,  snotty with mayrot(algae bloom) murky from stired up water & cleaner as the sun came out towards the w/e
 dogfish a plenty at night with some  smooth hound pups &  assorted small rays thrown in , best was 11lb  estimate on the west ... a few mackerel & herring ,  occasional bream , mostly the early guiltheads , plaice of which the best were & still are at distance from the walls.... this year the west has been doing better for flat fish also ...... varied fishing , gar's just arriving bass are still about but no great sizes recorded as yes , don't forget the bass should go back as now  catch and release only.....
the weather is looking superb for the coming week & no planned closes of the walls ... enjoy

bank holliday Fri

traffic expected heavy late afternoon in rottingdean areas as the last brighton home game gets underway this evening.dogfish, small bass, eel, plaice & beam all caught yesterday , water clearing nicely & expecting a busy w/end 

maybe the last of the squid run this weekend/week , will the mackerel show up ?

wed, repairs & updates

Wednesday wall update 5.30pm
Inspection done & winds only just starting to tail off
There are running repairs needed on both walls so the west will not open today.
WEST wall THURS will REMAIN CLOSED during the day , If repairs completed it is hoped to open the WEST Thurs night for night fishing, this may possibly impact on Friday opening if not completed(to be updated tomorrow afternoon)
EAST WALL Wednesday will not open until approximately 11pm by the night warden and will then remain open 24/7 subject to conditions.

SHOP , open 7am Thurs ,
lugworm expected in mid morning
Small frozen sandeels (ammo) now in stock

Lack of reports from the wall over the last few days so can only go on posted  FB images  of average sized plaice (best at distance ) one or 2 mackerel  some squid as the  run starts to slow up , a  small conger on the west & an 11lb(aprox) ray also on the west

tacklebox update wed:- Walls currently shut & weather expected to calm this afternoon . once wall inspections done on both walls they are expected to open some when abouts 6pm & will then remain open throughout the night & into Thursday . NO FURTHER close downs expected this week unless notified
Shop open 8am

squid comp n a close on monday

Tacklebox update
MONDAY due to inclement weather tomorrow the shop will remain closed , the walls will be open though.

Plenty of squid & cuttle on the east sunday , plaice on both walls also , mackerel on west , over night , smalldogfish & baby hounds, a ray of 11lb ish & a decent sized conger on the west above 18

Squid comp. So i dont have the numbers but v close to 60 showed up. 7 jnrs stayed to the end with imo an awesome effort and wd to all of them.

It got of to a decent start but as the high water rushed through the squidding stopped until the last 90 mins
Yuri won with longest total lenght with 3 squid and a cuttle

Runner up had 3 squid also, this years junior also won with a decent squid of, i think 38cm

Steven Tapp will post more details later when he has had time to get home and catch up.

Well done all that showed up
Well done all that stayed until the end in cold and blowy conditions.
Pics below are not all caught as some were returned and a couple left early with a catch or 2

Cheers Paul Singy Singleton for the lift home, i doubt I'd have made the walk back into the marina.

Thanks to LISA organisers and thanks to David Grinham first for the wall reservation and also for the suprise prizes of rods to all of the juniors that stayed to the end....

pics on the marina FB group 

sunday squid day

EAST WALL bays 1-45 will be cleared from 7am to prepare for the quid comp , all people with valid tickets will be advised through the night that they will be required to move prior to the comps start .
SUN , WEST wall open as normal
shop open 7am

fri apré squid

Fri east wall open but may close over night into sat morning for a few hours , West wall closed & expected open sat morning after wall check 
ring shop re fresh bait

tuesday weather closedown

both walls currently shut due to high & erratic winds , 
WEST definitely shut  Wednesday & a  look will be made on the EAST about mid day but its possible that it may stay closed 
Thurs outlook west closed 50/50  for the east wall
fri both expected open 

monday afternoon update & close one side

east wall open as usual 2/47
west wall now closed until Friday morning

monday morning blues

2018 POLLACK COMPETION  sadly has been called off due to poor condition 
email from Paul Dyer
Hi Frank
I have cancelled the Pollack comp this year. the may rot has just started as well.can you pass on the message please.its the first time we have not done in the years its been going so not bad run I suppose.

up side 
sunday 29th 
east arm bays 1-45 will be reserved and closed from 7am for the duration of the comp

sun morning looking down

little to report as not really had any reports to pass on , based on a few piccys posted on the marina fishing FB group , plenty of pups at night ,  (smoothies & dogs) plaice are plentiful & a few bream starting to show on the higher marks.
ring shop re fresh bait .
01273 696477

sat sunny w/end

black  & ragworm in shop , a few fresh crabs available as well .
plenty of plaice to be had on the walls & a return of squid recorded yesterday also... enjoy the weekend folks , I will.

glorious thursday & fresh bait

Looking  superb out there , multiple new species arriving on the wall summer is arriving ! 
Plenty of fun in the sun ..... Sun , yes ,  soo, please people , remember  , suncream & drinking water , not just for yourselves but anyone taking  children onto the walls its vital... sunstroke is a nasty beast best avoided.

fresh lugworm in shop today ,  ragworm a new  delivery tomorrow , still unable to source frozen sandeels at the moment 
 signing off for the day .... enjoy

wednesday the day after

busy old species day on the marina today , no real bumper sized fish but it seemed fish for all with some bays  doing very well.  so 
that species tally 
cuttle fish
 smoothhound pups
gar !
bass , 
silver eel
tony reports no mullet
water clarity was poor, but cleared over a very fast running high only to cloud back up , mayrot in the water


Bit of a weather concern this morning with an early wall inspection re wind conditions , shop expected open about 8.30 ish as a result.
Squid takes on the increase and they are now being caught on both walls.
Last few days plaice catches have been intermittent but the species count is now on the increase. Hopefully the passing porpoises and seal will stay away & have no significant impact on the fishing.

squid comp date confirmed

Sunday , marathon day !  best avoid if you can the traffic in Brighton is officially a PITA

Squid  comp date confirmed 
Sun 29th April  details on link 

Sat fishing was  hard work ,  a few herring well after the  high tide on the east , west at least 2 squid (first of the year)
Plaice intermittent  with the best high on the wall at distance ,  many skinny ones seen but not too many plunmp fish on view.

good news bad news thurs

Both walls fishing well, plaice flounder dab herring occasional mackies but no squid. so 
good news bad news , 
good,  new floating squid jigs have been ordered
bad news , no lugworm fresh until tomorrow
good news , we have ragworm & frozen black 
bad news , cant think of any more .

oh yea , more good news ,

Daves okayed another sale ....  well more a clearance ..... all the  light up squid jigs (3.4g casting type) have been reduced from £3  and now  half price £1.50 to clear.

wed post easter

so, we now have much clearer water, herring a plenty on the  walls at the high tides. Mixed in with them have been a few mackerel & sardines . last week also saw bass &  2 separately caught guilthead bream. Quite early still for bream & I think the earliest I have seen them was last week of march high on the east.
The big question now is .... when will the squid arrive ?, my guess is this w/end over the bigger tides so best break out those squid jigs.
Traffic alert for this weekend .
Sun 15th April is the Brighton Marathon , access to the marina will be problematic so best plan to arrive early.
Bait situation on the ragworm front is very good  & with the previous shorter tides the black lug is expected from Friday in  decent numbers but as always here ... advise ring the shop to book them in early.

tues 10

plenty of herring over the high tides for 3 days now , this morning there were one or two mackerel & sardines mixed in with them. Plaice doing well on both walls  with the east doing very well for some at distance on the mid 30's

squiddy squidy squid

Both walls open no issues
squidily didily do.... did
!st confirmed squid takes last night i believe from James Mackie & the cooperman (told there are pics , also confirmed pics of herring caught on the east yesterday, some decent plaice on both walls... finaly looking like spring has sprung.

Fresh rag in shop & dave bringing in black , deffo advice to ring shop & get bait booked... avoid disappointments.
HT 16.34 (5.2)
LT 10.1 & 22.43

fri warning

East currently open (6am) but there is a weather watch on it , possible close if the projected winds do rise (south east) the west should be unaffected.

Thurs  fished well  below 35 with plenty of decent plaice ,   add in flounder, a 4lb bass & whiting for all  pre high tide.
The upper half of the wall struggled for most of the day  with a species count slowly ticking up  of the above including small gurnard & rockling . A few squidders   stubbornly trying in fairly coloured water that improved over the high but failed to produce squid.

wed 4th


thurs east wall open about 8am, & shop will open once warden back at the shop between 8.30 & 9am ,

west wall fri should get opened about 11am.
sourcing fresh worm for tomorrow but do not as yet have a fixed time

mon weather latest

 XCweather not playing very nice, looking like both walls will be closed until at least Wednesday .....

Possible opening on Thurs on the EAST with west staying closed.

Sunday report ,
West wall fishing was superb for big plaice & the east was producing plaice  fairly much from bay 18 onwards,  whiting , dab & flounders also had , I havnt heard of any squid , there was a rumour of some small Pollack & and a few under size bass caught & returned. Best bays  it seems were the mid 30's


, well in spite of the date there were no mackerel ,  plenty of flatties on both walls , the bigger ones on the west today.

Walls now closed for at least 2 days , looking to get open again on thurs weather allowing.

easter open 24/7

As of this morning FRI , both walls open subject to conditions including for night fishing 
24/7 opening  subject to conditions.

squid have had random reports that seem inaccurate,  no  confirmed landings & the water is still coloured/cloudy to give  better indicators.

Struggling for  fresh bait this w/end so get it booked.

Plenty of plaice & flounder ,  still whiting  & rockling in the water & reports of dogfish at night

night fishing update

wed am ,EAST wall open about 9.30 am & will remain open subject to conditions on a 24/7 basis
Night fishing is on......

west wall  we are aiming to have open this Friday & should also then be  open for night fishing on a 24/7 basis subject to conditions.

almost easter

Mon AM :-
jetwashing on the east almost to the end on the lower level, some upper level washing to do & pot hole fixes to complete the job. Then the focus can return to the last bits on the west as well as the steps at bay 17

Plenty of plaice up over the weekend, word of squid showing a little also.Dab, flounder ,whiting & dogfish also in this weekends mix.

night fishing announcement

Fri update
EAST wall now open to 46 and will stay open over night tonight and Sat night
Fresh black & ragworm in shop

pre easter thursday week

so so on the plaice  this week , they are there , the numbers are  sluggish & patchy ... average sizes this week seem in the 22cm to just legal 32/33's

Rumour of a squid yesterday from fairly  solid source , some ppl trying for them but no confirm of yesterdays possible squid catch 
black in shop ragworm  on the road  being delivered.

Tues 20/3/18 no snow

Wall inspection at 9am, east wall expected to open.  
west closed for today ......
fresh bait in shop

sun closed

Snow & Ice on walls


shop open 8am

sat shut sun ?

Sat BOTH walls close

There is still a snow forecast for sat night running into the early hours sunday & with matches on hold awaiting news on if the walls will be open Dave has spoken to the organisers of 2 matches & informed them that he

WILL NOT make a decision on opening until Sunday morning. The easy option would be to say closed but has chosen to give every chance to opening the walls IF possible Sunday morning.

There is now a planned inspection about 7.30 on the EAST.
If the steps are free of snow/ice the wall should be ok to open.

A duty warden has been assigned & instructed to make a common sense call on site providing they can get to the wall safety, needless to say if they have 4 inches of snow at their house there wont be an inspection until later.

Fri alerts

Snow forecast is increasing and may force a close of the walls. Insurances are very strict on safety especially regarding the stone steps to the lower levels. If these get snow or ice on them stafety protocols take priority 

This  has effect on Sat and sunday

thurs updates for the weekend

fri east wall open 8am(ish)
west closed
working hopefully on walls tomorrow & aiming to try open the west if able
sunday snow warnings may keep the wall closed but that wont be decided until sat  afternoon
fresh bait in Friday  11ish black lug & ragworm coming from Portsmouth ... time .. as & when

whats about

east sluggish last couple f days , water still coloured & clearing from the bottom up on the igger tides. Plaice & flounders averaging between  20-30 cm mostly
west wall still closed as work continues getting it ready

BOTH WALLS CLOSED   wed & probably thurs fri

Night fishing   still NOT ready.

sun mommy day

I hope you are remembered it's mothers day and bugged out & went fishing :)  NO ? oh well

plenty of plaice &  a rather high number of flounders coming off the wall currently. A few dabs & whispers of herring having been seen somewhere on the shore locally (blame Mr Gosling).
Struggling to get the higher bays into service so currently open 1-40 on the east & still some heavier maintenance needing on the west.
A bit of flakey weather this week so please  keep an eye on the home page or  the facebook pages for current info of open/closings.
No night fishing until the walls are sorted  bay 1 to ends .

wed wall closeure

Thursday both walls will be shut as a blow pushes through

Fri west closed
east may have a delayed opening

tues updates

Pollack comp to be  called on Wednesday afternoon re on or off by Paul Dyer (organiser)

West wall closed for  maintenance

East open 9am to 6pm this week weather allowing.
shop open 9am , tues/wed



WEST WILL OPEN AFTER 9AM   duty warden opening about 9.30

EAST WALL competition bays 20-40 reserved & restricted to competition anglers only


anglers should wear  wellies & waterproofs. There will be  southerly strong breezes which will make the V's very splash. It may get very wet.

sat shut sun ?

sat update:-
wall check done & still plenty of ice hanging about this morning , add to this the sludgy debris that  the weather brings it has been decided to let nature rinse the wall  today and stay closed.
Sunday forecast if anything has marginally  got worse with a wind strengthening again after mid day ontop of already given forecast yesterday . To give every chance re the comp sunday a decision to call off has been delayed until early this evening (6ish)

fri walls open sat or not ?

Friday updates , sat opening or not , sunday comp
as it stands ,dave will be using XC weather to make any assessment of the wall, no others as there are loads.
the plan is to check the walls at 10am tomorrow to see if possible to open sat daytime PROVIDING the night rain clears the ice/snow/slush there is a chance the east may open on Sat ..... but temps are low & may not be feasable.

No call re sunday will be made until sat evening forecasts can be looked at
XCWEATHER AGAIN SHOWING AN INCREASE to 20-30mph fixed wind and gusts , with a 6.7 tide being driven by the wind the swell would be over 1.5 meters & on that the wall would be closed.

evry endeavour will be made to get the competition going ahead & dave will also have a duty warden if needed make a call on the day on the wall but XCweather will be the decider .
insurances on the wall are strict & the safety 1st rule is paramount with the insurers.
sat 10am & 6pm checks & possibly another sunday morning is the best dave can offer.

freeze report

So , the weather continues to be a pain ,  both walls closed today Friday &  as it stands Saturday but subject to review sat if things change.

A thaw is expected so fingers crossed for Sunday hopefully

The shop is shut today & Friday .
fresh lugworm
 frozen black also ,  
plus frozen  salted & oiled black will be in shop as well for sat morning.

tues update

Both walls closed up to and including Friday due to adverse conditions.

snow warnings abound

walls & shop open 9am ,
EAST wall expected to close 6pm
WEST closed for repair work

 BOTH walls closed tues based on forecasts of show.
SHOP TUES will remain closed

HT 07.38 & 20.20 (5.4)
LT 14.02
There is a light snowfall in the BTN area and any significant falls & settle will impact on the walls.
wrap up warm , its brass monkey weather out there

sun 25

2nd day of the walls being back open ,  plenty of plaice reports from the east & strangely quiet over on the west as far as reports go.
While there are plenty of "in size" plaice coming out  it should be pointed out that many are thin fish  having recently spawned & anglers may want to return these fish , quality rather than quantity folks should maybe the standard & I feel sometimes people are too quick to rack up numbers of fish rather than be a little more selective & keep those with some decent flesh on them , size isn't all :)

That said , its great to see the plaice about in numbers again.

soooooooo its on

weekend update for  24th ....


WEST wall will open about 8.30 (delayed opening times due to heavy frosts)
bays 1-18 initially but hoping for more as work continues

Lots of marked  holes to sort so the wall will close at  6pm 
for now NO  night fishing until done

EAST like the west wall will open about 9-930 as the duty warden  arrives from the west 
bays 1-40 initially & working towards all of the wall.

again there are marked pot holes  so the wall will close at 6pm until repairs are done.

Please note there will be NO night fishing while work  progresses

Next week has snow forecasts which if settles will hamper work & opening times.

big grats to all that worked on the wall including Colin & keith the wardens , dave craig & friends.

Fresh ragworm in today (fri) & there will be fresh black inshop but  seriously advise ringing shop early to book fresh baits.

sun 18th

wall repairs & jet washing under way (see facebook pages for pics)

Loads of people have offered their time & assistance in getting the walls into shape .
Repairs are in hand & as said some more pics will be sorted later today .
Steps to rebuild 74 bays on the east to jet wash pot holes posts & wires all need "sorting". Some jobs are limited to skilled help, others require simple grunt work but numbers are limited by what can be done with equipment available & needed.
The work is now progressing nicely & the tacklebox would like to say a big thankyou to ALL that offered their assistance be it time or gear, hoping to have some of the wall open if the weather allows next weekend ... Its not a firm date its a hoped for date & updates will be forthcoming.

Finally what looks like a break in the weather &  able to  get some idea of repairs & work needed to get both walls into shape.
Things should get underway this weekend staffing allowing.
Once underway proper  time scales  will become clearer.

sun 10th

Unable to complete any repairs this week so things delayed for at least 10 days . 
any change will be updated here

frosty morn

wed:- damn its chilly out there today with a sprinkling of white stuff.
both walls closed
shop open 9am ring for baits.
HT 08.51 & 21.28 (5.7)
LT 15.09
seems the plaice are now officially IN

feb update

Heavy frost week is here ! , no plans to jetwash this week but the weather is expected to  do a number on the algae by  killing it off or at least retarding it. Staff health has also been a hold up on getting things done.  once the cold breaks at the w/end plans will swing into gear to get the work done . The east wall will be the priority with a rolling opening hoped for. Date of start still to be  decided.

Tues 30 jan

No change on  getting onto the walls to get any repairs done
Going to be at least another 10 days b4 work can be started , both currently closed.

Last few sale items

walls closed for at least a week

Last few sale items on rail in shop

lack of reports

Visitors may notice a lack of updates here but may have noticed the home pages open/close notices change.
Weather  patterns preventing  getting on the wall to  asses or sort  maintenance .With projected patterns It is very unlikely that will happen in the next 10 days either. There has been a check & simply put

WEST has smashed drain covers, massive algae build up & repairs wanting. When time or chance the EAST will be targeted first so  I don't expect the west open before Easter.

East badly in need of jet washing top & bottom , standard repairs needed up there also but no  major damage at last look.

Unlikely to be any wall opening  before the end of the month, hence  little change & little to say by way of updates.

wed wall updates not great !

As promised an update on the wall conditions & state of repair ... or not.

West will be out of commission for some time. There is fairly extensive damage over there , even some of the manhole covers  have been smashed in the storms "!

Mild & wet weather combined with   wind pushing  water over the walls  constantly have created an algae farm on both walls , there are even mini  mushrooms growing on parts of the algae.

This creates another problem of walking surfaces that are  severely slippery  and when combined with frost  skates are a safer option  than  non slip boots!.

Jet washing   at the moment is  virtually  pointless other than trying to maintain some level of bays open on the lower east.... temp delay of which has been caused by a  problem part on the jet washer !.

The good news , the jet washer is expected back next week & providing there are 3-4 clear days work is hoped to get underway on at least some of the east wall bays.

Why do the concrete repairs take so long ?
The algae needs  jet washing off the wall & specifically out of the  damaged holes 
sea water in the holes  cause issues with  cement & wall repair bonding.

This all requires 3-4 days of calm clear weather for repairs per section being worked on

It is better if the holes are cleaned out & dry and then   once  repaired are given a day or so the  dry & harden . Constant poor weather is preventing that work even starting  and the staff required  also have  other duties &  their own  home life to deal with in and around the work time needed on the walls.

Rampant algae grown  are hampering  repairs and like painting a bridge   as fast as  areas are   jet washed the algae is re spawning quickly behind cleared areas.

Repairs are in the interest of everyone  but are taking time , we will get there and get the walls back open and the tacklebox fully realise how frustrating the wait can be to anglers wishing to fish the walls.

The east is top of  the  agenda , and will be prioritised. The west will be longer and not expected to open before EASTER.

CLOTHING SALE multi sizes

Clothing sale this w/end

Smocks, Tops, suits and onesies ,

We are having a clear out of older branded  clothing items, all sizes, first come first serve, Imax, SAS, Fladden and more

Smocks from £45

One piece suits £50

Jackets from £50

Bib & braces  from £25

Fri 5th not great news

It was hoped that some level of opening could be achieved this w/end but that is not  to be. There is extensive  time involved repairs  & jet washing that will need to be carried out prior to opening a portion of the wall.  Time availability of  people & weather blocks  have slowed any attempts to get  work done &  currently can't give a projected or estimated date of a reopen .


Hopefully  Scotland will be recovering this morning after a twin BHol ! 
Walls still closed until at least the W/End &   expecting damage up there when they can finally be checked over So maybe as long as 2 weeks.
Shop this week opening at 9am to 1pm 

sat pre new year

Almost 2018 !
Shop open today until 5pm ,  
tomorrow 9-1pm
walls still closed , wall check prevented  by winds &  ice  the other day and the next possible  safe day to check the wall at the earliest will be Thurs/Fri 4th/5th

Hoping you all have a great new year & see you on the other side


Wall check done & very very slippy down there , walls to remain closed & with the poor weather coming not expected to open until mid next week at least.
shop open 9am

Boxing day

We trust you xmas was as good as hoped  onward into the new year.

Grotty weather   pushes close downs onto   Wednesday but there will be another wall check about 9am Thursday to see if the EAST can be opened.
Shop will  open Thursday 9am & stay closed Wednesday.
fresh bait situation , unknown.

xmas eve

Walls closed today as poor weather closes in, looking like a  full shutdown until Wednesday.
Here's is hoping you all enjoy Christmas or at least make the best of it you can.

1 down 2 to go

Its the weekend & are you ready for the big red man to stage a home invasion ?
Lost for ideas ?
The shop can do vouchers for any amount you wish :)

Oh yea & the fishing yesterday ?
A bit pants tbh
 some plaice & flounder seen & a few  whiting. ! Cormorants working  busily away infront of us  & they were catching sprats near the surface it seemed .
Ring shop for bait orders

fri 22nd aaaaannnndddd .... nowt

Fri:- So,  wandered down the wall at mid -day to see 2 or 3 wandering back ,"any fish ?" asked I ....
"any what" says they. Well I cant say yesterday morning was bad but , I can't say there were any fish either ! , I hope it picked up later. On a brighter note, One bloke I chatted to had noticed sprats down the side & he gad caught dab a day or two earlier. Yaaaaayyyyy :)

thurs 21st ! almost

Morning folks 
Black lug expected in today , advise ordering.
weather looking pants for the walls from Sunday for a few days at least !
Yesterdays fishing summed up in 3 words 
whiting , whiting , whiting

wednesday 1 down 4 to go

 A handful on the wall fishing yesterday , colin saw whiting & mr moto. Mr moto  hasn't posted a report ... must have been quiet
Just a reminder  that the shop is opening at 7.30 all week  & the weather from xmas eve is likely to close the wall for a few days 

tues minus 6

tues:- shop hrs this week
open 7.30 am
close 4pm m-thurs
fri 7.30 - 5.30
sat 7.30 - 6pm
sun xmas eve limited opening tba
East open no issues
west closed
lack catch reports , only 2 fishing seemingly for whiting yesterday !

7 sleep !

Good morning campers.
& sleeps left & it can all be over ... or can it ?
East back open , black in shop

Sunday Update

Well , Mackerel on the wall in shoals last night as well as the beach overshadowed any other species being reported

winter Mackie fever eh !


Walls now closed until the morning

east will open 8am

shop open 7am

here we are again

I wonder if anyone is reading this :)
Black lug (fresh)  inbound at 10.45
best order quickly

friday status update

Fri update:-
east wires & potholes fixed today
East wall to open about 8am tomorrow , will be open sat night , possible close sunday night (weather watching it)
west to stay closed

well lets see who finds this update

tinkering with the idea of re activating this style of blog , I wonder if there is any interest ?

Early test with view to re use

7june-1st july & bass comp news

7june-1st july & bass comp news

 Sun July 1st

 East to open this morning with checks planned on the west to see if it will be openable

FRESH BAIT ; king rag , black lug & peelers

ROUNDUP , Heavy showers drove many of this mornings early birds home with the westerly refusing to relent today. prior to 1pm saw a handfull of eels & a couple of pollack with most setting baits out aiming at bass..... monday is a double shut down .




Sat 30th June

currently both walls shut ,if the weather eases back another check planed for the east aboth 10 am & mid day

shop open

FRESH BAIT black lug & king ragworm

East open bays 1-26

good luck Mrs F

bass comp details added  see 

afternoon roundup & schoolie bass , eels wrasse & sole reported from the east . Looks like the west will remain closed over night

Fri 29th june

both closed this morning

prize list updated for bass comp 

thurs  28th june

a delayed report as the siute was down earlier

morning run saw mackerel on both walls with the east doing better... jump to afternoon & weater closed in on the west late afternoon forcing a close while peeing folks off as fish were being caught in conditions that i would call crap or "horendous" note

probably a double close in the morning

Wed June 27th

 A bit foggy this morning & should clear , possible showers later in the day with light westerlies

FRESH BAIT:- black lug & king rag

No overnight news available, first light Mackerel on the west in low numbers.  East arm decent numbers of Mackerel first thing.

Tues June 26th

 A nice start to the morning with reasonable temps, sea state on the west still somewhat cloudy with a fair bit of weed showing, east looking cleaner.

FRESH BAIT King Rag and Black Lug

told of a few mackerel caught after lunch today but reports are thin on the ground

 Mon 25th June

Both walls open @ 8am after safety checks

FRESH BAIT: king rag & black lug

LATE report of some nice shcoolie bass high on the west yesterday (no pics) caught on mackerel heads & strips were confirmed this morning by reliable sources.

sun 24th june

both walls to reopen monday morning

Sat 23rd june

a wall safety check @ 8am on the east today . west will remain shut

8am up-date East arm is open lower level only bays 1-26, expect a bumpy ride with fairly strong winds ranging from west to southerly.  (not much fun)


Fri 22nd June

double closed as the winds sweep through with both closed over night again with sat morning looking very unlikely 

tacklebox open as normal

Thurs 21st June

Looking a bit doom & gloom as the rain sweeps through today with rising southerlies that will affect both walls by the end of the day and look to stay through friday & the weekend. Will try to maintain updates as accurate as possible regarding any close downs.


A LONG SLOW HARSH DAY west, a few mackies, a founder , plaice ,wrasse,bullhead IE bits n bobs with the best catch of the day on the west being a nice lobster ... again! 3 in ten days most odd, few fished the east  and catches were low , mostly a few pollack & schoolies

now the bad news, the weather has gone tits up with a double close down, as I write forecasts show 30 mph SWest but reality is about 50+ its horendous out ther & both walls currently closed & looking like tomorrow also a double shut...

summer ... bah

Wed 20th June

light easterlies with good temps forecast

Early morning Mackerel on a very low tide, sea state clear and flat calm, slight easterly and looking like a glorious day.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and Peelers and King Rag

round up

yesterday pointed at today as "the one to fish" conditions looked "go for it" & then this morning the wind swung easterly! what can I say .. it turned cr@p and hard going on both walls .. a few early mackies & occasional plaice can't honestly dress up a poor day on both walls. lost bass on feathers on the east missed bream on the west sort of summed up a day that saw sproradic mackerel a few flatties & 2 bream up near the west tower ... yep tough & nasty going....

... damn I forgot to dress it up ...nope was harsh for all.... sorry folks !

maybe next time

Tues 19th June

A light southerly forecast with some decent temps  showing ,... should be a nice day out there


 Brighton Marina Bass Comp sept 17th in aid of the RNLI

details here

 FRESH BAIT King Rag and Peelers, check after mid-day for Black Lug.

Water conditions this morning a bit murky but clearing quickly towards the high.  Reports yesterday of Breem and Flatties but unable to confirm which wall.

roundup , a long hard slog seemed order of the day . The water cleared a little over the tide producing sporadic mackerel on both walls and a few flatties but other catches it seems were hard to find, a gurnard  & occasional schoolie on the west with the catch of the day being a lobster on the west wall. (see gallery) the evening looked like good numbers ariving on the west but no indicatoers on how they fared

Mon 18th June

East open 1-26 only with uper level closed, west open as normal

7 - 17th june another bad weekend

7 - 17th june
Fri 22nd June

double closed as the winds sweep through with both closed over night again with sat morning looking very unlikely 

tacklebox open as normal

Thurs 21st June

Looking a bit doom & gloom as the rain sweeps through today with rising southerlies that will affect both walls by the end of the day and look to stay through friday & the weekend. Will try to maintain updates as accurate as possible regarding any close downs.


A LONG SLOW HARSH DAY west, a few mackies, a founder , plaice ,wrasse,bullhead IE bits n bobs with the best catch of the day on the west being a nice lobster ... again! 3 in ten days most odd, few fished the east  and catches were low , mostly a few pollack & schoolies

now the bad news, the weather has gone tits up with a double close down, as I write forecasts show 30 mph SWest but reality is about 50+ its horendous out ther & both walls currently closed & looking like tomorrow also a double shut...

summer ... bah

Wed 20th June

light easterlies with good temps forecast

Early morning Mackerel on a very low tide, sea state clear and flat calm, slight easterly and looking like a glorious day.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and Peelers and King Rag

round up

yesterday pointed at today as "the one to fish" conditions looked "go for it" & then this morning the wind swung easterly! what can I say .. it turned cr@p and hard going on both walls .. a few early mackies & occasional plaice can't honestly dress up a poor day on both walls. lost bass on feathers on the east missed bream on the west sort of summed up a day that saw sproradic mackerel a few flatties & 2 bream up near the west tower ... yep tough & nasty going....

... damn I forgot to dress it up ...nope was harsh for all.... sorry folks !

maybe next time

Tues 19th June

A light southerly forecast with some decent temps  showing ,... should be a nice day out there


 Brighton Marina Bass Comp sept 17th in aid of the RNLI

details here

 FRESH BAIT King Rag and Peelers, check after mid-day for Black Lug.

Water conditions this morning a bit murky but clearing quickly towards the high.  Reports yesterday of Breem and Flatties but unable to confirm which wall.

roundup , a long hard slog seemed order of the day . The water cleared a little over the tide producing sporadic mackerel on both walls and a few flatties but other catches it seems were hard to find, a gurnard  & occasional schoolie on the west with the catch of the day being a lobster on the west wall. (see gallery) the evening looked like good numbers ariving on the west but no indicatoers on how they fared

Mon 18th June

East open 1-26 only with uper level closed, west open as normal

Sun 17th June

both walls closed this morning

2pm update , both walls now open, as of tomorrow repairs begin on the east and will cause reduced access. Fishing will be restricted to bays 1-26 with access via the disable gate alongside the cafe. Access  will be for anglers only & no public access.

Sat 16th June

another double closeure

Fri 15th June

A double close down today with strong winds forecast all day today and tomorrow

any changes will post info as soon as available

Thurs 14th June

East to south east wind currently swung to the south, first light Mackerel on the west seems to have thinned out a little (7.30) but if yesterday is anything to go by i expect things to pick back up just after the high.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug king rag and Peelers

Mrs F, sorry for any typing errors :)

weather warning  Fri & Sat , storng southerlies with probable closures




wed 13th June

dry but a bit over cast this morning with light east to S/East breezes check with shop for bait

Water state, a little murcky and probably still needs a couple of tides to clear.  Early morning Mackerel again on the west sadly conditions don't look like they will hold as another blow comes in Fri /Sat.

tues 12th june

a wet morning with a strong north breeze. Wind, rain.  Coloured water and in those conditions the mackerel decide to play.  4 people fishing and plenty of Joeys.

Mon 11th june

A damp day forcaste with light NWest  breeze


sun 10th june

Both walls to open this morning after safety checks

FRESH BAIT black lug , king rag & peelers.

water somewhat murky saw some early  thornbacks but only a few out there this morning

round up is vague with reports of had going ,  small schoolies , plaice & a lot of scratching I have been told

Sat 9th June

A morning check on the east with the west remaining closed today

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag, ring after midday regarding peelers

round up:- tough going in the wind today with only the approach on the east open. Catches dominated by eels up to the high.

over night both walls shut as no chance to safety check the west today due to poor conditions. both should re open sun morning.

Fri 8th June


up to 7th june

sun 10th june

Both walls to open this morning after safety checks

FRESH BAIT black lug , king rag & peelers.

water somewhat murky saw some early  thornbacks but only a few out there this morning

Sat 9th June

A morning check on the east with the west remaining closed today

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag, ring after midday regarding peelers

round up:- tough going in the wind today with only the approach on the east open. Catches dominated by eels up to the high.

over night both walls shut as no chance to safety check the west today due to poor conditions. both should re open sun morning.

Fri 8th June


Thur 7th June

8am check on the west to see if any chance of openeing , east to remain closed today

west wall opened in poor conditions with s/east winds & rain threatening to swing south & force a double shut down. for those that stuck out the conditions they had  some mackies while Jimmy & his buddy had a few nice take home bass off the lower marks of the wall. One youngster went home even more pleased when Jimmy generously gave away one of the bass (see gallery)

wall closed just after 4pm prior to the weather  going belly up

wed 6th june

west wall to stay shut this morning east open about 7am.  reports of eels, small thornback rays, plaice & small schoolies on the  east today

Both walls closed over night with a check on conditions at 8am thursday morning

 Tues 5th June

changeable breezes forecast today & looking  blowy this evening. showers forecast for  this afternoon some may be heavy.

FRESH BAIT black lug

Busy start to the morning on the west, unfortunately a very low tide this morning which has made things hard work, minor catches and a handful of Mackerel.  High tide 12.37 the west has now thinned out to sensible levels.  Both walls open, easterly to south east with water looking somewhat coloured  

ROUND UP , things deteriorated on the east forcing an early close of the section above 26. in poor conditions caTches were light but included on the east , wrasse schoolies,pollack,dab,plaice flounder & gurnards on both walls. over the high the west saw a few mackerel

29th -7 june catch up

4th June

both walls open this morning

FRESH BAIT    Black lug & King rag

Water conditions mucky and churned up, wind north westerly will swing north east looking wet most of the day.

round up, the wind took its time dying off from the N/East & the fishing as someone put it this morning looked "bassy". Seems that was the case with eels on both walls , a smattering  of mackerel over the tide on both walls . Ironic that  moore eels were caught today than  mackerel & more bass were caught than bass ! . Both walls saw bass and  dover sole today, with plaice dab flounder and quite a few small thornback rays caught on the east. Add in pout,wrasse & bullheads the species tally was probably  more impressive than the catch rates today., a word to most , keep an eye on the weather there are possibly some grim blows headded in  friday & sat affectin both walls

3rd june

possibe closure on the west today as westerlies build , check with shop for up to date info

FRESH BAIT  black lug, king rag & peelers

Early morning Mackerel, Gar a few Plaice and small Bass all defying predicted poor conditions.Now mid-day and conditions on the west deteriorating fast, advise to use the east Probable closure on the west.

forecasted weather was late but closed in fast on the west forcing a close down,mackies gar & plaice happend prior to all being pushed to the west wall 

west back open in morning

2nd June

Light easterliers forecast with possible rain this evening.

FRESH BAIT; king rag,black lug & peelers available

seems the day was fairly hard for many & no huge catches indicated. after 3pm a few mackies had been caught & little to should about in general. Saw a couple of reasonable bream come up & a few late evening mackerel  played. Low west & the groynes saw a few  2lb+ bass caught also

1st June

early morning fish check with shop re fresh bait, things looking decent for today

 May 2012


Thur 31st may

light westerlies forecast & nshould stay dry

FRESH BAIT king rag , black lug & peelers

This morning a westerly breeze has put a chop on the surface and completely changed conditions, a few mackerel before the high but indications of a tough day looming.

Things slow going from what I have heard but not on the "spot" today although reports are seemingly scarce


Wed 30th May

A bit of a foggy start with temps a bit cooler. Showers forecast for this evening

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

Plenty of Mackerel off both walls and early signs of Bass off the west.

during the day the west has produced more mackies, schoolie bass , some wrasse, bream & plaice. catch reports on the east limited but have heard of mullet, mackerel & wrasse with 2 nice Squid as well ! a 1.5lb bream on tues 

tues 29th

Tues 29th May

yesterday was a ball, loads of fish & a chill outAND yup jnr also managed first and largest fish of the day again !.Today maybe the last of the good uns before the rain, hot dry light breezes n no hassle im told, get out there while you can

No overnight report as such but plenty of Mackerel off both walls. this morning.

2 or 3 nice  schoolies caught this morning off a prime mark west side of the marina also.

A reminder (although most that read here  already know) there is no fishing  from the inside of the walls ./ Offenders are asked to leave and risk a ban

mon28th may FISHES

Mon 28th May

Light westerly forecast with a bright hot day on the cards

FRESH BAIT black lug & peelers

5am this morning chose to open east wall early to find a huge shoal of Mackerel from the beach through to bay 15, arriving on the west again large shoals boiling the water I then watched them swim out past the west extension with both shoals merging to form a sing shoal over a mile in length and a 100 yrds wide approx, an absolute stunning sight.  The water is crystal clear, glorious morning and I am treating Jnr and spending the day on Lady Of the Lake (thank you Mrs F)

26-26th may sun hot and mad busy w/end

Sun 27th May

light east to SEast breeze forecast, high temps with a sun warning .... water and suncream a must on the walls today. both walls expected to be busy.


SUPER BUSY, early Mackerel being caught on both walls in large numbers.  

Be careful in the sun guys :)

round up mid afternoon, the low tide killed things off for a while though this did not stop  people ariving. super busy was an understatement with both walls crammed throughout the day & people being queued up or sent from the west to the east wall as there was no room for them.

catches on the west were mostly mackerel & gar with plaice in reasonable numbers low down the wall. the east was a similar story with wrasse & pollack  amongst a few flatties with mackerel & gar the dominant catches

Sat 26th May

Fairly strong NE/NNE winds again today foorecast with plenty of sun & looking hot.

FRESH BAIT: king rag,black lug & limited peelers

early Mackerel being caught on both east and west arm, (loads) :)

round up. low tide hit @ 9am & the fish stopped coming . Strong easterly winds & glaring light looked a bit ominous but mackerel returned on the east by 11 am . Not huge numbers to start but a steady tick over increasing in numbers towards high water. On the west  which was super busy fish started again about 2 before the high &  catches were very good. Anyone looking to fish sunday should be aware that the west(short arm) WILL be rammed most of the day and spaces hard to find.  The east was easily more comfy to fish with far more space for those that chose to walk the extra distance.

fri 25th may slow going

Fri 25th May

A blowy day forecast as N ->NNE winds pick up, good temps again with plenty of sun . Pack the suncream & water folks.

FRESH BAIT; King Rag and Black Lug

Early morning Mackerel on the west.

Mrs F up early for you lovely fisherpeople. :), good luck 

round up, thought it would be slow , that was an understatement.. early east has no anglers so stuck to the west and after the early flurry had a sleepy morning..

Bright moments I am told after lunch were a few bream  high end (west) and as the tide hit the top  plaice and a skinny sole. no later reports.

24th may bream arrive & a big bass

Thur 24th May

fairly strong NEasterly forecast, temps good & should be dry & warm today

overnight report, a few schoolie bass, dab, plaice, flounder plus the usual whiting, again some nice doversol. and star catch of the night an 8LB bass. Low end on the west. 

This morning already heated up with plenty of first light mackerel 

round up , a slow build up towards the high with bait catches thin on the ground until over the top of the tide. both arms saw mackies on & after the high, with the  east showing dab & plaice in numbers . a few small schoolies also reported .

The over night bass has now had a confirm weight of 7lb 4 oz & caught on bay 2 west arm bait was whole squid wrapped with fresh out blow lug(pic on gallery)

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Wed 23rd May

Again that northerly on the go with decent temps forecast


round up,slow going other than early mackies, up to the high early baits struggled for some reason , glorious conditions & the bait fish catches waited mostly ontil "over the high" east saw mullet plaice dab flounder & schoolies  with the mackies comming over the tide. west mainly saw mackerel though the occasional falttie was also caught. .... mid afternoon on the west saw a mackie free for all/

BREAM, First of the season caught on the west today over the high tide nothing huge but nice to see them there

23-5-12 the fish arrive

Wed 23rd May

Again that northerly on the go with decent temps forecast


round up,

slow going other than early mackies, up to the high early baits struggled for some reason , glorious conditions & the bait fish catches waited mostly ontil "over the high" east saw mullet plaice dab flounder & schoolies  with the mackies comming over the tide. west mainly saw mackerel though the occasional falttie was also caught. .... mid afternoon on the west saw a mackie free for all/

Tues 22nd May

NNW breezes forcast & should be dry & warm today 

FRESH BAIT  King Rag with Black Lug @ Mid-day

Conditions, water flat calm and clear, a bit blowy on the Northerly.  Suns up and looking like a hot day.  A few early mackerel  caught on the east mid way up the wall & by mid afternoon good numbers of mackie on both walls

late report (day after) west saw loads of mackies while the east saw squid, mackies & a varied bunch of flatties + small schoolies  a good day all round on both walls plus a return of squid


Mon 21st May

 Northerly wind forecast with mixed cloud cover

sun 20th a tough NEasterly

Sun 20th May

10-15 mph North easterlies forecast and looks like things should stay dry. 

Overnight the west wall has fished quite well, species include Whiting, Rockling, Wrasse, Dab, Flounder and 2 or 3 Dover Sole of which one was reported about 1.5lb.  Early morning Mackerel on both walls in fair numbers.  The northerly breeze is a little over forecast but the sea is flat calm and clrearing, things looking good for a mid-day high tide.


a slow afternoon in clear water , maybe the wind from the NEast was a factor but things have been reported as slow. Over on the east some plaice mostly to high numbers , gar  herring & gurnard in  small numbers & a scattering of mackerel. The wests early mackerel slowed as the  morning ran into afternoon with many calling it a day early. Have heard a few mackerel are starting to show  as the evening  arives(6pm) on the west but the east reports are lean

sat 19th the fish return

Sat 19th May

Light S/Westerlies forecast and should stay dry today.

FRESH BAIT black lug, king rag & limited peelers.

Breakfast up-date, early signs of a species hunt day with early catches on the east including Whiting, Rockling, Thornback Ray, Smooth Hound Pup.  Water clearing on the east still coloured on the west but indications are both will clear over the high.

round up , seems the prediction of a "hunt" on the east has proved corect with plenty caught including gar,mackerel,bullheads,pollack,wrasse,plaice,dab,flounder and gurnards. was told there was plenty of mackerel after the tide on the west also once the water cleared propperly leaving things looking good for tomorrows tides & forecast

Fri 18th May

Looking like a damp start to the day with easterlies turning to the south as the day progresses.

The forecast showers have failed to show leaving a great start to the morning, water clarity improved on yesterday, overnight 2 or 3 Schoolies reported on the west things looking good for today.

Have heard of mackerel gar & a gurnard caught today

FRESH BAIT King Rag and Black Lug

Thur 17th may

 Both walls open SEasterly breezes build during the day with possible showers this afternoon no catch report today as had the chance to go out on lady of the lake

tue-wed 16th back open

 Wed 16th May

A dry day with light northerlies forecast , both walls open

Tues 15th May

west initialy closed this morning & should open later this morning, east is open. Water looking very coloured with a fair swell on it.


wed - mon 14th & a good w-end

Mon14th May

Both walls open this morning

Sun 13th May

First light report saw a busy west arm with plenty of Mackerel over the top of the tide, east arm also saw a few with the Mackerel slowing down about 9am.  looking like a glorious day for bait fishing advisable to order bait as it is selling fast.

Typed by mrs F, sorry for any typos but it's Sunday and we had a good night :)

rag & black available forecast looking good & expecting the walls to get busy @ mid-day

Sat 12th May

looking like a dry day with light Northerly forecast, both walls open.

Lunchtime round up, on the west have seen a decent keeper Plaice and 2/3lb Bass, over on the east a few early morning mackerel on the dropping tide followed by Whiting, Rockling, Dab, Plaice, Flounder a decent sized Gar on the low and so far over a dozen small Thornbacks. More later

final , saw 13 species today on the walls , as well as the above you can add  dogfish  & smooth hounds on the east a herring on the west & the song starts to sound like mambo no5 .  not the ton of mackerel that some expected in the end but some were had on both walls . (the water never propperly cleared) but looking v promising for sunday.


Fri 11th May

West to initialy remain shut this morning , East will open @ 7.30am

Thurs 10th May

Both walls closed , tackle box open as normal.

WED may 9th

west to close this morning, check with shop after 10am regarding the east

UPDATE  west opened as wind not hit levels foecast & under a "weather watch" east open

Afew mackerel showed up on the west early evening but no other reports available to me. WEST and EAST closed  from 8pm


Mon 7th May

A dry start with possible showers later. SEast breeze creeping around today that should finish a light southerly

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

early away today but did hear that there were mackerel , plaice,dab and flounder caught today , & seems that gar have also returned to the walls.

6th may mackerel return

Sun 6th May

another damp start with similar conditions to sat, NE breezes & rain. Lunchtime up-date, the sea has finally flushed out and looking clean with a lot of excited east europeans pulling mackerel out like there is no tommorrow on the east arm.

mid day (& done) both walls have seen good numbers of mackerel, the bait anglers have also seen , pollack,wrasse,dab,plaice,flounder, & scrachtings like bullheads &rockling

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

Sat 5th May

A wet & breezy start this morning with rain & a NNE  wind

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

Bit of a long slow slug it out today with the best catches over the top of the tide.  The west had a few mackerel to show for it & the east produced plaice dab and flounder with the occasional mackerel & herring.

1-4th may quiet

Fri 4th May

 Light northerlies forecast today with mixed cloud cover

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug 

A slow and sluggish day with the water still murky & taking its good time clearing. Heard of a few mackies over the high on the west &  dab,flounder & schoolie bass on the east . Early evening was just as tight with  the water making it a slog

Thurs 3rd May

No one about to get any overnight news , water this morning still looking cloudy

seems the squid comp made the newspapers today 

Shame they mocked it rather than say £470 was raised for the RNLI , hey ho

FRESH BAIT black lug

round up, late afternoon had heard of a few flatties on the east but hardly anyone about, early evening saw  a few small schoolies on the west along with dab, a flounder & whiting as the light ran out.

 Wed 2nd May

Both walls open , looking like some decent temps starting up again 

FRESH BAIT:  Black Lug and limited Rag

round up.-, was told of  a few mackerel caught early in the day & mention of some missed bass but no real number or size indication. Did see dab flounder plaice and whiting on the east as the day was finishing .

Tues 1st May

 Both walls open as normal.check with shop regarding fresh bait


Mon 30th Apr

Check with shop on east arm opening, west open as normal

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Sun 29th april

Currently very unpleasant, heavy rain and strong north easterlys which are forecast to quickly swing south east this morning, for this reason the east wall has remained closed.  West wall open and expected to stay so. 

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Mrs F, up early on a Sunday :)

Sat 28th Apr

Both walls open this morning

FRESH BAIT ; king rag & black lug


With water looking like the yellow river delta, a north wind that never seemd to want to give up & constant drizle I was a bit surprised that anyone bothered to try the walls today , for those that did ....

Both walls saw dogfish,dab,whiting, flounder & rockling, the east also saw  a small stary smooth-hound, a schoolie with small bits and bobs also in the mix.

fri 27th apr

both walls shut first thing though a possibility of them opening later today, check with shop this afternoon for an update

 Thurs 26th apr

closed again today & not looking great for monday either

25th squid comp roundup

wed 25th  a double close down today
Tues 24rd

Both walls should be back open this morning

FRESH BAIT king rag

 Squid comp

The east wall sun 22nd was reserved for the squid/bass comp. Due to poor conditions it went ahead rather than cancel with an amended bass comp added in alongside mainly due to poor squid conditions. The bass prize was set for  longest fish. Registration was from 8am & many anglers hasd wandered around to the east wall gate by 9.30. Although the comp wasnt due to begin until 11am the gate was opened early to allow setup for those that were early.

 The forecast had promised heavy rain showers & rising  S/Westerlies throughout the day.It seems the sungod must have smiled a little because the rain failed to happen for the duration of the comp!

Fishing started promptly at 11am in clear skies & sunshine with a light breeze. Mid-day had seen various catches,dog fish, a thornback ray, whiting bullheads & rockling but none of the targets . THE WIND WAS RISING! Shouts & laughter  on the higer bays drew my curiosity to find on bay 55 the smallest squid I had ever seen (pic on gallery) still pulsing in the spines of Davide's jig! OMG! a strike that was pictured & recorded. News went down the wall faster than I did .The laughs the pic produced raised spirits & gave a good humoured slant to the day.THE WIND HAD RISEN!

High tide came & passed just before 1pm as the water put a chop into things & THAT wind started to punish the front of the east wall with one or two peeling off to call it a day.Pleasant it was not. on the drop  half hour in came the bass 38cm  on rag  caught by Matt Bauckham and boy was the WIND now blowing. I'm sure I got home with my face sand blasted.

Sadly they were the only comp catches all day &  a good dozen slogged it out to the bitter end high on the east pegs, cudos to them for gritting it out. A good few went early  due to poor conditions ,poor fishing and a few that simply got a  big soaking.

Thanks to the organisers (george & tronix pro) over £470 has been raised for the RNLI & I believe a good day was had by the majority that not only made it but stuck it out.

Mon 23rd

Check with shop on wall openings, a round up of the squid comp here later

sat21st + squid comp news

 Squid comp 22nd April has now been amended, rather than cancelling and having the RNLI miss out it has been decided to widen the comp with Squid as primary prize winners and a 2nd rod (£2) optional with a prize for largest Bass caught, if no Bass caught prize for heaviest fish.

Sat 21st apr

Mainly light westerlies today slowly building this afternoon and looking like it may stay dry.

FRESH BAIT ; black lug & king rag

round-up ; the water today looked more like the mekong river than BTN  seafront even over the high water mark. The east was very slow producing much of anything & by the end of the afternoon had heard most had struggled for anything better than  rockling & whiting  although a few flatties were also had with plaice being the better in numbers.

The west  was the one to fish it seems though with  a couple of bass keepers, plaice dab & flounders scoring for the flatties , pollack rockling whiting and some dogfish for good measure were all racked up today

20th apr

20 apr
east has some minor repairs that should be done today & open 1-26 until done.
weather watch on west so advised to check with shop

14th - 16th w/end off & closed


Mon 16th Apr

light breezes forecast today with a mix of sun & cloud, should stay dry though

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

 Sun 15th Apr



FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

No reports today , I'm slobbing it for my birthday :P

Sat 14th Apr

N/Easterlies that rise as the day progresses with mixed sun & cloud cover forecast, no over night reeports to hand.

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

fri 13th apr

 Fri 13th Apr

Starting N/east breeze that becomes changeable with possible showers this afternoon.

overnight (thurs)again mainly dogfish with it seems squid being the bait of choice.

the grapevine told me plenty of plaice today , no other reports to go on though

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

thur 12th

Thur 12th Apr

Light N/Westerlies this morning, both walls open

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

reports of plaice dab, scholie's,flounder & whiting on the east today

11th-12th apr

 both walls open time off so no reports

tues 10th

Tues 10th west remained shut , east opened mid morning

mon 9th closedown

 Mon 9th Apr

Easter Monday , Shop open this morning as normal 7am. Both walls are closed as high South Westerly winds & rain hit the coast

FRESH BAIT , king rag & black lug

sun & vid clips

 Sun 8th Apr

 Mixed sun & showers forecast with light breezes picking up as the day goes on WEST WALL will be closed over night(sun-mon) and remain shut monday . The east is looking a bit grim for monday also

A slow wet start to the day , saw  the odd mackerel on the west as I left & there were a couple of dab caught east  wall.

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

video clips from the 2012 daiwa pollack comp

tight lines (sky sports)

getting underway 2012 lady of the lake

sat 7th slow east mackies west

Sat 7th Apr

Mixed cloud & sun forecast.  Overnight report more Dogfish and a few Plaice on the west.

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

Todays round up isn't the most fantastic of reports. East I know little but  a couple of very good squid were landed by fishyrob and his client(pic onsite) of the day some plaice high end of the wall & the occasional mackerel. I spent the day  slobbing it on the west where the main story were mackerel over the high mark.  Probably 60ish landed so most had a few that were there over the top of the tide.

Advanced warning  for mondays bank holiday . the west WILL be closed as poor weather hits , the east may be open low numbers but  check here or with the shop on updates monday

fri 6th a few plaice

 Fri 6th Apr

 A constant north to NWest breeze today with decent levels of sun forecast

As well as yesterdays round up I am now told that there were Squid and mackerel caught on both walls.  No overnight to give but early catches of mackerel on the west before 9am.

By mid-day mackerel on the west to float and feathers also similar on the east with Plaice mid-wall.  High on the east also plaice were being landed nicely with one angler chalking up at least 6 and going strong as I passed.

FRESH BAIT ;- black lug & king rag

wed thurs 4&5th ..dogfish

Thurs 5th Apr

Northeasterlies forecast with cloud cover will feel cooler today

FRESH BAIT;- king rag(AFTER 10AM) and black lug

wed 4th Apr

Mixed light southerlies forecast with a bit of sun on the coast today. 

FRESH BAIT;- king rag & black lug

 Tues 3rd Apr

 suns up a slight northerly , no reports today , am out on Lady of the lake 

FRESH BAIT king rag , check with shop after mid day re black lug

cracking day out in good company , got back to hear that a good few squid landed on the east this morning.

2nd apr

Mon 2nd Apr

forecasts looking clear & bright , slightly lower temps than the last week or so.


1st thing this morning the east wall bend was alive with activity & heard at least one decent squid got landed early. No idea what was bubbling under the surface but it looked like some there were in for a good start.

No idea on yesterdays catches as the only feedback I have had was "it was busy & some gar were caught"

apr 1st & a rare catch

Sun 1st April

 Mainly an easterly forecast with lower temps again so will feel cooler with probability of another tough going day. 

A late round-up from last night, I was told of last light herring on both walls and a large Squid taken low on the west.  Overnight mainly Whiting and a fish of a lifetime for one angler high on the west, a 12lb Ray lip hooked landed, photo'd and returned.  I have seen the pic and will get a copy on the gallery asap. (pic now live)

FRESH BAIT;- black lug & king rag

march 31st a tough one

March 31st sat

cooler this morning with a stronger N/easterly

FRESH BAIT;- king rag & limited black lug

afternoon roundup

A dropping tide this morning with the easterly was as some predicted a toughone, mid days low mark had no reported catches & looked grim as the tide rose.At one point one bloke on the west with 2 plaice and 3-4 small fry looked to have out fished the entire east wall !

Late calls after 3pm indicated activity on the rising tide with dab & pollack takes high on the east but by this time I was headded away so no true indication of catches over the high & dusk.

30th mar survey boat & tough going

Survey boats plus diver will be working on the east arm today and the west on Saturday, therefore, hazzard awareness is essential

black lug situation . with very short tides  black lug this weekend will be in very short supply ....

Fri 30th Mar

A light northerly with good temps forcast.  A late Thurs report indicates Plaice, Dab, Flounder and herring all caught on the front end of the east.  A couple of mackerel also, overnight vague other than Whiting.

FRESH BAIT;- king rag , black lug

roundup A tough day for all with very short tides,a N/easterly breeze & high pressure combining to make catches hard going. late afternoon  story was quite grim  although late hits of  small plaice  a few herring & some  decent sized dabs were recorded on the east. The west did have a couple of squid landed that I saw with reports of a few lost also but long faces were evident when I walks around this afternoon.

I suspect conditions like this will conspire for 2 or 3 days but hey , who knows , fish are fickle creature & often show that I know  little about them

Thurs 29th March

Thurs 29th March

Dry & sunny forecast with a Northerly breeze

 FREASH BAIT;- King Rag and Black Lug

Wed 28th March

Wed 28th March

 A light N/Easterly forecast with good daytime temps.

FRESH BAIT :- king rag & black lug

Feedback today indicat the plaice were replaced with flounder & some dab, a few mackies showing amongst herring on the east with a gar recorded on the west with other takes that side thin on the ground.

Tues 27th March

Similar conditions to yesterday forecast with a N/Easterly wind & plenty of sunshine.

Details of the 5th all England squid fishing competition

 can now be found at 

round up

west wall catches via reports are very lean with only bits & pieces reported on a late walkabout

over on the east the bend produces a few skinny plaice some dab , flounder & usual herring with a new 1st this year for the east ... a couple of squid , mid wall herring & small flatties up to bay 46 that saw John  log the 1st "recorded" garfish of the year.

A pic on the gallery of the gar though I have been told of a whispered gar on saturday on the east that was released so while the 1st pic wqas today there was a possible on on sat 24th march still to confirm.

mon 26th a few mackies go east

Mon 26th March

A bit of a chilly wind this morning blowing off the land, sun is up clear sky and temps looking good.  No overnight report to hand.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and fresh Peelers

late round up

No accurate reports for the west today but a late walkround on the east indicated decent numbers again of herring/sprats , a few plaice but no great sizes . The flounder & dabs also returned amongst catches of pollack &  a few mackerel along the  wall.

sun 25th + pollack comp results

 sun 25thMarch

Forecasts indicate  a warm spring day with mixed cloud & sun with a N to North Easterly breeze

no propper report as an early wind down but can confirm for the east pollack ,plaice & herring/sprats with  at least another mackerel on the west. Not there for confirms but reports seem sound.

FRESH BAIT;-  Black Lug and King Rag

2012 pollack comp results can be found here

sat round up , mackerel & squid

sat 24th round up

being as the east fully opened today for the first time I thought I'd give this one a spot of its own

6.30am saw people waiting to hit the east. With the gate & fully opened wall one would think .... loas of room , until the weather combined with bob john & all thier mates that though , lets go fish the east.!

Spaces filled fast fully the lenght of the wall & numbers increased also on the west soooo, boring bit done I guess you want to know catches ...

East wall proved a bit hard going and a fickle mistress with plaice caught but no huge sizes. Many returns and a few keepers, I estimate maybe 40+ plaice along the wall today but not so many sized upwards. Herring & sprats were taken full lengths with 9+ pollack on float high numbers today. The west saw a ballan wrasse of over 1lb with a few smaller ones also , a decent plaice @ 1.5lb on a high mark with a smattering of herring that side also with a few flatties scattered also on the low numbers .

MACKEREL again , pic on the gallery of a double take just over the tide on the west & also another single take on the east bay 57 caught by "jack"  on herring feathers

SQUID awaiting a pic  but witnessed on the west as the day was closing on the west wall today, source is reliable so expect a pic soon.

Sat 24th March

 A slight E -> N/East forecast with decent temps expected indicat a great day out there today . The east wall will be fully open today and close @ dusk with the west open as normal 24/7 weather allowing.

FRESH BAIT;- king rag , black lug and  live peelers. All frozen baits in also

SAT 24 east fully open


 Fri 23rd March

Light winds and decent levels of sun should see a glorious day for march

mid morning plaice & a few dab with a smattering of herring caught.... & scaffolders on the wall .......... stay tuned....

FRESH BAIT ;- black lug King rag (farm)

23rd fri scaffolding !

 Fri 23rd March

Light winds and decent levels of sun should see a glorious day for march

mid morning plaice & a few dab with a smattering of herring caught.... & scaffolders on the wall .......... stay tuned....

FRESH BAIT ;- black lug King rag (farm)

thur 22

Thurs 22nd March

Mixed clear & cloud cover with good temps forecast inspite of an easterly breeze (which is building).

FRESH BAIT;- Black Lug and limited King Rag.

quick EARLY round up

mid-day had seen plaice dab & flounder with a few herring in the mix(again mixed sizes), wall repairs continue at a pace, things looking up for the w/end

wed 21st wall fix imminent

Wed 21st March

Slight South Easterly and mainly clear skies forecast with decent temps promised, Unfortunately as I type (7am) the breeze has brought sea fog, it is expected to burn off later.

Mid-day , sun is out & plaice dab & flounder have been taken on the east that I am aware of. 



Minor structure repairs are being carried out today & should complete tomorrow.

Scaffolding work to fence in the damaged section of the east wall are scheduled to start & complete on Friday 23rd March

 Once completed the EAST BREAKWATER  will be allowed to open fully to the end during daylight hours

The major damage  to bays 28-30 is not part of this repair schedule hence the wall will remain to close at sundown until completion.

British Summer Time kicks in this weekend adding an extra hour in the evening for anglers

Check here or the homepage Friday / Saturday for  confirmation of wall openings


 Tues 20th March

 Light westerly forecast with sun & a little cloud cover , should be a nice day out there

early catches already of plaice & herring on the east pre 9am


mon 19th march

sea trout confirmed on the west wall , caught by the pieman on the 18th on a dexter wedge weighed 8lb & pic on the gallery

Pollack comp ... gone fishing :)

wall events today no idea.

will post a mini report here on pollack comp events in the next day or 2 , with a "youtube"  link to a 2 min video clip of the start  "as filmed from Lady of the Lake.

pollack comp video

no prizes for me  but an enjoyable day out.

 sun 18th march

An ok forecast this morning with mainly N/Westerly breeze & mixed sun/cloud cover

Turned out to be a nice day in the sun & I went elsewhere :)


no reports on mothers day .... tomorrow the pollack comp ... lets go fishing :)

STOP PRESS A west arm catch or otherwise put a stonker of a fish


On a dexter wedge hunting bass a sea trout has been landed (reliable sources) of 8lb on the west wall with picture promised before release.

FRESH BAIT :- king rag & black lug

sat 17th & rain

Sat 17th March

St Patrick's day ! =for some I'm guessing it will be wet inside almost as much as outside as the rain arrive's this afternoon on fairly strong s/westerlies

FRESH BAIT;- king rag & black lug

round up , the wind failed to show though the rain came in early & stayed for most of the day. Catches were slower today with low bays on both walls recording plaice catches   a few flounder & dabs also on the east with both walls picking up rockling & whiting though not in great numbers as the water coloured up in the swell. Fewer anglers today & for the 1st time in weeks plenty of room for all on the east as most did not stay too long in the rain

fri 16th lean going

 Fri 16th March

A fair S/westerly today with mixed cloud cover

FRESH BAIT ;- king rag & black lug.

A damp chilly day with sea fog threatening to descend on everything today.  Plaice in lesser numbers when I took a look round .. herrings were showing sometimes in numbers  but over all harder going. No-one on the west today. Last knockings on the east added a few more fish to the tally including a good sized flounder landed by Steve Cooper which is now on the gallery & weiged in spent at 1lb 7oz !

thur 15th

 Thur 15th March

Med S/Swesterly this morning with decent levels of sun forecast, overnight fog lifting.

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

wed 14th a hard fishing trial

wed 14th March

A light easterly this morning with mixed cloud cover.  Bit of a damp start, sea state flat calm, early signs of the east filling quickly.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug, limited King Rag.

round up

leaner times today for all. The rising tide was a slow producer with 1st off's being flounder's.  up and over the tide things were lean with flounder & plaice on the east in low numbers and the herring proving very hard work, A good sized plaice on the west (a high mark) and a decent flounder off bay 6 proved that east wind(breeze) was living up to the "hard going" herring on both sides rounded off the daytime .....

tues 13th a bit slower

 Tues 13th March

A slight easterly with similar conditions to yesterday promised.

FRESH BAIT king rag , check with shop re black lug

round up, plaice a little slower than the last few days with very few flounder & dab to be seen today. Herring on both walls with the west doing ok for them. A shad also caught on ther west ... seems early to me .....! comercials again picking up mackerel today.

mon/tues 12&13th march

 Tues 13th March

A slight easterly with similar conditions to yesterday promised.

FRESH BAIT king rag , check with shop re black lug

Mon 12th march

 Slight North to N/Easterly today,day temps looking good,water clear & flat

FRESH BAIT :- black lug

sun 11 a busy start

 sun 11th march

Temps looking good for today with a slight Northerly, east opened 7am and already off to a busy start. Most bays full by 9am with plaice flounder and herring already caught on the low water. West has filled quickly taking the overspill though no indicated early catches. There were a couple of dogfish & some rockling caught over night though full reports not available so no real indicator of what went on last night.

sat 10th good news

 sat 10th March

East arm has filled up quickly this morning (someones heard there was fish)  Early catches include, Dab, Flounder and Herring.  Over on the west feed back reports indicate Plaice, Dab and Flounder having been caught during the week on lower marks over the sand.  With the numbers turning up today a few people have chosen to try the lower half of the tallys indicate the morning went well & a slow up from noon onwards but , some good plaice & a fat flounder pushing 1.5lb to jack on the east herring all roung on both sides with a dogfish & flounder adding to the west takes.

Good news, Dave has managed to coax the marina powers to  increase the fencing around the damaged area of the east wall. This means when done the rest of the east will become available to fish during the DAY, it will REMAIN CLOSED at night until propperly repaired though

Forecast shows a slight N/westerly today with mixed cloud cover

 FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

fri 9th march

 Fri 9th March

 Both walls open. A slight westerly today , overcast , water colour a bit murky but should clear on the bigger tide.

FRESH BAIT ;black lug, king rag,

reports of good flattie catches again on the east and... told that there should be some good news  regarding access to the east real soon... watch this space

thurs 8th

 Thurs 8th March

 East open @ 7.30 am & west about 8am

FRESH BAIT :- black lug & king rag

east looks like it will be busy early with the sun out & a slight N/W breeze, water looking a bit coloured.

round up

plaice seemed order of the day with one group bagging 20+, dab & flounders also to be had today though the herring were in short supply today. Of note today ... a nice gurnard  including one very small gurnard fry.

wed / thus 7 & 8th

 Thurs 8th March

 East open @ 7.30 am & west about 8am

FRESH BAIT :- black lug

 wed 7th March

Both walls closed this morning due to poor conditions

Tues 6th March

Tues 6th March

 walls open  no calls on catches so no idea of updates or catches these last 2 days other than a brief email to the site

Email: = math********@********.com
Message: = I like the blog and site. nice one. Me and Chris had a good day on Sat even though we only caught about 20 rockling. Nice to be back on the wall! 

late round up Seems the east arm has had a good day  with plaice , dab & flounder, suplemented by some good herring , a couple of schoolie bass & a small thornback amongst the catches today. Am told no one fished the west.

Things looking grim for tomorrow with a probable double closedown

4 march

 4th march Sunday

Both walls now open, conditions are not great with rain and a southerly making things unpleasant, water a little lumpy and colouring.

round up , wet & wild hard going for the loons that went for it, catches today  were so so hard to come bye but that special something sometimes happens .... ahhh I love seceret catches .....


FRESH BAIT King Rag and very limited Black Lug.

3rd mar

 3rd March

 A foggy start with South westerlies expected to pick up which will most likely affect the west wall.Currently both walls open and expected to deteriorate about mid-day.  BOTH arms could be effected.

FRESH BAIT. King Rag with limited Black Lug.

today was a hard one for all on both walls. conditions blew from the S/E then the S/W with both walls getting lumped with big waves. as the day progressed on the east more went home than caught . I did a final wander round about 4pm to have heard only of a few flatties caught on the east ( though phone call suggested it picked up a little) prior to the east closing for the day . the west was little less harsh for this time of year with a few bullheads & rockling while dabs again were also reported on

2nd march

 2nd march fri

Mini overnight report of Whitting and Rockling.  Similar first thing this morning ( all caught on West).

MADDNESS WARNING It had to happen, this yrs first MACKEREL (pic on gallery) Alex Secord wins a tacklebox T-shirt

 FRESH BAIT King Rag, limited Black Lug.

BAIT WARNING with this weekends tides black lug will be in extemely short supply and currently limited  to one per person (unless already ordered)

Conditions this morning, slightly hazy, a bit cooler than yesterday, sea flat calm, south east breeze that should go easterly later.

Friday I am told turned into a long slog for many. The east was mean until the high tide later in the day with the bulk of the days catch prior to that being herring. As the tide peaked  lots of dab were reported with fair numbers of plaice & flounder also. This continued as the light dropped also bringing in rockling & whiting. The West was also reporting a sprinking of dab late on amongst the usual bullhead & rockling as the light faded

1st March, Thurs

 1st March, Thurs

Both walls open, slight northerly, sea flat calm, sky almost clear.  Looking to be a glorious day.

 FRESH BAIT King Rag and Black Lug

Daytime catches on the east were thin on the ground prior to the high, mostly herring , from 3pm on catches increased with dab, flounder & some reasonable sized plaice coming out on the bend 15-22, higher numbers today struggled I am told. good numbers of herring & sprats over the top & as the light faded  whiting & rockling came out to play with what seemed like a sudden influx of crabs.


 wed 29th feb

 A foggy start that looks as if its trying to bed in for the day.

FRESH BAIT:- king rag & black lug
later results after the high again produced dab, flounder plaice & herring,briefly had a go myself late afternoon and had an almost seethrough dab on  a scavanged fresh out.

28th feb

tues 28th feb

Slightly milder than yesterday, north west breeze.  Sea state reasonably flat, water colour clearing, signs of low cloud cover forming which might dampen things down.

 FRESH BAIT King Rag,( Black Lug expected this morning as well as a few fresh outs)

early herrring & sprats this morning & some decent afternoon catches of dab & plaice for most people fishing.

west open overnight & the east should be open @ 7am ish


mon 27th feb

Looks like another reasonable days forecast with a westerly breeze, gonna go dangle some worms I think,

FRESH BAIT :- black lug
slow going today on the rising tide , a few herring & sprats seen . as the day progressed  there were plaice dab & flounders for most groups fishing.
west open over night , east closed

sun 26th

 Sun 26th Feb

East opened early this morning, very busy, prime spots taken already.  Fish wise a slow start with one decent Plaice caught.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug, limited king Rag, all frozen available.

sun roundup done via a call, late afternoon & seems the plaice declined to play making things hard going with only a few catches upto the top of the tide.... herring were caught I am told about an hour over @3pm ish, no huge numbers but @40ish seen,

gonna try a bait dangle in the morning just to see what happens

sat 25th

sat 25th

Both arms open, low cloud cover making a damp and overcast start.  Saw more than 15 Cormorants working the water.  Sea state coloured and calm.

 FRESH BAIT Black Lug and king rag.

round up : a busy day on the east with plenty of good sized plaice with a few dab and a small schoolie thrown into the mix, From bay 11 up to 26 all fished well today. The west was a grimmer story though with catches  hard to come by . One plaice was reported but most  catches that side today were bullheads.

working baits today , black lug,king rag,squid,mackerel & blueys

24 feb

fri 24th feb
a foggy start today  with a westerly breeze , both walls should be open today until sundown.

overheard report for the day says some plaice for those that targeted them with a few dabs & rockling showing.......flounders were a noticeable  abcence today though

23rd feb

23rd feb
a few catches being reported in the sun on the east wall, a small schoolie , the occasional herring , dab & plaice also some rockling.

22 feb

check with shop re west wall thursday morning as winds may prevent the west opening. East open as normal sun up to sundown

20th feb

Having seen a few catches yesterday decided to try a mornings worm drowning on the east. Got there early to find the watewr cleaner & a cross wind cooling things somewhat. Had a dab flounder & bullhead on old black before packing up @ midday  saw a couple of plaice on way off the wall also.

Sun 19th Feb

Sun 19th Feb
Both walls open, (closing at sunset).  Slight south west breeze with a slight swell, water still coloured.

lunch roundup
by mid day  a good number of plaice dab & flounder caught, rockling & whiting also and just for good measure a schoolie bass of @ 1lb was returned. Black lug  doing the business today with catches also on king rag.

Sat Feb 18th

Sat Feb 18th
Both walls closed this morning due to strong south westerlys.  A check on the east will be made @ mid-day but current forecasts indicate the wall will remain closed.

FRESH BAIT King Rag, limited Black Lug for orders.

F ( Mrs F, up at silly o'oclock for you lovely people, chocolates welcome :) )

fri 17th

fri 17th feb
A quick run round late afternoon , reports of a few plaice  in the afternoon but not a lot other than  small rockling as the light was fading.

west will remain shut tomorrow(sat) due to high winds forecast.

14th feb

Dab , flounder herring and some decent sized plaice reported today

Sun 12th Feb

Sun 12th Feb
Walls open at 8.30, a cold start with ice and a heavy frost, clear skys , a slight north westerly.  Looking to be a very cold one.
FRESH BAIT LIMITED, Black Lug.  Ordering advisable.
Plaice, dab flounder & herring I am told on the east today.

11th feb

A very cold start, walls open @ 8.30
FRESH BAIT:- king rag & black lug
cold until the sun took hold and thawed the ice laying around, for FEb what I deem sluggish was probably a decent day looking back on this time last year. Some plaice & dab, with a few  rockling on the east mixed with bullheads on both walls amounted to some not blanking. 11 am saw a couple of this years 1st herring on the wall & after the tide high a good sized herring that could have out done some of the summers mackerel.
Conditions look similar for tomorrow so ... with luck ...... the water will clear a little bit more & bring in those elusive herring.

Fri 10th Feb

Fri 10th Feb
Both walls open, overcast 0-1 degrees, north east breeze, water slightly coloured.
FRESH BAIT, Black Lug.

west sluggish with  rockling & bullheads.
east reported dab & flounders but no huge numbers there or caught. The wind chilled fast today & slowed up anglers.

7th feb

 Not a huge amount going on over the last few days with many not bothering to brave the cold.
Plaice dab & flounder seem order of the day though with whiting at night along the beaches I am told.
East fishing a bit better than the west as far as I can gather.

Sat 4th Feb

Sat 4th Feb
Off to a very cold start (-3).  Both walls open, sky 70% clear, water clear and flat, slight north east breeze.  Cold , cold, BLOODY FREEZING.
FRESH BAIT King rag, limited Black Lug.

Did I mention its cold
With snow forecast both walls closed overnight
round up
tough going for all today with many headded to warmer parts after an hour or so. Few bites on either wall making things very hard going.
Elsewhere on the charters a 22lb cod was landed on SeaBreeze3 & 6 or more pollack on Lady Of The Lake some of which were pushing 14lb

F ( the wuss)

jan 30

jan 30
Just a quick look see later in the day but seems  many found things hard going today with less fish about but most catches reported as flatties of one type or another.

Sun 29th Jan

Sun 29th Jan

Both walls open, cloudy start to the day, slightluy overcast and cold.
FRESH BAIT, Black Lug and King rag

F, typed by Mrs F up early just for you guys..............well not really Michael has a footie game :)

mid-day both walls reporting a slow sluggish start. the sea can't decide what colour it wants to be & seems stuck in a murky green that is too clear for some stuff & not clear enough for the wanted herring/sprat runs. Away for the day now so no later round up

Sat 28th Jan

Sat 28th Jan
FRESH BAIT King Rag, limited Black Lug ( frozen Lug available)
Sea state this morning quite yellow, should clear quickly on the rising tide.  Cold start to the morning with a northerly breeze.

round up
A bit of a species hunt day in the  winter sun. Small codling,whiting,a couple of good sized plaice,flounder ,a good number of plaice rockling and bullheads all found on the east. A very slow day for those that went  over to the west though with most struggling to get bites. From what I heard I believe the tally was only the occasional  whiting.


The east this week has been producing  decent  sized whiting on the coloured water with dab & flounders also evident. Ocasional pollack still being caught on the lower rocky bays also. Bullhead's & rockling also in evidence.
The west has remained shut as maintenance has been hampered by unsuitable weather conditions, slippery surfaces &  some potholes that are ear marked for repair still the priority and hampering a reopening.

Beyond the tower (extension) will remain closed for some time as there is heavier damage to deal with and a larger weather window is required .

 West open tomorrow morning(sat) @ 9am


23-1-11 monday
Catches through the weekend into today dominated by whiting with a few flatties also reported coming up on the east.
West currently closed with some repairs needing to be done & will get re opened as soon as possible.

Pollock Competition
Monday March 19th 2011 Brighton MarinaPollock Competition


Sat 21st Jan

Sat 21st Jan
East arm open, daylight hrs only.  West to remain closed this weekend.  Conditions blowy from the west.  Sea coloured and choppy.
FRESH BAIT King Rag and black Lug.  .
More later.

round up
Not many fishing today in the blowy conditions. For those that made the effort there were whiting a-plenty with some decent sizes caught.

Sun 15th Jan

Sun 15th Jan
Due to poor conditions the Cod Comp has now been cancelled.
All prizes will be re allocated to future planned events to be staged from the marina.(A bream comp among other ideas are being discussed)
After 3 delays it was felt better to cancel rather than reschedule so as not to impact on other forthcoming events.


Sat 14th Jan
West to remain shut today for maintainance, east open 1-26 daylight hrs.  North easterly breeze with a cold start to the morning, sky clear.  Sea state flat calm, water colour a lot clearer than mid week.

FRESH BAIT King rag and black Lug all frozen baits available.
A hard unforgiving day on the east today , the breeze kept things feeling cold & very few fish obliging anyone. Todays meagre catch from what I saw & was told amounted to
1 bullhead, 1 wrasse & 2 flounder of @ 10 & 14oz followed up with 8-12 starfish.

thurs 12thjan

thurs 12th jan
ok a whats going on post
west wall
 some damage loads of slippery surfaces, holes, wires missing etc. As most knowe the west has been closed mosly due to high winds on a west to southerly heading for some weeks. The result is  very slippery surfaces that need treating and wind/storm damage.
 some areas have now been treated (bays 1-16) up to the second steps the rest is  getting done ASAP.
 the damage though is slowing down a re opening which is hoped for just after this weekend.(delayed)
east arm

currently open 1-20 with slippy areas 20-26

20-26 has been treated once and will be slip tested tomorrow morning.
Hopefully 1-26 will be back in use by the weekend

The west extention is not likely to be open  until spring

EAST above 27

an underwater survey is needed to make sure there is no damage to foundations , this is subject to weather  and  diver/survey boat availability.
A time scale is not available as yet and as a result  the east wall will continue to be open ONLY DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS bays 1-26

catches today
dominated again by pout and channel whiting but for 2 the higthlight were a couple of nice shhoolie bass @ the 2lb marks.

wed 11 jan

wed 11 jan
 west should be open soon , 1-16 treated today & will be shut tomorrow due to weather conditions.
East still daytime only & bays 1-20 open
 from what I was told today  things were tough going with mostly whiting coming out.

jan 8th sun

sunday .. escaped  for the day on LADY OF THE LAKE
had a ball
got home to news that JNR's side won 6-2
who said it  don't get any better !

Sat 7th jan

Sat 7th Jan
East arm open bays 1-20 (daylight hrs only)

FRESH BAIT King Rag Limited Black Lug ( pre oredered only)


fri6th jan

fri 6th
Unfortunately the east stayed shut today due to some scaffolding repair work that needed doing.
With luck the east should be open tomorrow daytime after morning checks.
The west wall is unlikely to be open before Tuesday next week at the earliest.

2nd Jan

Mon 2nd Jan
East open 9-dusk
west closed
5.30 pm both walls now closed
catches mostly whiting today with a couple of small flatties and a decent sized pollack on the low pegs.

Tuesday both walls closed

30th dec

east open daytime only
west shut
east now shut & will re open @ 9am until dust
todays catches include pollack channel and pout whiting  dab and flounders.

round up
East now shut , mostly whiting caught today with a few  rockling & slugs thrown in for good measure


Thurs 29thdec

Thurs 29thdec
things still looking bleak out there , both walls closed today (thurs) looking at the weather forecast there is a small chance of the east opening friday but I would advise checking with the shop after 9am on that one.
westerlies & S-westerlies will cause disruption for the next few days by the looks of it
wishing all a good new year or even a better one than the last.


east arm update

The east has now had some safety barriers put in place allowing access to bays 1 through 25
For safety reasons the east will close at night

Fri 23rd the east is unlikely to open  unless therfe is a change in current forcast(Dave)

thanks for the well wishes , am now home save n sound all sorted. back after xmas, looking at weather indications anyone wishing to fish the marina should check with the shop first as things do not look favourable for the west to be open & I have no news on the east wall status.

Weds 21st Dec

Weds 21st Dec
Frank remains in hospital, needs another ct scan and he has been placed on a liquid diet.  Not sure as to when he will be home. 

I will keep you guys informed

Mrs F

Tues 20th Dec

Tues 20th Dec
Sorry guys no report today as Frank is in hospital.  Off to see him shortly will up-date later.

Mrs F

Sat 17th Dec

Sat 17th Dec
The east arm to remain closed until further notice, west arm open.

FRESH BAIT King rag and Black Lug

F typed by Mrs F, Brill night last night, Will Johns loved your music, fantastic.


west wall check in the morning
east wall pics bay 27 area

15th dec

15th dec
With all the rough weather in the last months the east arm has taken some severe damage.
The wall will be closed until essential repairs are underway. Scaffolding & fencing need erecting & until that part is completed the east will remain shut.

Once done the lower bays will be open for fishing  (bay 1-25) The top section will remain closed from 26 onwards until these repairs are completed.

Because of the nature of the work the east arm when it re-opens will only be open during daylight hours for the duration of the repairs.

Wed 14th Dec

Wed 14th Dec
East arm should be open today (check with shop) unlikely for the west until probably the weekend.



Sun 11th Dec

Sun 11th Dec
No overnight available as of 8am both walls shut.
Frozen baits available shop open as normal


Sat 10th Dec

Sat 10th Dec
Both walls open, overnight catches dominated by Whiting.  This morning has started with the first real frost with sun climbing rapidly and warming the air, sea state for Dec virtualy flat but very coloured.

FRESH BAIT King rag. Please check with shop re Black Lug.

loads of whiting are the order of the day with pollack,flounder & the occasional schoolie bass today....
both walls open over night but its looking like the weather is going to close in on Sundays fishing.....

Fri 9th Dec

Fri 9th DecEast arm now open, west top remain shut today, water state muddy and lumpy with a westerly wind.

FRESH BAIT  King rag, check with shop for black Lug after mid-day.



both walls closed today

6th dec

6th dec
A chilly morning 4 on the east fishing with a few whiting  being caught. West shut today with the westerly expected to strengthen.

Mon 5th dec

Mon 5th dec

West wall now closed at least until Friday, One or two brave souls on the east when I trundled around for a look see. I guess the "monday club" packed up early.
Temps dropping quickly in the strong westerly wind with catchges predominently whiting.

sun 4th

sun 4th
west to remain shut through the day , re east wall, please check with shop

black lug & king rag

Sat dec 3rd

Sat dec 3rd
walls shut over night, west to remain shut through the day , re east wall, please check with shop

black lug & king rag

Fri 2nd Dec

Fri 2nd Dec
Nobody around this morning a north wind/breeze chilling the air.  Water flat calm and very coloured.
FRESH BAIT King Rag and Black Lug arriving anytime.
A late round up
 not too many anglers today. For those that  were lucky there were some schoolie bass on both walls  and some flatties with what looked like a 2lb is brill, am no expert but it sure looked like one but with luck Sam will confirm for me next time I see him.
Walls both closed over night.

dec 1st Thurs

dec1st Thurs
Wet and windy start this morning with the walls closed over night & this morning, should get an update later on wall openings  weather allowing.

East arm is now open ( 3.30pm) A check now being done on the west and should be open in 15 mins, walls to remain open over night.



wet & windy , walls closed tackle shop open.

Tues 29th Nov

Tues 29th Nov
Due to weather conditions the Cod Comp has been posponed and a new date will be arranged for it

Both walls are closed today and most likely over night also.
For those wanting to brave the beaches fresh bait is available from the tackle box

Mon 28th Nov

Mon 28th Nov
Both walls open this morning , southerly starting to build which will probably cause closures this evening, sea state slight swell dark green in colour, reports of Bass on the east yesterday will try and get proper confirmation today, not a soul to be seen this morning.

FRESH BAIT Black lug and King rag.

More later.
Both walls to closed this evening as the winds build.
Todays catches were thin on the ground but mackerel again caught on both walls with the odd small schoolie bass & flattie also caught on the east.
Windy conditions didnt help for those that braved it today.

Sat 26th Nov

This time last year we had heavy snow !
Today high winds on the SW WSW which means the west will be closed for a day or two at least.
EAST wall please check with shop Sat/Sun

For me, 2 days off as the lurgy kicks in !

Fri 25th Nov

Fri 25th Nov
West wall will remain closed, east arm is now open (9am).  Wind westerly, sea state choppy and very coloured.
FRESH BAIT check with shop.
Very few fishing today on the east wall. Dab flounder & pout were the order of the day off the bend though.
West to remain closed over night into tommorow

Thurs 24th Nov

Thurs 24th Nov
Nobody fishing this morning, strong south westerly to start with which is forecast to increase throughout the day, currently both walls open but the west is unlikely to remain so.  If travelling any distance after mid-day check conditions as forecasts indicate probable closures.

the walls stayed open daytime though the west expected to close over night
In spite of the winds  mackerel , gurnard & bass were caught on the east & at least one 2.5lb'er  (bass) on the west.



Weds 23rd Nov

Weds 23rd Nov
Nobody around this morning for an overnight report.  This morning now the sun is up the air is warming, very slight easterly, sea clear and calm.  A few Mackerel and Gar being taken on floats already with bits and peices down the side on the west as well , more later.
Round up
Temps still holding in the afternoons even though the  next few days will see the S/Westerlies pick up starting tomorrow afternoon.
This mornings high saw mackerel & gar again on both walls with the rocks on the east producing pollack & schoolie bass. Over on the west wrasse, blennies, goby's & bullheads were also being caught.
Signs of squid around though no one was fishing for them today.

Tues 22nd nov

Tues 22nd Nov
Overnight mostly Pouting, this morning after a showery start things are clearing up nicely. the sun is out signs of mackerel with plenty of Gar being caught on the west on floats.

Mackerel & gar on both walls again , mostly caught on float setups but also on feathers on the west .... Also on the west good numbers of  ballan & corkwing wrasse , blennies, gobies,bullheads & pout.


monday 21st

monday 21st
not much to say this morning , not a soul on the wall 1st thing . S Easterly &  light fog made for a damp cooler start. Water  not looking too bad though.
Few people fishing today though the east was producing again for those using float set ups with mackerel gar  and even Gurnard being reported caught.

20th Nov Sun

Sun 20th Nov
Sketchy reports from last night, they were dominated by complaints of Whiting.
This morning things look calmer than yesterday slight north easterly, water clarity better, pretty much a flat sea.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and King Rag all frozen baits available.


Sat 19th Nov

Sat 19th Nov
Nobody about this morning though a few arriving early, early catches mainly Pout, Whiting.  Wind mainly easterly at times between 10-15 mph, water coloured with a slight swell.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug and King Rag.
More later
Round up
A long slog for many today as the tide dropped through the  morning to a low at 11am things got hard. The fish decided not to play for many with only a few small catches. Lunch into afternoon was much the same. Small  pouting,a few mackerel & gar made people struggle for fish of any kind. Late afternoons tally as I left were  some small bass, a few mackies & gar, the occasional plaice & flounder & some wrasse. A long slow slog indeed.

Thurs 18th Nov

Fri 18th Nov
6am the marina resembled a ghost town , hardly surprising with the fairly strong southerly blowing, the walls are open but are going to be uncomfortable to fish if the wind gets any stronger.  Current forecast is a steady 15-20mph making the water choppy and somewhat lumpy on the wall.

FRESH BAIT Advisable to order as supplies are somewhat limited. Black Lug and King Rag available.

F and mrs F a very happy 20th birthday to our son Peter xxx

Thurs 17th Nov

Thurs 17th Nov
Nobody about this morning so no overnight report, clouds now clearing turning into a bright day, light south westerly with a small chop to the sea.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and King Rag
round up
mackerel and gar dominating the days catches on both walls again with some nice pollack high on the east for  good measure. A few bass about on both walls again but over all seeming a bit slower today ( pollack pic uploaded)


Weds 16th Nov

Weds 16th Nov
Quiet this morning nobody around, slight easterly, sea reasobly flat with a bit of coulour in the water, temps about 8-9 degrees.
FRESH BAIT King Rag and Black Lug.
round up
mackerel and gar again on both walls ! mid November almost & summer fish are still around. other catches today were mostly pouting and wrasse with a large squid reported dropped last night on the west.

15th Nov Tues

Tues 15th Nov
No overnight available.
This morning the easterly wind seems stronger than forecast as a result air temp feels colder.  Sun just getting up (8am) so should start warming things up.
FRESH BAIT King Rag and limited Black Lug.
Round up
Few fishing today but those that did saw a small shoal of mackerel scoot up both walls in the morning closely followed by gar. Plenty happening on floats & micro rigs. Had a dabble on the west for 30 mins & got bait mugged by  small pout so gave up after  2 wrasse & a dozen pout.

Mon 14th Nov

Mon 14th Nov

Nobody around this morning for overnight report but was told yesterday fished well especially on the east.  Gar and mackerel on floats reasonably sized Schollie Bass plenty of Pollack and i am informed that there was a small shoal of Mackerel skipping up and down the wall.
This morning seems quiet , slightly overcast ,light easterly breeze, fairly calm for mid November surprisingly mild.
FRESH BAIT Black lug @ 10am ( check shop for availability)

Mackerel on the east wall (bend) in decent numbers for the few that ventured out this morning , mostly on sabiki or herring feathers with  more to float set ups also.
other takes included gar & plaice today.


Sun 13th Nov

Sun 13th Nov
Overnight not too many around this morning to give a proper idea but it seems there are again Horse mackerel plenty of Pout Schoolie bass activity and like yesterday some Shad being caught.  A little reminder for the unaware Shad are protected and should be returned (they look like  a giant Herring with a ribbed lower lip)
This morning the easterly wind is a lot lower than current forecast indicate.  Catches this morning are mainly Mackerel and a few Gar.
Conditions, mild, sunny, slight breeze, fairly flat sea.

FRESH BAIT Black lug with limited King Rag.

F typed by Mrs F up early on a Sunday morning for you lot , flowers and chocolates welcome :)

Sat 12th Nov

Sat12th Nov
No overnight available, conditions this morning calming down quite quickly should settle to a light southerly breeze, sea state has still a little surf this morning.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug and King Rag all frozen baits available.
More later
A bit sluggish today though 1st light runs were of schoolie bass mostly on the west .
Through the day it seems that floats were the way to go for mackerel,gar & pollack. Ground fishing has produced  over a dozen 1-2lb schoolies mostly on the east.
Other catches today include dab,flounder,a small smooth hound,bullheads, blennies & a couple of gobies.
Also confirmed was week last sats bass weight of 9lb 4 oz , did see a pic but there was a problem forwarding so not  got a pic yet to post.
Also saw a pic of a 3lb+ turbot caught last week on the east and hoping that will also be forwarded to the site gallery.

11-11-11 round up

General round up
 The last week has been an odd one . Unusually mild temps & weather in general. After an iffy start last week and wall closures things took off on the east Saturday morning with the top end becoming bass central first light. One regular managed over 20+ schoolies with some  reasonable keepers. The bass fest continued in the evening through Sun morning & last light into Monday morning. Tues saw some also on 1st & last light.

 The same Saturday became a species hunters paradise with takes including:-

Gar fish, Mackerel, Pouting, Dab,Whiting,pollack,flounder,plaice and herring. This mornings small cod  was about 2lb & a confirmed 3-4lb codling last weekend on the east also.
Mackerel & gar have been common takes on floats on both arms, pollack in bursts also  and plenty of  corkwing & ballan wrasse still about on the west.
Brill ,bream, thornback & blond rays have also been reported in small numbers with whiting on occasion hitting over 1lb on both walls at night.
Conditions & water temps  it seems have confused the fish & summer species are still around & mixing it up[ with winter takes and it looks like next week is going to be a mild one again.

Fri 11th Nov

Fri 11th Nov
No overnight report available.  This morning not a soul to be seen, very low cloud cover and a sea mist making it a damp start, south east breeze 10-15 mph , sea state a little coloured and a slight swell.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, check with shop after mid-day re Black Lug
More later.

A Cod this morning on the west(see gallery) also caught were gar mackerel,wrasse & pouting.

Thurs 10th Nov

Thurs 10th Nov

Little to say overnight mostly Whiting the rest pretty much scratching.  This morning an easterly breeze with low cloud cover, temps fairly decent for the time of yr, sea flat calm .Mackerel and small Bass caught on the East arm at first light.

FRESH BAIT King rag, check with shop re black Lug

More later.
afternoon round up
saw on the east , mackerel gar  small schoolie bass & plaice today
over on the east  , more gar & mackerel, I managed a pollack &  12+ wrasse a bullhead & some pout on ragworm


Weds 9th Nov

Weds 9th Nov
A south easterly breeze this morning expected to pick up to about 15mph, a damp start that should clear, nobody on the walls this morning but again yesterday the east wall was reported to have some decent Schoolie Bass catches with Gar, Mackerel and Herring reported on occasion on both walls.

FRESH BAIT King Rag and limited Black Lug
A sluggish daytime reported with schoolie's & mackerel the main talking point. Garfish pout wrasse & bullheads around also.

Tues 8th Nov

Tues 8th Nov

Overnight report Nobody around this morning so lacking night report. This morning a damp misty start with low cloud cover, sea flat as a pancake with a slight north easterly.

FRESH BAIT King Rag, check with shop about mid day for Black Lug.


Mon 7th Nov

Mon 7th Nov
Overnight rumours of more Schoolie Bass on the east other than that nobody around this morning to confirm of anything.
This morning things are very quiet, sea flat calm with a north east breeze, dull and overcast with temps still fairly mild.
FRESH BAIT King rag check with shop re Black Lug @ mid day.
round up
Seems that the afternoon on the east was producing with mackerel gar and herring about among other things.
Last light on both walls were producing  pouting as well.

06 November 2011

06 November 2011

Afternoon / Evening report from yesterday
Plenty of schoolie bass over the rocks on the east
Overnight - No other reports available

This morning - A similar story on the east with bass being taken, Also on both walls, Mackerel, Gar, Flounder and Herring.
Conditions this morning are clear and cool, with a rising north wind
FRESH BAIT, limited black Lug with fresh king rag available.

Sat 5th Nov

Sat 5th Nov

Overnight both walls saw some large Channel whiting (on the west 1.5lb +) Not too many people around this morning but a few Schoolie Bass caught on the half light this morning with a 3lber confirmed overnight.  Conditions this morning look clear and currently calm with the wind now northerly.  Forecast mixed cloud cover possible light showers.

FRESH BAIT King Rag limited Black Lug ( short tides)

More later

mid-day update Herring on the east Mullet on the west , both walls have seen Gar fish, Mackerel with Pouting, Dab and Whiting on the east, a couple of which have been pushing the 1lb mark.  The east has also seen quite a few small Pollack.
Fishyrob's clients have had  a good start to the days fishing on the east ( Mackerel , Gar, Pollack and Dab included)


Fri 4th Nov

Fri 4th Nov
Both walls currently shut
Unsure if walls will open today, a check planned for about 10am

Nov 3rd

Nov 3rd


wed nov 2nd

wed nov 2nd
No idea how Tuesday was , over night I hear things were sluggish with the main stay being whiting & the occasional ray & flattie. Bullheads seem to becoming the common catch also as people scratch around in the wind.
Both arms currently open but it may prove wise to check with the shop later regarding the east if the S/Eastely increases.
update , East now closed for the day and over night, a few mackerel caught on the west.


mon 31st

not a soul about this morning , no reports , no ghosts , zilch !
there is fresh bait though.
Black lug & king rag .....
enjoy Halloween

Sun 30th Oct

Sun 30th Oct

Overnight little to report, still waiting on confirmation and pic of the 9lb Bass (reliable sauce) West closed for na few hrs early this morning will be open shortly.  East nobody fishing this morning, conditions drizzly and damp, south westerly breeze 10-15mph, low cloud cover going to be a damp one.

FRESH BAIT, Black Lug, King Rag all frozen baits available


Sat 29th Oct

Sat 29th Oct

Overnight nobody to see on the west (I left at 7pm) on the east Flounders, Sole, Plaice, Eels and a couple of small Schoolies on live bait.  This morning one or two still fishing as the light came up.
Conditions, slight south westerly this morning expected to pick up to about 20-25mph mid to late afternoon.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, and Black Lug.
More later
Round up

Mackerel gar and pollack caught in reasonable numbers most of the day on the east with a few gar & mackerel also on the west.
The rising tide seemed to produce better than  the ebb with  some nice plaice & dabs being caught on the east with 2 or 3 small schoolies thrown in for good measure. both walls saw a few wrasse & bullheads .
The east also chucked up another dragonette making 3 this last couple of days and  a weaver

9.30 pm just got a phone call from the west wall.
A 9lb bass caught @ bay 14 on ragworm !
hopefully a pic will follow soon

Fri 28th Oct

Fri 28th Oct
Very quiet this morning with no one about to update the over night  catches.
Both walls open
FRESH BAIT :- king ragworm, black lug @ lunchtime.
mid day update
mackerel caught on both walls

evening round up
mackerel gar plaice dab and flounders caught on the east today with the west showing mackerel, gar and wrasse. Both walls  as the light dropped were catching whiting.

thurs 27th

thurs 27th
Blogs late today as been busy but ......
west is open today & reports I have just been told (via phone) that mackerel are being caught in reasonable numbers, unsure of anything else though as was a vague report.
Looks like back to normal tomorrow.

wed 26th

Wed 26th
Looks like another double closure with strong S/Westerlies this morning
Looking a bit wet & wild out there again !

tues 25th

tues 25th,
Day off , Jnr has a mini tournament (football) today .
Unsure if either wall will be open today so  I advise ringing the tacklebox 1st

24th oct

Mon 24th oct
both walls were closed over night and the east will remain closed today...
After a Wall check  it has been decided to keep both walls closed.

Sun 23rd Oct

Sun 23rd Oct

Both walls closed this morning,east will remain closed all day, a mid-morning check will be carried out on the west.


More later

West wall to open at 11 am


Sat 22nd Oct

Sat 22nd Oct
Nobody around this morning so no report.  This morning there is a rising south easterly that will swing southerly mid-morning which will probably effect the east wall with conditions on the west fairing little better.
Weather watch in place, check with shop before travelling.
FRESH BAIT King Rag and Black Lug.

A strange day with dominant S/East winds making the East wall  a wet place to even attempt to fish. Those that tried soon gave up and went over to the west .. Things are looking a bit bleak for the east over night & am expecting it to close at some time during the night.
Fish wise the west was slow with a small schoolie , a few wrasse , mackerel & gars, predominantly on float set ups . Was told of a couple of small pollack but did not see them to get a size estimate .
All in all a tough day in the wind with tomorrow not looking too healthy.

Fri 21st oct

Fri 21st
no over night report available due to lack of anybody on the wall 1st thing.
FRESH BAIT King rag , Black lug  mid morning (check with shop)
A couple of short runs yesterday gave me the impression of a slow day for all . All I saw in the early evening were occasional float catches & little happening for those feathering.
A few mackies & gar & the occasional  flattie

20TH Oct Thurs

Thurs 20th Oct
Nobody to see to get a report overnight, this morning started off cold north wind blowing about 6mph, warming up quite quickly.
FRESH BAIT  Black Lug and King Rag all frozen available and I am now off out codding,
F, well mrs F actually, hoovering again :)
Back off Seabreeze3 caught myself a nice tope & @10 large pouting The crew managed some nice cod , one 18lb ish & another over 20lb... when the skipper had filleted them up for them there was still 18lb of cleaned fillets + 3 doz or so large pouting. a couple other tope & dog fish also caught today...

wall round up to follow @ 7pm
Later than planned ,but here it is... the west was a wipe until @ 4pm when suddenly a run (short tho it was) happened with , gar mackerel & pollack showing for  a couple of hrs
The east fared a little better but similar in the slow start to the west .

Mackerel , and gar in numbers after 2pm which has been very much the pattern for the last few days that side. a few wrasse, pollack and even still some late bream still being caught. As the light & sun lowered the whiting knocks began with signs that they were about in  numbers early....

lets see what I hear in the morning.........

wed 19-10-11

wed 19-10-11
morning off , west arm should open @10am
Did a quick spin round in the afternoon & from what I gathered the gars were still around in numbers with some nice plaice being caught. Not enough around for a more detailed report though.
Have an invite out with Terry Lee on             SEABREEZE3

Tues 18th Oct

Tues 18th Oct
Both walls were closed overnight. A safety check will be done on the east about 10 am before it opens while the west wall will remain closed today.

Mon 17th Oct

Mon 17th Oct
This morning the walls were deserted though I did manage to catch the night warden who indicated that things were slow with Pouting, Whiting and a few Pollack pretty much all that was going on.  I was going to fish the wall this morning but have been invited out with Terry Lee on Sea Breeze 3 (woooooo).
FRESH BAIT, Black Lug and mackerel, frozen baits available
Dictated by F typed by Mrs F whilst her hubby goes off on his jollies and I get to do the hoovering :)

Both walls saw plenty of garfish & mackerel again today , other smaller bits and bobs including some pollack on the east.
Todays run for me on Seabreaze3 resulted in the boat haul of over 40 plaice & 10 decent gurnards. For myself I had about a dozen plaice & 3 gurnard , kept the 3 pictured on the gallery.
Both walls closed overnight.....Mrs F

16th (sun)

16th oct
late though it is.... na ... ok its a late post ... busy morning & things passed bye for a change

over night , well the leavers on the east at 6am indicated that they had had little luck on the high end . ... a few whiting & horse mackies in the wee hours but little to cry hoorah over...
lower down on the east a similar story though the late hangers on were piclking up a few mackerel ^ whiting were still around on 1st light
The  west this morning was quiet with mostly whiting  catches.... rest of day off for JNR's football so no roundup.
Tomorrow looks a calm start prior to things blowing up again with maybe thursday looking as the calm inside the mayhem....!
bah humbug
as no report from me , I am copying one from theWSF forum (not mine)
9 turned up for our latest Palace Pier on the marina and no one left disappointed. Lets just say you'd of struggled to catch more anywhere else in Sussex today. Sam Sampson for instance decided to fish the Hastings 2 dayer and all he caught was 1 garfish in 12 hours!
1st Ben Arnold - 30lb 14.5oz- 57 fish - 45 Garfish (biggest 1lb7oz), 3 Mackerel, 8 Pollack, 1 Coalfish (13.5oz).
2nd Glenn Arnold - 23lb- 39 fish - 28 Garfish, 8 Mackerel, 3 Pollack.
Most fish - Ben Arnold 57
Heaviest Fish - Carole Vivian - Wrasse 2lb 6oz.
Fair play to my brother on the win, he wiped the floor with me and everyone else for that matter. He fished like a man possessed all day and only just missed out on the club record competition weight.
There were loads of fish all competiton long, usually theres times in the tide when the fishing dies off, but not today. At low water everyone was catching garfish and as the tide came up the pollack came to play and then there were a few mackerel right on the high tide.
There was a nice guy pleasure fishing next to me who caught a few garfish, along with a decent Plaice about 1lb and the biggest Red Mullet ive seen caught locally, it was 11.5 inches long. I wish id of weighed it for him, i reckon it was about 14oz - 1lb.

Sat 15th Oct

Sat 15th Oct
No overnight reports as yet (nobody around) .
This morning off to a clear crisp start, sea calm, water reasonably clear, slight south east breeze.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug and fresh Mackerel.
Round up
Loads of garfish today , probably more than the number of mackerel caught on both walls. Both walls saw gar,mackerel,pollack & wrasse yesterday with a few bullheads and some nice plaice for good measure. Over the last 36 hours some reports have filtered through of a few decent fish caught since Thursday morning including Dannys  plaice & Gurnard (on gallery) A couple of 5lb bass on the west with a few schoolies low end on the east Thurs/friday and some sizeable gurnards.


Fri 14th Oct

Fri 14th Oct
Little to report overnight as only a couple of early morning anglers around.

Sent in via website >>
Message: = Hi guys, I was on the West wall last night and had 3 sole from bay 9, I also saw another angler leaving that had 2 bass largest about 5lb, 1 ling and a bream from further along the wall. Thanks for the info you gave me over the phone yesterday. We both left around 1.30am. Regards, Mike
cheers Mike
Cooler this morning, sun getting up quite quickly, sea calm and coloured, slight south east breeze.

FRESH BAIT King Rag with Black Lug arriving about lunchtime.
Some morning Mackerel caught on the east arm.

Afternoon reports of mackerel being caught on the west over the high water.


Thurs 13th Oct

Thurs 13th Oct
Only thing reported last night was a small Bass on the west (2lb), nothing else to report this morning as walls empty.  Weather looking calm and settled and water coloured.

FRESH BAIT, King Rag, check with shop re Black Lug

Thurs round up heard this morning from a couple of regulars so can add update, east arm some nice Plaice, 1 over 1.5lb along with some decent Flounder, Pollack and reports of a few large mackerel, taken deep on feathers some success on float and Mackerel strip reported on the front end.


Weds 12th Oct

Weds 12th Oct
West to remain closed for bulk of day (weather dependant) East is now open, conditions overcast but clearing, sea with a slight swell and coloured, west/north west breeze.

FRESH BAIT  Plenty of Rag Worm, limited Black Lug.

West wall now open.


Tue 11th

Tues 11th Aug
A wall check on the east expected @ 10am , west wall unlikely to open until Wed evening or Thurs morning.

10th Oct Mon

10th Oct Mon
 Wet & wild out there this morning with both walls currently closed

Sun 9th Oct

Sun 9th Oct
Spoke to the night warden who indicated a slow night overall, didn't see anyone this morning for further opinion.  This morning both arms open but conditions later expected to deteriorate on the west with a probable closure, east to remain open.  Conditions this morning dull and overcast, slight drizzle expected to clear, Channel Whiting coming out, Eels evident on both walls.  Westerly breeze gradually climbing, sea state muddy and a slight chop.

FRESH BAIT fresh and frozen Black Lug.


Sat 8th Oct

Sat 8th Oct
Nobody around this am to get a report from so little to say other than both walls open, wind North west, sea choppy.
FRESH BAIT, Black Lug and King Rag.
afternoon roundup
Today was a long slow slog with the summer fish deciding that was all they wrote ... as to the winter fish .... they seek em here they seek em there ........
A couple of plaice, a small brill, some eels & lots of whiting seemed to be the order of the day.

Fri 7th oct

Fri 7th oct
Wall check at 9.30 am




Thurs 6th oct

Thurs 6th oct
Morning away , unsure of conditions so best to check with shop

Weds 5th Oct

Wedes 5th Oct
West arm closed , east currently open first gate only (1-20).  Weather watch in place, check with shop.
Overnight, only saw one person coming off the wall who indicated things had been poor.

FRESH BAIT, King Rag and Black Lug

Conditions look as if they go downhill fast today.

Both walls now closed


Tues 4-10-11

Tues 4-10-11
Nobody really around to get an accurate over night round up though 2 early anglers reported some small pollack, have heard of a decent pollack take on the west last night but no size confirms.
West wall this morning closed & unsure if it will open today. The east should remain open.
FRESH BAIT kingrag, check with shop re any black lug.

mon 3/10/11

mon 3/10/11

Mondays fire service match is being re pegged & bays 10 to 34 will be reserved from 1pm

Overnight report sketchy, was told of a bass high end on the east but most last night was scratching for catches.  This morning some early mackerel and Horse mackerel on both walls, conditions bright and sunny, sea flat calm, but expected to deteriorate this afternoon as the south west wind picks up, for this reason the east arm comp bay reservations have been changed.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and King Rag freshly delivered this morning.
More later.
round up
Spent the day on the east  where things were slow during the day after the V early mackerel run, 48 Dudes from the north east fire service arrived  @ 1pm to set up for a 3pm kick off on their comp. all very leisurely for me as little to do other than chat to people(or bore them )... one of the two. Slow fishing again seemd to be the patern for both arms though plenty of action on floats with gars being the dominant catches both sides. The east also saw some pollack in flurries ,wrasse bullheads &pouting though were the staple days takes.
The buzz of the day though was a mullet caught by a person that has never fished in his life before who managed to spank out a 10lb 3oz mullet , bait & tactics I have no info on (see gallery)

Sun 2nd Oct

Sun 2nd Oct
Overnight, quite a lot of people still around this morning, west arm dominated by large lamps as people jig for Horse mackerel, other catches overnight included Bream and Pollack.  On the east what seemed like a busy night number wise didn't seem to pan out fish wise, a couple of Bass high end seemed to be the main focus.  Other catches reported tended to be small scratching items, small Wrasse, Bullheads and a drangonette which aren't seen very often.  This morning both walls looking busy, sea state flat calm and clearing conditions look identical to yesterday.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag
round up
A very bright hot day seemed to affect the fishing for many today wioth catches slowing up very much so that many got fedup waiting for any fish. While some were reporting good catches most struggled. Top end of the west & similar on the east seemed to be the spots to be  with the east seeing plenty of pollack action & the high west seeing wrasse in good numbers. Mackerel were in short supply during the day. A few bream , blennies scorpion fish & gars were landed but over all the day was a slow on.
Mondays fire service match is being re pegged & bays 10 to 34 will be reserved from 1pm

Sat 1st Oct

Sat 1st oct
Overnight things seemed an active one for the species hunters, both walls seeing last light Mackerel, Gurnard, Pout and Channel Whiting, some small Rays reported at least a couple of Schoolies high end on the east.  This morning first light on both walls saw Horse mackerel, blend towards Mackerel and a decent Lobster ( Pic later ) mid way up the east.
This mornings conditions (8am) sea flat calm, quite clear, sun up already, estimated temps 24/25, both walls already busy.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and King Rag all frozen baits available.
More later,

Advance warning east arm 3rd oct (mon)fire service comp, bays 30-55 reserved 2pm-8pm.
afternoon roundup
no true idea of the east catches other than an early morning lobster (pic to be uploaded to the gallery)
Over on the west the temps were high with an over bright sun (it seemed) slow catching saw a few intermittent bream along the length with a few wrasse chucked in. Less garfish today & not over many mackies on the high. By 4pm as the sun lost its glare the mackerel re obliged with a few for most on the west bend.Blennies & bullhead takes seem to be on the increase.


Fri 30th Sept

Fri 30th Sept
Pollack, Pout and Whiting the dominant overnight catches.
Also reported on the high end of the east some nice Bass takes on live bait, 2 of which 4 and 6lb.
 First light little activity, sun now up, sea state flat calm and looking to be another hot day with a slight south easterly breeze.  Awaiting a fresh bait delivery this morning.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag on arrival @ 10am.  More later.
Advance notice Monday 3rd Oct, east arm bays 30-55 reserved 2pm - 8pm for a fire service comp.
fternoon round up
Both arms saw a few mackerel over the high tide but no large shoals. Plenty of garfish action to floats , again on both. The east has seen a few  gurnards caught while the west has seen some wrasse & a couple of bream landed.

Dungeness petition

Dungeness petition

Dungeness petition post on WSF forum at...
Dear fellow anglers,

I had a short meeting today with Tony Hills, proprietor of Seagull Tackle at Greatstone, local councillor to Dungeness and committee member of Dungeness Angling Association.

Tony brought to my attention a new planning application by EDF Energy Nuclear Generation Ltd (basically Dungie nuclear power station). This planning application has disastrous implications for all of us who enjoy our winter fishing at Dungie.

In summary, they are requesting a closure of all public access to the area bordering the EA road between the boats and just short of the boardwalk. Putting it simply, they want to close the point area for fishing between October and April so that they can commence shingle redistribution....not for one year but until 2023!!!!!!!!

Not good for a number of reasons but mainly:

On one level we will be losing access to some of the best cod, whiting and dab fishing in the SE, but equally importantly, while this is not good news for us able bodied anglers who can manage the two hundred yard trudge across the shingle either side of the fence, the loss of this area which is adjacent to the EA access road means any less able or more aged anglers are no longer going to be able to drive close enough to be able to fish at Dungeness.

Potentially, we are about to lose access to one of the most historic and iconic cod fishing shore venues in the world.

DAA have started a paper petition, copies will be found throughout the SE tackle shops very shortly. However, objections and petitions need to be registered within 28 days of the 19th September, which as of now only gives us 2 weeks to register our objections.

I have set up an e-petition here:

It takes less than 30 seconds to sign.

If you are a member of any other forums, web sites, social networks, please please copy this post to the other forums you use and ask your facebook/twitter/friends reunited contacts to sign this petition as well.
If we use the internet as it can be used, we can achieve massive numbers and have a real influence on the decisions to be soon made by Kent County Council.

We have 2 weeks to do this...starting now!

Thurs 29th Sept

Thurs 29th Sept
Overnight reports vague, more grunts and groans this morning than solid reports so nothing accurate to say this morning, awaiting on a fresh bait delivery @ 10am ish.  Sea state flat calm, still coloured, slight slow east breeze expected to turn north easterly later.

FRESH BAIT King Rag @ 10am, Black Lug unsure.  Check with shop

Walls looking like they will be busy, weather looks fantastic, water and sun cream advised.


Weds 28th Sept

Weds 28th Sept
Not a soul on the wall this morning, so no idea how things were overnight..... informed that the west saw a few bass over night with a couple topping 6lb  This morning (8am) the sun is already up and bright.  Sea state flat with a slight easterly, looks like a hot day.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug.

afternoon roundup
tinkered on the west up to the high & had 15 wrasse 12+ pout 2 blennies & a mackerel, others did well for garfish,wrasse & a bream or two. Not many mackerel today on the up tide but I suspect there will be a repeat of last nights last light mackerel run.
On the East I heard of some mullet caught high end along with some gars to floats. A few mackerel but again no great numbers. Hopefully the weekend will see numbers rise as the weather hold.


Tues 27th sept

Tues 27th sept
No overnight report, few setting up this morning, sea flat calm and coloured, breeze dropped to almost nothing.
FRESH BAIT, Black Lug ( Limited), plenty of King rag, frozen baits available.
west fished ok , morning on to 2,30pm no idea of east reports
Fish myself on the west and had 20+ wrasse plus a dozen or more pout, one mackerel on a spinner & lost another. saw 3 decent 3lb bass caught , a few gars  a couple dozen mackerel and one bream , most caught on the up tide.

Mon 26th Sept

Mon 26th Sept
No overnight report available, sea state choppy, wind south westerly 10mph +.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug arriving about mid day. supplies hard to get.


Sun 25th Sept

Sun 25th Sept
Overnight report, am informed the east ticked over nicely as the light dropped with further takes of mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Pout and some large Whiting, Mullet and Bass also reported.  On the west, a little slower but some nice takes on Dover Sole with 3 or 4 over the lb mark.
This morning plenty of Horse Mackerel signs of mackerel there as well.  West arm getting busy, sea state flat calm, light southerly breeze and slightly coloured water.
FRESH BAIT Limited supplies of King Rag and Black Lug, advisable to pre order.
Morning update
Unsure how the west was fishing after the high tide as Jnr had a football match in lewis, but the east running up the tide produced some horsemackerel that switched to mackerel & some decent gar sizes on floats low numbers seemed to get a good run of variable types & sizes of wrasse.
Thats all for today


sat 24th Sept

Sat 24th Sept
Slow going overnight with only a couple of small Schoolies reported, Herring and Mackerel tailed off as the light went. This morning a few Mackerel around but seems slow going.

FRESH BAIT King Rag only, advisable to order
afternoon round up
Baits going fast out of the shop so I can see limited supplies for Sunday looming,.
West wall this  morning into afternoon proved a harsh mistress with only a few seeing catches of occasional mackerel & Garfish.
Over on the east things started with an early flurry of  whiting that were followed by mackerel & herring. The high end on the east also saw some wrasse & mullet.

As the afternoon ticked into evening things did little to improve on the west with some pout caught for live bait that resulted in a 2-3lb bas (see gallery) a few more mackies & the odd gar landed.
Over on the east things continued to tick over with plenty of decent sized garfish caught along with more wrasse, herring,mackerel, pollack,whiting,pouting bullheads, a couple of late afternoon  schoolie bass were added to with at least one more mullet high end . Catch of the day though I must say has to go to "Kelly" whit a decent lobster caught on the low end of the east... yes the pick is on the gallery.


Fri 23rd Sept

Fri 23rd Sept
No one to see for an overnight report, a few Mackerel around this am on the west, on the eat people are only just setting up.  The day is looking glorious, sea flat calm and beginning to clear after recent blows.
FRESH BAIT, King Rag, with black Lug arriving @ mid day
More later

afternoon was slow but the east mid way saw some plaice,flounder, small rays and pouting, through the afternoon the west struggled.
As the evening drew in occasional mackerel turned into a flurry on the east with sprats and herring thrown into the mix, west saw a few caught also.
As the weather settles things look to be improving , species wise today seen include mackerel gar,sprat,herring,plaice,dab,flounder, pollack,the odd small schoolie bass, pout whiting,bullhead, with some channel whitting creeping in on the dusk light.

Thurs 22nd

Thurs 22nd
Having a day of for sons birthday,  East arm is open , unsure if the west will open or not so best to check with the shop on
01273 696477
cod comp details will appear at the link below as they become known to me

Wed 21st Sept

Wed 21st Sept
A wall check planned this morning for the east once the weather settles a bit.
Currently (7am) still blowing S/west & affecting both walls.

Competition Announcement

Competition Announcement
Make a note in your diary's folks
Dec 1st in conjunction with the tackle box & sponsor(s) to be announced
The 1st Annual Brighton Marina (BOAT)Cod competition
Details to be  posted to the  Event page as they are finalised

Tues 20th Sept

Tues 20th Sept
After checking this morning the East will remain open. With current conditions that could change  so if travelling distance I would check with the shop (01273 696477)
 No one fishing this morning so no update on catches. The water is  choppy &  coloured.
Black lug will be fresh in mid morning.
West to remain shut today and over night.

Mon 19th Sept

Mon 19th Sept
No anglers this morning, so nothing really to report.  With regards fresh bait check with shop for Black Lug, and very limited Rag Worm.
Slight north west breeze which is forecast to pick up overnight, most likely effecting the west wall, probable closures Tuesday. 
Due to deteriorating  weather the west wall is now shut and will remain shut throughout tomorrow.
catch round up was today very slow & dominated by pouting , saw some eels caught  with the start catch being a decent 3lb+ wrasse (pic on gallery) Caught by Josh on the east. Was told of a codling but  again  did not see it to  confirm and was told of a couple of small rays also on the east. Saw a handful of mackerel on the east but all single takes.


Sun 18th Sept

Sun 18th Sept
West overnight was shut, on the east no sign of serious overnighters so no accurate report.  This morning plenty of Pollack on the east, a cool crisp morning, sea state semi clear and flat.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, with Black Lug expected mid morning, all frozen baits available.

round up

Today turned into a species hunt rather than a or any notable catches. The day started with  Pollack coming out of the water at one stage like mackerel followed  later in the day by a 3.5(aprox)lb lobster on the lower east. The the species hunt seemed to kick in with , mackerel, wrasse(2 types) thornback & undulate rays,pout and channel whiting, rockling,silver eels,flounder,a small dab and the first codling of the year. both walls produced but not in numbers that most would notice.

sat 17th sept

sat 17th sept
The weather came in over night again & rather than the westerly forecast it went S/west & has closed both walls
Can't say when the east will be open if at all today.
West def closed all day & also tomorrow as things stand.

Last night finally saw the expected bass catches on the lower east with a good handful caught with sizes  ranging up to 6lb'ers one of which is on the gallery

Fri 16th Sept

Fri 16th Sept
No overnight report as nobody about, this morning a few Tinsel Chuckers on first light but again little happening.  Sea slowly clearing and should improve on the rising tide, the downside of this is the forecast for late afternoon with south westerlies increasing as the afternoon/evening progresses, a probable weather watch tonight.
FRESH BAIT, Black Lug and King Rag @ 10am all frozen baits available.

round up
Slow on the catch side for both walls but good for the species hunters.
Both walls saw mackerel & gar to floats,with plaice wrasse small schoolies and pouting on both walls also ( rare plaice low on the west ) weed seemed to be the biggest talking point on the west with loads of string on the surface & the spongy mess deeper down, by time I left the walls the south westerly was on the increase making things unplesant

thurs 15 Sept

Thurs 15th Sept
overnight report  On the east fairly vague am aware of a couple of Schoolie bass and a couple of Flatties most likely Flounder, real problem is lack of people to confirm.  This morning very slow, water struggling to clear and weed still an issue.  Tides should clear conditions after the low.
West arm is now open.
FRESH BAIT  King Rag and Black Lug is expected before mid day.
evening round up

slow fishing on both walls but the catches are very varied

daytime saw plaice on the east on bays  where they are not  usual, small schoolies were dominant with both walls seeing a few mackerel to feather & float with  some gar on both also.
wrasse stuck to the east low numbers no bream seen today but again  dover sole were about. Evening saw a change in anglers/baits and rod numbers but catches on the west seemed to also change , 2 flatties reported for the low bays with the middle bays producing a couple of silver eels to a "couple of regulars"(take a bow sue :P)
top end saw some Pollack on the west also

The west mid day on looks like it will get wet as the wind again starts to crank up from a southerly to S/west in earnest. Sat & Sunday look like east arm fishing with iffy conditions on the west ....

IMO this current weather  pattern is pants .....................
more tomorrow

Wed 14th Sept

Wed 14th Sept
Changeable conditions prevented opening of the east , A safety check this morning on the east @ 8am will be updated here
West unlikely to open today
more later.
The east arm is now open.


 evening round up
East in the morning was very weedy & muddy looking water did little to help things. The wind failed to drop until late in the day keeping the west shut.
Catches included Eel's,wrasse, pout some schoolie bass of about 1.5lb and saw a couple of dover sole caught also.

Tuesday 13th

Tuesday 13th
A wall check planned for the east mid morning

Monday 12th

Another day of closed walls , went out for lunch yesterday with the family & was amazed to see about 4pm 2 morons  on the west wall dodging waves. With closed gates & 25 foot waves pounding over the top you would have thought  these idiots would know better.
Not only did they put themselves at risk but also those that were expected & obliged to remove them.
Ah well , another lazy couple of days ahead.


both walls closed today as the high winds hit.
Yesterday was hard going for all &  catches thin on the ground in poor muddy conditions with loads of weed. Reported catches included some schoolie bass on both walls  the occasional bream & wrasse and a few eel's

Sat 10th Sept

Sat 10th Sept
Overnight report, Loads of weed, west arm at it's worst, most struggling overnight limited reports of catches including Eels, Rockling and small Schoolies.  Water this morning still looking muddy, weed visable with a small chop to the surfice.

Black Lug expected 9am, all frozen baits including Limpets and Mussels.
If travelling this afternoon advisable to check weather conditions, more later.


fRI 9th Sept

Fri 9th Sept
After checking both walls at 8am for condition and damage the west will remain closed, the east is open bays 1-36
the upper end is currently closed for angling.
Weather forecast for the weekend indicates further closures.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, all frozen available.

Status up-date, both walls open & should be fine over night.
Loads of weed on the west side making things  very hard.
East slow during the day I am told with  a mini round up for early evening of some small schoolie bass on the east bend , occasional pout whiting & a couple of eels.


Thurs 8th sept

Thurs 8th sept
Yup another day with the walls out of action !
A morning check (friday) planned for the East wall with the west to remain shut


Looking at the weather reports & out of my window the west will remain closed today.


Another day of wet  wild & windy .....
Seems the weather is not any better either.
Both walls closed today it seems

Monday 5th Sept

Both walls closed last night & I was told the west would remain shut today . No updates on the state of the east so best to check with the shop on
01273 696477
The closures look set for the next few days at least

sunday and week round up

4th sept week/sunday round up

Monday (29 aug) saw a friendly match begin in the morning , didn't get back to the guys fishing on the day as promised but was lucky enough to catch up with two of them later in the week . Seems the east wall came up dibs for them with a 21 species count for them.
As told they paired up with one experienced & one novice angler & went  for a  fish count as well as a size(keeper ) count. Catches included , Alice shad, plaice,flounder late dabs, tub gurnard, bass ,mackies, mullet of more than one type and all walked off the wall pleased. Me an odd day working on the west fishing with bait & taking 60+ small stuff including bream wrasse & pouting
 Tues I was only around on an early run before fishing with my youngest on the west, again red mullet & gurnard s featured along with decent mackie takes & bream , wrasse & good float takes.
Wednesday saw mackerel in numbers, bass takes became prominent also with mixed takes on both walls& dominated by pouting again.
Thursday Sluggish over the tide  as was friday but early morning mackies seem to have become this weeks trend that has been ever present including today (sun)
 Fri sat , a similar story , slow fishing in  the main with small bursts that included gar's, bream , wrasse, pollack & the odd 3+ lb bass
Sun poor conditions on the S/westerly saw most struggle on the wall but the  big up was the beach alongside the banjo
bass , bass & more bass , low running up to the tide saw  a dozen takes reported of legal size & after that they continued of mixed sizes.
Mid week also saw this years 1st large ban applied to an angler for persistent fishing on the inside of the marina walls. Sadly this was a "regular" who should & does know better on the restrictions within the marina. IE no fishing  on the in side. Despite constant warnings & actually being caught more than once this week "at it" he was eventually filmed "in the act" he was then abusive to the duty warden to such a degree that the marina security were required to attend!. He then denied the offence (filmed) accusing the warden of having it in for him and lying ! all this from someone that has fished the marina for 20 years !
 A one year ban from the wall was put in place, & due to abuse to the marina security people the ban was extended to the entire marina.

Fishing "on the inside" of the marina is not permitted. & can result in a ban. Abuse of the wardens can also be dealt with in the same way.
99%  out ther follow the rules , 1% sadly are risking the loss of a venue because they feel it's ok to bend the rules.
lost tackle within the marina can & has in the past caused ££££££'s of damage to boat propellers  when they pick up lost line & weights. It is something that the marina bosses wont tolerate .
fish safely folks & enjoy the facility, it is too good to lose for someone's carelessness.

Sun 4th Sept

Sun 4th Sept
Overnight report, didn't see a soul, other than the early morning Mackerel bodies.
A few Mackerel  this morning, little activity other than that.

FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug .


Sat 3rd Sept

Sat 3rd Sept
Overnight report Sluggish on the west mainly Horse mackerel and mackerel.  Over on the east Mackerel Horse Mackerel, lots of Pout, Pollack.
The fog stayed all night and just breaking up this morning (8am), weather looking overcast and flaky.  Slight south west wind expected to increase as the day goes on.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug.
Devon Peeler's for those already ordered.
Weather warning as Sunday progresses south westerly expected to increase, possible closures during the week.
some pics & over late reports to add later , ran out of time yesterday " relaxing"
yesterday on the west was a hard day .... while the mackerel were about they refused to play in numbers & THE normal bait catches of bream & wrasse while there were had to come by.
summer ? naaa someone's having a laugh.. tough going indeed without a bit of float fishing to spread the day out
some days leave you feeling old and tired ... gawd yesterday qualified as one of them !

Fri 2nd Sept

Fri 2nd Sept
No reports overnight that I can verify as yet (maybe later) .  This morning early Mackerel on the dropping tide, water
conditions crystal clear, sky clearing fast looking to be a hot calm day.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag at 9.30am

up to 6pm >>
west was hard going with intermittent bursts of mackies,a few small bream takes  coupled with wrasse,gar one bass & loads of pouting. The bas was pushing 3.5lb with one wrasse well over 1.5lb ( a pic when time to the gallery) the mackies  teased the wall on & off for most of the day in low numbers causing some to think that none were caught.

Hard going especially when the fog descended about 4pm
no reports from the east currently

Thurs 1st Sept

Thurs 1st Sept

With the tide dropping to a very low 0.3 at 8am there have been a suprisingly large amount of Mackerel and Horse Mackerel decent runs and takes for Bream yesterday evening with plenty of Wrasse for good measure.
The east arm has also seen Flounder, Plaice, and Pollock.
This morning the easterly is refusing to tale off, sky is clear, water is flat calm and very clear.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug
Bait ordering for Fri advisable
More later
10 am headed home so no mid morning round up . Got DT's & fished the west for a few hrs on the afternoon dropping tide late afternoon . slow reports & little word of bream but the wrasse numbers are still there. lots of varying sized pouting & smelt over the side. Late afternoon/evening also saw  drifting in of mackerel , no numbers but good float and spin takes. Heard a beer with my name calling about 7pm so went for it ..........

31st aug

31st aug
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm not here
day off !

Tues 30th Aug

Tues 30th Aug
Overnight report the west fished well with Bream and Pollack late evening, running into the night things turned into
Mackerel and Horse Mackerel, this morning again Mackerel and Horse Mackerel In reasonable numbers.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag and Mackerel.
todays update
went fishing ...unusual eh !
fished the west extension , jnr arrived about 11 am & fished over the big tide. no reports from the east so suck it up on the west I guess :)
wrasse(ballan & corkwing) some bream thankfully no pout were order of the day, the 2 young'un's along side me had gar on floats & decent mackerel hits ( i had some on a spinner) 4 fat blennies added to the mix with reports that float fishing today was proving the way to go today.
Bait left over N tempted to go fish tomorrow.
end tally , JNR had a nice gurnard among his wrasse and starfish mix
3 keeper bream, 20+ wrasse, a very nice looking red mullet and 4 blennies of mixed sizes.

Mon 29th Aug

Mon 29th Aug, overnight report
Hard going with little to report, this morning in spite of slightly choppy water some early Mackerel on the west and
occasional Schoolie Bass.  Wind expected to drop and conditions looking good.
FRESH BAIT limited King Rag and Black Lug advisable to pre order
01273 696477
More later
F and Mrs F :)
round up
stayed on the west today so no idea how the east fished.
items caught .... mackerel,bass,bream,wrasse,blennies,bullheads,starfish,and loads of pout!
stuck a rod out by the tower & using ragworm had over 60 small fish, one keeper bream plus 3 others 20+ wrasse  ( coockoo and ballan)25+ pouting 4 blennies and some starfish for good measure.. not the best of catches but  numers I guess.

Sun 28th Aug

Sun 28th Aug
Overnight report A couple of Bass takes, west wall stayed closed, other than that info a bit patchy.  This morning the
west will remain closed, a few already fishing the east, water quality some what murky with a bit of a chop.
High tide 11.20am low tide 17.34

FRESH BAIT King Rag, a delivery of Black Lug about mid-day.

Update, west arm currently open but conditions may cause closure, check with shop.


Sat 27th Aug

Sat 27th Aug
Overnight report, sluggish on the east, hard work on the west, a couple of small Bass confirmed mid way up the east.
This morning started quietly with a bit of a chop to the water, a westerly is expected to pick up mid morning /mid day
causing problems/possible closure on the west.

FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug expected at mid day.
More later

Afternoon update, the east wall through the morning has seen Bream, Wrasse, Bass and some small bits and pieces
including weaver fish these seem to be on the rise again.
The west wall has struggled all day under the windy conditions and is now closed possibly over night as well.


Fri 26th Aug

Fri 26th Aug
Not a soul to be seen this morning & little sign of having  been anyone over night.
This morning off to a soaking start under heavy rain.
Weather for ducks & loons I think.
afternoon was a slow burn with catches hard work, east reporting some nice gurnard & a fair few wrasse coming up on the west on the low tide.
Have now had confirmed takes on the west for bass, it seems over a dozen now this week on the low tide on mackerel baits ranging between 4 & 6lb

Thurs 25th

Thurs 25th

Weather creeping in & deteriorating with wind & heavy showers forecast . Advisable to check with shop on status of the walls this morning/afternoon.
A few morning mackerel reported but  little else to shout about it seems this morning.
FRESH BAIT black lug

wed 24th Aug

wed 24th Aug
So this is summer ! you gotta be kidding me ! another morning starting off wet & windy !ah well it is meant to clear  as the day progresses.
Overnight reports are vague but was told mostly mackerel catches.
This morning there are sporadic flurry's of mackerel as the tide closes on the high with a bit of a chop to the watewr this morning some are whispering  bass!
FRESH BAIT  limited ragworm & black lug available.

23rd Aug Tues

Aug 23rd Tues

Overnight report , the west late evening was producing bass runs .. again with gar & mackerel doing well on floats.
Only a few fishing this morning in the driving rain but as I arrived so did the mackerel it seemed.
A wet start to the day with a slight chop on the water. Rain should clear mid day- afternoon.
FRESH BAIT king rag , ring shop re black lug availability

Mon 22nd Aug

Mon 22nd Aug
Overnight report from a reliable source a couple of 4lb+ Bass on the west, also on both arms Bream, Red Mullet Mackerel, and Horse Mackerel.
Slight easterly, sea flat calm and clear,.
FRESH BAIT  Black Lug, King Rag and Devon Peeler's
No catch report today as spent the day on Lady Of The Lake fishing with my youngest & targeting bream
pics can be found on the
by proxy from another forum it seems mackerel were quite prolific on the east..
link to post

Sun 21st Aug

Sun 21st Aug
Overnight report Dull dull dull, a few Horse Mackerel that developed into Mackerel at first light, other than that seriously hard work for all involved overnight.
Conditions a little overcast should clear by mid-day, sea state, flat calm low tide 10.15 high tide 16.11.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag, Devon Peeler's
More later
afternoon round up  include info of a mullet caught yesterday afternoon and am hoping for a pic to be sent on, an evening angler  that also had a decent sesh of mackerel bream & a blond ray...
this afternoons round up is a tale of slow going over the  10am low with a few bream & wrasse on the east  being added to by some pollack. Occasional mackerel takes began about 1pm but were sporadic.

Also forwarded by JOHN :-
a mini report I believe for Saturday 22nd
Message: = Hi I am the lad who caught the 11oz bream on bay21 east , just to let you know i caught around 20-30 small Wrasse was gettin plagued tryin for more bream. I also caught my first ever red Mullet was fairly small so along with all the Wrasse went back. The men on bay 22 were easily into double figures for mackerel using floats and i did see them bring in some Garfish and a couple of Pollock with a few bream also when i left due to waves crashing over the wall i noticed everyone at roughly bays 3-7 reel in mackerel on feathers as it seemed sheltered from the rough sea.

A reminder also , any who have suitable pic's for the galleries , please use the email links provided on the gallery pages to have them posted on the site.

Sat 20th Aug

Sat 20th Aug
Overnight report Very sluggish 4-6am a nice big Mackerel run, low tide 9.40am High `15.33. conditions overcast
and should clear later, slight breeze.  Sea state quite calm and should clear on the rising tide.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag, and limited Peeler's
More later.
change of plans ... footy on the box, back tomorrow


Fri 19th Aug

Fri 19th Aug

Overnight report bits and pieces one confirmed Schoolie about 3lb story of the morning is early Mackerel and confirmation of Tuesdays Bass catches where one person had more than a dozen 2lb + Bass in a short session
Congrats to the guy who landed the 9LB MULLET .  A stonking fish that was also returned, a fantastic catch and must be a record for the marina.
suns up a glorious morning slight breeze, sea flat and clam and clearing not too much weed about either.

FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug limited Peeler's .

Thurs 18th Aug

Thurs 18th Aug
Overnight reports coming in of bass caught on the west but no proper  confirms
This morning things were quiet with a few early mackerel on the west.

N East wind still quite strong
FRESH BAIT king rag in @ 10am , black lug  should be in @ mid day

Wed 17th Aug

Wed 17th Aug

Slow over night but reports of bream wrasse & some small flounder & schoolie bass. Did hear of a large one (guestimated at 7+ lb) cruise the east wall last night ignoring all baits as if it was out for a gentle stroll along the wall.
A few early mackerel today with conditions flat calm & the water clear.  a light breeze & a sunny day to look agead to.
king rag & black lug
round up
 both walls saw a few mackerel but not in high numbers , bream , wrasse & pout being the orders of the day. Other catches include , gurnard,shad(returned) bullheads, schoolie bass, red mullet (on the west) and a pollack.


Tues 16th

Wind picking up on the south westerly & no over night anglers to gauge what was caught. This morning looks a bit murky & starting to chop up.
Possible closure on the west later this morning if things deteriorate too much.
Both walls currently open but if planning to fish the west it's advisable to check with the shop

Mon 15th Aug

Mon 15th Aug
Overnight report for the east a little sketchy as only saw 2 guys packing up who had had a poor night, on the west
a decent Lobster ! Breem and a few Mackerel.
This morning little activity on the low sea state clear, with quite a lot of patches of weed, flat calm slight northerly
sun already up and bright.
FRESH BAIT, Limited |King Rag, Black Lug and Peelers., all frozen baits available.

midmorning round up.
east , gar fish , mackerel & bream confirmed.
on the west I saw a couple of mackerel & a nice double hit of bream.

Sun 14th Aug

Sun 14th Aug
Over night report Took a while for the water to settle catches very patchy with the low water this morning first light mackerel where hard to come by sea state this morning , large rafts of weed on the west , water still a little cloudy but should clear on today's large tide.

FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug, and limited Peelers.
High tide 12.41
More later
afternoon round up has seen on the east , bream, wrasse, pollack, garfish,mackerel, blennies , bullheads in decent numbers , the west saw mackerel on the rising tide along with bream & wrasse in-spite of poor conditions with the wind slapping waves up at the wall.

Sat 13th Aug

Sat 13th Aug
A fairly dull couple of days recently with catches reported slow or non existent due to conditions . Did hear of some small schoolie bass on both walls yesterday and an occasional  mackerel after the recent closures.
Saturday at the least on the west wall is looking choppy with a possible blow up by mid day thus what I would call as a weather watch in place causing possible close down there.
Will do my best to keep the situation today updated.

FRESH BAIT black lug , king rag & peeler's
more later

This morning nothing major overnight, some small takes on the east ( mainly Horse mackerel and Schoolies)
Extremely low cloud cover, currently heavy rain (expected to clear) wind speeds less than forecast
(10-12 mph)

More later

F Typed by Mrs F
Afternoon update, the west wall stayed open despite poor conditions but failed to produce for those aiming at "that decent bass"
wind conditions failed to drop making the west bumpy and poor fishing  for the best part of the day

on the east the s/westerly hampered things but a few dozen mackerel spiced up the afternoon after the high tide with a fair tick over on WRASSE adding to catches. One or two  sizeable eels also caught with bream failing to show on bumpy conditions
looking a bit more settled tomorrow

Fri 12th Aug

Fri 12th Aug
Both walls to re-open this morning

Thurs 11th

Thurs 11th August
Both walls closed over night , west  will remain closed today with a check on the east after 10am
01273 696477

10th Aug

wed 10th
westerlies closing in today
west arm most likely to close mid day through today and at least Thursday/Friday
over night  no great catches , a small ray, the occasional schoolie bass and some early mackerel caught on both walls
FRESH BAIT king ragworm, black lug & peeler's

Tues 9th Aug

Tues 9th Aug
A check on the west this morning to see if the wall can be opened. Forecast winds today are N westerly which should help if they swing westerly though said wall is again  unlikely to open
East today open as normal
Possible west closures ,wed thurs,fri & sat

Little to report on the wall this morning other than a quiet night
FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug + devon peeler's

MONDAY 7th August

MONDAY 7th August
west to remain shut as S/westerlies closing in  this morning again
East open
Sea a bit cloudy still 1pm low tide  19.07 high
FRESH BAIT check with tackle box

Sun 7th Aug

Sun 7th Aug
west closed for the day
East wall open this morning subject to conditions

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug , Devon peeler's

Saturday 6Th august

Saturday 6th August

Overnight fishing was poor mainly horse mackerel and mackerel to show for their efforts
This morning a few mackerel caught, nothing special
water still cloudy due to a picking up south westerly, which deteriorates this evening
south westerly WILL effect the west arm tonight with a closure for overnight and al of Sunday on the west
weather warning for Sunday probably effecting both walls by midday
FRESH BAIT black lug king rag and peeler's
more later
bits and pieces on both wall through the day but no "specials" hard work seems the term of the day

A weather warning in place as west wall expected to close on the SW winds

Friday 5th Aug

Friday 5th Aug
No report for over night as very slow. This morning didn't see much of anything .#
sea flat calm
FRESH BAIT king rag , black lug & peeler's
more later
afternoon roundup
mid morning saw a mix of mackerel & horse mackerel landed on both walls followed through the day
 by small intermittent bursts of mackerel chasing the whitebait. Bream showed again on both walls but in smaller number than earlier in the week . Wrasse, a few small schoolie bass & a Gurnard also were taken today. Cloudy water from yesterdays blow still persisted but things look like a decent  evening mackerel run may happen

Thursday 4th July

Thursday 4th July
Overnight little to report  other than an early morning mackerel run in the rain.
Due to conditions the East has been closed with heavy rain & 20+mph southerlies forecast
Currently the west is open but it's advisable to check with the shop on possible closure
FRESH BAIT check with shop
01273 696477

Weds 3rd Aug

Weds 3rd Aug
Overnight report the usual for this week Horse Mackerel and Mackerel.  Early morning run on both walls with Mackerel a
again, in spite of a drop in tide.
8.30am low tide high 2.33, sea state crystal clear and flat clam, slight cloud cover will clear into a hot day.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King rag and Peelers.
More later.
mid afternoon roundup
west wall saw plenty of wrasse early on along with a couple of keeper bass(see gallery)
bait and location top secret according to the " usual suspects"
Wrasse drifted into bream as the morning progressed  while I managed a decent sized eel (see gallery)
thanks to some donated bait, andy I promise not to mock you for at least a week :)
Mackerel runs were sporadic & productive for many , most seen on the west wall while a few were taken on the east also.
Seems the lower end of the east was the place to be for bream also with high pegs  struggling for anything other than mackerel today
Pollack, bream,wrasse, mackerel, eels, bass were all on the catch list today  including everyone's favourite .... bullheads.
Tomorrow is looking a bit wet & wild out so I may have to go hide for the day.


unsung heroes

Tues 2nd Aug

Over night report I thought i would post something different today after yesterdays moans and groans.  Today's post is
dedicated.  My wife, who puts up with silly fishing hours and helps maintain this blog at silly o'clock in the morning.
To my kids who never fail to surprise me.
To the guys that pick up rubbish even when it's not theirs just because they can,
 to those that help on the extension for the fun of it,
all these things make me realise how enjoyable walking for miles on the wall everyday can be
Over night not much to report, other than mini shoals of Mackerel and Horse Mackerel.
Sea state, flat calm and looking like glass, a few mackerel on the very low tide, looking like it's gonna be a scorcher.

FRESH BAIT King rag, Black Lug, limited |Peelers.
More later.
F (typed by mrs F)
Afternoon update, fished the west extension with my youngest & the boss looking on :)
was nice fishing over the tide in peace for a change & no worries
Jnr managed 2 very nice bream hits  and landed them , with 2 others  hooked but escaped all on his own (pick of 1st one on gallery
My tally 9 wrasse  5 of which were decent and 8 Bream 3 keepers.

The "usual suspects" managed a few nice bass today of which I gather 2 at least were keepers (a 3+lb'er)
other catches along the west noticed were mostly mackerel with the occasional bream and a couple of  nice eels , over on the east ....
no idea ......

1st august

1st august
Little happening over night from those I spoke to this morning other than plenty of mess left behind on the east by "regulars"
A shame as they do know better but don't do better cleaning up behind themselves.
A small early morning shoal of mackerel on both walls prior to the low tide.
Weather looking good with the sea flat & clear
FRESH BAIT :- black lug & limited peelers.
Round up for the afternoon.
 erratic runs of mackerel in small shoals kept teasing anglers throughout the day with the occasional catches. Both walls saw bream catches with the low end of the west doing well again. Pollack, Gurnard, and some Large eels also seen caught.

Sun 31st July

Sun 31st july

Overnight report, seems the patten of the week is constant with a late sunset,Mackerel run mostly on the East wall,
not much else overnight to report.

This morning's run was about 4.30am, sea has has slight swell, dark green in colour easterly breeze, west already busy with the east looking like it will get busy fast.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King |Rag, and Peelers.
Advisable to order., More later.
Mid tide some mackerel ran the west wall, no idea over on the east though with the day panning out slower than
yesterday . A few bream & wrasse were targeted with bait with the usual small bits coming out also in spite of them not
 being wanted !. summing up the afternoon ... a shoal of mackies teased many mid afternoon just out of cast
range @ bay 10-12
strange fishing today indeed

Sat 30th July

Sat 30th July.
Over night report a late Mackerel run on the east saw most people happy except for those on the west wall all the
Mackerel on the east.  Late leavers this morning reporting little over night activity.  This morning in spite of a bright sunny
start that was forecast it is quite dull/overcast but should clear.
Early morning Mackerel run seems absent possibly due to the very low tide.
FRESH BAIT Rag Worm, Black Lug, and Peelers
More later.

12pm update Mackerel arrived at 11am both walls, west wall very busy and good numbers of Wrasse and decent sized
Bream, more later.

late afternoon.
decent bream takes along the west , good mullet fishing on the east along with mackerel runs.
a small shoal of mackerel spent 3+ hrs on the west hounding the whitebait shoal up and down the wall today causing mayhem
many casting sideways as the shoal was so close to the wall were continually tangling up with their neighbours while the mackies declined to touch the feathers ... some were caught but the majority ignored the lures for the real food !

Fri 29th July

Fri 29th July
Overnight report, slow, slow and even slower.  Hard work indeed, even hardened bass anglers pulling their hair out.  A
last light run of mackerel turned into Horse mackerel but doesn't appear to want to play this morning.
This morning, everyone is waiting for the high tide, feathers in the air.
The bait situation should be resolved with 2 large deliveries coming in this morning, short tides have cleaned out much of
the Black Lug supply.

FRESH BAIT Devon Peeler's, @10 am, Fresh rag, with a 2nd delivery mid day, Black Lug expected mid morning.
More later.

a long day with tons of bait being sold FAST. !
both arms reported slow fishing today with occasional bream the reward for those using bait. Hard to explain why the slow fishing today & yesterday

Thurs 28th July

Thurs 28th July
Overnight Breem and Pollack on the east, Morning a few Mackerel around early run, west filling up fast, high tide 10am sea flat and calm.
FRESH BAIT limited fresh Black lug, plenty of frozen Black Lug, King rag to be delivered about 10am. Fresh peelers available,
 more later.
Wow, a day of madness regarding the fresh bait ..... absolutely stuffed of it again today.
fresh supplies in tomorrow
Re the fishing, early mackerel petered out on the high tide & things became tough as the tide dropped. Left on the low tide from the west with people finding things tough going with a similar story on the east wall,... strange indeed.  here's hoping the rising tide performs better

Wed 27th July

Wed 27th July
Seems the mackerel have returned to the marina. Monday mornings early run of them on both walls never seemed to die out. So many in fact that people were stating that the shoals were the biggest they had seen in a long time. Tuesday was a similar story with big shoals on both walls & some  "anglers" not only getting their fill but taking home  silly numbers.
While there is a general limit of 50  mackerel per person fishing this seems to be of little notice to to some who thing loading up an entire freezer with mackerel is acceptable & good practice. Sadly even as bait fish they do not last over long frozen.
Other reported catches include again decent numbers of Bream, wrasse, pollack and the  ever present bullheads.
more later

Overnight report sketchy, but again large amounts of mackerel on both arms with the east seeing some bream and pollack mid wall..  High tide 9am looks like it's going to be a busy one.
FRESH BAIT IN SHORT SUPPLY, no Black Lug until thurs, Fresh Devon Peelers, limited Rag Worm unless ordered.  All frozen baits except Black Lug.
afternoon roundup
things very slow after the high tide with little to report other than small catches and a couple of breram on the west by mid afternoon

Monday 25th July

Monday 25th July

Over night little to speak of, This morning though  there are plenty of mackerel around on both walls.
FRESH BAIT:- sold out.
there are frozen black lug available though.
King ragworm  in Tuesday morning but no fresh lug available until Thursday .
Check with shop regarding peeler's

No updates here now until Wednesday morning

Sun 24th July

Sun 24th July
Overnight both walls struggling those that were left in the morning saying how hard it was.
This morning a busy start on the high tide at 5.30am, Mackerel on both walls but not huge numbers.
Sea state, water a bit cloudy with a slight swell, north west breeze, @ 5-10mph.
FRESH BAIT:- ONLY PEELERS, unless ordered
 frozen Black lug, Slipper Limpets and Sand-eels.
More later.
afternoon round-up
wind decided to change direction today & @ mid-day swung South Westerly causing problems for the west arm with the extension closing earlier than planned !
The resulting conditions changed the fishing rapidly and made things hard work on both wall.. The early pollack on the east also seemed to dry up.
Spoke to one east arm regular who fished there friday who was still chuffed that he managed a decent  species hunt during the day including plenty of bream , some wrasse, pollack, eel's  and a few other bits.  SHAD are now becoming a regular catch (they look like big herring) and are protected so should be returned if possible.

this weeks catches on both walls include, Shad, Scad(horse mackerel), bream, wrasse,(ballan & corkwing),mullet, bass, red mullet, gurnard, silver eel's,,pout,bullheads(scorpion fish) blennies,mackerel, 2 lobsters , a few edible & velvet crabs, some decent out of season ling, and pollack.

Sat 23rd July

Sat 23rd July
Overnight report a small ling over the rocks on the east with a few bits and pieces making a slow night, the west i am told was also hard work other than a 4lb Bass.
This morning both walls have had early Mackerel and a nice Bream on the the east.
Sea state, a slight swell, deep green, with a cooling breeze, intermittent cloud cover with showers forecast.
FRESH BAIT, King rag, Peeler's Black Lug expected later.
morning into mid afternoon saw intermittent catches of mackerel on both arms  with a steady tick over also for bream on the upper end of the west and the lower half of the east arm. Pollack wrasse & bullheads were also caught.

Sat 23rd July

Sat 23rd July
As some have noticed there have been & still are some tech issues with the hosting site so blog & updates have been on hold.
Thurs overnight , no one about other than a brief chat with someone leaving the east that had seen little other than a small ray or two &  a hand full of mackerel & horse mackerel.
Friday reports are sketchy with the early morning  off to a slow beginning & people having a hard  start to the day .Afternoon saw a few catches of mackerel but not in huge numbers like the previous 2 days. Bream takes still ticking over nicely though on both walls.  Gurnards seem the story on the east this week also with a fair few being reported caught.
Unsure how long the  host site will have issues but with luck are now resolved
more later

Thurs 21st July

Thurs 21st July
No one overnight so lacking a report, this morning large shoals of horse mackerel by 6am developed into large shoals og mackerel.
Sea state, flat and clear water slight north east breeze, overcast and clearing.
FRESH BAIT black lug, and Peelers. King Rag after 10am.
late follow up for the west arm as I fished there in the afternoon with the family.
Came on the arm @ 11.30 to be told things were slow, set up & daughter & friend then  quickly picked up a half dozen mackerel. Youngest was using a  light spin rod with a baited flapper over the side.
His full tally on rag & mackerel bits was, 3 bream 4 wrasse, 2 bullheads, 2 starfish  and 4 pout.
My final tally was 1 decent bream lost as iut pulled of the hook on the lift up the wall! 5 bream (1 kept) 6 small wrasse,2 bullhead & about 9 pout.
With the bait used things were a bit sluggish but not bad when others were struggling.
packed up about 5pm just as a shoal of mackies started to run the middle section of the west.
by this time I had also been told the east had seen a few mackies & some nice bream

weds 20th July

Weds 20th july
Yesterday on the west arm I am told there were some decent sized bream over the top of the tide, little else  told about during the day though by the late afternoon mackerel arived in numbers.
 lacking a report  overnight.
This morning the beaches cluttered and smelling of the string weed, west wall fairly heavy with the stuff in spite of this a few mackerel coming out early
East wall patchy weed nobody fishing.
8am on some decent shoals of mackies running the wall will all fishing pulling a fair few out. slow start for ground baits though.
Sea state, flat calm greener than yesterdays mucky brown.
FRESH BAIT. limited king rag, plenty of Black lug, peelers available.

a late update as site issues last night
The morning run of mackerel stayed throughout the day with fish on both walls . A morning visit by the seal into the marina caused some interest also.
By 9.30 pm the mackerel were still being caught on the west wall in numbers which were seemingly hampering any other type of fishing. On baits there were some decent bream over the top of the tide & wrasse seemed out an about in numbers also.


Both walls  re-opened this morning.
West  has huge rafts of string weed against it for a depth of 5-10 foot making it hard to fish. East reasonably clear. Sun is up & water flat calm though very cloudy until the tides refresh things.
FRESH BAIT :- king rag , black lug & plenty of Peeler's

18th july Monday

18th july Monday
West will remain closed today with a view to opening over night  (mon into Tues)
A check on the East scheduled for 8am


Sunday 17h July

Sunday 17h July
West wall to remain closed Sunday and probably Monday.
A 7am check on the east regarding conditions.
east to remain closed Sunday ,. 8am check Monday am

sat 16th July

Both arms closed so no overnight report

FRESH BAIT  King Rag and Black Lug


Fri 16th July

Fri 16th July
no overnight anglers so no catch report.  Both arms open and a slow start to the morning.  Sea quite calm and clear, high tide mid day, the sun is up and looking to be a hot one.
FRESH BAIT Black Lug, arriving this morning King Rag @ mid day.Peelers hard to come by.
early mackerel 3 hrs before the tide boded well, no further reports today from me though other than to issue a weather warning for over night.
BOTH walls facing closure  between 2 & 6 am as southerlies blow in, probably closing both walls throughout Saturday & west wall for most of Sunday

Thurs 15th july

Thurs 15th july
East closed for repair work & will still be closed Friday morning. The day started off slowly but increased as the morning progressed. Bream being the dominant  catch of the day to baits.Mackerel daytime & horse mackerel over night for the tinsel throwers were complimented by some decent wrasse (ballan & corkwing)_ bullheads , a few pollack and schoolie bass came up along with  some large  blennies. Catch and release of the day was  a lobster with 3 peoples day rounded off with 11 species caught during their visit.
Bait was in short supply so not a bad day for all .

Wed 13th July

Wed 13th July
No over night report passed on other than a large mackerel shoal running the east wall as the light went. This morning bream coming up on the west to  mackerel & ragworm baits with some schoolie bass caught on the approach. Mackerel skipping up and down the west  until 10 am this morning also.
EAST CLOSED for concrete work, check with the shop on reopening time for the east wall
 FRESH BAIT :- king rag , very limited stock of black lug . no peeler's today

East back open over night & will close again Thurs morning for  contracted work

Tuesday 12th July

Tuesday 12th July
WEST WALL CLOSED for repair work

Overnight report the late Mackerel run fairly much failed to appear, although plenty of Breem were caught all along the watch towers, west wall. 
9.15pm the expected mackerel run turned into a large shoal of Horse mackerel.  They continued to be caught right through , until 6am .
Over on the east this morning a large shoal of Mackerel buzzed the wall for an hr or more.
Conditions this morning, a little blowy north east wind , water flat clam but a little murky, dull and overcast  with showers expected by mid day through the afternoon .
FRESH BAIT  King Rag, limited Peelers check with shop@ mid day regarding Black Lug.

East to close daytime Wednesday as concrete work continues on the walls

Mon 11th July

Mon 11th July.
Overnight report a little sketchy, last light knockings on the east included some Mullet, Mackerel and Horse Mackerel.  A few set up this morning on both walls with scattered first light Mackerel coming out.
There have been a few bream on the west this morning with the mackerel though not in high numbers  still being caught at 10am
FRESH BAIT ,  Ring shop.
Fished 8-10.30 am west arm  using ragworm, lots of little takes & a few decent misses, final tally this morning was over 15 small pout (stopped counting) 3 small wrasse, a large-ish blenny 2 bullheads 4 bream  of which 3 were too small and 7 mackerel on feathers.
4pm onwards. Things looked like the mackerel would pick up & instead teased both walls with the occasional bite. The west got busy in the afternoon into the evening with bream takes  looking good but damn those mackerel refused to play , light drop come nine pm & things looked lost..... then the horse mackerel decended on the west ... no idea whether they showed on the east or not I have no Idea but a decent looking day turned into a slow slog in the end.

west wall Tuesday will be CLOSED
Cement works begin on the walls this week & should be done in a few days

Sunday 10th July

Sunday 10th July
Over night  report :
A few bass on the east ticking over at 2-3lb, small bits & bobs & an early mackerel run on both walls as I arrived @ 5.30 . Over on the west at 9am they were still taking a few out.
Water still deep green and a little choppy this morning. That should settle  during the day as better weather & low wind speeds settle things down.
FRESH BAIT king ragworm , limited black lug & a few peelers left.

Sat 9th July

Sat 9th July
East open  with a watch on the west this morning as the wind picks up again .
FRESH BAIT in this morning

Overnight 2 or 3 small Bass on the east.
Conditions deteriorating south west wind increasing, west arm probably to close east arm should remain open, water quality dark green to yellow and getting bumpy fast.
More later.
west arm should now be re-opened
catch report for the day summed up in one word ... SLOW on the east
The odd eel, a small bass or two & the occasional  bullhead.

8th July Fri

8th July Fri
 Nothing to say this morning other than
BOTH walls closed

7th July Thurs

7th July Thurs
West to remain closed today
East to be checked @7am possible closure

Wed 6th July

Wed 6th July
No one fishing this morning but 3 bass confirmed on the west over night of which one was at least 8lb & "guestimated" close to 10lb & should be weight confirmed later.
West arm is closed this morning & under a weather watch until  Saturday morning. East currently open but if travelling distances I would advice contacting the tacklebox 1st (01273 696477)

Tues 5th July

Tues 5th July
Overnight report both walls saw some decent runs of Mackerel yesterday eveing and first light today.  East wall reporting some nice Bass in at least 3 locations other catches include Horse Mackerel, Bream, Wrasse, Pollock and at least one decent Thorn Back.
More later.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug and Peelers.
afternoon update
spent the day on the west tinkering & putting a light rod out.
Mackerel obliged on the high tide with decent bream catches to bait. No idea of catches on the east today but it seems I ended up doing a scratch session that resulted in  6 pouting,4 blennies, 3 wrasse,
5 bullheads & capping them off were 2 decent bream.

Monday 4th July

Monday 4th July
Over night things were slow on both walls with a few horse mackerel caught & small bass (under 3lb) small rays were also reported but little of sizeable value.
This morning it seems most were  content to sit and relax on the low water. The sea is calm and looking clear with mackerel boats working about 1/2 a mile off the  marina.
FRESH BAIT , limited  king rag , plenty of black lug & peeler's

Sun 3 July

Over night report, entertainment wise a bit of a kick off when someone refused to leave for fishing on inside of harbour the eventually got resolved, fish wise plenty of horse mackerel some Bream on the East, also some Schoolies ranging between 2 and 4lb, couple of small Rays along with smaller bits and bobs
A word of caution Weaver Fish are active again.
This Morning quite a lot setting up the weather is glorious flat seas and looking clear, low tide has little activity currently .
FRESH BAIT  black lug, King rag, Devon and local Peelers.   
More later

Well that was a hard one!
Boats off the marina picking up mackerel with them not making the jump to the wall for everyone to catch.
1-3 doz mackerel on the  in tide was harsh. on the up bream & wrasse were caught in numbers both sides of the tide with the occasional gar fish  swimming in to hooks, one near 2 foot long.
All in all a slow and very scratchy day under a strong glaring sun.

Seems shad's are now in the swim & headed to spawning grounds up river(s) the look a cross between bass & jiant herring and are protected ,(catch release) dominant feature is a  middle ridge on the lower lip .
Over on the east pollack & wrasse seemed in decent numbers with a report on the WSF link to a report here >>

Sat 2nd July

sat 2nd July Overnight sketchy reports with a couple of small Schoolies , most overnight catches returned as under sized.
This morning  with bright sun and a flat calm sea seems to be putting the fish off,. that said another nice Mullet caught on the East (see pic) .
hopefully the high at 12.45pm will bring better things.
More later.

FRESH BAIT Peelers, Black Lug, and king Rag.
All frozen baits in stock.
Sun cream and water look the order of the day.

Afternoon update
Saturday proved to be a long slog on the west.The morning tally that I saw was mostly small bits such as blennys bullheads & small pout and a returned schoolie bass.. A couple of dozen mackerel prior to the high were followed by a similar number on the dropping afternoon tide. The bream declined to show  until late afternoon on the middle of the wall with a couple coming up on the extension. Some wrasse &  a handfull of netted crabs seemed to be the best the day could muster.
Over on the east I did hear of
a couple of thorn-back rays,pout,  bream dab and a bassbutr believe the day was slow there also.
Maybe the evening improved .


overnight another scratchy night best catch reported was as 3/5lb  Conger
This morning little to report on the 6am low as everyone seems to have  gone home
Water quality looking quite good and flat calm,  Hight tide  mid day.
FRESH BAIT  King Rag , arriving 10am , Black Lug check with the shop after mid day, no Peelers until sat Morning.
More later
The morning saw slow sluggish fishing with only a few bits & bobs coming up . On the west a few dozen mackerel before the high at mid day.

June 3oth Thurs

30th June Thurs  overnight  bits and pieces on both walls with a few 2-3 lb Schoolies  for good measure .
Morning report.
Water calm and clear, quite a few setting up and the occasional Mackerel prior to the high tide and a nice Golden Mullet on the east ( pic on the gallery)
As I came off the west at 1030 ish I saw a string of 6 mackerel landed so looking up this morning

More later.
FRESH BAIT  Rag Worm in Black Lug expected mid day so ring shop, no Peelers today.


wed 29th june

wed 29th june
 Morning run was quiet so no  over night info
A few wetting lines this morning & some early mackerel to show , though 1's &2's rather than shoaling. Looks like a few today are targeting bream , will be interesting to see how they fare.
FRESH BAIT king rag (going fast) & black lug expected @ mid day. (ring tacklebox to confirm)
Fresh lug in tomorrow also
Afternoon off , was told of bream &  some schoolies caught on the west arm and over on the east I understand a couple of gurnard were landed  with, wrasse , pollack & the odd mullet in the mix , Seems the mackerel declined to play though.

Tues 28th June

Tues 28th June
No reports from yesterday or over night to post so just a morning one.
A few early mackerel promised good things that failed to show on the high tide on the west . The bonus to were the amount of bream playing on the  higher reaches of the west. I had a go myself & had 3 decent bream(see gallery) while missing a few others. Also caught  6+ starfish , 4 pout and a blenny in a couple of hours fishing the incoming tide.
FRESH BAIT :- peeler's & king rag. current tides are making  black lug hard to get.

Evening update
Was told of the occasional mackerel through the day though no  decent numbers. Both walls saw bream caught again as the day went on with  odds & sods starting to be caught as the evening wore on & the light faded on the high tide.

Monday 27th June

Monday 27th June
No over night reports with only a few 1st thing on the walls. A few slowly ariving this morning & saw , a mullet,bream & a couple of small schoolie's caught on the west today.

FRESH BAIT:- no fresh bait today , shop sold out by 10am yesterday including eddie's secret stash of frozen black
 Frozen baits available:- slipper limpets, peelers,sandeels, mackerel including joey's,razor fish,large launce, hermit crab & cuttlefish.

Sun 26th June

Sun 26th June
Off to a foggy start which is slowly clearing, east arm on the bend already busy, 2 Dover Sole and a fair few mackerel already caught 2hrs before the high tide, a similar story on the west arm .

Looks like both walls are going to be very busy.  NOTE fresh bait is in short supply, there is plenty of frozen.
More later.

Was right , both walls got busy, & the bait went fast.
catches in the morning looked promising with a fair few flatties coming up on the east in the morning  before I wound up stationed on the west wall for the  bulk of the day. Unsure of any further catches on the east for that reason other than what I saw on WSF witch was further catches of dab in the afternoon &  a  bream . Over on the west things seemed to dry up after the morning high with  many  staring into the sun as the tide dropped  and then started to return.
Incoming  tides water quality looked better than it had in weeks so things looked on the up and an early mackerel 3 hrs before the high promised more to come.
No idea if was the case as I left the wall at 6pm.

The bait situation was as I thought also with the shop selling out of fresh baits and also clearing all of the  in stock frozen lug.
The only fresh bait for monday  currently is that which has been pre booked.

Sat 25th June

Sat 25th June
The day turned into a long slog with the wind again dominating from the west. Most anglers close the  1st part of the east  with the west shut & the front end  being blown silly for most of the day.
Catch reports were grip with little to show before 4pm when suddenly I heard of a decent bass take low down , a lobster (keeper)  flounder,eel, and a few bits and pieces including a small ray.

On the up side the wind is slowly dropping away and the forecast for the next day or 2 look glorious.
Bait tomorrow will be at a premium though frozen stocks are high.
A very late update

West arm was re opened  about 6.30pm with some wind still blowing & the water very coloured. Quite ironic then that after a long day with little caught that mackerel  put in an appearance on the west arm Saturday evening !

Fri 23rd June

Fri 23rd June   
No over night report as very quiet.
Sun is out  both arms open
FRESH BAIT :- King rag & black lug

Thurs 23rd June

Thurs 23rd June
East arm to re open @ 8am after a check
west to remain closed

wed 22 june

wed 22nd june

little to report this morning
 East open
West closed
FRESH BAIT :-  king rag & black lug

Tues 21st June

Tues 21st June
West arm closed today with only one soul on the east.  Plenty of weed out there today with a deep green colour to the water
S/westerlies looking constant for a few days to come

FRESH BAIT :- king rag  & frozen baits available , check with tackle box regarding black lug

20th June Monday

20th June Monday
West arm re-opened this morning , no one fishing so no  catch updates.

FRESH BAIT :- as of 7am ,Black Lug
Frozen baits available
Spent a few hrs on the arms today after 3.30pm, saw a nice mackerel come in on a spinner(see gallery)  over on the east. with  a small bass caught close by. Was told of a  flounder over there also. No Idea of day time catches other than a few mackerel though.
Fished a little in the  rain on the west  early evening. Saw a few wrasse landed among  other things including the ever present  bullheads. Bass knocks but no obliger's while I was there &  heard of some eel's being caught also.

Sun 19th June

Sun 19th June
East arm to open this morning
West will remain shut
Catch report for mid day dominated by  2 catches.One freaky sized 3bearded rockling (1.65lb)to someone from the Palace Pier club & 2 youngsters that chanced their luck on the approach to the west arm in what can only be described as lousy conditions. A full on west wind closed the arm down, tons of weed pushed into the corner where they fished & the chancing paid off! 2 pics on the gallery for Reece & Jack
with 2 nice fish of about 3.5lb & close to 2lb, both legal & both eaters .

eels & bass seem to be the dominant catches along the wall today with conditions for bream & mackerel  in the toilet .F

18th June Sat

18th June Sat

Currently both walls closed due to weather conditions.
Check with tackle box for further updates.


Fri 17th June East arm open this morning, southerly;s expected to force a complete closure mid day.
Check with tackle box


East now closed with the west open  this afternoon. early evening & both closed over night.

Thursday 16th June

Thursday 16th June
A weather watch will be on the west arm today as west / S westerly winds pick up through the day,

No one fishing over night , in fact the place was deserted this morning so no great insights today. Water looked on the low mucky & very weedy again .  Should clear with a few mackerel like yesterday .



15th June Wednesday

15th June Wednesday
No one fishing first thing so no over night info.Water state , flat calm on the low & looking  a bit mucky. Signs of a fair bit of  "mossy" weed on the surface. Should flush cleaner on the rising tide . A couple of early mackerel caught around 8am.

FRESH BAIT :- Black lug & Peeler's. No king rag today unless it is on a late  order arrival.

14th Tues14th June

14th Tues14th June

 Over night reports sketchy with a dover sole on both arms reported & occasional eels, other than that .. hard work.
Daytime the water was muddy & only cleared on the full tide resulting in slow fishing other than some schoolie bass reported up on the east.. Slow fishing indeed for the daytime.....
more tomorrow

Monday 13th June

Monday 13th June
Walls currently closed with a review at mid day
Tackle box open as normal

Sunday 12th June

Sunday 12th June
A weather warning for  Mid day. today. Strong southerly winds expected to pick up quickly and  effect both walls.
Closures are expected  about 4pm today

Over night  a few bass landed with a 4lb'er on the west.
Daytime has seen a steady tick over of mackerel in spite of  worsening conditions.
Both walls will be closed over night & re open sometime on monday afternoon.

Sat 11th June

Sat 11th June
 Very little to report over night
This morning the west arm is filling up fast with Mackerel hunters, water on the west dark green and a bit lucky.  On the east the water seems to have cleared a little quicker with a few early Mackerel on both walls.

FRESH BAIT  Black Lug, King Rag, anf peelers all frozen available including hermit crabs and joey's .
update 9am-2pm

Very slow day with mackerel ticking over but not in high numbers through the morning. Little "shoal" activity so numbers remained in "the few" bracket for  those fishing. Little else to report today on the dropping tide as most were targeting mackerel  rather than other species..
East arm mini report from Rob Bracknell>>

Had 3 wrasse, 1 Bull Head and a small congor.

Attached is the best wrasse.(see gallery)

 Cheers  Rob(Bracknell)


Friday 10th June

Fri 10th June
Little to report over night. Water looking better this morning with the yellow tinge being replaced by green water.
FRESH BAIT:- peeler's,   fresh black lug &
limited  king rag

Thurs 9th June

Thursday 9th June
Both walls should be open this morning , with a watch later on the west
FRESH BAIT  Black Lug, King Rag, Devon Peelers, all frozen baits available.
West arm to remain closed Thurs.
No overnight catch reports as closed.
Told of an early morning bass hitting 6.10lb,
Day catches seen include  a nice dover sole, a small flounder & a small  smooth hound. water colour today has been poor resembling something like the yellow river. The wind refused to die down & the fishing was very hard.. The west should re open over night or early tomorrow morning.

Tues 7th May

Tues 7 May

No report today , should be back up running tomorrow

Monday 6 may

Monday , having a day off , bit under the weather with  a bug.
A sunday round up for the east arm can be found >>>>>  here

Sunday 5th June

Sunday 5th June

No updates this morning as jnr has a football tournament in Lewis

FRESH BAIT :- king rag, black lug and peeler's available.

4thJune Sat

Sat 4th June
Over night report of a decent 8lb +  Bass confirmed.  Other reports vague and hard to come by.
Daytime, a strong north east wind making things a bit unpleasant, a few early Mackerel but things off to a slow start.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag, ring after mid day regarding Peelers.
More later  F
. typed by mrs F, he gets all the credit and I do the work :)

 A long hard slog in the wind today with fish  hard to come by. On the west I didnt even see  more than 5 bullheads ! 4 of them were in one net!

Mackerel were tough finding & the biggest string was 3 in one hit. Middle of the wall proving best again. One silver eel came up on the extension but claimed catches were few and far...

over on the east things I was told fared just as badly with an exodus from the lower bays when word of a couple of mackies  were caught on the front end produced a mini squash up in the hope of fish. A couple of bream were confirmed on the east also but again few were displaying any catches so was a bit hard to tell.

Water quality is improving but this   strong north easterly has taken its toll I think on the fishing.

If the pattern follows tomorrow things will be again tough until the expected wind dies off in the afternoon bringing milder  climes.

I feel more sandblasted than tanned after todays  slog in the wind.


3rd June

Friday 3rd June
No overnight report as only a couple on the walls thismorning. Wind getting up  North Westerly that will make the east a bit exposed.
Sea colour improved on yesterday, Sun is up & looking like a hot one.

FRESH BAIT should arrive @ 10am
more later
Wow, what a long hard slog today was fish wise !
 The high tide produced a few mack small conger , the odd gar erel but not the amounts expected. The west arm was very slow going  though a decent bream was caught on bay 9 pic , care of Harry. other catches were slim pickings to day under the wind that was relentless.
A small conger, the odd gar & soring on the eveing run.some mackies on floats with the bream were the highlights on the west with a dozen or so mackies re appearing on the 5pm evening tide run
Over on the east things were as tough. Little catches order of the day it seemed with the result of an almost species hunt delivering one or two of each.
wrasse, bullheads,small bream,gar,mackies and a couple of small bass caaught but nothing in decent numbers.
Seems the wind took its toll.
Uploading some pics to the gallery from the last 2 days.

weeks round up looks as follows,
bass on both walls some over 3lb,bream & wrasse on the up on both walls, mackerel are returning but no big shoals this week, Some nice rays being taken on the east.A small conger on the west with decent mullet catches on the high end of the east. some smoothound,dogfish, perennial bullheads now also blennies making up the smalrler stuff.
other takes included , small rays,pollack,plaice,dab,flounder,spider crabs,eels and gar fish  all make to being ok for those species hunts. summer seems just arround the corner.!

2nd june thurs

2nd June Thurs

Over night on the beast reports of small Bass and a Dover Sole ( Ryan, pic to follow) .
This morning both walls busy early on, 3 confirmed Bass on the East, largest about 3.5lb (Adie, pic to follow).
West arm also a couple of 3lb ers, Mackerel showing early with a mid day tide.
Water clarity improving as the tide rises ,

FRESH BAIT  king rag and Black Lug.
More later.


Afternoon round up

all in all  I saw 6  bass, all under 4lb but decent meals. the west saw  a couple of nice bream, a few wrasse also caught on the extension. Mackerel were being caught 2-3 hours before the high tide.

1st june

little to re port today as i escaped and went out  on Lady of the lake

soooooooo I caught , smoothhounds,dab, plaice,bream,pouting, mackeckrel & got a sunburn to the back of my neck !!

more tomorrow :)

Monday 31st May
The day started off cool only warming as the sun  got up properly. Water quality on both walls wasn't great but looked as if it would flush cleaner quite quickly as the tides rose with decent forecasts for the next day or two.
No one fishing over night so no reports as of yet.

FRESH BAIT :- king ragworm &  black lug.
more later
Round up.
The mornings rising tide brought a few mackerel on the west though not in huge numbers due to water clarity being poor.
The east reported a couple of small schoolie bass, 2-3 small rays the occasional pollack and rockling also showing up. Most people struggled for much more than bullheads as the day progressed. By 8pm a couple of schoolies & eels had also been landed on the west. With luck this weeks bigger tides will clean the water somewhat.

Monday 30th May

Monday 30th May
The morning started off foggy with a few setting out for mackerel in mucky conditions.Hopefully the next couple of high tides will flush the water cleaner.
East arm early this morning saw a nice bass caught by Rob, pic on the gallery.

FRESH BAIT:- king ragworm , black lug & peeler's available.

Sun 29th May

Sun 29th May

Both arms were closed over night , west will remain shut today, East will open @ 8am with a close watch on conditions.

AM conditions unsuitable to open either wall to be reviewed at mid day.


Sat 28 May

Sat 28 May
delayed report

West closed this morning under the S/west wind, east arm water quality lousy & looking like the Yellow river , (mud brown) !.
Catch report is hard work,  choppy/muddy water conditions means target bass & eels as the rest will be hard to come by... result , some  eels & small schoolies seen.
This week has seen  wall closures , choppy conditions with dirty water , the catches have reflected those conditions.
Small bass (2-3lb) minor sized rays , pout & eels dominate.  The occasional  bream,wrasse,& pollack have also shown this week.
Tomorrow looks choppy also with the west closed most likely.

27th May Friday

27th May Friday
 A wall check on the West to be carried out this morning at 8am .
East arm should open shortly after that
a quick round up though the reports are poor

High winds have reduced the  quality of fishing  for a few days , today's report is based on the east, simply because thats were I found a few fish caught !

early on  a couple of bream reports with the day on the east dominated by EEL catches. Conditions poor water  colour very muddy with  westerly winds. Small bass takes mixed with eels a small ray or two & 2 or 3 mackerel.
West arm  lots of "knocks" &  low numbers  having some luck with schoolie bass. Tough going with conditions expected to get poorer.

West already on a weather watch for Sat.
Check with the tacklebox , as west has a high chance of being closed .

Thur 26th

Thursday 26th May
Both walls closed this morning due to high winds

wed 25th may

25th May

No over night report , west arm re opened this morning but looking like will be closed again Friday.
Water colour very  yellow/green & plenty of  bloom signs.

Sluggish fishing this morning , hopefully this afternoons high will produce some results.
FRESH BAIT , king rag , black lug & Peeler's.
 round up

east arm saw a few schoolies ,slightly bumpy conditions with cloudy water seemed to work for them . none magnificent but a couple were keepers.
some samll doggies reported alongside the usual scratchings of   blennies & bullheads.  one or  two mackerel reported on the east also .

West arm was slow rounding out on the high tide run in with  a flurry of mackerel & a few  reported "decent bass bites lost" !

looking like both walls will go into close down tomorrow morning as the winds increase & conditions deteriorate. !

Tuesday 24th May
East opening at 9am

West  most likely to stay shut today.
Conditions not the greatest today & west was closed for the duration.
Water looked muddy all day , no catch report for mid  day  late afternoon was a struggle though I was told of 2-3 small bass & some wrasse & small eel's being caught .  Hopefully the calmer conditions tomorrow will produce better results.

Monday 23rd May

Monday 23rd May
Both walls closed over night , west  should remain closed  today and overnight into Tuesday.

East arm to be assessed this morning . Check with The Tackle Box regarding opening of the east wall.

Sunday 22nd May

Sunday 22nd May
4.30am weather picking up & quite likely the west will close  this morning. More details from the tacklebox
west arm closed at 5.30am & has stayed shut , possibly through Monday also .. check with the tackle box for updates.
East arm report under strong South Westerlies was a little grim to say the least.
Early mackerel on both walls  were followed through with a few small bass , a couple  were keepers & low end  a 1st cast flounder to a youngster fishing his 1st summer visit. Huge waves by 3pm reduced the east wall to about 10 bays fish-able with a decent wave show on most of the wall above bay 20!.

May 21st Sat

May  21st Sat
 Overnight report
The east arm showing signs of picking up, last night a 4.13lb Bass some nice Plaice and a couple of Rays reported as well as mackerel.  West arm also had a decent run of morning Mackerel.
Sea calm and clearer today currently overcast (9am) should brighten up later, wind speeds expected  5-10mph.
FRESH BAIT Kingrag, Black Lug, and Devon Peelers.
Afternoon round up
Mackerel flurries throughout the day on the west arm  the largest hitting  a couple of hours before the high tide. The east also got in on the show  about 1pm. Lowering tides after 3pm were still having the odd flurry.  No other catch report for the east after 2pm.

FRIDAY 20th May

FRIDAY 20th May

A few fishng this morning but no over night report.

Heard of a couple of 3lb schoolies yesterday & a  flurry of mackies  this morning on the west arm

FRESH BAIT :-  limited king ragworm black lug ariving mid day , fresh peeler's available



A slow tough afternoon in the wind, the west as the high aproached was quite choppy , in-spite of this mackerel were being caught with the water colour looking better than it has for a few days. As the tide dropped the wind failed to ease  causing the water on the west to cloud &  muddy up.

Over on the east the fish were thin on the ground & from what little I saw  the pick wwas a couple of bream low down & a  keep able schoolie bass.


Thursday 19th May

Thursday 19th May
West re opened mid afternoon yesterday but no one fishing went I trundled around there.
East was V V slow going in the westerly wind & I only saw a couple of mackies come out mid afternoon.
 am out on Lady of The Lake for the day
morning run of mackerel reported today & a small schoolie bass on the east arm reported over night.
Seems the banjo is also fishing well this week with a varied take there.
Lady of the lake trip became a mini species hunt for myself & daughter + 2 friends.
1 decent bream, a bass (daughters 1st) plenty of dab plaice & tons of pouting were brought in along with some mackerel, a smooth hound, dogfish & a tope
 an enjoyable day with a couple of pics.



A weather watch this morning on the west wall which was closed yesterday and over night. Hopeful of it re opening today sometime.

Tues 17th May

Tues 17th May

West wall still closed this morning with an assessment later today as the westerly swings south westerly.
East arm open as normal.
Sea state is mucky & choppy as to be expected.
No further updates today , more in the morning.

FRESH BAIT :- king rag in this morning , black lug &  peeler's.

Monday 16th May

Monday 16th May

Both walls deserted this morning so no over night updates.  Conditions this morning a bit choppy on the west & water colour  with the bloom &  chop looking like mud.
The east looks a bit cleaner but also wind swept by the westerly/ South westerly. Forecast looks like a constant S/westerly today.
 The next 2-3 days look  similar.
FRESH BAIT :- Peeler's, black lug & some king ragworm

4pm  run round saw conditions cause a closure on the west arm which will re-open in the morning.

Found a few hardy souls gritting it out on the east bearing up to the S/Westerly for little gain.
 Evening plodded on to see a few arrivals from an angling club on a rover ( nice blokes) one of whom landed an early schoolie that was returned undersized. Other than that , little to report other than the  wind is a PITA !

Sun 15th may

Sun 15th May
Over night east arm quiet west arm quite active with Dog fish and Schoolie Bass peppering the wall it's a shame that some ppl still need size limits for Bass reinforcing.  14 inches or 36cm is the legal limit.  Below that and the  fishing wardens will ask anglers to return undersized fish. 
This morning has started busy with a 10am high tide (9am) Mackerel starting to show on the west, unsure if also like yesterday on the East. 
FRESH BAIT  King Rag, Black Lug, and Devon Peelers.
More later.

Afternoon report  amounts  fairly much to a mackerel run on the incoming tide this morning. After the high tide thing fairly much died. Water colour on the west  helped little to make things very hard going. Bullheads on the west followed the morning mackerel with little else to see. Of note today  was the mullet caught on the east arm. The 1st decent one of the year weighed in at a huge 5lb 10oz.!


Sat 14th May

Sat 14th May Mid-week Bass confirmed 7lb + east arm Carp rod 10lb line and Squid bait.
Over night west arm scratchy east arm some Dog Fish and a couple of sizeable Schoolies.
This morning a busy start for ppl, water colour on the west soupy, north west wind seem to be flushing some colour and clearing the water on the east.
FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug, Devon Peelers all available, also frozen Hermit Crab.
More later.
afternoon into evening proved a slog ,morning  mackerel showed on both arms with the occasional small bass chucked in before things died with the  highlight being a couple of  pollack low end on the east. Sporadic mackerel came up in 1's through to early evening.
 a quick round up of the week has seen some  rumoured cathces confirmed.
in the last 7 days , two 5lb plus bass have been landed on the walls plus another over 7 on the east. A Smooth hound  pushing or just over 5lb also on the west mid week . Plenty of  decent dogfish, mackerel, pollack, wrasse,  showing, with the bass takes on the increase. The beaches have also had decent bass results.
Mucky water have slowed the squid to a bare trickle but S/West winds are cutting into the  may bloom levels.

Friday 13th May

Friday 13th May

The west saw an early show of mackerel & pollack 2 hrs before the high tide with little happening over night on either arm . No one fishing the east this morning when I went round.

Water looking soupy & I suspect a long slow slog looms for today.
more later.

FRESH BAIT :- king rag & black lug , devon peeler's  limited.
Evening as seen a  few schoolie bass being reported , mostly from the east wall , sadly  undersized but active. Mackerel shows were there but hard to come by. Repeated rumours of a large bass caught Wednesday  overnight or at least mid week persist & I now have a lead on asking someone the right question to get this confirmed.

The local beaches are gaining on bass takes this week , I suspect that the  "bathing buoys" the council put out helped reduce the commercial  fishing activity  on the stretch between the marina & the pier, thus increasing the bass takes that are being reported.

Thurs 12th May


No update for Wednesday &  The overnight was a case of no one there  fishing so little to say there.
This morning  only a couple struggling for early mackerel that declined to show. South West winds  seem to be taking hold  creating bumpy fishing on the west arm. Bloom still very present in the water but colour wise this morning was a deep  dark green rather than the yellow/chalky colour of previous days.
FRESH BAIT :-  king ragworm &  black lug . Devon peeler's also available.
more this evening.

Thurs evening dominated by a south west wind closing the west wall  for a few hours @ 4.30pm until 7ish.
Water on the west looking like mud &  the wind predictions to calm about 5pm failing.9pm  still blowing but not as harsh but water colour  mucky on the west.
Neck stick out time
  over night target on the west & banjo groynes ... Bass ..........
 Probably worth a go early morning  close in tomorrow also.
East arm saw anglers  fitting in to the approach area's to avoid that wind with little to  report   prior to 8pm
No afternoon /lunch report as was not there.


The wind has changed from the North East ! WSW for the next couple of days with luck will flush some of the bloom away. This morning's high tide  produced nothing other than muck along the west wall. The east is looking better  with the change in the tide & current. May bloom is very evident &  slowing the fishing up. No one on the east this morning & only 5 or so  casting away on the west.
Cloudy start clearing to sun  & warming a cool start up.

FRESH BAIT  King Ragworm & Black lug , Devon peeler's available also.

Tues 10th May

Tues 10th May

Little happened overnight though a few fished it ... the day turned into a long had slog,the early mackerel run on the tide failed to show . With heavy sign of bloom in the water things looked  like a long one.  Today was case proved....... catches on the east amounted to a couple of under size bass (returned) a flounder a colourful  gurnard & some mackerel.
The west went the hard way, early on starfish & small crabs were order of the day. with the  morning run of mackies missing. Oddly enough the afternoon under the sun & incoming tide  showed a couple of dogfish (smallish)and a scholie that was almost legal ...
5PM brought the high tide & some mackerel but not in shoals or numbers , most that caught had to work for them, thin on the ground and deep causing tackle loss.

All in all a long slow day dominated by water colour . may bloom  & died off scum on the surface.

Monday 9th May

Monday 9th May
One or two fishing over night but very little to report on the west , over on the east signs of  mackerel & gar fish takes but no people.
 This morning the sea looks mucky with  plenty of  bloom scum washing against the beach on the west.

Sun's up & looking like a nice day  ahead.
FRESH BAIT :-  king rag & black lug  with limited  peeler's available.

The 4th annual all England squid competition
78 people fished in testing conditions.
 15 squid and 1 cuttlefish caught.

Longest Squid caught winning a tronixpro sponsored trophy went to Simon Newman (Geordie Si).
For a 40cm squid.

3rd Overall went to Paul Cackett winning a trophy and a HART squid jig carrying case. 34cm
2nd Overall went to Simon Newman (Geordie Si) winning a trophy and a HART squid jig carrying case. 40Cm
1st Place went to Davide Thabithurai winning a trophy and a HART poizon egi rod. 62.5cm
  RNLI, collected an envelope with £578 in it!

 pictures can be seen at
post edited from Badgers full post on WSF here -->

Sun 8th may

Sun 8th may,
 SQUID COMP DAY   Day off to a soaking start torrents for and hour now brightening up and sun breaking out.  Very slight south east wind sea clearing quickly .

BASS!! Pic uploading later, Bass on the west arm   caught by  Tony weighed in at 5.7lb
Plenty of ppl fishing this morning it's going to be BUSY

EAST ARM  bays 1-10 and 30-55 inclusive are reserved for the squid comp,

11-29 and over 56 are for general fishing

Float restrictions as normal on the west arm.

FRESH BAIT black lug king rag and peeler crabs available.

Midday update
 A decent  turn out  seemingly for the comp though I was on the west until midday . Wall filled slowly & mackerel were being caught from  11am onwards.

Sat 7th May

Sat 7th May, Overnight a decent 3lb + Dogfish.scratchy otherwise.

This morning 6am started with a light show and a few bangs as a storm flew over.  Wind off shore south east/south F4/F5, sea deep green skys clearing slowly.

FRESH BAIT, black lug and king rag, peelers expected at 1pm,

afternoon round up
 No idea  of catches on the east today as sat on the west all day.
Mostly the day has been dominated again by mackerel catches one a stonker over 17 inches long & easily over 2lb (gallery) One other fish of note was a nice Bream that felt close to 1.5lb though not weighed.
Again the bend on the west proved the spot to be with the  bulk of catches over 4 at a time were there.

Fri 6th May

Fri 6th May
Little to report over night, barely anyone fishing this morning. Sea calm with plenty of  bloom residue  flushed against the east wall. S/East slight blow with the sun out & the day warming up quickly.

High 13.49 low 07.48 & 20.03
FRESH BAIT:- Devon Peeler's, limited king rag & plenty of black lug
The tide came & went on the west bringing a few mackerel with flurries  for a couple of hours after the tide also , east mid afternoon report was a similar story with late mackerel runs  as well./

6pm I got to do a vanish job so no later  info ....
...... more in the morning

Thursday 5/5/11


No one fishing on 1st light so no over night report on hand.. This morning  started off dull & turned to  a light drizzle as the  N Easterly turned around & became  South/South Easterly causing the sea to become a little choppy.  Sea colour not great this morning with  a yellow green tinge &  dead  bloom scum  forming along the east wall in the current.

FRESH BAIT :-  King Rag & Devon peeler's with Black Lug expected about mid day.
 More later
Late afternoon evening

1.15 pm tide came & went with a few mackerel on both arms, 2 hrs later mackerel re showed on both walls .... all be it  briefly. Southerly SEast wind very circular & changeable in mins

Again catches dominated by mackerel with a  small plaice on the west low down over sand followed up by mackerel & some squid on the west again.


Wed 4th May

 Very quiet morning with only one person fishing early , little sign of anyone fishing over night so  no catch report.

The water looks grubby & yellow green this morning with a North Easterly veering  East blowing @ 10 -15mph chilling the morning air. Should get warmer as the sun properly rises though.

FRESH BAIT:- Black lug & king ragworm available

day away & a quick evening looksee...............
sluggish on the low tide @ 7pm today with the very occasional mackerel coming out on the West arm & Jimmy landing his 1st squid ... (see gallery). A few squid knocks as things went quiet with anglers looking for the incoming tide to  produce ..

Tues 3rd May

Tues 3rd May,

Nice and slow this morning no crazies flinging stones, over night only a couple fishing the west a fair sized Doggie and a couple of smaller bits.

The west yesterday dominated by Mackerel fishing with the odd report of Bream.

Today (9am) a couple of early mackerel on floats and an early sign of mackerel to feathers.

High tide mid day/mid night

FRESH BAIT King Rag, Black Lug, and limited Peelers, frozen Hermit.available.

A fair few mackies coming out on the west in the run up to the high, pulled a few myself for the shop & stopped after mid day. A nice Gurnard came up  on the west to feathers also , I think the 1st of the year for the west arm though I know of a couple already on the east last week.
Not a lot happening on the low tide other than a dogfish (see gallery) & some bullheads on the west , incoming tide at 8pm had  done little

Monday 2nd May

Monday  2nd May
 The story of the morning .... wind , wind & more wind, yup it's not so pleasant  this morning. NEasterly turning East & gusting over 30mph. The west filled up fast with the extension opening  before 8.30 am. Over night little to say with  so few fishing & those that did said things were a struggle last night.

This morning  the mackerel were obliging by jumping on hooks  about 8am 4 hrs before todays high at 11.40am & 23.52
Low tides today  17.50pm & tomorrow morning 06.08

FRESH BAIT :- king rag & black lug , there are also a few peeler crabs in stock

                         The tackle box also now has frozen hermit crabs that proved popular last year.

delayed sunday blog

delayed sunday blog
A long day yesterday with a few jars at the end so  an update  early this morning.
Sat night into Sunday morning was a slog for those  looking to land something on the west with little going on, over on the east  only a few braved the north east wind over night with a small catch report of  the odd dogfish showing & dominated by  early night  whiting hitting the baits.
6am ticked around with the west filling fast and the east arms overnighters leaving almost as quickly!

By 9am the west was at the state of virtually one in one out again until mid afternoon. Arriving early is one thing but currently with the  bank holidays early means 6am! or hunt for a spot on the west arm

With all this good weather people are  beginning to think the summer is here, the problem with that is no one has told that to the sea. We still have EARLY SPRING sea temps which means most of the summer fish & fishing has NOT BEGUN. There are a few early arrivals but not in the number that some seem to expect. "Summer" fish can still be counted on one hand.
Catch report for Sunday :-
A decent run of mackerel on the west arm  in the  late morning slowing up by 1pm, a couple of squid takes on the lower bay with a few "reported knocks" & misses of something decent on the lower baysLarge herring mixed in with the mackies that people are  hitting & "losing" due to harsh  line pulls or  "over large feathers" Technique & method  needs applying for the herring!. The east had a similar run of mackerel with many catching yesterday balancing out the numbers caught. Smaller catches also on the east to baits yesterday.

LOOK --->>> as many mackerel caught on the east as on the west yesterday !

Other takes include  some bream , pollack, wrasse, gar fish flounder & small plaice. Bream have now been caught on both walls almost a month early with reports of  a John dory caught on the west Saturday, ID a bit tough as the pic taken wasn't  too clear to be confirmed.
This week for the species hunters :-
Mackerel , bream ballan, corkwing wrasse plaice flounder dab  John dory(id  not 100%)herring, pout,whiting,dab, rock-ling,bullheads ,small gobys, a thorn-back ray, pollack some undersized bass, dog fish seem almost regular now at night, a few small silver eels 2 lobsters,  some very small crabs sqid on both walls and at least one decent cuttlefish on the east.
Summer fish are  beginning to show up but not in the numbers that some seem to expect on the back of this decent weather. Small tides have slowed things up & tied in with the weeks   run on strong north/east winds things will stay slow. 
May bloom (an algae) is  present in the water, like bacteria it grows when the water hits certain temps. It  survives by taking the oxygen the fish need out of the water slowing up the  fish numbers. On the  bright side the water is  fast  getting over the optimum temps this stuff need to survive & with good weather will hopefully  not last long.
Good early april weather arrived , SUMMER is not here yet.



FRESH BAIT :- 7am arrival,  King rag & Black Lug
Overnight a few fished the west  with a doggie or two showing but  the rest was scratchy and small after last nights downpour .( storm hit @ 9pm)
West  was off to a quick start today people wise with no one on the east 1st thing. Extension was opened early on the west until mid day ish when things slowed up. The east was fairly quiet for the  major part of the day.

Catch wise the west saw  an early mackerel run  followed by a burst on high tide. Some bream showed on the east with a lone  bream  caught on the west (1st on west this year) A small flattie & a few squid were landed on the west also with some squid also caught  on the east this morning.

No  report  for the late afternoon as I  escaped :).
more tomorrow .........



Over night report patchy with Mackerel, Doggies and a couple of small bits on the west.  Didn't see anyone on the East.

Morning off to a slow start, with a more detailed report later.

FRESH BAIT  limited king rag (8am) plently of fresh black lug,peelers available.


afternoon round up.

The day got off to a sluggish start with a few morning mackerel on both arms . on the east a couple of plaice were caught b4 lunch & a nice cuttle that I will  upload a pic of.
 Mackerel obliged the west arm for a few hours this morning & slowed up as the tide peaked & turned. Many headed for home after mid day  with spaces miraculously  appearing on the west ...

more tomorrow.


Thursday morning
 This morning's starts with a quick round up of what I heard of  yesterday. West arm again  seeing  early & evening mackies on the tide with the wall being again busy throughout the day.
 Heard also of a  gurnard & some afternoon mackerel coming off the east arm with  Pollack again being taken over the rocks.
North wind still cold & blowing , forecasts show this is with us for   the weekend running into mid week so temps are lower in the sun . High tide mackerel obliged on the high this morning as I trundled my way past....

FRESH BAIT :   Limited  king rag in shop & black lug  arriving mid morning. Peeler's available also
Back for a looksee later so more then ... maybe....


East arm anglers this evening were picking up  late mackerel from 4pm onwards. No huge numbers but still bringing them in. The west took a while to see  them with the fish  seeming quite  sporadic  on runs throughout the day. Last light knockings were about on the west with a couple of squid takes on lower bays as the tide rose & light fell


Morning run this morning was  a shock to the system indded. Temps  much lower before the sun came up & almost a job for the thermal gear. Heavier jacket on & wishing I had  slipped the hoodie on, the  6am faces I saw were grim  with gritted teeth against the elements.  The arrivals were infront of the 7.30 tide & all expecting some early mackies, no idea as I type this on if they obliged as I was off to the east & then an early return home to chill out for the rest of the day. Forecast for the next few days indicate the winds are going to stay through the w/end from the north/east with rain also expected Friday night. How this affects the fishing is another guess with me  not being the only one thats wondering!.

More a weather  report than a fishing report , did see a couple of regs on the east rocks this morning who were also wondering "what time the fish will run" I guestimated about 7am on the bend (east) but no doubt they  would prove me wrong today ....

Tues morning quick run round saw fewer early anglers on the west arm . That north-east wind  slowing the arrivals & chilling those already early & hunting mackerel. Did see some coming out as I trundled through on a rubbish run & popped over to the east ... total anglers there braving the cold wind in the dawn light .... zero ! Temps rising with the sea looking a  murky off green this morning & signs of that dreaded may bloom algae on the increase.
Am glad I wasn't fishing  on either arm this morning early before the sunrise, to say it was chilly was an understatement!
Easter Weekend / week is finally over & it's been a long hard  & busy slog for all on the walls. Catches have been dominated by the mackerel arrival followed  hot on its heels yesterday by a  cold north wind proving that summer is not quite here yet. This morning early was  almost a job for thermals.

Got a little time to myself  for a couple of days just to slow the brain down & chill with the family for a change! At times folk were queueing to get on the west wall on more than one day & I must say considering the problems of "slotting" people in often in  less choice spots or having to wait  many were remarkably understanding . Even those that had driven 2-3 hours arriving latter in the day, while miffed at being offered the east arm as an alternative to a long wait displayed patience at being disappointed. I believe the longest wait for a spot was near to 90 mins  while most were only a few minutes.

Many have an opinion on "those darned Foreigners" that fish the walls which I simply refuse to believe after this weekend. A few have been loud but all have behaved to the degree that I would say the weekend has been tough but a  blast. Simple reminders so all can fish in safety have been met with humour making  things run  easily and quite smoothly. Most (I think)that arrived on the west left with some fish, suntans  & happy. Yes the  piles of rubbish were removed , that's par for the course.
To all those that dropped in on the west wall , ... it's been a long hard slog , but also a blast.

 A long hard day started at 5.45  with a bang , the west arm was packed with the night warden offering to open the extension ! Couldn't do that unaided so early in the day  so the wall was loaded for bear early. Early morning mackerel were arriving but not in the number of previous days.  A quick run through &   there & trundled over to the east to relieve "FOLETRON" (WSF member) of some readies,  passed Vic Fisher en route also & saw a few mackies  removed from the water , east also saw a couple of early dab further on.
Catch reports for the east after that I have not had any news of.

Back over the west the extention was  opened @ 8,30 as  the "morning" run small though it was petered out. With a  north easterly blowing  lines were crossing at an alarming rate & the bays were restricted  to 3 anglers only per bay.

The wall rapidly reached capacity & we were juggling people onto the arm in a one on one off sort of craziness. Many opted to walk to the east wall that had room to spare while a few  waited patiently to slot in . Eventually the  arrivals slowed up @ 6pm & we started to shuffle people into more "choice" slots & even manage to  shift a party of 6 (including 12 volt)  up past the gate onto the extension @ 6pm

Mackerel wise & catch wise things were hard going with very little to shout about other than occasional mackis spurts. 7 pm came & so did those fish again , as I left  people were catching a  fair number  but not in the   mass levels of previous days.
Only a couple of squiders today having a go with little  success. and only saw a couple of  garfish, the numbers of starfish brought up are  still high.

Float bay restrictions still being applied to the top 2 bays of the main wall.

Palace Pier clubsee event page for contact details
 April 24th - 9.30am - 4pm
May 8th - 9.30am - 4pm
May 22nd - 9.30am - 4pm
June 5th - 9.30am - 4pm
June 19th - 9.30am - 4pm
July 3rd - 9.30am - 4pm  

July 17th - 9.30am - 4pm
Aug 14th - 9.30am - 4pm
Sept 4th - 9.30am - 4pm
Oct 2nd - 9.30am - 4pm
Oct 16th - 9.30am - 4pm
Nov 13th - 9.00am - 3pm
Nov 27th - 9.30am - 4pm

Yesterdays  report

We had our 2nd Palace Pier match of the year on the East Arm with 12 turning up.It was really tough going all day in the heat, with not many fish about. Luckily i managed to sneak out a few fish and win the comp. 3 small garfish and a decent wrasse for a total of 2lb 7.5oz.

1st Glenn Arnold 2lb 7.5oz including heaviest fish a 1lb 7oz Wrasse

2nd Sam Sampson 2lb 5.75oz - 4 mackerel

3rd Roy Arnold 1lb 7oz - 1 wrasse, 1 pollack

Species weighed in included Garfish, Mackerel, Pollack, Wrasse and Flounders.

Also managed a few extra species for my own 2011 list including Garfish, Scorpion Fish, Ballan Wrasse and Corkwing Wrasse.

When we were walking off the arm is was fairly busy and i did see a few mackerel coming up on feathers but not in large quantities.

Report copied from marina forum  >>

Sunday report

 Early mackerel on both arms 1st light for  a couple of hours  then things slowed up on the small tide. People wise things  started slowly compared to the last couple of days. BH weekend though it definitely is. As the morning ticked on space quickly ran out  even with the west extension open. It seemed everyone wanted to fish the west with few on the east or even wanting to head that way !
catch report wise is fairly much a follow on , with the lower tide the mackerel ran both walls early on in small amounts then things faded until 11.30 is with sporadic catches on the west arm, A few gars  were taken on floats in the assigned bays &  another small schoolie bass was pulled up later in the day. Mackie runs  continued in small burst through the day & takes were lower than previous days. The 5pm tide came &  odly things slowed prompting many to start packing up on the west freeing up spaces for evening arrivals. 7pm then saw a larger burst of  feathering as more  suddenly made a show,
 Over on the east after the morning run I'm told things were hard going today as people struggled to catch, of note though was a nice black bream pushing 1lb.

The Easter wearer has brought out hoards of eager anglers packing the walls to the level that  the bays by 4pm were full & new arrivals were advised  the west was full leaving 2  main options, wait for a free spot as someone leaves, or try  the East arm that had space. Understandably some were frustrated at not getting on the arm but  with an extra warden drafted in on each arm  spaces as freed, were quickly secured for those waiting to fish.

It was harder to fit in  groups of more than 2  other than individuals as single slots were easier to find. Please remember for tomorrow if you are reading this,  its a bank holiday & the walls WILL be crammed early.

Update from FRI night into Sat , overnight only a couple fishing with  mainly dogfish on both walls reported ,  whiting numbers slowing down & a couple of pouting catches. I also heard  from a gent who had caught & released a small schoolie  Friday day time.
 1st light mackerel showed up on both walls befor a slow down, Charter boats reporting good ground fishing during the day  & stating that the water close off shore was thick with herring & mackerel.

On the walls both were slow to fill up & the west extension we managed to get open early , something that we hope to do today also. The early rush of people only happened on that 1st light so the  main part of the day progressed slowly. Mid day saw the west arm reaching capacity and it was a case of fit people in where possible while explaining that the FLOAT bays were being  kept exclusively for floating only. This policy will continue despite some thinking the wardens are being jobsworths  enforcing  this.

 Catches on the west were slow but steady with  some small wrasse being caught on the  west arm for the  1st time. It was almost like London buses regarding those wrasse, you wait  a long time for them to show then get 3 almost at once.  The 1st on the west this year was caught by a youngster  called Daniel (see  gallery2)  Mackerel ticked over through the day with a couple of gars landing on float set ups.
With little wind  bright sun & the water flat calm the fishing was long & slow & I suspect many will have  shiny red skin today.

 catches now on both walls and picking up ,  west seeing them at the approaches , the float bays and a few on the extension. East wall  reports from fishyrob  are also looking up.

Temps  today look similar to yesterday so I think it will be a day very much like yesterday with both walls being packed to their limits. At one stage the west reached capacity &  people were turned away . The walls sometimes can't accommodate everyone that wants to fish them, Unforetunately some do not realise this & can get somewhat  angry as they are asked to  try the east rather than  over crowd the west wall.

dang have we reached good Friday  already ? It's turned into a long week with glorious sunshine & hoards of people wanting to fish.
This morning started with a bang , on arrival there were already a fair number on the west wall & catching a few early  mackerel. The night report was poor  to say in the least. Very little  over night on either wall other than some doggies on the west in-front of those early mackie's. A quick run through to the east wall showed only a few people there but on the bend again those early fish were coming out.

 By 8am the wall was getting quite full & people were already being informed that the top 2 float bays were & would continue to be restricted to floating only.  Most accepted this graciously after having the reasons explained & freed the bays back up quickly.

 9am saw the extension opened as the early run faded back to normal quiet  water & more people started to pack the wall. 9.30/10 is saw the wall fast hit more than 2 people to a bay & starting to limit the time I could spend chatting to people or assisting where needed,. I even had to assign a couple of friends to watch over   a new visitor to the wall  in the way of a friend & his 2 young sons.

I'm pleased to say they got on well without my medaling & even managed to catch some mackerel during the day for themselves leaving the lads  pleased.

The 10am lull saw the usual question start
" when do the mackerel come"! Tide & pattern through the week left me guestimating 10.30  & wierdly  bang on 10.30 up came 2 right infront of me as I walked past!

catch report for the east , a few early mackerel, after that .. no idea , never got the chance to get over that side again

West wall saw some squid low down & also a show in the float bays  early & later in the day. other than that  Mackerel dominated with the occasional gar fish. The numbers were less that the last few day but it seemed like most had some to take home.

Today the west was absolutely heaving and crammed to the rafters , at one stage people were being advised to go to the east as there simply was no room. Some late arrivals seeing space on the float bays were  overly rude when advised of the restrictions & lack of space but unfortunately today the wall simply could not take all that wanted to fish there.
Sometimes  being told "we are full" for some is just not good enough. The same goes for those that want to "watch" while sat on the lower levels . It is all well & good  sitting with the anglers when quite but many do not realise the rule about no public access on the lower level & anglers only.
Today some were asked to  consider other options rather than "picnic" on the  lower level further cramming up space .
Safe fishing is something we all want& while I realise some may have travelled a long way to get to  the marina fishing at all cost is not always the right options when the walls a full to overload.

Wednesday report.
No info overnight but did hear a smallish bass had been caught over the rocks on the east  on Tuesday.
 West arm started off slowly & with  John's help we got the extension open nice and early for the expectant rush of incoming anglers. Oddly enough at 10am the arm by previous days levels was still quite, & it didn't really fill until 11.30 onwards.
By mid day the only  seeming space to be found was on the float bays which anglers were being reminded of their  tagged use " floating only" One or two ppl grumbled about this but once explainded they were ok with re locating & if need be "fitting in"

Where possible we are trying to maintain the top 2 bays for what they are designated ... floating only.

The expected incoming mackerel were earlier than I thought they would be & started arriving about 10 am, at 7pm this evening some were still being pulled out of the water. The gar fish were a bit thinner on the ground today &  a few more people are getting out the squid jigs. Lower end bays saw a few pulled out on the rising tide & a nice flounder was landed off the sand patches lower down.
One lone pollack also made a show on the higher bays.

Space was again at a premium but seemed a little less crammed than yesterday. Things are up & I suspect a manic Easter weekend is  in the  offing.

I have absolutely no idea of what was being caught on the east other than some 1st light mackerel on the bend.
Temps for the weekend are predicted to rise further & "sun awareness" should be an absolute must.

part two Wednesday !

A slower start today, people "pootleing" in slowly but by 9.30 the the west was  full &  easily 2 or 3 to a bay early.
Ok what happened , the fish were predicted for 10.15 .... at 10am a gar arrived ... at 10,10am  the mackerel obliged !
. Today things were slower with catches deep & hard to hit. 4's & 5's were coming out but at a slower rate than yesterday. Catches followed through until 4pm  as things continued. The extension was  again open  early & filled fast.

Catch report was..... squid mostly low number bays on the in coming tide about  1/2 a dozen to fishyrob and AN other
mackerel in high numbers all along the wall
 A few gar's in between the flurries
EAST , no idea other than early mackerel catches as after 7am I  was stuck on the west all day.

The west arm has been crammed for 4 days, & looks like it will be  again right over the easter weekend.

Patience is required & the west will be full. Float bay restrictions are being applied.

more tomorrow Wed am
It feels like I have lost a day or two somewhere, things have been busy indeed, so 1st a catch report for the west wall.....
... mackerel, then some more mackerel & guess what ! more mackerel.
Tuesday started slow in the rate that people arrived & I thought  to myself , mmmhhhmmm maybe a slow easier day than the last two, yea right, not to be. by 9am the west was full  & my last look on the east wall had been & gone as the  anglers arrived. The result is the only catch report for the eastI have is ..
Some early mackerel caught on the bend & then it got busy.........
Back to the west wall & with many arriving the extension got opened BEFORE any sign of arriving fish, it was that busy!
Fish predictions were "guesstimated" at  half nine to ten am. At  9.40 someone asked where the fish were & for a joke I replied they were booked & arrive at 9.45 am ! Strangely 4 people close waited & cast on the dot of 9.45 and .....  yup it happened , all hit into mackerel prompting at least 3 jaw drops shocked that  someone predicted fish arrival times with accuracy. You are reading it here ... it was a joke  & a fluke..... we dont predict fish!.

The arrival of the mackerel set the pattern,  at 6pm fish were still being pulled out of the water 8 hours after the "run" began!

On the fishing report front for the west arm the incoming tide produced some very nice  squid that left me thinking... lets wind fishyrob up as he missed a few days ago so I took a couple of pics to gloat & mess with his head "next time I saw him" must have been fate as I missed him on my walk down  & yup  the man himself was on the wall with a client SOOOOOOOO a quick OI YOU LOOOOOOK  "see this is how its done to him brought a few chuckles.

6 sqiud I am aware of obliged in being landed  by those  going for them including the master  fishyrob
more tomorrow

Monday follow fairly much where  Sunday had finished. Mackerel arrived enmass on the west arm about 9am & stayed passed 3pm. The east saw a smaller flurry on the high but not in the numbers the west saw.

West extension was opened to give a little breathing space as people arrived in numbers. I suspect there will be a few this morning suffering from too much sun so please take note it is hot & very dry out on the arms. Themps forecast to rise over 22c in the next couple of days.

other catches were thin on the ground & I'm told a 2nd mackerel flurry after the low tide happened Sunday evening. Dogfish evidence over night seems now common with  whiting still  around after the light.


Mackerel on both walls early .

Sun is up 18 degrees forecast perfect conditions.

afternoon ,
Both walls crammed  as drove past , a report later,

On the up side I got a nice presie today . A mug with a "Drenai" image on it with the  deathwalker butterfly axe on it.  Absolutely pucker & a work of art , many thanks.

No report yesterday as I became  one of the boat people.
Many thanks to John Barrow & allan for looking after those with me yesterday on
Lady of the Lake
I got the cod that was asked for, see here
& a days fishing report c/o Vic Fishers Journal

A hard day wrecking but very enjoyable way to spend a birthday.
Very brief report on yesterday as little to say other than I was informed squid & mackerel were caught during the day at the marna by a warden.
more later with luck

this morning Mackerel catches exploded.  The entire West arm has people pulling fish out like there is no tomorrow, shoals are running deep but very evident. 

I caught 20+ in 15 mins.
Conditions are warm slightly overcast and the water is flat as a pancake.
F 9.30 am
Mackerel runs seemed to slow down about 11.30 am this morning , strangely enough they didn't make the jump over to the  East an hour after the tide peak.
East arm has proved hard work this morning with many throwing in the towel early.
Maybe later  will show otherwise.

Thurs 14th
 Not been on the walls  for most of the day so little to report, had a quick look around  late afternoon/ early evening & seemed little was happening.

Out on Lady of the Lake tomorrow so  probably no report  for Friday.

 Tuesday daytime finished with a bit of a westerly blow throwing waves at the west arm & making fishing somewhat uncomfy for all. The temp dropped fast and many decided  enough was enough & headed for home. Not much to report on the catch front as the fishing got  very lean throughout the day.

Only saw 2 overnighters who stayed on the west arm slugging it out & they got a lobster I guess by way of reward. Plenty of  rockling & whiting after dark to tick things over & a small dogfish was also landed.
More later today
The more later didnt happen today ,  events changed so no later report.

A quick morning report,
weather is bright & sunny but a little cooler than recent days
NNW breeze @ 8-12 mph with gusts double that at times.

Over night   reports are thin with only a couple left on the arm early that had a small ling & a doggy.

Saw a couple of  whiting brought in this morning & a  herring so something out there  early on.
More later

The Daiwa 2011 Pollack Competition will be on SKY Sports 2 on Friday the 15th April at 10pm
 "Tight Lines" See you there!!!

Good morning all, another hot dry day is forercast so please remember ,  plenty of fluids & water, we have already seen sunstroke & sunburn anglers this weekend caught out by the glorious weather.

A little reminder also of fish size legalities . There are minimum size regulations on catches, many are aware but a reminder  this early in the year serves as a memory jogger.

minimum Sussex fish size guide

Thank you Steve Cooper for your  WSF sig in reminding me that this link is essential for us all to be aware of.
No  catch report today , tiz the better half's XX birthday

SUNDAY, marathon day in Brighton , yeha! day got off to a slow start fish wise with the west arm filling up quickly.
East arm took its time to fill up but slowly got there.
Catches were slow to happen with the first takes being  pollack close to the rocks. As the day ticked on  some dab were brought in followed by a couple of early bream. The approaches saw some takes of wrasse with many  flicking herring feathers over the wall for the expected fish that  refused to oblige.
The charters were reporting  mackerel about a mile offshore so on the high out came the the  larger feathers with many hoping for some early mackies....
4.30 ticked around &  they dully obliged, not in huge numbers but quite a few people had a couple or more. all in all about 40 mackerel were caught b4 7pm.
Takes today that I saw include, ballan and a cookoo wrasse, black bream, dab,pollack, a gar fish and mackerel & heard  overnight that dogfish were caught also.


Looks like summer is on the way with some early catches this week that as had some 1st's of the year that I have been made aware of or seen include:-
1st Wrasse, to the palace pier club Sunday 3rd
1st Bream that day also on the East
1st Gar fish was on the west on wed 6th to  two usual suspects
1st gar on the east the following day
1st thornback on the east
1st  dogfish on the west 4th April with a rash of them being caught the last few  nights on the west and east.

2 more 1st's arrived today
1st Pollack on the east &
the 1st squid on the west arm --->> here
pics I have been told will be forwarded soon.
Mackies have been around a while now with herrings & sprats in the water things are starting to pick up
 with a final note comes a warning, one word.

WEAVER !¬           fish, 3 have now been  brought out on the east. Take care when you grab at that  tiddler on the line, it may just be hostile.

evening update ,

East this evening saw about a dozen mackies caught & the charters report shoals forming about 1/2 to a mile offshore .... looking up


Forecast is looking good for today and the weekend, temps expected on the coast to hit 17 & 18 degrees over the weekend. Suncream is essential on the walls.
A reminder for SUNDAY

Brighton marathon will be causing chaos to traffic  for most of the day . Road closures along the  BTN to Peacehaven  seafronts from as early as  7.30 am. Allow extra time for journeys in the area.

Catch report
A slow day with dog fish caught over bight on the west arm confirmed though only a couple fishing. Daytime catches include  more weaver fish so watch whats on your line!. Other takes include a few nice plaice that will make some nice meals, a couple of flounders , a few dab & plenty of bullheads. Both arms saw a decent sized gar fish on the high tide giving the impression that the summer fish are " just around the corner".


first a  little catch up,  small pollack have been  showing up the last couple of days including some small schoolie bass.
In the last week  catches have included in no particular order,

WEAVER fish (take note) bullheads, herring,small pollack,,mackerel,sprats, plaice,dab,flounder,3 & 4 bearded ling, channel & pout whiting,bass, A bream(black) and wrasse, I guess loads of starfish don't count.

Today has been sunny & slow, but catches include the 1st  Gar's that I know of on the  west arm caught on float/mackie strip before the high tide.
other reported catches include a WEAVER some sprats & herring & bullheads. Flatties today seem elusive.

Fun part of the day today was assisting a couple of divers  caught out by the current on the wall, a safe place to exit  was found up against the wall & all was well in the end.

Walls re opened early this morning, been a glorious day weather wise but a little slow on the fish front.
After a couple of days blowing the sea was  cloudy & now clearing fast after the high tide.
Seen caught  was a smallish thornback ray on the east , a couple of tidler bass, some sprats & small herring and the  ever present bullhead.


Please check with tackle box as both walls were closed last night.
Catch reports for the last few days include
pout, rockling, dab, plaice,bullheads and  whiting. Wrasse have also started to show along the east wall &  at least 2 dogfish have been reported caught on the walls.
Walls  to reopen Wednesday morning

Mothers day yesterday so no reports , suns up & s/westerly seems to be picking up .
No reports so little to say here today  !

East arm fishing slow today , I gave up on the high tide as i'm lazy
East closed overnight
WEST arm has closed for today & probably tomorrow ,  check with the tackle box for further info

A late report for SATURDAY

slow ish day ,  with the west open last night & the east opening up  this morning.

East catches  to the juniors on the bend included whiting rockling bullheads & a  sole later in the afternoon.  some flounder also caught with  herring showing up on the west for good measure
For those that need a reminder like myself , tomorrow (yea sunday) is


EAST CLOSED FRIDAY re open Saturday
West open

Going to take a walk down later for a look see , there is a weather watch on for the West arm with possible closure being looked at as the South Westerlies pick up gusts of 30mph are increasing so please be aware.
 Both walls closed  Wed PM into Friday morning when a check will be done weather permitting

Lazy day  posting a few pics & links on the new event gallery page  including the start of this years pollack comp.
Evening run & 3 hours b4 the high herring were being caught  this evening on the east. Reports of earlier herring & possibly  some mackerel , the guy I spoke to was unsure if mackerel or herring that a far eastern gent was catching earlier today.

Some dab, a flounder & the odd lost whiting also caught today &  early evening whiting starting to show up.


slow start other than early herring, decided on an early "bath" so unsure of any catches after mid-day
tomorrow is the pollack comp (see event page) so no updates until probably tuesday ...

good hunting all


A cooler day forecast with some cloud cover, 2-3mph  Southerly on the coast swinging Easterly later in the day then overnight NNE.

one of yesterdays herrings were caught 3 hours after the high on the west arm which was a suprise as I am not aware of any  caught more than an hour after the high.

Catch report for sat daytime include some nice plaice  & dab's on the east, a dogfish came in on the west arm (1st of the year on the wall. High tide brought  mackerel & quite a decent amount of herring on both arms. Bullheads, pouting & the odd  whiting making up the numbers. Starfish also seem to be throwing themselves that the hooks in numbers this week.


Un aware of over night catches as yet.

The sun is up ,  temps are forecast as good as yesterday with less wind . Starting easterly turning southerly  midday to mid afternoon..  Reports later today hopefully.
daytime report is dominated by  high tide herring on bout harms in numbers. They seemed to hang around this time for  an hour  & a little more , oddly enough one was caught  nearly 3 hours after the high tide (daytime) on the west arm!

Add to that  1 large mackerel  30 mins b4 the high to a gent that also had close to a dozen herring .

 7am & the sun is up already , forecast temps up to 16 deg with an 11 mph easterly, my guess is people will be looking for herring & more of those early mackerel today !

a long lazy say that on the west seemed like summer ... almost

the easterly  was constant  today cooling the east arm &  catches of note were  some herring  1/2 hour or so after the high tide on both arms. The mackerel declined to show 2 days in a row. A couple of  nice flounders came up & saw a few  bullheads also ... as the sun goes down I fully expect a whiting fest again .


hot off the press ,  MACKEREL, 1st one of the season I am told was on the west arm confirmed today name of catcher to follow as soon as I get the details tomorrow.
East arm also saw a dozen caught !

So 23rd march this years 1st Mackerel of the season caught by Mr Vincent Lowe who won himself a New Mitchell reel

SUNDAY started out   dull damp & a little chilly with one brave soul lasting it out over night until the morning. He told me the whiting had continued for a few hours after sundown  to the degree that they were a pest. Sunday morning soon started to warm up  as the light mist cover burnt away & produced an early  small dab on the east bend. With small  bullheads ticking the morning over the high tide brought some herring & sprats that saw the micro feathers put into action.
Afternoon/ evening in the pub  but hear that the whiting- rockling assault continues Sunday evening after the light went.

Today is looking like a nice day already (7am post) with the sun up &  slight SWest  breeze if it can be called a breeze ! Afternoon temps predicted at 10 or better !  almost summery ! :)
Tides today

High water mid-day  & big , pushing 7 metre with a drop to low  at 5.40 pm of 0.1 !
ok so I went fishing !
west arm about 9.30 am on, not much about, fineshed @ 2pm after the full tide at mid day.
4 bullheads
2 starfish
 about  1/2 dozen mussels.
clean up run @ 4pm meant time to kill after so stuffed some more bait in the water & waited for the light to go, that resulted in another instant bullhead & that was it until dark......
1 hour in & 30+  whiting, all scrawny & all staving like they were pirhana or summat bigger !

my tally b4 home , too many whiting !


Long lazy days of summer ... well almost or so it seemed at one stage today....  Ok lets start again & explain....

Up early today  before even the larks.  out early to a  cold start & what seemed like  a damp (air temp) start. Sun finally crept from behind the cloud cover to start warming the day up after 10 am that slowly crept into a nice warm spring day. Catches started promising with some early dab caught & then it happened .  It got warm in the  sun, everything seemed to slow up siesta style & the world came to a sluggish stop, the fishing followed suit & the high tide came  & produced a slow show of herring. The tick over continued  as the  day dragged on little happened to excite the world. End result , a slow day with dab & herring on the high.  the day slows down now to the low light & this evenings  whiting fest at dusk.... enjoy  & goodnight ....


Flounders reported on the east @ the 1st bend befor the light went yesterday. As the light dropped the  whiting &  rockling arrived in numbers. Whiting hitting baits as fast as the traces went into the water for a manic couple of hours as the light went.
Saturday has started  a little frosty but warming up fast .. Looking like it's going to be a bright clear day with some big tides on the way.


some  sprats caught today using micro feathers and  some small dab landed also. Am  hearing of reports that some of the  boats (commercial & charter) are  seeing the occasional  mackerel out at distance so maybe signs that the water temps are on the  improving side.


Not been near the wall today as the back has had a needle  put in it , seems to have worked too so.....

just a sort of weather report ...

 warm  sunny dry with a N East wind , quite pleasant out there .



A couple of dab  reported yesterday on the east with fishing somewhat slow yesterday. On a brighter note things are now progressing on getting the  upper reaches of the east open for  fishing.

The chain  at bay 20 has  now been moved to bay 26 opening up the bend on the arm.


An evening walk round saw  very few people fishing though  occasional  whiting were being caught.

Well the sun's up , there is a slight breeze & temps are not looking to bad for 8 in the morning..

I'm tempted to get the rods out & drown some bait on the west arm ... hmmmmmmm

Little happened over night & only a short visit this morning so  I don't have a catch report for today.

Contact form now  functional & de bugged.


wow , bit of a downer day,sometimes you get out there & expect or think... yup today summat  is gonna happen and..... it  fails big time.

Talk of the day was , how many bullheads!
No kidding , a flattie was seen but other than that in daylight it was  bullheads rule.
Wet over night so lets see what the morning brings !


The sun is up ,  a SWest breeze & its warm :) , looking good folks
Went & drowned some worms on the East  today. 11am -3pm ish on the in tide (high 2.30pm) Things sort of turned into a mini bullhead comp :)
Needless to say there are plenty of bullhead to be had , with a cloudy water after the churn up there were also whiting &  rockling to be had with a small dab also  caught on the east while I was there.

West arm  less fishing but still seeing small catches of which again  bullheads were the more  prolific.



S/Westerlies picking up with both arms closing over night &  for Thursday.
Not given any catch reports for today


The sun's up its warm & the east wind has died down .

Looking glorious out there today with a flat & clear sea.

PM run , herring caught on the east with hardly anyone on the west today.

The usual whiting & rockling showing up after dark & plenty of bullheads for all to be found.

Sunday  in spite of the sun was a cold day to fish with the  N Easterly chilling the air & the bones. Not so many fishing though reports of herring & dab continue with the ever present bullheads also being caught.
No over night reports that I have been told of.
Monday went fishing !
Fished the west on the float bays with my neighbour from 10am til 2pm.  The easterly  was up and down &  even in the sun it didnt really warm up until 1pm. Hardly any bites with most baits coming back untouched. Full haul was a bullhead each one mussel & on the high  tide turn one  decent sized herring .
 Seemed plenty out fishing both arms today.
Top 4 bays on west now  de - algae'd


 A sluggish cold day to fish. NEast wind still chilling the air today making it one for the brave & hardy.
A few herring made an appearance on the east caught on micro feathers with a few  bullheads  fairly much dominating todays catches.  Hopefully  with a sunny day forecast for Sunday things will be a bit better.
Grey Viking (charter boat) returned to  the marina today with some nice Pollack  & a crew of happy anglers.


Bright & sunny , NEast wind still there so  chilling the air. Sea flat & a nice green in colour.
May pop down for a look around later.


 Bright crisp day, NEast wind still  around , not been  along the walls for a day or two so no idea whats catching currently.
 , took a wander down  late afternoon , early evening, very quiet with the odd person leaving. Very cold wind reduced the number to only the hardy. Signs that someone had caught  herring & a rumour of a showing earlier in the day , nothing concrete though.

Wednesday 2nd March
 Sun's coming up, forecast says 7 degrees but there is a NEast wind  cooling the air, looks like it will be a dry day. No one fishing last night so no idea on catch reports for yesterday.

Sunday saw  a mixed day, temperatures up & down like a yoyo. Catches included whiting & the ever present  rockling &  bullheads.
Monday has started off dull with light showers which look to now have ended. A light NNE breeze & low temperature look to a day for keeping well wrapped up.

Both arms open today,

West has been closed over night & open early today.


Both arms were closed overnight (Friday)
Checks later today  to ensure safety & re opening ASAP.
East should reopen @ midday West most likely to re open Sunday morning.

If in doubt please ring the tackle box on
01273 696477

 After dark the story is  whiting ... whiting  ... & some more whiting ....... the odd rocking & bullhead and....

one small thorn-back ray

Not been down this morning but a  thick sea mist  has settled over the area , SWest light breeze out there , probably take a wander down later.

West arm this afternoon seems to have seen a swarm of   bullheads , one angler catching 10 !
East arm a nice plaice caught @ bay 17 a few rockling also caught,  whiting in short supply as the  sea was clearer today.
Bit of a blow coming in that will see the arms closed over night & a review of the east later in the day.

It's clear , dry & calm out there, a tad overcast but looking ok.

High today 15.25 Ideal for the lazy ones that like the lie in :)

May take a wander down later this evening.
Well the walk down this evening turned out to be a bit earlier than planned as I got a call to "go get a picture of a fish!
Said fish is now uploaded to the gallery & weighed in at a healthy 10lb 1 oz.
details ,  caught by
Mike Pringuer, East arm bay 17 , cod , 10lb 1oz.
(Mike, mail us if the spelling is wrong >> )
 The first decent cod off the wall this year. & pics on the gallery , well done
Other catches today dominated by bullheads on both walls


Not much doing today , infact for me a lazy one ,   it's wet out there & been drizzeling all day so far. Probably only ducks & crazies out there  in the Brighton area today .
Me ? I'm staying put inside, dry and warm.

Just announced (calendar updated)
The 4th All England Squid Championships

 click for details

Took a walk down monday night, 3 guys setting up on the east & no one else around. No idea of cathces during the day but seems to have been a few   fishing as I has some bits to clear up there.
!/2 term this week so may be a few more bod's about this week . Today Jnr has a football engagement so wont be making any runs unless called this evening.

Day seems  cooler , overcast & little wind about (SSE) Wednesday looking like a wet start.

I would also like to congratulate Carter UFM( a regular to the marina &  the south coast) on his sunday catch of a cracking 8lb 8oz Bass

Sunday,  East  still closed after bay 21 , (hoping to rectify some of that this week)

west closed float bays

Catches reported today include some flounder on the east , a couple of dab ,  the usual whiting & rockling being caught on the high water.

Conditions a little cleaner today with a big 7metre tide but still yellowish in colour. North Easterly breeze has been chilling people on the east.
West more sheltered today & calmer water though there is a strong undercurrent.

whiting &  a few bullheads  reported there.

East arm open bay 1-20
IT is chained at bay 21  due to heavy algae build up that is making the wall extremely slippery. There is also damage to  upper areas awaiting repairs.

West arm float bays closed for the same reasons.

With the wet weather caution is advised.

Catches  this week seem consistent with mostly whiting &  rockling being caught(day &  after dark) dab & bullheads are also being caught with flounders seemingly slowing up.

Thursday , evening run
Spoke to a  couple of anglers finishing up on the east & the day seems to have followed yesterdays pattern, sea a little bumpy & cloudy in colour. Easterly  breeze & catches  mainly being whiting, some dab a few  rockling  added in.

2 fishing the west this evening with a similar report &   whiting  around after dark also.

Threw a couple of rods over the east wall today from 10am -2.30pm fishing the down tide. A pleasant day with a mild easterly blowing & the water muddy & slightly choppy.

Bait was a little old  black lug refrozen a few times , some fresh black &  2/3rd's of a refrozen mackerel.

Almost from the off Whiting hitting the old lug/mackerel  hooks so was hard to tell if the mack or lug was doing the attracting. After a couple of tests it seemed to be the mackerel doing the drawing & then the fish taking the worm.

End of  day  18 whiting ,mostly small, 2 small dab & a small rockling.  Similar story for the others fishing close by with some  bullheads added into the mix.
 Mad moment of the day,with the tip of the day .
LOOK BEHIND when casting !

 leaned back into a cast/lob over the wall only to snag my small rucksack & watch it sail over the wall. I was fortunate as it landed on the  buttress & the guy next to me managed to get his rod tip onto it to hold it while I dropped a line down to "hook" it back.  Once retrieved  the 2 hook trace that had  done the job of catching the  rucksack actually came undone ! so dead lucky in the retrieving.
Catch report for the day saw plenty of whiting a few rockling &  some dab coming up.
Thursday is looking like a nice day with a slight ENE breeze & a dry forecast.


damp foggy start that has turned into a sunny afternoon.
Westerly cross wind making the west somewhat bumpy to fish this afternoon for the few there.  West arm has seen  mostly rockling caught.
East arm open 1-25 upper area unsafe to fish for the time being.
Catches  there have been  a few dab, whiting  and rockling. A couple of bullheads  for good measure.

Sunday is not looking too good for the marina walls with a Southerly wind forecast to pick up early forcing a closure of both walls.

Going to be a wet day, rain forecast throughout, low cloud is also reducing visibility.  Sea calm.

Both arms open today diving birds working the west wall.


Yay , weather back to normal, i'd even say quite decent , arms open  but no catch reports as I haven't been down there today.

Little to say & little happening with the weather currently still blowing from the South West . Walls closed all of the weekend & will be so again today.

Has been a bit wet wild & windy & looks to continue with strong SouWesterlys through the w/end

Please check with the tacklebox prior to traveling  on any likelihood of the walls being open
01273 696477

Wed afternoon , Both walls closed to fishing

reports of herring ariving on the east arm for the last couple of days. The down side is that the weather is deteriorating as the south westerlies pick up.
Please check with the tacklebox if you plan to fish the marina as conditions may press a wall closure.

0900 Mist 6 °C WSW 15 mph 31 mph Poor
1200 Medium-level cloud 8 °C SSW 17 mph 32 mph Good
1500 Low-level Cloud 8 °C SW 19 mph 35 mph Moderate
1800 Light Rain 9 °C SW 20 mph 37 mph Moderate
2100 Mist 9 °C WSW 18 mph 32 mph Poor

0000 Clear Sky 7 °C W 13 mph   Good
0300 Clear Sky 6 °C W 11 mph   Very Good
0600 Clear Sky 4 °C W 11 mph   Good
0900 Sunny 4 °C W 8 mph   Good
1200 Sunny intervals 8 °C WSW 14 mph 26 mph Good
1500 Sunny 8 °C WSW 14 mph 25 mph Good
1800 Clear Sky 8 °C SW 17 mph   Good
Night Medium-level cloud 8 °C SW 27 mph 41 mph Very Good
Day Light Rain 9 °C WSW 33 mph 51 mph Good
Night Light Rain 9 °C SW 32 mph 50 mph Good
Day Heavy Rain Shower 9 °C SW 37 mph 59 mph Good
Night Light Rain 9 °C SW 34 mph 55 mph Good
Day Heavy Rain 9 °C SW 30 mph 46 mph

Morning  off, am told though that the herring have finally arived on the east arm with them being caught in numbers today .


rockling & whiting reported overnight



Thurs evening saw whiting &  small ling  in numbers as the light went.
 Friday have no reports  or info to offer , 3  fished overnight on the east but I  am told it was a poor session

Sat morning started with a few   known faces on the east  hunting herring but they had  vanished before midday leaving both walls empty of anglers.

By 4pm there were a few showing up for a late afternoon session on both walls but no  reports of catches as I was leaving @ 4pm

dang it's chilly out there this morning.
Took the walk & didn't see a soul drowning worms this morning.
ho hum maybe someone there later today.

Too lazy to hit the marina today as other things to do , (wife wants some carpet tiles bought !) so no report just me  & my rambling .
For those that have not found the weather link its  surprisingly on the link page ! It gives an accurate  overview of the marina area & in all honesty  one of the more reliable forecast pages for  the marina .

will take a wander down there tomorrow  morning  for a mooch & see whats happening.


 did a couple of hours fishing the incoming lunch time tide .  Some  rock ling & a small dab to show for it, similar story for others fishing the east nearby.

Took a walk about  9.30ish am , most people setting up in the sun so no catch reports as such , water  smooth with a N/easterly breeze chilling the air out of the sun.
afternoon saw dab flounder, occasional whiting & tons of sprat in the water

evening walkround only a couple  fishing  the bend on the east. Plenty of  whiting  5-8 inch sizes the norm with the odd one larger . Couple of  flatties to be seen with  some ling added into the mix.


A slow morning with a north wind  getting people to wrap up. by time the high tide came @ 1.15pm I had seen a few dab a couple of small whiting & on the tide a herring  taken on small feathers.   will update tonight after a late run


Evening rep is something to be expected I guess, 7.30 ish the whiting arrived in numbers accompanied by  lots of ling. Whiting  mostly  small stuff gorging on sprats.....

Couple of bass "misses" reported over last few days though not been on the walls much . Took a walk down this evening as the night ppl were setting up so little to report other than a small bass caught on the west tonight as I got there about 8.30pm.

Looks like to be a cold night as the North wind kicks in , rather them than me I think.

decided to go fishing today having given yesterday a miss .....
 well I caught a large bullhead ... whoop de dooo.

Minor catches on the east arm , wind went north easterly &  sky clouded over ,
Yup January can get cold .... yup gave up & went to the pub ...
catch report ........... me a bullhead , guys next to me another bull head & a dab ............. & so the story went ... slow slow & slower